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Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 17 Apr 2018 01:33 PM · [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: The Guilty

Hi there, Jill! Dropping by for our review swap - super, super late I know, sorry! :/ 


I loved this though! It was so cool to see things from Rob's perspective - and I'm so so fascinated by the fact that Chris was his cousin as an fyi. As always, your characters are amazing and I love how Rob is so jealous and almost controlling, emotionally closed-off to everyone but Tom - who's Cate's brother, which just makes everything more and more twisted, haha - how he wants to talk to Cate but feels he can't and doesn't want to explain it because he knows that he's guilty and she won't forgive him for it. It's amazing how despite the fact that we haven't seen him all that often in this story so far, he's such a complete character and, like most of them in this story, he's not necessarily likeable. But you make me feel surprisingly sympathetic for him :P 


I love Angelina, I gotta say. She seems just so genuinely nice and funny, and I love how you've written her - I hope she comes up again in this! :P 


I'm so so curious what's going to happen: Rob's clearly terrified he's going to tell Cate or tell someone else and the truth is going to get out and what will happen when that happens, and I don't know if I want it to or not, but either way... it's so exciting :P I have so many questions about htis, though: why is Rob so jealous of Chris? What is it about him that Rob hates so much? Why is he so jealous of people close to Cate? How come he's such good friends with Tom, while Tom and Cate are so separated? Honestly, this is such a fascinating story you've got here, and I really, really need to come back more often so I'm all properly caught up :P 


As always your writing is so lovely in this. It's just so good and so clever, the way you write, and your characters are so perfectly formed and so realistic. You don't shy away from giving them flaws and imperfections and I love that in characters. I also love how you deal with the issues of grief and guilt that you raise in this: you deal with them so so well. Maybe they're not always dealt with in the healthiest of ways in this, but it's realistic, yk, and realistic isn't always healthy. 


As always, loved it! :) 


Aph xx

Name: potionspartner (Signed) · Date: 08 Apr 2018 03:39 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Whispers

Wow! That chapter left me with more questions than answers--great way to build intrigue. It was a bit confusing but it keeps you interested to go to the next chapter. 

Cate is obvious a complicated and deep character. I love how you send little hint out about her and the other original characters. I have a feeling this the type of story that makes you second guess everything the author has written as you think, "Tht looks important. i should file that away in case the author mentions in later.  I'm also going to bet that Cate is a little like Snape in that at the end you wonder if sh/he was a hero or an anti-hero.

And of course the big question is, what happened in July.

Author's Response:

Hello! Thanks for the surprise review! 


Ah, I will say that I do love me a good anti-hero, and you're right; Cate's definitely complicated and (hopefully) deep. And there are a lot of hints! That's about all I can say without giving too much away, though.  But thanks for stopping by with the review! 

Name: Levana (Signed) · Date: 07 Apr 2018 02:11 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Shadows

Hey, Jill ^_^


UHHHH???? Soo, like what happened between Cat and Rob??? I mean, I remember from the previous chapter that she said, “I didn’t mean to hurt you” to him, but it really feels like there’s more going on here… Also, because Tommy said Cat doesn’t know the full story??? Something definitely happened…


Also they’re twins!!! I love twins :p becAUSE that wasn’t at all obvious due to my Fred and George obsession. I digress.


SPEAK OF THE DEVILS AND THEY SHALL APPEAR! Okay, okay, okay. So I know I said this in my previous review, but I shall say again because it’s still true!! I love your portrayal of Fred and George. The interaction that they have with Cat and Tommy is so true to canon and how they would’ve been acting if we’d seen them more in the books (tragic that we didn’t…)


“Oi, George! Look! It’s the wonder twins,” Fred replied, grinning at me.  “To what do we owe the pleasure?”  Haaaaave I ever mentioned that I love Fred? Because I do :p I can’t wait to see Fred and Cat interacting more.


Oh man. That dream that Cat had. I feel so bad for her! She clearly blames herself for whatever happened to Chris (does this have something to do with the whole thing with Rob??? I’m thinking that it does…) And it’s also eating her up and I JUST WANT TO GIVE HER A HUG!!


OOooo She’s partnered with Lee!!! I very much approve of this! I love Lee so much (and he tends to be forgotten/ left out of a lot of Fred/OC fics which is extremely saddening because Lee Jordan is awesome and I love him.)


ALSO THAT ENDING!!!! WHAT????  Was she seeing Chris’s ghost or something?? Uh, that ending gave me chills. Like, did she actually see him? Or was her mind just playing tricks on her???



Author's Response:



WELL, if I told you, where would be the fun in that?! You're just gonna have to keep reading to find out (but I promise the answers are out there, I'm not that cruel :P). You're right about that, though, something definitely went down.


Yay twins! I love twins too! 


Ah, thank you! I've been trying hard to keep them in character, so I'm thrilled that they're true to canon. And I know, I wish we could've seen more of them in the books, but alas... it's good we have fanfic at least.


Fred is great. Fred with Cate is better ;) 


Please feel free to give her hugs, she needs all the hugs in the world! 


Aww yeah, Lee's adorable. I'm trying to remember to include him in future chapters, but he is kinda a little how she gets closer to Fred.


