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31 Dec 2016

Pixileanin here, HPFF, Ao3 and ffnet.  So excited to be a part of these archives!

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Between Us Girls by Pixileanin

Rated: All Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: She said he was 'hot'. 
The thing is, he's really not. 
Is it wrong for me to judge my nine year old's taste in boys?

Until We Close Our Eyes For Good by Pixileanin

Rated: Mature Audiences • 15 Reviews

Lovely banner by Anna_Black @ TDA!  Fantastic betas, melian and theelderwand!    

"We can't hold back, we can't slow down, though you know we wish we could,
You know there ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good."
- Cage the Elephant

Pain Makes You Beautiful by Pixileanin

Rated: Mature Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstar

Angst-ridden banner by Easterlies@TDA

Sirius Black crashes down.

Written for patronus_charm's Angst Galore Challenge.  Take the rating seriously.

Game Over by Pixileanin

Rated: Teen Audiences • 6 Reviews

James Sirius Potter is in trouble.  This time, it's not just a game.

A series of six sequential chapters of exactly 500 words each. 

The Adventures of Fred and George by Pixileanin

Rated: All Audiences • 0 Reviews

Fred and George are turning six and discovering their own brilliance.

Better Days Than These by Pixileanin

Rated: Teen Audiences • 8 Reviews

Perfect banner by Bear&fox@tda!

Ever wondered about Pansy Parkinson's little-known half-sister? She's perfect and everyone loves her. So why do the people that she cares about keep dying?


Written for a Mary-Sue Challenge, where the MC takes herself and everything else way too seriously.

Games Wizards Play by Pixileanin

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

A series of one-shots written for a "HP games" themed challenge. I'm excited to have these little guys all in one spot.  These are some of the quickest writing I've ever done, where I did not allow my inner critic to double guess anything, and they are in no particular order.  Some ideas worked better than others, but the whole exercise was an invaluable experience.  Thanks for reading!

Great Expectations by Pixileanin, victoria_anne

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story

Lysander Scamander has big plans for Valentine's Day.  So does his girlfriend Rhea, and his best friend Ainsley.  Who's going to get what they expect, and who's going to end up with what they deserve?


(Written for the Throw Down The Gauntlet Challenge on HPFT)

A Beast of a Task by Pixileanin

Rated: All Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

What will Neville Longbottom do for a lifetime of happiness?

A Man Named Newt Scamander by Pixileanin

Rated: All Audiences • 0 Reviews

There once was a man named Newt Scamander.  Set after the Epilogue of Harry Potter.  Written before the release of Fantastic Beasts, but miraculously, still canon to date,