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Accidents Happen by Erinnmarie97

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novella (under 50,000 words)
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 Isabelle Stein didn't see the car. It all just happened so fast. She hurt the love of her life.

She killed his baby brother. 

Thank you so so so much to Page Thirteen.@ TDA for the amazing banner. I'd be lost without her work


Story transferred over from HPFF from my account Erinnmarie97

Characters: Albus Severus Potter, Dominique Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, James Sirius Potter, Lily Luna Potter, Original Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 9 chapters (12755 words)

HPFT Forum House: None

Genre: Dark/Horror, Drama

Themes: None

Inclusivity: None

Advisories: Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence
Series: None

Published: 01 Apr 2018 · Updated: 07 Apr 2018