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15 Dec 2016

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If Only in His Dreams by Alexis Black

Rated: All Audiences • 10 Reviews starstarstarstar

Haunting banner by amoretti @ TDA

Twenty-one years. It had been that long since he had found her alone in the courtyard.

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed
Date: 29 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Don't mind me, just slowly working my way through transferring my reviews still :P.



(I accidentally reviewed this with the staff account -- oops! I had to delete and start again! Thank goodness for Copy and Paste!)


"His customary scowl was more forbidding than usual." -- That's a frightening thought, but is it so wrong to be attracted to a man with a permanent frown? Nah, I didn't think so, either.


This was so bittersweet! That kiss was absolutely amazing, so chaste and sweet -- and his memories, looking back at it, were entirely too heartbreaking!


>There are so many things that I love about this piece which, after reading somethings via validation, were much different from your 'typical style' (again, I can't say too much about your usual style because I've only read the Narcissa/Peter story and a couple chapters of your horror). You've really captured the mood of the story, and I found myself smiling, despite the sinking feeling of sadness in the pit of my stomach.<


Your descriptions are lovely between hints of personification and beautiful word choice (I mean, come on now, just look at this line, " the wind that teased and touched his cheeks with frigid caresses whispered of snow" or this "pale gossamer curtain that separated the past from the present"!).


This was absolutely beautiful to read, though it did break my heart a little! ♥ Oh, feels.Also, I apologize for a completely rambling, off-kilter review that may make very little to no sense. ^.^

Saving Severus Snape by MegGonagall

Rated: Mature Audiences • 153 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story


Perfect Banner by LightLeviosa5443@tda :)

Hermione's Plan: Travel back in time and show Severus Snape that he does have life worth fighting for.

Not Hermione's Plan: Fall in love with him.



**2017 F.R.O.G.S. WINNER for Best Novel** 

HPFT Slytherin's My Father Will Hear About These Awards 2017 WINNER for Best Chaptered Fic

HPFT Slytherin Story of the Month - July 2016

HPFT Featured Story - December 2016

2017 Dobby Winner for Best AU


Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 28 Aug 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: i.

There's so much about this that I already enjoy. Of course, there's the more obvious and tantalizing prospect for saving Snape and the potential for a Snapemione. I also love the way it was set up, having the box appear to her with the time turner and the note from Dumbledore. Hermione's obvious confusion is warranted, and I love her process of logically decided if she should go (and whether or not to tell Harry or Ron). I believe Hermione to be responsible enough not to destroy the fabric of time in its entirety, but (though well-meaning) I think the boys might've mussed it up a bit.


Hermione's desire to show Snape that he isn't a terrible person and that he does deserve to win and be a hero is really touching (it's giving me all sorts of nice feels). I also imagine that she would have been quite a surprise to Dumbledore in the state she was in post-battle. I enjoy that he trusts this notion and the note future Dumbledore has written to himself. I'm really freaking excited for this.



Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 28 Aug 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 2: ii.

As Hermione is coming back into consciousness, I thoroughly enjoyed her minor panic concerning what she's just done (going back in time). I throughout believe that this would be my first reaction. I'm also impressed by Dumbledore and his ability to fabricate all of the answers that needed to be given to anybody who asked about Hermione -- changing her name and claiming her as his niece was clever, and the story about the Whomping Willow being how she acquired her wounds was brilliant.


I wholeheartedly agree that defining a relationship mid-battle is not something that can be done with certainty. I'm now having conflicting Ronmione and Snapemione reactions to this. I'm rooting for both, but I haven't decided which I prefer. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen, so we'll continue this discussion later.


Then Dumbledore throws down the hammer with "you aren't allowed to change anyone else's future while you're here" (paraphrasing). That has to be ridiculously upsetting, especially knowing that she could save Harry's parents AND Sirius from twelve years in Azkaban by feeding Peter to a dragon (or whatever, I'm not picky). *cough* But alas, that's not how things work.


Being placed in Ravenclaw was pretty clever of Hermione, as it not only distances her from the Marauders but also gives her one less reason for Snape to hate her (which I'm guessing that he won't be overly affectionate of her immediately :P ). I wonder if the book will end up proving useful to her.


I'm excited for the first Snape to Hermione interaction (as well as other first interactions). This will be fun.



Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 28 Aug 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 3: iii.