Umm... can't tell you that either, I'm afraid :P 


<3 <3 

Name: LadyL8 (Signed) · Date: 05 Apr 2018 12:52 PM · [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Whispers

Hi Jill,


Congratulations on winning Story of the Month! So this is a little bit embarrassing for me to admit, but I'm one of the few people that haven't read this story yet, so well... I thought I'd use my holiday to finally come by and check it out. So anyway, I'm just gonna stop talking and start reading.


Wow. This was a very good first chapter. You made me really excited about this story. So much angst. So much suspense. So many questions. Like what's up with Rob? Who's Chris? What happened in July? I get the feeling Chris dead, and that Catherine for some reason feels like she's to blame for it, but I have so many questions about it. You did a really great job with withholding just enough information to make me so curious, and now I'm just really excited about the next chapters!


Catherine is a great character and I already like her a lot. You can really tell that she's struggling with what happened in July, and I think that's something we'll see more as the story goes along. I really like that you gave her friends that we know from the books. It was much easier to place where she was when all the book plot happened once you showed her friendship with Alicia and Angelina, so yeah, I really liked that!


Catherine's relationship with Fred, George and Lee also sounds really interesting. She obviously seems to be really close to them, and I'm very curious to find out more about how exactly they became friends. I'm not too sure about the Rob character yet. I mean based on what he said I think Catherine might be partly to blame for the way he acts towards her, but also... Idk. He just isn't easy to read yet, but I'm sure I'll get a better sense of what he's like later.


I really liked the relationship between Catherine and Tommy though. I have a sister who's actually the closest to me in age of all my sisters, but she is also pretty much my polar opposite so we got a bit of a complicated relationship, so I could definitely relate to that. But I think Tommy's in a bit of difficult situation - it's his sister and his best friend. I can't imagine that it would be easy for him when they no longer get along.


Anyway. All in all, I thought it was a great first chapter. I'm excited to found out more about what happened in July and who Chris is and what happened to him. Thanks for sharing! And I hope to see you in the next chapter very soon!


- Lotte

Author's Response:

Hey, Lotte! ♥


Thank you so much! I'm a little surprised that I won last month, tbh, but it's so nice of you to come and check it out.  


I'm so glad you enjoyed the first chapter! These are definitely all good questions to have, and most of them are going to be answered within the early chapters of the story. I'm glad you felt like there was enough information to have you curious, that was exactly what I was going for. 


Yeah, the girls are really awesome, and I feel like they don't get enough credit in the books.  As for her relationship with the twins and Lee... they're not super close, but they're definitely friendly with each other.  I'm super curious to see how your views on Rob shift throughout the course of the story, that's always the fun part for me. :P 


Exactly! Tommy knows he shouldn't be torn, but it is his best friend and his sister, so things are going to be messy and complicated for him as well. 


Thanks so much for the lovely review! It was a great surprise!


♥ Jill

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 05 Apr 2018 06:52 AM · [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Origins

I really like your writing in this chapter. The descriptions just washed over me until I was in that cosy warm room with Cate and Fred. It really helped to create this close, intimate atmosphere for Cate to tell her story.

We learn so much about Chris in this chapter too, and now that we know what Cate has lost, it really connects us to her and I find my empathy growing. She really spent a lot of time with him and so much of her life involved him, and it makes his death all the more sadder. I feel like there's a definite shift in this chapter, that Cate's had a small glimpse of what life might be like if she's strong enough to make it, that there is something outside her Rob bubble. I'm rooting for her to make it, and to see her relationship with Fred deepen! He's such a sweetie!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I am trying to work on my description (as always) with this story, so I'm glad you enjoyed them and that they brought you into the room with them.

Yes, exactly; this chapter is really all about Chris and the person that Cate's lost.  I like that phrasing, life outside of her Rob bubble, and I'm glad you're rooting for her to make it! He really is a sweetheart, I adore him so much ♥

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 05 Apr 2018 06:02 AM · [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Break

Either I've been away for too long (which is horrible) or I'm going crazy, but is that a new banner???


Rob is so iffy in this chapter, but at least I know where his motivation is coming from, so I can understand his actions in this chapter. He's hurting because of Cate. They have such a messy, complicated relationship that makes glad I remember about Fred being in the picture. He and Cate would have a much healthier relationship *wink nudge*

Chris has terrible timing. Just as Cate was beginning to feel better! Her drawing Fred is the cutest thing ever, and I really, really enjoyhis presence in this story. He's actually becoming one of my favourite characters, now that we're seeing him more. He's so friendly and down-to-earth, and of course entertaining. I can't wait to read more about his and Cate's relationship as the story progresses!

Author's Response:

Nope! Not a new banner, you've just been away for a while (and it's okay) ♥

They definitely have a messy, complicated relationship. But I'm glad you can see where his motivation is coming from with his actions and that he's hurting, too. That's a really important thing to remember in this story.

Ugh, I KNOW. Damn it, Chris! I'm glad you're enjoying Fred though, he's super cute and exactly what Cate needs.  Hopefully their relationship won't disappoint :P 

Name: Slytherinchica08 (Signed) · Date: 04 Apr 2018 06:06 AM · [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Whispers

Wow this first chapter really packs a punch. I felt myself completely drawn to your character Cat. I can definitely understand the anxiety that she is going through even though I don't know what situation has caused it. Seriously the portrayal is on point and you did such a great job of describing everything she was going through. 

I'm really interested to find out more about what happened to her to cause the anxiety and what exactly she was up to during her summer. And who exactly is this Chris character? You've left me with quite a few questions that I really want to find out the answers to. 

