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31 Oct 2016

I am 27, from Ohio, and I love writing Harry Potter FanFiction and original works! I am married and live with two roommates, one dog, and three cats.

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The Stray by PaulaTheProkaryote

Rated: Teen Audiences • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Look at this flawless banner by darth vader@TDA


Sirius Black learns how to be woman's best friend for a few days.

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed
Date: 14 Jan 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Gah, why is this a one shot? I want to read more of this! I love the idea that Sirius was taken in as a stray and sort of kind of played around with it in my AU, but not directly. This is so cute and I want to know who the kid is and who the father is and WHY IS THIS ONLY A ONE SHOT, PAULA?!


So freaking cute and how he just sort of fell into being her dog and she just ordered him around like a person who would understand. I feel like she would have dragged him in by the scruff of his neck if he had tried to wander away. It was like a Disney movie, oh! I can't stop grinning and there's no next chapter button, Paula, WHY?!


Okay, I'm calm(er). I love that he ended up back with her after Azkaban, even if only for a short while. And I love that he made James go with him to fill up her tip jar- there's so much cute, I just can't. This and Summer Vacation totally make up for Bring Her Back, lol.



Catharsis by abhorsen

Rated: Teen Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star

banner by page thirteen. @TDA



She wasn’t really attracted to him anymore. It really was just a lingering magnetism, a lingering “what if” that couldn’t quite leave her mind.

She couldn’t quite convince herself of that, either.

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 17 Nov 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Catharsis

November BvB! *salute*

HI BRAN! Ooo, an OF, I'm super excited! Your writing style is so nice and flowy, I love it already! Also, I can't help but see Sarah Connor and then Connor from Angel... Too many fandoms in my head for OF today, hahaha.

I love the story you're starting here and I have to laugh because this exact conversation that they are having (well, maybe not exact, but very close) is the same conversation I had with this guy I met a few years and we used to argue about this stuff. He didn't believe love existed. At least for him. He sounded a lot like Connor. That guy is my husband now so I sort of super adore this story already.

Romantic fantasies are a woman’s porn, she thought.
I love this line. And it's true. XD

Justread the line about the existential conversation about the meaning of love in a coffee shop. Now I have the song Coffe Shop Love stuck in my head.

This story is so adorable and so relatable, I think. How many of us have had that person in our lives that we were in love with and were just too afraid to admit it? Put that person so high on a pedastal than any form of rejection would completely wreck us? Any hint that gave us away would make us die of humiliation? And this is me personally, I was in love with my best friend from the day I met him all throughout school. I EVENTUALLY grew out of it, but the idea of ever telling him during that time... I was pretty much Sarah.

Okay, enough with memory lane! Time for a round of technicals!

consumed by hime for weeks afterward,
hime = him

at the last minute.We’ve done this before.”
Missing a space betgween sentences.

She winced, and pushed her chair back. He grabbed her wrist. “Sit back down, and stop running away.”
Unnecessary commas in the first and last sentences.

many more complicated feeling that weren’t

Again, I very much love this story. I hope other people get a chance to read it. It is just... The definition of unrequited love.


Summer Vacation by PaulaTheProkaryote

Rated: Teen Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star

Stunning banner by TenthWeasley @ TDA!

 The Weasleys and Potters enjoy summer vacation in Percy's new pool.

For BlackPixie's Happiness and Fluff Challenge and MegGonagall's Summer Holidays Challenge

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed
Date: 14 Jan 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Seeeee? This is what I'm talking about! Feel-good romp! Smile on my face from start to finish- Oooo, I love it! We don't really think much about Percy, though we know he exonerated himself in the end, for the most of the canon series, he's pretty much a huge prat. But here, we see him as a family man having the whole family over for a pool party and of course Freddie (I loooove that you spell it with an 'ie'!) is his favorite. :)


And awww, Baby Sam mimicking his uncle's appearance, THAT'S SO CUTE!


You have everyone characterized so well here and I love, love, love that Gin and Hermione tried to pull one over on the boys only to have it go south and they still come up laughing about it.


I love one shots like this, little snippets of happiness after the war. I do want to know, though- What happened with Aunt Muriel that she got herself uninvited to family get togethers?! Is there another one shot about that? I'll look for one...



