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09 Apr 2018

Bio? A humble nobody; jubilant to see so many familiar author names here; emotional to be able to be able to continue reading and writing "the story."

My heart thanks each and every one who make this amazing site happen.  Such hard work and dedication is akin to pouring out heart and soul. Mere thank you is not enough.  

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Stories by Dark Whisper

Delilah's Black Book of Poems New! by Dark Whisper

Rated: Mature Audiences • 0 Reviews

A sad dream at Christmas has Draco scheming to prevent it from coming true. The two get close and on the night of Dumbledore's death, she says, "No." But a magical book keeps them connected during the deadliest times of their lives.

"Granger, I hold on to every memory of you for dear life."

She Flies with Angels New! by Dark Whisper

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

Viktor Krum visits his tiniest fan, a terminally ill girl named Rosier Ponce.