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14 Jun 2017

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Secret Keeper by poppunkpadfoot

Rated: Teen Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Sirius Black was a womanizer.

Well, that was one way to put it, anyway. There were others, but they weren't so polite. The point was, Sirius had been with a lot of girls. Peter wasn't really keeping track - really, he wasn't, it wasn't like he was keeping a list or something - but he knew that it was an impressive number. A number that put the rest of the Marauders to shame.

Reviewer: FredWeasleyIsMyKing Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 15 Jun 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Secret Keeper

Hey Kayla :)


This is my first review on the hpfanfictalk archives so woo! And what a great story to be leaving it on!


So first of all I love your characterisation of Peter. I have to start with this because it's one of my biggest bug bears when people write him as not fully part of the group or that everyone is horrible to him. I feel like they're trying to make excuses for him doing what he did later in life and that just doesn't sit right with me. You however, I loved what you did. The way he observes the group and interacts with them all is exactly how I picture him to be. He seems to see exactly what is going off with them all. He's an important part of the group and you didn't shy away from that.


Funnily enough, when I read the title of this story I totally thought it was going to be about Peter being the Potters secret keeper so it threw me for a minute when it wasn't. I enjoyed the irony of Peter being so good and determined at keeping Sirius' secret here, while gently encouraging him to share with his friends of course, when we know how good he isn't at that later in life. Nicely played.


For the story at a whole, it was just so adorable. Poor Sirius going through what he is, I just wanted to hug him tight and tell him it was okay to feel what he was feeling. My heart truely broke for him thinking he was going to loose his friends if his secret came out. But of course James and Remus proved him wrong, I love that they both were like "If he actually is a death eater we'll be miffed" but in the end they managed to push away all his self doubt by telling him there's nothing he could do to make them stop being friends with him. Genius idea on the two way mirrors by the way. Oh, and as James is one of my favourite characters I particularly loved his response! It was perfectly in line with my head canon of him.


Overall this was a great story that dealt with real issues people face with their sexuality brilliantly and still managed to have a lot of light hearted moments in there that made me both smile and squee!


Wonderful work Kayla, I really enjoyed this story!