Intemptesta Nox by Alexis Black

Rated: Mature Audiences • 12 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Perfectly creepy banner by Fireheart @ TDA

Aislinn Walker knew when she was recruited as an Unspeakable that her job would be dangerous. Returning to Hogwarts as a student was a task she hadn’t expected. Facing death as it stalked the blood-splattered halls would be a nightmare she might never recover from

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed
Date: 20 Apr 2017 Title: Chapter 2: The Assignment

CTF and well hello! *salute* This gave me chilling tingles, holy cow! So, I haven't read chapter one, but there's so much subtext here, I feel like I don't even have to. (On a side note, I actually know someone in real life named Aislinn and we call her Z for short. ^_^) But onward.


The concept of shifting I find really intriguing. I wonder if she put a lot of effort into training up her ability if she could learn to shift back farther? It seems plausible. I've never heard of an ability quite like it before and it certainly warrants recruitment into the Unspeakables. At least I'm assuming, I'm still a little unclear on what they do. But I think that may be the point.


Moving on, this story certainly seems pretty dark! Her sister died, that poor fifth year died- at first, I thought it was a little 'Never Been Kissed' and I was thinking to myself 'why would an adult return to Hogwarts as a fifth year? If they're young enough, maybe they could pass for a Seventh year, but fifth is pushing it a bit...' But of course, reading gets me my explanation. That's an interesting and terrible little trinket Grindlewald cooked up there, eh? I wonder what else he came up with. I wonder if it has to do with any of these prohecies.


And can I just say that that line about the savior having the face of the dead made my the hair on my arms stand on end? I've got goosebumps all over!


This certainly seems like a pretty interesting story, but it's totally creepy to the max and I was not in the mood for creepy tonight! T_T


I did come across a few technicals for your editing pleasure:


Ministry agent to placed in the school
missing the word 'be'


Keeper of the Hall of the Hall of Prophecy
the second 'of the Hall' is unnecessary.


I refrained from tell Dumbledore the other reason


Wicked good stuff!



Shenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks by Beeezie

Rated: Mature Audiences • 55 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

banner by abhorsen. @TDA



Meeting banshees in the Forbidden Forest, setting the Great Hall on fire, and smuggling in contraband: Victoire and Fred Weasley are trouble with a capital T.


HPFT Ravenclaw Nargle: Best Ravenclaw Character (2017) | HPFF Diadem: Little Claw (2016), Ravenclaw SotM: Best Characterization (July 2015)

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 11 Mar 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Missing the Hogwarts Express



Some gnarly Nargle reviewing time! I have been meaning to read this fic for a while. I always see it in your sig and I'm just always busy. Now I'm sad I didn't start sooner. The relationship between Fred and Vic is utterly adorable and I love the writing style, how you seemlingly flow through time to shortly in the future or shortly in the past to get the exposition/situation out without doing an info dump and your wit keeps it amusing and interesting. It really draws you in.


I also like the subtle way you're dealing with the Teddy/Vic ship. She doesn't see him and immediately swoon at the sight of him (or have some ill-begotten reason to hate him) and it's very casual, like they actually grew up around each other. It's natural and I appreciate it. (Aw, and the little small ways he shows he likes her, like having more pictures of her than other people! That's totally adorable...)


So, I'm making it my thing to R&R at least 4 chapters of the longer stories I come across for the Nargles, but I have a feeling this story will prove more difficult to pull away from than most. Should have saved this category for later... Oh well.


Anyway, very cute, I am hooked and that's not fair. T_T



Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 13 Mar 2017 Title: Chapter 2: The Magical Menagerie



This chapter was utterly adorable and I'm rather upset that I'm not as familiar with some creatures as I should be. I had to look up almost everything you mentioned except, of course, the basilisk. And if these people knew anything about Harry Potter and his many adventures, they'd know a phoenix could blind one. ;)


Though no as amusing as the first chatper, it was still entertaining and the obvious yet subtle (is that an oxymoron?) attraction between Teddy and Vic makes my heart melt. I love a slow burn, even as much as they tick me off sometimes, hahaha.


I am tired, though, and not feeling well today, so my reviews are not as full of life and squee. I'll try better next chapter.



Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 13 Mar 2017 Title: Chapter 3: Arrival at Hogwarts



WHO TOLD?! Seriously, the only people I can think of who would know would be their friends/family/people they would normally sit with. So how the heck would they find out? If they weren't informed and neither were the parents, then HOW?! I am made of questions...


Fred is quickly becoming my favorite character here. He and Wesley from To Whom It May Concern and and Pickett from etc., etc., (and life goes on) need to have a play date.... Now. >.> But seriously, he's just like "Dude totally wanted to kiss you!" I now have high expectations for a kiss in the near future! And after having watched the first episode of Riverdale recently, it just reminds me of "Archie got HOT!" XD


But seriously, I need to know how, so next chapter, running now...



Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 13 Mar 2017 Title: Chapter 4: Missing the Feast



Anthony Goldstein, head of Ravenclaw! I love it! I've been meaning to do something with him lately... Pffft, the ministry can't track people trying to become animagi very well if no less than four people accomplished and lived comfortably as illegal animagi for years and years until they died. Or were found out and blackmailed, but you know...


I've never seen Victoire in quite this way before and I do very much love it. Her aspirations to be an animagus, her desire to work with magical creatures- it's wonderful characterization. I still don't understand how they knew she wasn't on the train. Did the trolley lady tattle? I'm so confused. Eh. Because Magic, I guess.


I will hopefully return to finish reading in the near future, but I can't guarentee it. I have many... Many stories still waiting to be read. They're very distracting from the ones I want to write, actually...


Good luck in the Nargles!


Finding Home by MalfoysAngel

Rated: Teen Audiences • 5 Reviews starstarstarstar

Draco responds to an ad in the Daily Prophet for a roommate and gets much more than he bargained for when he discovers the person who placed the ad is someone he tormented in school.


Thanks to ImaRavenclaw at HPFT for being willing to beta for me.

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed
Date: 09 Aug 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hello, dear! This is a complimentary review for entering the Body Positive challenge and I have to ask... Why is there only one chapter??? 


I'm a sucker for Dramiome so I had to check this one out. The idea of Draco and Hermione being unwilling roommates is adorable to me. I sort of wish the letter writing had continued for a while, perhaps with Hermione withholding the fact that she figured him out. But I'm also a sucker for slightly sadistic things lol.


I appreciate the intro part, getting some of the exposition out of the way and it felt like I was being spoken to rather than reading which was cool. It moves the story along nicely.


I'm not sure how long they were corresponding, though. It was hard to get a sense of a passage of time through the chapter and there didn't seem to be any breaks when you transitioned from one scene to the next. And the very last bit seemed to shift from past tense to present.


It's still a really good first chapter and again, I must ask, whyyyy is there only one? I need a good Dramiome fix lol!


- Liz

To Whom It May Concern by clairevergreen

Rated: Mature Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Beautiful banner by steadily@TDA



Ivy Westover has always dreamed of becoming a world famous magizoologist from the moment she set foot in her first Care of Magical Creatures class. Fast forward a few years, and she finds herself in a dead end desk job with no hopes until her former best friends, famed wizarding naturalist Molly Weasley and bestselling author Harriet Dursley, come crashing back into her life in a way that she could have never expected.


To Whom It May Concern:


Good luck.


Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 18 Jan 2017 Title: Chapter 1: To Whom The Task Falls

Tag... BvB... *salute*... I just... WOW.


Okay, I normally save technicals for last, but here recently I have been forgetting them by the time I get to write the review, so let me do this a bit backwards. This is the only thing I found:


-And I found the nails on a the ground.-


Okay, onto review! I just... WOW. Ivy is just so REAL to me. Like, literally, I could be here. I'm not stuck behind a desk, but I'm stuck in a factory and all my friends went off to school and are doing their things and I just... I need Ivy to be real so we can bemoan our lives together! So, ahem, I obviously connect with Ivy... >.> But seriously, you put a lot of backstory into this first chapter- hinting at the unrequited romance, explaining how hopes and dreams became paying the bills while her friends lived their hopes and dreams? And the whys as well- family names go a long way! And I already love Wesley- he's my kind of beloved comic relief side character.


