How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart by Stella Blue


Winner of 2014 Golden Snitch Award for Best Humour || 2014 Keckers Award: Best Quote || 2015 Keckers Award: Best Humour


The world as seen through the eyes of seventeen-year-old Gilderoy Lockhart.

This is the story of how I became marvellous.

That's a joke. I was always marvellous.

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Category: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > First Wizarding War (1950-1981)
Characters: Gilderoy Lockhart, James Potter I, Sirius Black
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Published: 06 Feb 2017 Updated: 06 Feb 2017

1. Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire by Stella Blue [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (2987 words)


This is the story of how I became marvellous.


That's a joke. I was always marvellous.