Harry Potter and the Stargate by WindingArrow


On a routine mission to secure the Stargate on an alien planet preceding the arrival of SG-1, SG-2 encounters a strange woman who, with a single word puts one of Major Griff's men in excruciating pain and takes one of his team members hostage. After debriefing back on Earth, General Hammond is forced to bring in top secret specialists from England to accompany SG-1 on their mission. Not only do they have to rescue Dr. Warren, but Captain Carter and Dr. Jackson are determined to uncover the secret behind the strange transporter-like readings travelling back and forth from the planet to Earth.

Written for the Extraordinary Sci-Fi Crossover Challenge

Rating: Teen Audiences [Reviews - 1]
Category: Other Fandom, Harry Potter Universe > Rebuilding (1998-2009)
Characters: Original Character
Advisories: Hate Speech, Violence
HPFT Forum House: Ravenclaw
Genre: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Dark/Horror
Inclusivity: None
Pairings: None
Story Type: Novella (under 50,000 words)
Themes: Discrimination
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Words: 3213 Reads: 46
Published: 21 Dec 2016 Updated: 22 Dec 2016

1. P3R-781 by WindingArrow [Reviews - 1] (3213 words)