Ha, yeah, Hermione's definitely going to draw attention to herself solely by being a "new" student.


Rosmerta's prodding about why Hermione was already at the school would make anyone flustered. I think it's super-cute that Rosmerta blushes when she talks about Sirius. I'm anxious about seeing all of this-era's characters!! Rosmerta is just as I'd imagined she would be.


Bellatrix and Lucius! :D Bella's as malevolent as always, and I don't blame Hermione for being nervous around her and wanting to get the heck away from her. I mean, had I been tortured by her a few weeks beforehand, I'd want to steer-clear as well. Lucius seemed curiously suave as expected (you're doing an excellent job with all of your characterization).


Of course, purchasing some time-appropriate items, and changing her appearance, if only slightly was a good idea. Her nerves are completely realistic (so kudos for that)-- it must be terrifying to meet people who were dead (in your own time) and know their fate but be completely unable to help them. Man, I'd screw up the fabric of time big time.


>Professor Lockheart, the ladies man ^.^ . I'm certain that he was lost in his own web of deceit and narcissism even back then.</p><p>ALL OF THEM <3! I mean, they're terrible bullies and I'm glad that Lily yelled at James (you get him, Lily), but all of them!! AND SNAPE! My excitement will never cease!



Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 4: iv.

While I'm getting caught up on transferring reviews to HPFT, I'm going to be reviewing here so I don't get confused (and I'll still be double-posting the comments after, anyway).

Anyway. CHRISTMAS! You captured the specific type of quiet really well -- it's the same type of quiet that Rumpel hates 0.0! Ah, yes, I'd expect something like Christmas to send Hermione into a fit of nostalgia. Poor Hermione :( .


Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 5: v.

So I binge-read this, and couldn't stop to review. Had to backtrack (which is kind of good, because I got to the point where there weren't any more chapters and was pretty sad).<p>I adore the friendship bond that Hermione has with Amelia -- it brings this strange air of normalcy about this, where it should be odd reading Hermione in the Marauder's Era. It's just flowing so nicely for me, that it's like it was meant to be. I love how the characters are showing hints of their adult canonical characterization because I love AUs with a strong sense of canon AND because it's fun.

Hermione never fails to be Hermione -- I love how she takes the courses, though she's there on a mission. Also, "We - er - we have to stop meeting this way," I DIED. OMG. I died the first time I read it, and again when I came back to write the review. God that's my favorite. Snape must think she's a weirdo ;P. Well, between that and the staring. Of course he thinks she's up to something.


It does suck that she has to be mean to Sirius (and flashing forward in the story, gets sad :( ), but it makes sense that -- in order to gain Snape's trust -- she would have to feign hatred. It also must have been super intimidating to meet Harry's parents. By the way, I'm totally digging James' dedication to TRYING not to get into too much trouble for Lily's sake, and Lily still thinks he's a prat. It's my favorite stage of their relationship (though I can't remember if this is canon or a widely-accepted fandom guess...either way, it's canon to me).


>:D Anyway, I loved this chapter. Things are picking up quickly and I'm in awe of the characterizations and the different interactions!</p><p>-Rumpel</p>

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 6: vi.

I always feel like I should start a review with some sort of witty greeting. Just pretend I did that.


Aw, don't feel too down Hermione, Snape'll come around. Consistent gentle pestering should do the trick ;) (don't mind me, I like speaking directly to the characters). I love the slow progression that this has been taking, because it does make it realistic. Regardless if Snape actually enjoyed her company or not, it would still take a lot of warming up before someone like Snape starts to become great company


Yeah, Hermione needs a dose of Felix Felicis, but I'm also kind of relieved about its omission. Having liquid luck sure would've sped things up, but the struggle and frustration is half the fun! Having been paired with Snape for Potions was clever. Hermione's learned from the best (the future Snape, himself, who -- after the years -- is much more skilled in the area than teenage Snape, though that Snape is already quite skilled). It's like an official 'breaking-the-ice' moment. What's more fun, and probably more intriguing for Snape, was that Hermione was able to create a perfect potion (and Snape completely owned up to not helping her, which was nice).