I love Fred and George in this. To be honest I don't read much about them which really is a bummer because I absolutely love their characters. I think that you did such a great job capturing them and all of their silly antics without going overboard and even though they didn't have any pranks going on they were completely in character. 

I will definitely be coming back soon and reading more of this story. Sorry if this review is just a lot of babbling and doesn't make sense, as it's rather late here. But again great job! ~Slytherinchica08

Author's Response:

Hey there! 

I'm so glad you find yourself drawn to Cate. One of the most important aspects of this story to me is doing justice to her feelings, so I'm glad you can understand the anxiety she has even if you're not sure why, and that the portrayal is on point.

The answers to these questions are definitely revealed in later chapters, so I don't want to say anything, but I'm pleased I've sparked your interest! 

Aw, thank you! I work hard to keep Fred and George in character because it's so hard for me to write humor; and keeping their personality in check is another important aspect to this story, too.

Sometimes I love babbling reviews, so don't apologize! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope to see you back at later chapters! ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 24 Mar 2018 08:29 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Origins

Hello, my dear Jill! Here with your requested review! Also...




Okay, so... this is clearing things up a bit, even if now I'm wondering why Cate got together with Rob to begin with... (?) Also, did you say in previous chapters that Chris and Cate knew each other since childhood? Because if you did, I had completely forgotten, and I was convinced that they'd met after she started Hogwarts and that Rob had introduced them, not the other way around... and now I'm all confused about Chris being a Muggle who happens to have so many different wizarding connections... forgive me if you already explained it all and I'm just forgetful. Also, forgive me for overthinking this stuff, it's just something I do for some reason...


But let's get back to this chapter!


So, I loved Cate's confusion and annoyance when she waited for the Room of Requirements to appear. I love how Fred made it so it looked like a more intimate version of Gryffindor CR, it's such a sweet thought. He's such a sweet boy!


Cate's surprise at Fred just wanting to be there for her because he just cares, no second purpose... is it really so hard to believe, Cate? Sometimes people are simply generous. Or maybe his "second purpose" is just staying with you because, like he said, he likes you, and that shouldn't be that surprising either? Also, I really don't think that you should be so hard on yourself, and I really don't think that Fred is going to hate you... just give him a chance? Maybe?


Fred makes a very interesting point. The "relationship" between Rob and Cate is only a way to keep themselves into a sort of status quo, and that's not helping them move on at all, it's just keeping them stuck where they are, only because it appears to be simpler... and you know that I love Rob and Cate together, but I agree with Fred that their relationship the way it is right now is not healthy for either of them. She needed to hear that, even if it isn't easy.


As always, your writing was lovely. The descriptions were beautiful and the way you wrote Cate's panic attack was so well done, it felt just so real. I truly envy your writing skills, you are so great!


I've loved that moment of hesitation when she had to decide if taking the steps to the girls' dormitory or to the boys'. A stupidly hard decision to make, indeed, but I'm glad she took the decision she did. It's a first step, Cate, and you will get to the point where you won't need the potion anymore. I'm sure you will.


This was a great chapter, just as always. I'm quite sure I'm forgetting to mention something foundamental, but just know that I've loved it!


Snowball hug, my dear! And happy birthday again!



Author's Response:

Hello Chiara!! Thanks for the birthday love!! 

Ah, Cate getting together with Rob will come clear soon enough; there's definitely a reason for it.  And I feel like I mentioned that Cate and Chris have known each other since childhood, but now I don't know if that's just in my head or on the page. :P But in short because it's not a spoiler: Chris and Rob are cousins, so that's their connection, and Cate lives in the same neighborhood as the boys back home, so that's their connection.

Eh, for someone like Cate who is used to someone having a hidden agenda, I can see why it's so hard for her to believe someone like Fred is so wonderful; she's been hurt a lot, she's hurt a lot of people, and she's not really sure why he's sticking around -- if that makes sense! But yeah, she definitely needs to give him a chance, though, because he might surprise her after all of this :P 

Yep, she definitely needed to hear it, and he needed to be the one to say it. It's definitely something worth talking about, her relationship with Rob.

And it's definitely the right direction, and hopefully she'll be able to do it with less hesitation next time.

Thanks for the lovely review and snowball hugs, my dear! I'm so glad you loved it! ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 19 Mar 2018 10:03 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Origins

I’m so happy we get another chapter! It’s so wonderful to be able to see Cate again.


I adore this warmth that Fred brings her, from holding her hand, to gifting her with this beautiful room. I am fully prepared to ship the two of them with all my heart, but I’m going to hold back a bit for now, because I don’t think Cate is quite ready yet. Right now, I’m glad that Fred is here to listen to her when she needs him.


Though I’m still unsure about the details of that day, and I will never understand why Cate will keep refusing herself even the fundamentals in life (like someone to listen to her tell her story), I do think I agree with Fred, that she’s being far too hard on herself. From what I know, the only thing she did wrong was cheat on Rob, and yeah, she should feel guilty for that, but I have a feeling that her guilt for cheating is carrying over to what happened that day by the quarry. At the very least, she should get this pressure off her chest, so that she can have someone else’s opinion and so she can just feel a little better about the whole thing. Seeing her in constant pain like this with no end in sight is miserable, I feel so sorry for her.


(Fred’s blunt confession was actually rather sweet. It seems like the type of thing he would just throw out there without qualms haha.)


