The Walk To Your Beloved by FredWeasleyIsMyKing

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Chapter Summary:

Evans. Funny, it already feels like the name is foreign to you; a girl you've left behind.


As unlikely as it is, you are ready early today for the first time in your life. Bright eyes shining and cheeks flushed with a crimson glow, even you barely recognise the girl staring back in the mirror. Curling a lock of red hair around your finger to make sure it stays in place you then smooth down the elegant, white lace dress you don, waiting impatiently for your time to leave. Doing nothing has always been near impossible for you.


Evans. Funny, it already feels like the name is foreign to you; a girl you've left behind. God knows Potter wasn't the one you thought you'd be changing it for, but now you know there was no other choice. He - James - is the one for you. It's as simple as that. 


Just as you feel you can't wait any longer a gentle tap on the door tells you it's time. Keen as ever to get to your fiancé you hitch up your dress and cross the room in two strides, yank open the door and find your father standing looking back at you. 


"Lily... My beautiful daughter, you look so much like your mother."


Not one for being emotional you surprise yourself when the tears spring in your eyes as your father looks at you with so much love and pride before enveloping you in the tightest of hugs. Ordinarily you'd playfully tell him off for ruining your make up but you can't, not when you're both desperately wishing your mother was here to share this moment with you. 


Perhaps you stand there for a few moments crying together, perhaps you stand there longer. Quite frankly you don't care. Rare is the moment you get to spend with your father like this and you savour each second before making your way through the quaint house and down to the garden, where everyone is waiting for your arrival.  


Standing with your arm linked in your father's, you take a deep breath to prepare yourself and then turn the corner to see him. The infuriating boy with messy black hair waits for you, hand running through his dark locks with nerves. Utter joy consumes you as Sirius nudges him and he turns to stare at you with pure wonder, like you're the only thing he can see and for a second the world disappears and it's just the two of you and you're all that matters. 


Violins start to play and you spring into action. Walking as slowly as you can stand up the aisle littered with lily petals, you smile at all the friends and family gathered while trying to hold back the tears that are threatening to spill once again. Xylograph artwork hangs on an arch strewn with more lilies that he stands beneath and the whole scene is so perfect you feel your cheeks will break from smiling so hard. You finally reach him, letting go of your father's arm, and without warning your husband-to-be grabs you and kisses you deeply.  Zoning out to the wolf whistles your eyelids flutter closed as you kiss him back without abandon. 


An amused smile plays on his lips as he finally sets you straight and you fight to catch your breath. Blinking rapidly you feel your cheeks flush as you stand there, simply staring into the hazel eyes you love so much dancing with humour. 


"Can you two keep your hands each other for a second and get married please?" Sirius murmurs, a huge grin plastered on his face at your behaviour. 


Dizzy with happiness, you turn to face Remus who's beaming at you both while waiting patiently to officiate the marriage. Even now you don't let go of James' hand. Forever is a long time, but you intend to spend every last second of it with him. 


End Notes:

Hi guys!


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have time, I'd love to see your thoughts on it!


This was written for two challenges, SunshineDaisies' Short and Sweet Challenge and DaaOne's A-to-Z One-shot Challenge. Both were great fun to write for so thank you guys for setting them up!


And finally I need to thank the wonderful Sian &heart;. This girl is amazing. She's been so supportive and encouraging for me to write for so long and has been patient while I've whined and moaned at not being able to do it. She's also beta'd this for me so I'm eternally grateful and this story is for her. I hope you keep loving James and Lily.


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