Warming up to Snape might take more than a week.. yeah ^.^ . I'm still in favor of operation bug-him-until-he-accepts-friendship. :P</p><p>Otto, Edgar, Hermione, and Amelia -- it's the AU friendship meant to be (given she didn't have Harry and Ron). It just feels so natural, that it's hard to imagine them not being part of the same group. All time travel pieces where Hermione travels back to the Marauders era must now have the Otto-Edgar-Hermione-Amelia friendship group


Rita and Lockheart's PDA is... certainly gag-worthy. I was waiting for the pet names and sweetheart talk. They're almost too perfect together, and seem to be on the same page as far as showcasing their relationship is concerned. In the very least, it keeps Rita distracted from bothering Hermione with her onslaught of questions


Amelia and Remus are adorable together (though they aren't really together yet). The idea that Hermione's interactions naturally in this time have ALREADY affected the future is a fun prospect -- that she was always destined to do this.


*squishes Meg and this fanfic* So. MUCH. Good. *squish*

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 7: vii.

"do not panic"

^Good advice book. Nobody panic -- I'm only screwing with the fabric of time! :P I still have faith that Hermione has enough logic to not screw it up too badly, though she's probably going to have to face that temptation over and again. And, once more, I really enjoy the fact that certain things in the future happened because Hermione had always gone back in time to change them. It makes things just that much more fun for me (if you haven't picked it up before, with my continuous repetition, I'm having a ton of fun reading this).

:( Remus has a difficult life. I vote for Remus and Amelia, so that they might have a short-lived romantic happiness. Remelia! :D Sirius and Amelia's reaction to seeing Remus and Hermione together was epic (as was James' response) -- but I also LOVED how Hermione teased Amelia about what she and Remus were actually discussing. Amelia's super excited, and it's awesome.

Rita on the other hand -- ugghhh! I mean, I love that I have a character to sincerely not like (in a good way), but ugghhh! She's so -- Rita! It's wonderful and enraging at the same time (in a good way). I do love the translation from Hermione's French. :p That'll keep me laughing for days


I also love how Hermione has to try to not be good at things immediately. Obviously it would be suspicious, but it also must be difficult to not do the things that come second-nature to her. An impressed Snape makes for a successful day.


The Rumpel who is addicted to this story</p>

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 9: ix.

This chapter. <3 So much in this chapter. Even those wild, party-throwing Ravenclaws. ;)

<p>Understandably, Hermione needs to work on her get-Snape-to-trust-her plan. Also, I can see her feeling lonely with Harry and Ron left in the future, especially with uncertainty of when and if she'd return to her own time -- especially when the war was over, and she and Ron were making steps toward a relationship (though, to be honest, I'm definitely feeling the Snape/Hermione feels here ^.^). Of course, then there's always that prospect that the people who she's befriending will die.</p>


<p>That'd make me cry, too. And Snape -- his awkward (slightly hostile) way of making sure she's alright is sweet and funny at the same time. :P Of course, just as it seems that she's getting an actual opportunity to make any headway with Snape, Sirius and James appear to thwart all of that. Ugh. They can be frustrating, those boys. The pace picks up here and gets a bit action-y, which is always fun -- until Hermione ends up taking one of Snape's spells (on accident) that sends her to the Hospital Wing, of course.</p>


<p>Of course, the Snape healing Hermione part at the end was my favorite -- I mean HOW CUTE IS THAT (albeit it was his dark magic that caused it to begin with, but he didn't intend to hurt HER). Anyway, adorable.</p>



Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 10: x.

I have so much stuff to do, and yet, I can't stop for long. You're only assisting my procrastination.


<p>It's so hard in this first scene! Obviously Amelia and Remus are worried, and Remus is placing a bit more blame on Snape for using the spell to begin with, BUT Sirius and James totally instigated all that (not that Snape did much to stop it). Ugh. It's like a never-ending pissing contest with those three, I swear it.</p>


<p>Someone standing by your bedside in the middle of the night is ridiculously frightening, especially if you've been having a nightmare, or in Hermione's case, especially if you've just fought a war with people continuously trying to kill you, and having been disoriented to the point where she didn't quite remember that she was in the past. Luckily, it was just Snape ^.^. And it's Snape because he had to make sure that she was alright *squee*! AHH! It's like one step forward and two steps back with him (well on the surface, at any rate). He's super defensive -- poor Snape O.O (and poor Hermione, for that matter).</p>

<p>Hermione's so deflated! I feel so bad, I just want to put them in the same room together and make them work things out. Detention has it's potential, though Snape didn't speak to her. At least they were in the same room as one another. AND they weren't changing bedpans without magic. Slughorn is also great. He's very Slughorn.</p>

<p>Oooh, poor drunk Amelia. I love how you add a bit of comic relief to each chapter, even when things aren't going so great ^.^.</p>


Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 11: xi.