And the exciting part! We get to discover more about Cate’s history with Chris, though I was like “NOOOOO” when you cut off right before the deliciously juicy bits haha. I never realized that Cate held resentment for Rob once, with him being Chris’s cousin first and then Tommy’s friend second. I suppose the Potions classes together brought Cate and Rob together because I’m really trying to figure out what changed to make the two of them like each other later. Also, I think it’s super telling that even though Cate was going to a MAGICAL SCHOOL FOR MAGIC WITH MAGICAL WITCHES AND WIZARDS EVERYWHERE, she still wished more than anything to go back home to spend time with Chris. I think it’s amazing that their childhood friendship lasted so long (and then grew into something else, it seems).


Really, though, I do think that Cate and Chris were really sweet to each other as friends, and must have loved each other a lot. I wonder when the line blurred, and when she began cheating on Rob. Had she been cheating on Rob since the beginning? I WANT TO KNOW THE DETAILS.


Cate’s life right now really seems so dark (her panic attacks seem so frightening and uncontrollable, and I want to hug her), and I don’t know how she’s able to handle it. I think Fred’s right that she is stronger than she gives herself credit for, because I know for sure that if I were in her place, I would be curled up in a ball on my bed for hours and hours and days and days.


You know, I’m agreeing with Fred a lot in this chapter. Even with his advice about Rob, how she’s just looking for something familiar to hang onto. (I feel like I said something along those lines in one of my reviews! Though maybe I’m giving myself too much credit as a psychic hahaha.) HOWEVER, I don’t agree with why Fred is doing this. He sounds far too bitter and emotionally charged for him to be giving her simple advice to make her feel better. I think he’s jealous, and though he’s giving advice that’s sound and makes sense, I disagree with his reasons for giving it.


Even Fred Weasley isn’t perfect. It’s okay, Fred. You’re better than Rob.


OKAY BUT THEN CATE REVEALS SOMETHING KINDA IMPORTANT?? Like, Tommy was the one who discovered her with Chris?? No wonder why he’s been fairly harsh on her since the beginning of the story; she hurt his best friend Rob. Obviously he needs to BACK OFF since she’s clearly suffering, but I can understand why he would be furious with her.


But now I need to know the specifics of what happened that day, because the suspense is killing me.


At the very least, I’m glad that Cate was willing to try and sleep on her own, and that she took the potion to help her sleep. I’m very proud of her. I hope she can continue doing this soon, and I hope that Rob won’t have too much trouble sleeping. (I’d like for him to be independent from her, as well, even if he can be somewhat annoying. I don’t want Rob to suffer.)


This review is already kind of ridiculous in length, but I still need to address your concerns, which I will do now.


I think your characterization is wonderful. It’s difficult to imagine how Fred would act in serious situations like this because Jo never really puts him in these situations, and I think you wrote him remarkably. Overall, because this chapter was so serious, I would have liked Fred to try to make her smile a little more, but I can definitely also understand why he’s this serious here. I mean, Cate is laying a lot on him. And, as always, your characterization of Cate is consistent and interesting, and I can’t wait to see how she develops from this closed-off shell back into someone who’s surer of herself. <3


You handle flow and tension beautifully. You transition between the characters’ topics of discussion so naturally, it didn’t even feel like they were talking about something different. This whole chapter, I was on the edge of my seat, eager to learn more about Cate’s summer.


All the information you gave definitely felt relevant without coming all at once; the exposition was presented smoothly. And I thought it was also relevant to explore Cate’s reactions to telling her story, as well. My only comment would be that I have to wait for more chapters to discover the truth, but that’s just me being impatient hahaha. <3


And as for Fred and Cate’s relationship... I’m just curious to see where it goes from here. She told him she was unwilling to have a relationship right now, and he seemed to be fairly genuine when he told her that he wasn’t there to sleep with her, but also he does still seem to be quite jealous of Rob. So I’m just super excited to see these two progress omg.


This review turned out to be a ridiculous length, so I’m going to stop here. This chapter was wonderful, as always. <3



Author's Response:

Eva omg, I'm not even sure where to begin responding to this amazing review! 

I'm so glad you enjoyed Fred's blunt confession; it just seemed like something he would say, and he can play it several ways: he likes her as a person, he cares about her well-being.  So there's a reason he chose that particular word over everything else ;) 

Yeah, it's super telling that she was unwilling to leave him at first. But think about it: you're eleven years old, going off to a new school and the only people you know are your annoying twin brother and your best friend's cousin.  And she and Chris are very close, or were very close. :P I'm glad that you were excited to learn more about them though, even if it was just the small parts of their history.  And I know -- I was considering having Cate tell the whole story, but after her panic attack, I don't think she really had it in her.  But at least he knows a little more, like how they were so close to each other and cared about each other a lot.

Same! I would definitely be curled up in bed and never wanting to get out, so I don't know how Cate functions through the day.

Yep, Tommy found them! And there's a little more to that story, too... but details come to those who wait, though now that she's getting closer and closer to Fred, more should be coming sooner rather than later. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Yes, she took a huge step at the end of this chapter, and I'm very proud of her too! It's a baby step, but it's an important one.

Thank you for still addressing my concerns, despite the length of this review XD

I'm glad all the information felt relevant. While I was writing, it was feeling a little like a filler chapter, but I'm glad that didn't seem to be the case with you as the reader.  

