A Million Little Things by Rhaenyra


Friendship is made up of a million little things, which altogether form something special. Stories of Lily, Aurora, Claire, Naomi, Pippa, and Liv from their Hogwarts letters to the summer before their sixth year.

Banner by the lovely abhorsen. @ TDA || Set in the years before The Shadows Within.

Rating: Teen Audiences [Reviews - 1]
Category: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > First Wizarding War (1950-1981)
Characters: Lily Evans Potter, Original Character
Advisories: Sexual Content
HPFT Forum House: Ravenclaw
Genre: Drama, General
Inclusivity: None
Pairings: OC/OC, Sirius Black/OC (HP)
Story Type: One-Shot/Short Story Collection (any length)
Themes: Breakups, Friendship, School
Series: The Shadows Within universe
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
Words: 13995 Reads: 1384
Published: 04 Dec 2016 Updated: 29 Dec 2016

1. Dragon Heartstring & Unicorn Hair by Rhaenyra [Reviews - 1] (1807 words)

2. The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship by Rhaenyra [Reviews - 0] (2309 words)

3. Chapter 3 by Rhaenyra [Reviews - 0] (1667 words)

4. Gryffindor's Third Chaser by Rhaenyra [Reviews - 0] (2937 words)

5. Career Choices by Rhaenyra [Reviews - 0] (3028 words)

6. Summer Days by Rhaenyra [Reviews - 0] (2247 words)

Pippa, Liv, and Naomi meet up in Diagon Alley the summer between their 5th and 6th years.