I agree that saving any discussion regarding the Lily incident would be best saved for when Hermione already has her foot in the proverbial door. Her nervousness is cute, and giving me all sorts of feels. I do love that she maintains her Hermione ways when it comes to actually buckling down and studying -- and Snape questioning her motives behind not responding positively to Sirius' advances made me laugh.


<p>It is also a shame that she has to basically blacklist Sirius, but understandably Snape wouldn't be entirely keen on letting Hermione anywhere near him if he thought that Sirius had put her up to something. The playfulness between Hermione and Snape in this scene is beyond squee-worthy, though. Every time I read it, I can't help but grin. I swear, it's beyond cute. Then of course, her brief period of elation comes to an end as Sirius lays it on again. At least Snape was there to witness it, that way it might not feel as bad to Hermione, who clearly isn't fond of being so cruel to Sirius.</p>


<p>"Slowly things began to change between Hermione and Severus" the most beautiful words ever! I love how their relationship is taking this slow progression forward because it is at least forward (though the back-and-fourth frustration of their previous tango was quite fun too ;) ). Amelia called her out on her staring -- adorable. I have super Snamione feels. :D :D</p>


<p>I know, right? Dumbledore has to break her heart just as she's beginning to make some progress!!</p>



Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 12: xii.

Ugh, that must be such a difficult place to be stuck in. On one hand, she has a mission underway, trying to save Snape -- whom she's making progress with and gaining feelings for. On the other hand, this is not where she belongs and everything she's ever known (well, those still left alive anyway after the war) are waiting for her in the future. Not knowing when and if she's even going to be able to go back is pretty scary.

<p>Ooh, poor Otto. Quiddich is an oddly dangerous sport for these kids -- getting hit in the head with bludgers and falling from broomsticks, high in the air. Well, maybe Otto will be able to make up for it this match -- winning goes right to those Gryffie's heads :p.</p>

<p>Aww, Snape came to get her in the morning to walk to class! I love it. AND they're going to practice nonverbal spells together! The more time spent together the better! :D I love how Amelia realizes that she fancies him even before Hermione realizes it herself. I enjoy how she even goes as far as denying it outright to herself. Because there's no way that it could happen *cough* *cough* *wink* *wink*</p>

<p>The Marauder's aren't as secretive as they're trying to be -- especially since Hermione is already aware of their secrets. It was clever of her to use her Ravenclaw group to try to push the notion to NOT register as animagi. Ugh, and Rita -- she's up to no good. I can feel it.</p><p>Oh and the Snamione feels again!! It's such a careful situation, and they're getting along so well. I can't help but laugh with their interactions. They get me every single time. "If you must was as good as, yes, Hermione, please show me your ways, in her eyes." I mean, THIS and the teasing and, just everything. It's completely adorable. AND THE BUTTERFLIES! GAH! I can't -- it's too cute. I love it. *squishes story* *squishes meg* *squishes Snamione*</p>

<p>I need more, please! Thank you!</p>


Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 13: xiii.

Hermione was not fancying Severus in the same manner that Rumpel is not fancying a pizza ;).


<p>I love how she tries to deny it to herself. And I love how Amelia's SO not fooled by her denial. Also, she can't possibly Severus Snape to Lockheart of all people! :P</p>


<p>"A mischievous look flashed in Severus' eyes and a genuine smile appeared on his face." OMFG that's too adorable. How could Hermione NOT fancy him? I L.O.V.E. that he has a (very slight) carefree side around her. It's absolutely amazing. I just want to squish this ship to pieces! And then when he starts to look disparaged, thinking she'd say NO :( eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee And it works the other way around, of course. Other-time Hermione didn't particularly enjoy skipping classes -- especially for no reason. I love it.</p><p>(I'm sorry, this review is awful, I haven't left one in like a year or something, and I'm losing the war. But I have been desperately wanting to read SSS, and didn't want to do that without reviewing, so... bear with me here.)</p>


<p>And it's just so damned adorable -- with the excited Severus, and mildly jealous Hermione, and the splash fight. Too cute. Way too cute :). I'm squeeing all over in this chapter!</p><p>And then she scoots away!! OH MY! :( Just kiss him, already! :P "Come here often?" ;) Smooth, Hermione, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal smooth.</p>

<p>:( Poor Severus. Of course the Marauders set him free across the lake. *sigh* At least he found his special place :).</p>

<p>D: Friends? Friends?! Friends! *Grumbles incoherently* Friends my behind.


