Darkest Before Dawn (Dawn) by dreamgazer220
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The Edge of the World by dreamgazer220

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A year and a half after the Battle of Hogwarts, George Weasley still struggles with the death of his other half.  On a night when his crushing loneliness is too much to bear, he goes to an old friend, knowing that she's the only one in the world who might be able to understand.

set in the Haunting Shadows universe; may contain spoilers.
second place in the Prefect's New Beginnings challenge!

Two Birds, One Stone by dreamgazer220

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Three months of summer.
Two best friends.
One fool-proof plan concocted by none other than James Potter II.

Absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Maybe This Time by dreamgazer220

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According to Roxanne Weasley, it's impossible for things to change over the course of a single evening.
  But then again, she wasn't planning on Scorpius Malfoy walking into her bar with a ring.

for lovegood27's The Random Pairing Challenge.

Ashes of Eden by dreamgazer220

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Lily Potter is returning to Hogwarts after her fifth year ended in a nightmare.
Lorcan Scamander is back at school and two sparks away from an explosion.
And Lysander Scamander?

He's dead.