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17 May 2018

Hello! I write almost exclusively Harry Potter. My favorite eras are Next Gen and Marauder, which tend to write and read. 


Current Series:

I'm not a hero 



Harry Potter, Next Gen:

I'm not a hero

Black Sheep of the Family, Now Plural


Harry Potter, Marauder Era:

All I Ever Wanted


Harry Potter, Rebuilding Era:

Beautiful Fantasy 



The Funeral of Matthew Crawley (Downton Abbey)

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Stories by javu

I'm not a hero New! by javu

Rated: Mature Audiences • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star


All this nonsense about me being a hero is crap. Just because I’ve been through hell and back doesn’t make me a hero.

I’m not a hero; I’m a survivor.  

Chapter 4 is up as of 10.08.2018, and Chapter 5 is up as of 10.10.2018!

Note: This story contains scenes of violence and torture, some of which is similar to events in our world. I will put in an Author's Note at the start of each chapter that contains this sensitive material. 

Beautiful Fantasy by javu

Rated: Teen Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

For dirigibleplums' Musical Muse Challenge


The ending to a love story that maybe wasn't love.


"the beautiful me of your fantasies doesn't exist"

From "Siren," by Sunmi



The Funeral of Matthew Crawley by javu

Rated: All Audiences • 1 Reviews

A drabble of the funeral from Mary's perspective.

Black Sheep of the Family, Now Plural by javu

Rated: All Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

It's the beginning of Albus' second year of Hogwarts and he still struggles with the paradox of being a Potter in Slytherin. Beware threats of potatoes. Not Cursed Child compliant. 

All I Ever Wanted by javu

Rated: All Audiences • 0 Reviews

James reflects on his feelings for Lily: is she really what he wants?

A one-shot between Lily and James roughly, sort of, kind of based off of "All I Ever Wanted" by Basshunter.