Sunset by Rhaenyra


Peeta Mellark is turning ten.  His father has a plan for the boy whose mother never seemed to want him.


A Hunger Games fic.

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Themes: Family, Marriage, Parenthood
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Published: 20 May 2017 Updated: 22 May 2017

1. Chapter 1 by Rhaenyra [Reviews - 0] (3348 words)

Author's Note: I was walking my dog yesterday afternoon when this idea popped into my head and I just had to get it down.  This is a bit odd, given that I don't usually write Hunger Games fics, but I'll take it.


The Hunger Games is property of Suzanne Collins.  Katniss's mother being named Ruth is from the queen of HG fanfiction, Fernwithy.  If you have not read her stories I cannot recommend them enough.  Just prepare to spend a lot of time devouring them all, because they are novels that go from Haymitch's Games through to Mockingjay.