The interview was amazing- even as it was happening, the reverence with how they talked about the Nundu had me sitting here, imagining it, loving every second of it, big silly grin on my face. How do you WRITE so well? SERIOUSLY! You already have me hooked and there's only one chapter, that's not FAIR! I normally go for the one-shots so that I don't get trapped, but this looked so interesting and I wanted to read one with Molly and I found it interesting that Harriet was a Dursley and I got SUCKED IN! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.


Okay, in side note, I think I know how Rose felt now... Anyway...


In short, this is so freaking amazingly written, the characters are just- I can't even begin to tell you how much I love them and there's only been four so far and I barely know Harriet! I'm so looking forward to the rest of this, I can't wait to see what you do with it!



Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 02 Mar 2017 Title: Chapter 2: To Whom The Question Is Asked





Okay... It took... WAY too long to finish reading this chapter, but I get distracted! I'm sorry!

Anyway, had to reread/skim through most of the chapter to remind myself what happened and can I please just EMPHASIZE that I absolutely ADORE WESLEY. I love him to pieces. I want him in one of my fanfics so that I can play with him. I just... I'm such a sucker for sida characters. Can Wesley meet up with Picket from ect., ect., (and life goes on)? Because I think... That would be amazing... I'm going to stop day dreaming about fanfic-ing fanfics and random crossovers and get back to your (sort of) regularly scheduled review!

I love that she's a cat owner. I have three. And a dog. *ahem* those gossip magazines sure know how to run their mouths, don't they? Who cares where she goes?! But that is the way of living in the public eye. Everyone cares what you're doing, who you're doing, and well, you know...

MacAllister is a tool. What didn't add up, I wonder? Why isn't he concerned enough to do it himself? I already hate her boss.

BUT THAT ENDING, THOUGH! WHAT?! (Is the next chapter already up, cause I could probably read it tonight!!!)

Until we meet again

Handprint by Beeezie

Rated: Teen Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

banner by abhorsen. @TDA & SP



James has landed in St. Mungo's following an acromantula attack. Albus is preparing to run off to join the Aurors. It is safe to say that Lily Luna Potter is not in her happy place.


Prequel to Parachute

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed
Date: 15 Jan 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Handprint

Tag! Liz here for BvB! *salute*


I love this look into someone who either doesn't want to be an Auror or is against someone becoming and Auror. A lot of stories feature characters becoming Aurors and Healers and everyone is so proud and supportive! But it's a bit like sending your friend, sibling, or child off to the military or war. Actually, this reminds me a lot of my neighbor who has done that with her two youngest. She's all smiles and proud of them, but everytime they leave to go back, she's a wreck afterwards, not wanting something to happen to them but not wanting to stand in their way.


Lily and Scorpius have an adorable friendship, estranged as it may be with their being in different years. It doesn't matter, though, as long as the person who comes to comfort is okay to have a wet shoulder. I like how you've depicted her position on matters as well as her relationships with her brothers and I really like your writing in general; your characters come across as very real and relatable. Even now, I just want to hug Lily and tell her it's okay if she thinks her brother's are insane.


This is a wonderful one-shot. ^_^



Bring Her Back by PaulaTheProkaryote

Rated: Mature Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarstar

Amelia Bones is missing.

for lovegood27's Random Pairing Challenge

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 14 Jan 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Paula, I don't think I've ever read such a riveting one shot like this. The power, the emotion, the sheer edge-of-your-seat anticipation you put into this story is absolutely stunning. I've never read much about many minor characters, so that in and of itself was a pleasant surprise and as the Minister ran to get the information, to find her, to make sure she was safe- the suspense was awful and gut-wrenching. I can see this as canon. I can even see it as a reason why Cornelius stepped down as Minister.


Just the brief glimpse into his time with Amelia speaks volumes. Despite personal reservations about the Minister, I can see that he really loved her. And despite canon, I found myself desperately hoping for him to find her alive. Darn it, Paula, I was looking for a feel-good romp one-shot for my Saturday and now I'm depressed. T_T It's still very wonderfully written. Just beautiful. :)




Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 12 Feb 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Your Words



I had to come read since we're both doing the Gauntlet. I'm actually really curious about the contents of the note and it's sort of dampening my sadness level, which is a good thing because otherwise I would be crying and making my own headache worse, lol. I'm also really jealous that you can write such a short and powerful story. I was over 1500 words in before I remembered we had a word limit and I was like, "Well... Crap." I can't do short often. It takes practice.