I'm also excited that you're excited about Fred and Cate's relationship! They are super adorable, but they have their own path to go down too and it won't always be easy.

Thank you so much for another amazing review!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 15 Mar 2018 08:59 PM · [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Allies

Hi dear!

I'm back to review for the 'Puff swaps once more! Honestly, I don't know why I'm waiting a month between chapters. This story has completely hooked me, and I really want to know where it's going.

Characterization-wise, you're doing fantastically (as always)! I really love Cate, and I feel for her so much. I just want her to be happy...I also really like Lee and the twins! I can't wait until their friendship grows. I'm so ready for something happy in this story! ;)

The plot is so original and interesting. I still feel so sad that there's this awful accident in Cate's past and that she's struggling with it so much. As a reader, it's completely understandable, which I think is really important for an original-plot (i.e. non-Voldemort), OC-driven narrative. So wonderful job there!

As I said at the beginning, this story really has hooked me. That's particularly impressive because I don't tend to read a lot of OC-driven HP fanfiction! So you're succeeding on so many levels! :D

I'll read on soon, I promise. Fantastic job! See you in the swaps!


Author's Response:

Hey Emily! I'm excited to see you picked this back up ♥

Why do I feel like telling you that you might be waiting a while for something happy in this story? XD But I'm so glad that you love Cate and feel for her; that's definitely important in a story like this.

Thank you so much!  I'm glad the plot seems original, because it's definitely something I worry about. :P 

Eep, thanks again! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much, especially when it's the kind of story you don't read often.  

Name: Levana (Signed) · Date: 20 Feb 2018 08:43 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Whispers

Alright! I’ve finally had a chance (between classes :s) to come read this! I’ve been itching to read your fic since I rejoined because Fred/OFC is my jam. I apologize in advance for the fact that I’m not terribly great at leaving uh meaningful reviews that contain more substance than, “I love it!!!!!”


So, I love this already. I’m always here for dark fics because angst and you’ve already hooked me in with just the first chapter. And the opening line! “You couldn’t have done anything, Cath.” It’s such a good hook. Also I loved the Weasley twins in this chapter, they were so in character (and the twins can be surprisingly difficult to write). 


Anyway, I'm ready to read the rest of your fic (which will hopefully be soon, I'm a slow reader...)



Author's Response:

Hey, Maggie! Welcome on board :) Fred/OFC is my jam too because he's definitely the best. 

The twins are really difficult to write, so it always surprises me (in a good way) when people say i do a good job with them.  I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, and I look forward to seeing what you think of the rest of the story! <3 

Thanks for the surprise review! 

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 06 Feb 2018 09:12 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Break

Hey, Jill! Here for our swap! :)

The more you reveal about the relationship between Rob, Cate and Chris and the more I'm not sure what to think... guess my thoughts will clear up when I'll have the complete picture, right now I'm only sad about the turn Rob and Cate's relationship just took. And honestly a bit angry at Rob for pulling that all out when they were sort of finding an equilibrium. I mean, they obviously need to clear things up between themselves, and he has the right to be angry at Cate if she cheated on him, but that just wasn't the way? After pulling her into the broom closet to kiss her that morning? Honestly? If she played with his emotions, he's doing the same to her now... and I don't like it. But I guess everything is just too complex (which is why they probably can't really work as a couple right now and why I shouldn't ship them... I think a part of me still does...) I loved how you wrote the tension between them, btw, and their reactions and their contradictions. It all feels so real and human, even if it's so terribly frustrating. Will you two just stop playing this hurtful game and figure out what you really want?! Erm, I'll stop now, I think I've rambled too much already...

I still don't get what Chris is and what he wants. Is he even real? He can't be just a figment of Cate's imagination... or can he? And he isn't a ghost, so what is he? Why does he want Cate and Rob to mend fences? Is he there just to help Cate moving on? But wouldn't it be easier for her to move on without him haunting her? I guess I just need to wait for you to explain everything... :P

I'm glad that at least Cate has her new friends (and Fred) to look after her and distract her from everything. And I'm so glad that she felt that she could open up with Fred completely. Now I wonder what she will tell him and how he will take the news... Anyway, he's truly sweet and I love their slowly growing relationship. :)

This was another great chapter, and I can't wait for more, so... HURRY UP!!! (Kidding... or maybe not...)

Snowball hug, my dear! And thank you again for the swap! :)


Author's Response:

Hello Chiara! 

You're right; Rob and Cate are really good at playing with each other's feelings while not really knowing what they want.  It's sort of a problem, and they both like to stir things up when they're finally getting some kind of peace.  And I'm glad that you're getting more confused as time goes on; Rob, Cate, and Chris are definitely a messy sort of triangle.  I love when you ramble, don't apologize! They do really need to sit down and figure out what they want.

All of these questions will be revealed in due time, my dear, so I'll have to hold my tongue until then.

Fred and Cate are definitely the best; they really bring out the best in each other.

I am trying to work on 14! It's just another doozy so I need to figure out how to get it right :P 

Always a pleasure to swap with you, love! ♥

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 01 Feb 2018 10:28 PM · [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Haunted



I had totally forgotten that this story takes place during Goblet of Fire. (It's not like the Triwizard tournament is literally mentioned in the story summary or anything? Oh wait. It is and my memory is equivalent to that of a moth.) Anyway, when Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were mentioned  it was very exciting and I loved the reminder of the setting as it places this story right back in the pages of the book.


