Liam Wren and the Dragon Wand by KJ Cartmell


Board the train once again as a new group of students comes to Hogwarts! Our hero, Liam Wren, will be sorted and introduced to some new friends. He'll also tangle with a rival. Liam has some well-developed magical abilities, but school magic is something altogether different, and not all of it comes easy for him. Then, he will be troubled by strange dreams, and the haunting words, "Wizard, where are the egg theives?"

Originally published on HPFF, this edition is completely revised and updated for its new home.

Rating: Teen Audiences [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar
Category: Harry Potter Universe
Characters: Minerva McGonagall
Advisories: Spoilers
HPFT Forum House: Hufflepuff
Genre: Drama
Inclusivity: PTSD
Pairings: OC/OC
Story Type: Novel (50,000+ words)
Themes: Bullying
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: No
Words: 46980 Reads: 139
Published: 29 Mar 2018 Updated: 18 Apr 2018

1. Chapter 1: The Normal Boy by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2504 words)

Introduction to our hero, Liam Wren, and his family. Liam receives a mysterious pamphlet.

2. Chapter 2: The Mysterious Visitor by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2968 words)

A man from Ministry visits Liam and his family. Liam learns about a magical great-uncle, and he receives an inheritance, including a wand.

3. Chapter 3: Memories of War by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2619 words)

Annie's brother Charlie visits. Liam shows off his wizard money, and hears about Uncle Barney and Charlie's former fiancee, Alice. Later, Liam's father Sean arrives with a surprise suggestion.

4. Chapter 4: The Pregnant Hero by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (3400 words)

Liam and his family visit Diagon Alley and meet Hermione Granger. Liam meets Mike Bendrix, another First Year, and the two become fast friends.

5. Chapter 5: Between Two Worlds by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2600 words)

Liam practices with Hexwood's wand, and investigates his potion kit. At King's Cross Station, he meets Lara, a pretty girl who doesn't seem to like him.

6. Chapter 6: The Train Ride North by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2510 words)

Liam meets Philip Harkenborough, who will become a good friend, and clashes with his new rival, Cyrus Kane. We see the Dragon Wand for the first time.

7. Chapter 7: A Conversation with a Hat by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2978 words)

Liam and friends make their way to the Great Hall for sorting. On the way, they meet Hagrid, Grawp, and Professor Gregor, Head of Slytherin.

8. Chapter 8: The Badger's Den by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (3013 words)

I heavily revised this chapter from its original version on HPFF. The new version contains accurate descriptions of the Hufflepuff common room, courtesy of Pottermore.

9. Chapter 9: The Scent of Jasmine Heather by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2706 words)

Liam has a strange dream, that is the start of something very important. Later, he has a confrontation with his Potion Master, in a scene reminiscent of, and yet quite different from, the familiar scene in Philosopher's Stone.

10. Chapter 10: Formal Magic by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (3197 words)

Liam finds that magic at school is still school. He also learns that a certain girl likes him, another one hates him, and he decides that a third is mental.

11. Chapter 11: Owl Post by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2782 words)

Liam goes up to the Owlry to send a letter. He happens upon lonely, homesick Sadie, and tries his best to comfort her.

12. Chapter 12: The Consequences of Violence by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2791 words)

Liam gets into his first fight. He earns detention from Professor Gregor. Gregor worries about Liam handling the Dragon Wand.

13. Chapter 13: The Voice of the Dragon by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2396 words)

Liam has a strange, scary dream about a dragon, and begins a haphazard investigation.

14. Chapter 14: Dragon Lore by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2447 words)

Liam and friends begin their investigation of Madagascan Dragons. A group of Slytherins scold Cyrus. Umberto Calais makes an important connection.

15. Chapter 15: Ruffled Feathers by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2480 words)

Liam becomes increasingly frustrated with his wand, and attempts a transfiguration without it. Later, he challenges Lucida Guishar to a duel.

16. Chapter 16: A Day with the Gryffindors by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (2570 words)

During a rainy Hogsmeade weekend, Liam and his friends meet up with Paul and the Gryffindors for a game of Capture the Hat. First meeting between Liam and Gillian. These next two chapters are amongst my favourites.

17. Chapter 17: Battle on the Grand Staircase by KJ Cartmell [Reviews - 0] (3019 words)

Liam and Gillian battle Paul and his team in a rousing game of Capture the Hat. Plus: Liam overhears something that Lara did not want him to know.