<p>Aww. Hermione shouldn't try to compare herself to Lily. Yesssss, luckily Hermione already KNOWS the dark side to him -- she's there to save him after all ;) . I'm really glad that Hermione and Lily are speaking nicely, though. They seem like they would get along. But I wonder what Severus will have to say about that...</p>

<p>Anyway, FANTASTIC CHAPTER! I almost forgot how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story (but not really, I mean, I always knew I loved it ;) )!</p><



Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Sep 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 14: xiv.

Oh, Hogwarts drama :). I mean, I get it -- Severus going on a "date" with Hermione is something to talk about. Severus actually going on a date with Hermione would be something even BIGGER to talk about :P ;).


<p>Uhoh -- Remus got himself into a spot of trouble *covers eyes*. Flee from the wrath of Hermione! I totally understand where she's coming from though, it must be absolutely frustrating to hear the same warnings and be asked the same questions over and over again. Amelia and Remus are cute though ;).</p>


<p>And Hermione and Severus are just so gosh-darn-cute together, I almost can't stand it -- especially, when Severus does something like brush hair away from her face and there are feels and then there are running-aways! D: It's feels and then kisses, not feels and then running-aways!</p>

<p>Oh! Otto and Edgar! I forgot about them. There was a HUGE gap between me reading this before, and now. I think I'll have to give the beginning a quick once-over again. Awww, Severus is jealous! :D</p>


<p>And Truth or Dare! I seriously love it when characters play that game -- it always ends in fun and someone in their pants. :P Aww, poor Hermione :(. You tell them, Hermione! Staying away from Severus is a bad idea anyway. There will be no kisses with Severus if she's not around him ;).</p>


<p>:D :D Yay! Another great chapter!</p><p>-Rumpels</p>

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed
Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 15: xv.







That wasn't funny >< . A dream? A dream! That's just not fair.


And, yeah, after a dream like that I'd be overanalyzing and overthinking everything, too. You know what would solve that conundrum? If she kissed him for real. :D *cough* Just a thought... haha!


Edgar can wait all day if Hermione's dreaming about Severus :P. And hooray! Severus decided to go! :D Amelia's such a good friend -- and hopefully, Hermione will have something to talk about with her later :D (I have no idea if I worded that last part so it makes sense so bear with me.)


I really love how this shows this awesome side to Severus that virtually nobody but Lily was able to experience (because this is pretty much how I'd imagine he would have been around Lily). You still portray him as an awkward outlier from others, which is on-point because although Hermione's reason for coming back is to save him by showing him his own worth, it will still take a whole heck of a lot for him to change completely. And scooting back to the last chapter (I think), part of Hermione's hesitation lying in the fact that if she does start a relationship with him in this time, HOW will it affect him in the future (TLDR: will she hurt him in the future with this whole time-travel escapade). So, I think you're doing an excellent job with both of their characterizations and the progression of the plot AND (lack of) progression of a romantic relationship thus far :). (There, this paragraph is all the semi-quality review you'll get out of me tonight; onward with more squeeing and shouting and emojis!)


OMG HE'S JUST SO DARN SWEET WHEN HE WANTS TO BE!! ...and then there was the Marauders; come to ruin all squee-worthy moments. They are really putting a damper on my Snamione. It's SO frustrating and SO sad that Severus has never been able to experience Hogsmeade like everyone else because of James and Sirius. >:( They're big bullies!


And it's adorable when they're together and happy, and no one in the world is bothering them -- and then comes along Malfoy and Yaxley. And of course, they take a shot at Lily, who isn't even there to defend herself. I hope those two slip outside and drown in a puddle (because apparently, I'm violent tonight).


And then the last four paragraphs...just...afklaldmjijdlfjdlfoadifj! SO CUTEE!!!! :D :D I SNAMIONE THEM SO MUCH IN THIS ! lol</p><p>Another wonderful chapter!!</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed
Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 16: xvi.