Anywho, I wasn't kidding about the powerful part. And I love that it's Fred and Angelina and that you used existing canon so well that you don't even have to explain that it's Fred, simply reference the Battle and quidditch, it's like a continuation of the books, a little "HPU Characters: One Year Later" anthology type thing, which I suppose helps to the succinctness of the story.


Angelina has more self control than me. Trying to be helpful or not, I would not be at all happy about someone trying to throw away such a precious memory. Like... I get it... But I would not be happy about it in the moment. I'm glad Angie pulled it out and tucked it away.


This is such a great entry. I feel like I need a redo, hahaha. Looking forward to part 2!



Friends (Correction: More Than Friends) by Jen25

Rated: All Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar

Astoria Greengrass is fed up with Daphne acting so friendly with Parkinson. Time to get to the bottom of it.    

For lovegood27's 'Random Pairing Challenge'. Banner by the amazing callisto @TDA!

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 27 Aug 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hi, Jen! I'm here for your sign-up review for the my challenge. ^_^


I've never read such a short story, particularly one dealing with such an intense issue. However, I appreciate it's succinctness. Astoria is obviously a no-nonsense person who, despite her personal beliefs, only wants good things for her sister. And you show this very well by how she completely disregards what she prefers to support Daphne, but makes it clear it's more so the girl she disapproves of more so than her sister's preference for girls.


It is really sad that Daphne told other people before she own sister for fear of her reaction, though. I'm glad the sisterly bond wins out over everything else, though. It makes for a cute little piece.


There does seem to be an odd transfer from past and present tense in the writing, It threw me of at first and I wasn't sure it was intentional or not.


On a spacing note, you may want to edit the piece and add a space in between your paragraphs because at the moment it looks like one big block.


I look forward to your challenge entry!!!



Remember by lovegood27

Rated: Mature Audiences • 7 Reviews starstarstarstar

Stunning banner by the talented beyond the rain@tda


The Battle of Hogwarts is beginning, and staying alive is a miracle for both Audrey and Percy. Whether it's for better or for worse has yet to be decided.


For SilverMoonFairy's Amnesia Experiment | Also written for Crimson Quill's Strong Female Challenge




Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarhalf-star
Date: 02 May 2017 Title: Chapter 1: The Battle

Hello! A Hogwarts Battle amnesia fic! Ooooh, I'm squirming! So sorry it's taken me a bit to get here and review this, but isn't that what vacations are for? I don't know much about Audrey and honestly, I had no idea she was a Clearwater. And for some strange reason, I thought she was a muggle...? Don't ask why. Must have been a fic I read once put it into my head...


Anyway! DID YOU AND BRAX CONSPIRE TO WRITE YOUR STORIES?! Seriously, her entry was about George about a year after Fred's death and then YOU go and write THIS! Well, you wrote yours first, BUT STILL!


Lovely cliffhanger! I'm going to the next chapter now because I want to know what happened!



Author's Response:

Hello, I've finally decided to come and respond :P (and yes, that's what vacations are for) There isn't much canon info about Audrey apart from her name. Her being a Clearwater was a strange head canon I made up whilst writing this fic, but she could easily be a Muggle too. I just didn't really like the idea of Percy meeting and marrying some random non-magical person so...yep, this happened.


Yes, I conspired with Brax and we both decided to put Fred's death into our stories to bring back the pain...just kidding, we didn't. Weird coincidences lol.


Thanks for reviewing- glad you liked the cliffhanger :D

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarhalf-star
Date: 02 May 2017 Title: Chapter 2: I'm Not Penelope

Aww, a happy ending. I needed that. Brax made me want to cry with her ending. An interesting little twist and quite bold of you to have all this going on in the midst of the biggest battle of the second war. I don't know how I would deal with that sort of stress amidst all that carnage, but Audrey handles it pretty darn well, I think. And so cute, he came to rescue her at the end! I hope it ends well for them and I noticed you said you're not happy with it- if you ever update or change it, please let me know!!!


Thank you for entering into my challenge!



Author's Response:

Yep, you get a nice ending to save you from Brax's ending. (I read it and it was brilliant but SO sad) Originally, I'd written that Audrey gets depression from Percy's memory loss and dies which would have been...well, depressing. I couldn't get it to work realistically so I changed it to this and ended it on a more hopeful note. Percy coming to save her was sort of like a redemption for him but I imagine that they would still end up together and have Molly and Lucy Weasley, even if it takes ages.