Cedric! I like that he comes to check on her, it really seems like something he would do. Also, it cracked me up that he implies very non-subtly that Fred likes her. I'm sure he does,  but that's not really what Cate needs right now.


  “We can’t let people know how smart we actually are, or they’d start expecting better grades from us.”  -- Bahahaha. The Weasley twins really are the shining stars of this novel. I love them. I love every time Cate interacts with them. I loved seeing her joke around and tease the twins! Can she hang out with them all the time please. Rob who?


Speaking of Rob... I'm glad he followed her out. I hate to think of what would have happened if he didn't, because she was kinda losing it out there. Which brings me to the point of WHY did Chris lead her out there? Possible-Cate's-soulmate or not, he is being a... (looking for 12+ words I can actually use in this review)... um. He's a jerk. If he has something to tell her, why doesn't he just tell her instsead of leading her into the lake AND JUMPING INTO IT? AND REMINDING HER OF THE MOST TRAUMATIC EVENT IN HER LIFE? AND CAUSING HER TO JUMP IN AFTER HIM? Why do any of that - couldn't he just talk? Like, she could have died. It's November and that lake has got to be so cold. I do not like Ghost Chris. (That makes two of us, as I'm sure Cate isn't his biggest fan at the moment)


I also don't like Rob. GET AWAY FROM CATE. I was fine with the sleepovers because they've found something that works for them to actually sleep through the night and it's healing, but Cate even says, they're both using each other. And then Rob drops an I love you and then kisses her? For pete's sake, that is not what she needs. She needs some hot tea and a blanket and maybe Pepper-up Potion or whatever it is that wizards give to people with colds. She does not need Rob's lips. I get that Rob thought he was about to lose her, but. That doesn't justify how selfish he is being and how he is only looking after what he wants. As if him saving her meant that he deserves a kiss and her love. It doesn't work that way. Thank you Rob for saving her from drowning, now leave her alone. 


This chapter is such a perfect comparison of Rob and Fred. They both like Cate, but Fred respects what is best for her, and doesn't put his own wishes ahead of hers. That is why Fred is better and why we all love Fred.


This story always gives me so many feelings haha. I loved this chapter! Great work <3

Author's Response:

TO BE HONEST, I kind of forget that it is too and then I need to remember to throw in little reminders.  It's just hard because we're still at the beginning of the year, when the tournament hasn't really happened yet -- so I'm glad you liked the mentions! 

Aww yeah, Cedric's a doll.  Ilove him.

I'm so glad! I sometimes feel like their presence is lacking in this novel, but then I remember there weren't too many pranks that we know about.  And as far as hanging out with them all the time instead of Rob, well... she's working on it ;) 

Well, he could have just talked to her, but Chris likes to be, erm, Dramatic about things.  He's mostly been trying to get her attention and for her to start taking her seriously.  She didn't die, though, because Rob was there to save her ;) 

This line made me laugh out loud the first time I read it -- "Thank you Rob for saving her from drowning, now leave her alone".  XD It's true. Rob is kind of selfish when it comes to Cate, and he doesn't really realize it.  Their relationship is definitely not the most functional.

Fred is pretty great; I do love him.

All the feels! Thanks for the great & surprise review! 

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 01 Feb 2018 07:21 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Break

I AM FINALLY HERE TO REVIEW THIS. I read this like five seconds after you posted it, but then I never got around to reviewing. Better late-ish than never, though, right? (Sorry about the wait.)


So when I first started the chapter, I began feeling rather comfortable with the atmosphere between Rob and Cate; obviously I still wish Rob had kept his lips to himself, but the fact that Cate was able to feel normal and feel good about it was encouraging. But then Rob suddenly flipped a switch on the mood, and the things were less calm and happy, which made me less calm and happy haha. I think here's the point where I completely break away from my previous narrative -- this is the one part of this entire story that I agree with Rob over Cate. In fact, I just outright disagree with Cate here, and I fully agree with Rob instead. (Don't get used to it, Rob. All the other things you did -- AHEMKISSINGHER -- were so not right that they were left.)


Because here's the thing. It's one thing to have a suspicion about Cate's cheating (like, even though I had a hunch since the beginning, it didn't really affect my view of her) and then it's an entirely different thing to have it confirmed by her. If her feelings were divided between two different boys, she really, really should've sat down and thought long and hard about what she could do. Personally I think she shouldn't have dated/hooked up with either of them. At the very least, if she was going to "be with" Rob, she should've just refused to act on her feelings for Chris. Because cheating is one of those "human" mistakes that bothers me more than anything else.


And when Rob straight-out confronted her about it in this chapter, Cate sort of apologized, but then she added excuses onto it. And she hadn't realized that her mistake was large enough for Rob to still be hurt by it, months later, which really strikes me as just being rather insensitive. I just. I love Cate, really, truly I do, and I want her to heal so badly, but I am 200% behind Rob on this one. (That feels so strange, typing that out onto a review, but it's true.) He has every right to still feel angry, and to feel hurt by her actions, and to feel that she hasn't addressed it enough. I just really want her to properly apologize, to properly think about herself and why she did it and how she needed to think and be careful and just. I'm just really sad about this, honestly. Obviously it's not irredeemable, but so far, Cate hasn't done too much to redeem herself on this front.