Any 'not-date' with Severus is a special occasion :P. Urrgh, Malfoy and Yaxley are going to become problems, and I highly doubt they're actually going to be drowning in puddles anytime soon. Also, the Marauders not around to ruin Snamione fun is the ONLY reason that that night being a full moon is good, because poor Amelia is without Remus and I'm SO rooting for Remelia.


Speaking of Amelia -- she's such a good friend :D. I love, love, love that Hermione has someone to talk to and who, despite her feelings about Severus, ultimately supports Hermione. They're my BROtp for SSS.


Considering how her first Slug Club Party went (in the future), I'd be nervous too


*whistles* Severus sounds exceptionally dapper tonight ;). I bet he and Hermione make quite a pair, all put-together like that! I love that he checked her out :P -- couldn't help himself. And of course Lily's jealous -- they probably look stunning!


Poor Severus. I mean, he did what he did and hung out with who he hung out with, but I still feel bad. He made a mistake :( . I can't wait to hear his side, if Hermione ever gets it out of him.</p><p>Wohoo, dance time! :P I hope Severus lightens up around Amelia, eventually. At least she's having fun (even if it's sans Remus). OMG that's so sad! And Severus can dance!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! STAHP doing that to me >< lol! Ugh, my heart my actually stop one of these times. Well, an almost-kiss is an almost-kiss.


Omygoodness Hermione vs Lily. This is going to be scary *covers eyes*</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed
Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 17: xvii.


Yep, Hermione WOULD come up with a backup plan, wouldn't she? She has so much to worry about, and trying to stay focused on her mission has been proving to be MAD difficult. Severus being so damn adorable is no help :P.



Ergh, Sirius Black (and James Potter). I'm surprised he doesn't fall over with such a big head. ( D: OMG FRED AND GEORGE D: ) . Lol, Hermione made THE Sirius Black stutter. That's amazing. Like, seriously, hell hath no wrath like angry Hermione. She's terrifying. Luckily for Sirius and James, Harry happens to look just like his dad -- and the best friend card has been played. Even THEY were saved by Harry and Harry doesn't even exist yet.


Slughorn's so gullible :p. And a pass to the Restricted Section, it is! Hermione'll save him yet (I hope). It's totally in Severus' nature to be suspicious and want to know what's going on. Nice! More Snamione time! And, yeah, it's an excellent idea to get Severus' help on looking up stuff to brew an antivenom. If anyone can do it, the two of them together should be able to.


Ooohhh, yeah! If the Pheonix tears could cure basilisk venom, then they should help with Nagini's venom -- that's damn clever, is what that is.


Awwwww -- Severus is so sweet sometimes, I swear I don't know how Hermione can resist. HOMG that's one hell of a cliffhanger!! Dammit. Now I HAVE to read the next chapter because I simply just go to bed now ><</p><P>

Reviewer: Rumpelstiltskin Signed
Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 18: xviii.

Hooorrraaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! OMG FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Excitement and butterflies and hand holding and happy!!! :D YAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO! *fireworks* Meg, I'm about to hold a parade in your honor, I swear.


Of course she's going to research it :P. She wouldn't be Hermione if she didn't. :P Remus is a sneaky werewolf. Awww, this chapter is full of Snamione feels and Remilia feels and Hermione and Remus are gettign along so well.. This is a squee-filled chapter, I'm surprised I haven't woken everyone in the house up.


Hermione and Severus sitting on the island, cuddling. I'm dying from the cute. So, so, so damn cute! And Hermione's falling in Looooooveee! And there is the tickling! Too adorable. AND FREAKING FINALLY A SMOOCH!!!!!! :D :D :D You get TWO parades tonight! Heck, you can have all the parades! *throws confetti* And that kiss was rather smooth on Severus' part -- I love it!!!!!


He's apologized? D: Poor Severus. Luckily, Hermione is good at making Severus happy :D . And now she's super-determined to save him! :D :D</p><p>Hooray!


I can sleep now, I think! :D :D


Ican't wait to read the next chapter (but I should REALLY be getting to bed). Make sure the next chapter stays where its at for tomorrow. Stay.</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

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Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 19: xix.


Is the first line really saying, "and there were no more kisses ever again because Meg hates Rumpel"? ;) :P But, yeah, that totally makes sense -- he's being super careful not to cross any lines and lose her like he lost Lily. I'm placated for the time being since they're officially together and whatnot.