I don't think I'm going to edit this since I don't normally do it for plot reasons, but if I do, I'll let you know. Thank you for the review and for setting this challenge! :)

Chase Her by TidalDragon

Rated: Teen Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

It started as a day off. It ended as something more.

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 05 Aug 2017 Title: Chapter 1: The Big Day

And last, but not last, Hinny love!


I'm gonna be honest, if I did this to my husband, it would probably end in a HUGE fight. Well, he would yell. And if I'm expecting it, I would probably laugh at him.


But you're right, it's never been easy for Hinny. I don't just blame the war for that, I blame Harry. XD I think it's really sweet that Ginny went through all the trouble to get this done in this way, although considering she was already at the school and McG and Hagrid were expecting him, you know she told someone to make it hard for him to get permission to get onto school grounds, which is a bit evil, hahaha!


I've never read an engagement story, but this one was very cute. And Harry is very stubborn. All that wasted time because he was upset she upset their plans! I'll bet in hindsight, he wishes he had rushed through. I like how Ginny got George and Dean to help and how Harry just rushed to Hermione like, WHERE IS SHE?! That was pretty amusing. ^_^


For a minute, I thought there was going to be a very lewd scene in the common room... Where adolescents hang out during school months... Which would have been awesome... But kind of creepy...


This was a cute little fluffy piece. I'm not Hinny's biggest fan (not that they aren't great together, but for other reasons), but you portray them so wonderfully here. I've actually been reading a lot more Hinny recently because of you. Their combined sass is pretty epic and I've grown more fond of them. ^_^



Esse Quam Videri by TidalDragon

Rated: Mature Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

All I want is everything you take for granted.


For lunarlumos' Non-Cisgender Challenge


Excellent banner by Engima @ TDA.

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 05 Aug 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Me.

Okay, so I read this yesterday at work (and Chase Her) and I would have left reviews then like I did with Unconfirmed Reports, but I kept having to throw away the gloves I had on to do it properly (they get very oily) and I was running out of gloves for the day. XD


I will say, I like how I had to try and figure out who it was you were talking about. I've never read a story about Dominic Weasley, so that was hard for me to wrap my head around at first, haha! And it wasn't until Bill actually called him Dom that I was like... Oooo... And are he and Vic close in age? There is a line that says they shared a room "until we were six," but Vic graduated the year before Dom.


I can't say I am very versed in this subject, as I've never known someone like this, but you display the struggle very well here. I really can't even imagine what that would be like, knowing that you're not who you should be. That's a terrifying thought, to be perfectly honest. And I can imagine the guilt, using magic to transform you into someone else just so that you can sort of feel like you belong in your skin. It's actually very depressing and to be honest, really made me want to cry.


Is the Polyjuice poisoning reversable now that they know what it was she was taking?


That Legilimens healer was something else, though. What an interesting way to get information from an unwilling patient.


I will say that I am a little disappointed in Bill and Fleur for just leaving Dom at the hospital like that. Like... I know it happens in real life, but I guess our online community has spoiled me and led me to believe that, with the exception of blood status and squibs, the Wizarding world was a lot more accepting of things like this than muggles. At least on the non-pompous side of it.


But Victoire. She didn't even hesitate. That was honestly when I started to tear up. "My little sister." Instantly understanding and supportive, the one person she was sure was going to hate her for what she did and she wouldn't budge in her unwavering love for her family.


Kevin, this is a wonderful piece and I loved every word. Everything you write is wonderful, to be fair, but... So far, this really stands out. It's beautiful. You knocked this challenge out of the park.



Unconfirmed Reports by TidalDragon

Rated: Mature Audiences • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

The Department of Mysteries' mission is not confined to its assigned space within the Ministry's walls. Unspeakables Samuel Hatch and Kellyn Landreth are responsible for investigating the lesser-known creatures and unexplained phenomena of the magical world.


Winner of the 2015 Golden Paw for Most Original Story


Sensation banner by zorya @ TDA.