She also doesn't seem to realize that she's still doing it. (It's entirely possible that I'm misinterpreting her "I love you"s, though, so please take this next part with a grain of salt.) She told Rob that she did love him, and I think she meant that in a combination of friendship love and romantic love. And then a little while later, she blurts the same thing out to Chris, and I think it's that same mixture of friendship and romance. And she's still saying the same things to different guys (though one is, admittedly, dead), and I really don't think she realizes what she's doing.


Okay so after that rather harsh critique of Cate's actions, I feel the need to boost the general positivity levels of this review with some love for your writing. I thought you paced this wonderfully, and showed the exact interactions necessary for us readers to form more concrete opinions of the characters, and how they fit into the overall story. Chris said something super interesting, which I've been trying to figure out (and still can't) -- it's when she asks him why he's only stalking her and not Rob, and he's like "You know why." Is it because he likes her? I don't know, I'm bad at figuring things out, man. BUT ANYWAY her overall interaction with Chris was just so interesting. Even though I don't like Chris either (in my opinion, Cate has horrible taste in boys), it did strengthen the idea of the bond between Cate and Chris, and how his death affected her so badly.


ALSO that last bit!! I'm so excited for the next chapter, because Fred will take her into the Room of Requirement, right? And then secrets will be spilled! (Hopefully.) But I thought it was super telling that she was drawing a portrait of Fred. She's just barely drawing again, and one of her subjects turns out to be Fred! Super exciting. :D


You already know how much I love this story and how much I love your writing, so I'll end my review here. -sends giant crate of endless gushing- <3



Author's Response:

Don't apologize for the wait! <3 

Welcome aboard to the understanding why Rob is the way he is train, and I'm so glad you're on it! I truly love how everyone's been so supportive of Cate, but there's definitely things that need to be revealed about that night and why she's the way she is, too.

Yeah, I think there's a part of her that knows that she shouldn't have acted on her feelings for Chris, but Cate also tends to be a little impulsive and make stupid decisions; at least, as something she did before Chris' death-- and you could even see it as she followed his ghost out into the lake on Halloween, too.  She follows her heart more often than her head and it tends to get her into trouble.  

There's definitely shades of grey between Rob and Cate, but you're totally right.  Cate's making excuses, and doesn't realize the impact she's had on him -- I think she even said something about not realizing the depths of his feelings, but that doesn't make it okay.  And while she's had a lot on her mind, it's definitely something that they need to discuss going forward if they want any chance of working things out; even as friends.

She doesn't realize she's doing it, but her feelings for Chris were, erm... a bit stronger.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

You're actually not that bad at spectulating, but I'll leave you to wondering what he meant; but it's important so I'm glad you picked up on it.  But I'm glad the scene strengthened the bond between them so you can understand why she's been in such a dark place. 

Yep, she's drawing Fred ;) And Fred has a plan up his sleeve, anyway.

Thank you so much for another lovely review! ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2018 10:25 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: The Spark

Hmmm. I'm beginning to really appreciate the chapters in which Rob narrates, but not because it makes me like him any more. I feel vaguely more understanding towards his emotions and feelings and such, but nope, my opinion of him is not exactly lifting, especially with this jealousy he has going on. I like these chapters because Rob knows things that Cate doesn't. For instance, I really appreciated the fact that Rob tells us things about Chris and Cate's relationship that we don't know before. (I feel like I'm using him for information, for which I feel slightly apologetic. Sorry, Rob. You're a wonderful character, because there's a wonderful author who's writing you, but I just don't like you, buddy.)


Just because I don't like him doesn't mean I want him to suffer forever, though! I'm so glad that he's recovering, in the same way that Cate seems to be recovering. It was really wonderful to see that Rob's beginning to write again, and it was even more interesting when he was thinking about how he was going to retell his experiences over the summer. Because, that's a very gutsy thing to write about, so good for him.


I do hope we can get to know Angelina a little better as her own person, because I just want to know who she is, and what she's like, and the things she's fond of doing in her own time. (I'm sorry I'm so obsessed with Angelina, hahaha. I feel like I bring her up in every chapter review I write.) I'm a little worried that she'll become that person that Rob just secretly has feelings for, without ever truly appreciating as a person. You'd better treasure her, Rob. Even if it's just as a friend. I also hope we'll get to see Angelina and Rob have a full, proper discussion, where he gets to be honest with her. I LOVE ANGELINA. (Last sentence about her, I swear.)


OKAY SO THE HOGSMEADE SCENE. (I just wanted to say, seeing Tommy flirt was just hilarious, given what we know about him.) But more importantly, Cate's smile omg. When she walked into The Three Broomsticks with Fred, just laughing beautifully, my heart soared. It feels good to see her recovering like this. I'm glad that Fred can make her smile so wonderfully. I'm also glad that she seems to be on good terms with everyone. (And Rob, you need to stamp that jealousy down.)


I am, however, very worried. I'm really worried that Cate's making similar mistakes to what she did before with Chris (which Rob seems to know a lot about, actually). That she's calling Fred just a friend while kissing / being in some sort of relationship with Rob, but that she'll start emotionally cheating on Rob. I'm quite positive she did cheat, like kissing and all, on Rob with Chris before, and I just really, really do not want her to make the same mistakes again. So I need her to differentiate between her romantic and platonic feelings, and to make difficult decisions about her relationships and who she wants to be with, before she crosses a line and goes too far.