Why do I get the feeling that running through the Forbidden Forest alone won't end exceptionally well. Oh, phew! A unicorn horn! Well, I guess then it did end exceptionally well, which is good :)


Aww, Amelia's such a perfect friend, though she didn't react quite as victoriously as I had when I found out they kissed :p! And FINALLY Remelia is happening! *dances* I love me some Remelia


Ohmygoodness, that's so sad! Poor Hermione -- thank god Severus is patient with her. He has NO IDEA what's at stake :(. "Merlin, from the way you were crying, I'd thought someone died," -- oi *headdesk*


Freaking Slughorn. :p That oughtta kill the mood, eh? IN LOVE <3 .</p><p>Hooray!! They'll be spending the break together! Maybe there will be smooching! Or more cheek kisses, because that was adorable. Gahhhhhhhh so much good



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Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 20: xx.

xfer for you, and more xfers, and more xfers:
Ohmygoodness, a quick look at the chapter index and I thought this was the last chapter posted. :D Happily, I was wrong! Hooray!


Hermione should give Severus and Advent Calendar, where he gets one smooch a day til Christmas :P. Best gift ever. *cough* Or those things are nice, too :P


Oooh, that's awesome! I love the time change flashbacks. I wonder how this will affect the long-term, hopefully it'll be good 8). I would say that her inkling is on point, and that the only reason he would give her that stirring stick would be to send her that message. I mean, obviously in the future there's going to be a significant period of time in which a relationship isn't really appropriate, and they'd both have to wait, so that totally makes sense.


Yes, yes she does see something she likes ;).


Gooooooodness these two are so freaking cute! He's soooo sweet! And forehead kisses!</p><p>A playful friendly duel turns into full-on snogging? I will take it! In fact, I'll dance! :D :D Wooooah, things got a bit warm there, didn't they. *cough cough* ;)


And then, again, SO FREAKING SWEET I CAN"T TAKE IT! >< Ahhhhh! I love it!</p><P>

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Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 21: xxi.

xfer time, xfer time, lalalalala:

I feel so bad for Hermione -- she's facing such a huge burden. Being sent back in time to save someone who shouldn't have died is one thing, but falling in love with them is a completely different situation. I can't imagine the stress she must be under, knowing that she is the ONLY person who can save him and she can't even tell him about it.


Heheheh, Severus' sense of humor gets me every time :D. Ohhh, but Crabtree isn't having any of it today 8-( . And I completely understand -- I can draw a damn nice stick figure, but that's about as far as my artistic abilities go, too.


Aww, Severus is SO nervous :P -- and I love how Hermione gets nervous, too, when he doesn't respond right away :P. They're so funny. Hooray!! Now they are official-official ;). I'll start planning wedding dates, and Meg, you just ride on your own float in the parade I'm throwing, you, okay? Cool.


Ohhhhhhh hey!!! Severus is laying on the moves in the middle of the corridors :D :D :D . Go, Severus! I also love it when he gets jealous, it's completely adorable


Eeghads that's a complicated potion. Severus is proud of her! And why wouldn't he be? Of course, their play-fighting will never stop being amazing -- especially if they end in kisses (and hopefully, for Severus' sake, not Stinging Hexes :) ).


I can't even get over how cute these two are. :D I think it's just from habit, but I have this unnerving feeling that you're going to do something to make all the happy go away (at least for a hot second), and something bad will happen *covers eyes*.</p><P>

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Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 22: xxii.

Copy, paste, fix the formatting -- xfer, xfer, xfer:

He'd better be out buying her a present because if he's up to any pre-Death Eater business I will be livid (with him, not at you ;) ). Hermione will have to whack him with his new stirring stick :(. Hmph


Anyway. It is nice to see Hermione hanging out with her friends -- I adore that group. I wish I had an Amelia, Otto, and Edgar to hang around with. And, of course, I'm still digging Remelia.


Bahahahahah! The boys and Rosmerta... poor boys :p. Oooooh dear -- keeping up with the lies must be exhausting :(. Luckily, she recovered well -- with the exception of Amelia (it's hard to hide things from your bestie...they're mind readers). And, back down Sturgis ;) -- no subtly hitting on Hermione on MY watch!