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 04 Aug 2017 Title: Chapter 1: [S1:E1] "Pilot" / "The Pluckley Anomaly"

First and foremost, I apologize for any mistakes or forgotten thoughts in this review as I'm doing it from my phone. (Weirdly, I have more time to read at work than at home lately.)


Secondly, despite your current plans, I firmly ship Hatch and Landreth as a will they/won't that, Castle and Beckett thing, hahaha.


Onto more review worthy remarks... I get a super strong X- Files vibe from this story. Whether you intended it or not, you have my everlasting fan girl approval for this. It is because of this similarity that I can answer one of your questions and that is yes, i can definitely see how their job is different from the rest of the department. A lot less research, I think, and a lot more mystery solving. And not only that, but highly trained magic that wouldn't be common use in the auror field.


Hatch is an interesting specimen, from his dislike of unnecessary wrinkles in the office to his habit of stroking his stubble while he's thinking. An odd quirk, the wrinkles thing, considering his job.


I don't have many thoughts on Landreth as a character yet other than I would like to have a look at her personnel file myself. She's a little mystery inside the story and I'm curious to see if you drag it out or not.


The episodic theme is utterly brilliant. It gives each chapter a sense of closure which makes the story easy to take a step back from if necessary rather than anxiously awaiting what happens next but there's no next chapter. I'm curious to see if you will do season finale cliffhangers and two part episodes. I'm also looking forward to what the overall season arc will present itself as, if any.


I love your attention to detail from the meeting room to the layout of the house. I liked how Hatch noticed the difference in Landreth between the office and after spending a night in the field and hiking through the woods.


I think the only thing I was disappointed in was not really being told who was using the stones and why they were kidnapping muggles with them. Or is that not something their division is concerned with? 


There were a one or two places with missing words in the lines. One was very close to the beginning and one was about three quarters in I wanna say? I will try to look back through later. I should have written them down but I didn't think about it... sorry... >.>


I do have to say, though, if you have enough ideas to fuel these episodes, you are far more talented and creative that I already thought you were. And you were already pretty high on my list lol.


- Liz 

Haunted House by PaulaTheProkaryote

Rated: Teen Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Happy Halloween!

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 07 Aug 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hello dearie. This is a review for entering into the Body Positive challenge! Now that NaNo is over, I can actually do them lol.


I love scary stories so of course I had to come and read this! Not many people do scary stories in fix so it's lovely to find one on the random! I knew almost immediately what was going on and I'm a little disappointed that Lee didn't figure it out sooner... but with Clowns coming up out of toilets, I can see where his reasoning might get distracted hahahaha!


I must say, that's sort of mean of Fred and George to test this on their best friend. At least they tested their sickness candy things on people they didn't hang out with. 😂 Buuuuut, I guess when you need a free guinea pig...


I will be Lee's new friend! This was really terrifying and amusing if that's possible! XD


- Liz

Erasure by AbraxanUnicorn

Rated: Mature Audiences • 9 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Feature


Some things, once lost, are gone forever


Written for Winding Arrow's Amnesia Challenge

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 02 May 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Holy crap, Brax. You know, when I first put up this challenge, I was almost expecting some comedy gold, but so far they're all very hard and serious entries and this one was, so far, the most heart wrenching. And the ending- I sort of saw it coming, but it still hits me right in the feels! I'm sure if George put pictures of himself up around town asking 'Do you know me?' someone he knows would be bound to find him, right? RIGHT?! I know it's a one-shot, but I feel like it could be a great start to a full on story as well.


I will admit, though, that the fluidity of what he does and doesn't remember was a real confusing ride. He doesn't know why he doesn't like green (especially with silver) which implies he doesn't remember Hogwarts, but he knows what dragons are and he swears to Merlin. I was actually surprised to find that there were some things of the magical world that stuck in his normal habits and other things were completely erased. It also amuses me that he assumes his wardrobe is magical and mocking him.


George going on without Fred was always a heartbreaking subject for me and this just pulls so hard at my heart, Brax. I'm ready to cry. Thank you SO MUCH for entering my challenge and for giving me this most amazing story to read.



Author's Response:

Liz, thank YOU for hosting this challenge and inspiring me to write this story!

I agree - the fluidity of this story is rather suspect, tbh; I have no plausible explanation, except that I needed George to have something to remember, because it would have been a real struggle to come up with a story otherwise! Potions have unpredictable effects, though, so perhaps this one didn't target George's memories in a uniform manner? Maybe..!

