The Apprentice Piece by Jardyn39


In the Summer before Sixth Year, Harry gets a job as an assistant to a carpenter. Harry is soon called away but not before he completes an unusual apprentice piece. After surviving an examination review, an encounter with an Unspeakable and a hunting trip with Hagrid, Harry's optimism for the new school year is sorely tested by Ron and by something Moody describes as "lethal and completely unsuitable for teaching a young would-be Auror. Right up your street Potter, Eh?"


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Published: 16 Apr 2018 Updated: 17 Apr 2018

Story Summary:


The Apprentice Piece was first published on Portkey in February 2005 and is the first of five self-contained but linked stories set during Harry’s Sixth Year at Hogwarts.


1. Chapter 1 by Jardyn39 [Reviews - 0] (4807 words)

"I don’t know but Dumbledore thought it was important."

Harry helps out George Hellar, a carpenter and joiner, all the while avoiding his regular assistant’s questions. The Dursley’s take a liking to an unexpected guest. Harry makes an apprentice piece for George as a memento of his time there.

2. Chapter 2 by Jardyn39 [Reviews - 0] (5738 words)


"Lily? You’re Lily’s son?"


Harry goes to the Ministry and meets Professor McGonagall. When leaving, an Unspeakable named Fides introduces himself. Back at Hogwarts, Harry has lunch with Dobby. After a brief hunting trip with Hagrid and Dumbledore, Harry meets the Hogwarts Express from London.