Oooooooh dear. I mean, I do understand Lily asking Hermione not to hurt him because she obviously still cares about him. But, I do agree with Hermione with the whole pot and kettle thing. But, Severus DID eff up a bit. But it WAS a mistake, and he DID feel badly. I have many conflicting emotions.


<p>OMIGOD WHAT IS HAPPENING! (Luckily Amelia is there for her and a fantastic friend.) I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO MAKE ME SAD, MEG!!! WHYYY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! :(</p><P>

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Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 23: xxiii

xfering through the snow, on a one horse open xfer (? I don't know):

Again, the first line might as well say, "Meg hates Rumpel and is crushing all of her Snamione dreams." :P


>I feel so bad :( he'd better show up!! "Hi"....I'll give him "Hi". "Hi" yourself :(. Attack hug! There, take that! (sry, I'm getting tired :P) Oh - my -goodness! He's so angry. Whyyy are you doing this to me? Poor Hermione can't even properly explain herself without revealing that she's Muggle-born, which she can't exactly do. *headdesk* It's SO complicated!


Oh phew -- Hermione is much more eloquent than I would have been in that situation. AND THANK FREAKING MERLIN!! :D He's not sulking ;). And kisses! And he WAS shopping :D . I'm a much happier Rumpel now, tyvm. Good. No more avoiding. Lots more kisses. Rules are rules.</p><p>Of course Dumbledore has to snatch her up when they've just begun speaking again! Dumbledore's clearly not an avid Snamione shipper or he'd leave them alone ;). Ugggh, caught by the Dumbledore, ruiner of Snamione feels. I mean, yeah, everything IS a bit 'unorthodox' but he doesn't know the feels! Phew. At least Hermione is able to stand up for herself. Go, Hermione, go!


Yeah, and there's the 'going home' bit. ):


Omigosh who IS that? Malfoy? Yaxley? Somebody whose about to get a smackdown? D:!!!</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

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Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 24: xxiv

xfer bells, xfer bells, xfers all the way!:

Ooooooh it's Sirius.


>A very drunken Sirius. This can't be good. Bad Sirius! *covers eyes* And OMG Severus! Nice use of wordplay in your action scene, by the way. I usually stop every couple paragraphs or so to make comments but I was completely sucked into the scene o.o. Luckily, Remus was there to round up Sirius.


Okay, so yeah a little hex could have solved the problem, but I love that it brought out this primal rage in Severus. He's so hot-headed sometimes, and I like that you continue to show that side of him when it's appropriate (and it was definitely justified in this instance). I also want to hop back for just a second to Sirius -- I LOVE how you pointed out (through Hermione) that that version of Sirius was not the same version of Sirius she'd grown to know. I think it was a HUGE piece of support for Sirius' actions in that particular scene, along with his intoxication (of course). You've, of course, already set up his not-so-secret 'crush'-ish on Hermione, as well as his envy concerning the established relationship. So while in a different context I would have been left wondering WHY Sirius would act the way he has, you've set everything up leading to this moment to support it. (And in case none of that came out the way I wanted it to because I'm tired, I'm saying ---- good job!!! :D )






Poor Hermione. She's had to go through so much.


:p He's so stubborn. But Hermione's stubborn, too -- I'm glad she doesn't let him blame himself for what Sirius did.


And I'm also glad that Sirius apologized, referring back to the other large glob of whatever the heck I was talking about up there ^. I mean, of course Hermione doesn't forgive him yet; that's going to be a tough bridge to cross if she ever does decide to forgive him.


Another wonderful chapter!</p><p>-Rumpel</p><P>

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Date: 19 Oct 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 25: xxv

...one day, ye shall turn around and you will see WE XFERS. And on that day, you will XFER! *cough*

Why are there so few chapters left of this D: !? *panics*


Rita's such a witch :p. I love that she's already portrayed as wayyyy too nosy for her own good, too -- just as I'd imagine she'd be as a teenager.




Hahaha -- 'whatever I'd like?' :p Oh, boy :D. And, yeah, I'm not complaining either. Hooray for kisses :D. Goodness, Severus is full of it today (which is awesome, because it's lots of Snamione fluffiness) AND they're going to their special island!</p><p>Oh yeah, because Hermione had to become (virtually) an entirely different person, it feels like she actually became a different person. :( Poor Hermione. She has such a tough mission ahead of her


They're so cute GAH! I can't handle them.</p><p>Wonderfully wondrous chapter as per usual!</p><P>