I'm sorry-not-sorry that it almost made you cry. Does that make me a terrible person?

Thank you so much once again for the challenge, and this lovely review made my day!

Brax X

I Can Dream by TreacleTart

Rated: Mature Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Kreacher & Regulus


Stunning banner by Katharos @ TDA!

 Written for lilypotterfan123's Bexcellent Shuffle Challenge

My heart is a sad affair

There's much disillusionment there

But I can dream, can't I?

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed
Date: 30 Apr 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Delusions



Since my entire AU is based upon the fact that Regulus DIDN'T die, I had to read this story and see what you did with my boy here. It's hard, coming to terms with the truths you haven't wanted to see. When you think you're right, it's a matter of pride to keep fighting so that everyone knows you were right and everything you said was correct and that you know better because you were right and even when you're wrong, you're right. Regulus is one of my heros, to be very truthful. He didn't get a chance to tell his story, to be seen as brave and heroic and even his own brother never really knew how he died, why he died, that he died trying to make things right. Regulus never asked to be known anyway. He just did it because he grew a conscience and he knew. He figured it out for himself.


I feel like you did an excellent job with this little unseen scene- how he was feeling, what he was going through. This was the real turning point for him- the last straw. A little too late, but still at just the right time to help out later. The note at the end, dropped and lost, forgotten to time and never to be found. That really tugs at the heart strings. This was the best. I'm glad I grabbed this story.



Butterfly of Doom by abhorsen

Rated: Teen Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarstar

banner by paper.fox @TDA



You could always tell good people by their glossy hair and good posture.

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 30 Apr 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Butterfly of Doom

Omg, Bran, I'm ROLLING. I had to leave the room like six times to relay quotes to my fellow Potterhead playing videos games in the living room. Has this been added to the crack!fic recs yet? Because if not, I'm putting it there! I very much enjoyed the bit about Gryffindors were well liked and destined to die. It's terrifically terrible how true (and truly hilarious -in a morbid way-) that is!


I've never read an intentional Mary Sue character that I sort of liked, but Willow is amusing in her perfectness and good on her for recognizing that Peter is a shifty fellow. I'll bet she picked up on more than a few secret about him from the gossiping hat! (I can totally believe the hat just spills out the castle's secrets on a whim, too- a hotbed of criminal activity indeed!) And Ravenclaw as the second best house! (WE know it's really the BEST, but I appreciate the pretense for the sake of stereotypes, lmao.)


I especially liked the bit at the end where the canon is getting more and more off track. XD But I could read a whole story about Willow. Perhaps she can take Voldemort down!


I can't stop giggling. XD



Carefully Edited Truth by TreacleTart

Rated: Teen Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

James & Sirius


Lovely Banner by Katharos @ TDA! 

2nd Place in Slytherin Eagle's Marauder + Quote Challenge

Once out of earshot, Sirius turned to James with a look of admiration and confusion. "Oi Prongs. Did you just lie to Evans? I think that's a first."    

Reviewer: WindingArrow Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 30 Apr 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1



This was adorable! I love Marauder era and I love Lily and James banter! And of course they tampered with the potion. You know, I really don't understand why they disliked Snape so much. Was it because he existed? Because he was friends with Lily? Because he was so much better in class than they were? Because he was a Slytherin? You really don't want to think of Harry's dad as a bully, but that's what he was, in essence. I know Sirius said he grew out of it, but it's just... I dunno, it's hard to swallow.


I do enjoy the quote at the top and the quotes you have in many of your fics. It's very true and I find your story represents it well. Only James could come up with a way to lie without actually lying. It absolutely astounds me that someone as arrogant and ridiculous as James could actually eventually win over someone as anti-rule-breaking and angry as Lily. It's always been my headcanon that she loved Severus, though. Not to say that she didn't love James when she was with him, but still. If the 'Mudblood' thing had never happened, I feel like she and Severus may have given it a go.


I did find a couple of technicals. The most glaring was the 12 hour and 9 year jump to noon of 1987. I actually got a bit excited when I saw it- thought I was in for some time travel, hahaha!


The other was... 'James stomach growled...'

Needs an apostrophe to make it James'.


That's all!