Good luck, lovely Cate. <3


And wonderful wonderful wonderful chapter I shall miss reading Cate and Fred and Rob and Tommy and Angelina and Alicia and Katie until the next update! <3



Author's Response:

I think I've mentioned this in previous responses, but that's kind of the point of these Rob chapters.  Even if your opinion of him doesn't change, at least you can see where he's coming from.  He also does know a lot more about those 48 hours leading up to Chris' birthday than Cate does, and it's easier for him to reveal some things.  Have I mentioned that your commentary on Rob cracks me up? XD

Yeah, I was super happy that Rob started writing again. TBH, I forgot that was a thing, and then it just made so much sense -- especially him writing about his summer with Cate and Chris.  

I definitely plan to include Angelina in further chapters. It's fun exploring her without Oliver and Quidditch; like, what she'd be interested in and who her friends are, and all of that.  I'm so happy you love her, though! 

Tommy flirting was definitely hilarious! And Cate's smiling! Aw, my little Lawrence twins, being happy. ♥  And yes, at the moment, she is on really good terms with everyone.

She does need to make these difficult decisions, she just doesn't think she's quite ready to make them; or to even realize she's in a place where she could make the same mistakes.

Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews! They definitely make me smile and they've also been super encouraging and inspiring, so thank you thank you ♥ ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2018 10:03 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Anchor



When the chapter began, I was immediately like: NO, ROB. NO, CATE. Because I still do not see any way that these two involving themselves in another relationship will help anyone. I understand that Cate is just longing for something she's familiar with, especially after all the scares that Chris's ghost is giving her right now, but I'm just really worried. Because it's better for people not to continually returning to an ex just because of loneliness and insecurity. I really, really hope Cate can sort her way through this.


But while we're on the topic of relationships, I was deeply unappreciative of Fred's jealousy this chapter. He was acting like because he helped Cate through some of her toughest moments, she was supposed to just not date anyone else. Like, I am not a fan of Rob by any means, but my reasons are far more substantial than Fred's. HOWEVER he did apologize for being an arsehole (which I wholeheartedly agree that he was being for a moment there), and I'm glad that he managed to put his little jealousy aside for a second in order to start treating Cate well again. I'm glad they had their little walk. I'm still itching for a full chapter for the two of them. <3


It didn't occur to me that Fred and George were in the same dormitory as Rob and Tommy, so every time Cate cried, those two would be able to hear it. Which must be somewhat awkward for everyone involved. I do feel bad that Fred wants to help her but is unable to, but for him to resent her for that just made me upset. You're better than this Fred, I believe in you. :(


OKAY BUT THE LAST PART. I was SO PROUD when Cate told Angelina that she would talk to Madam Pomfrey, and that she wants to start learning how to sleep without becoming too dependent on Rob. GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL. I LOVE YOU CATE. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. The fact that she's been eating so little makes me so so so worried for her, though. But step by step, little by little. Sleep first, then food.


I'm just going to go and read the next chapter, because this has completely consumed my life and I'm pretty much unable to wait between reading chapters now hahaha.



Author's Response:

My favorite reviews are the ones that start with shouting! 

You're right about one thing: Cate's definitely longing for something familiar and normal, and right now, that answer is Rob.  You do have a right to be worried about her, but she will eventually sort out her priorities.  Eventually.  She just... takes a while to get there, babygirl. 

Yessss, this was, admittedly, not Fred's shining moment.  I was more or less trying to show that he (a) is human, and not always the lightest, funniest guy, and also (b) getting fairly invested in Cate and her well-being.  Not to mention that he's got a bit of a hot-head, being a Weasley.  But he did apologize, and went for a walk, and I think she understands that he's trying his best to be there for her through this.

Honestly, it took me a while before it finally clicked that everyone is in the same year.  It definitely makes things awkward, which I think is what played into Fred's reaction.  He is better than this, he just slips up sometimes :( 

Yaaaaas, Cate is learning, slowly! Recovery is a long road, but she's definitely no her way there.

I feel like I should apologize that it consumed your life? But also super flattered and excited, so thank you!!! ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2018 12:59 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Haunted



Okay, first things first lol.


Everyone is shipping Fred and Cate. Everyone clearly sees it, except for Cate. But honestly, I'm glad that she's not pushing herself to think of Fred that way, because like she said, the most important thing for her right now is to have a friend like him. I love it when he makes her laugh, and when she's able to release her fears and stress for just a moment to act like herself again. Please give our lovely Cate some rest and dedicate an entire chapter to her and Fred talking, or doing something fun, or something relaxing together. I'd love if she could catch a break from all this, hahaha.


But Chris. What is he doing? What is he trying to get her to do? The fact that he's haunting her and not Rob is honestly freaking me out a lot, and I'm beginning to get really worried that he's actually feeling kind of vengeful about that day at the quarry. Like, the fact that his ghost leapt directly into the water, knowing full well what she's going through right now, makes me wonderful if he's actually trying to be malicious.


Poor, poor Cate. I'm honestly really worried for her. She just leapt straight into the water without even thinking, and someone please teach her self-care so that she can help herself get better bit by bit without feeling so self-destructive.


OKAY NOW WHAT. ROB, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE BOTH EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE, CATE ESPECIALLY, AND BY TRYING TO PULL A MOVE YOU ARE NOT BEING A VERY NICE PERSON. GET YOUR LIPS OFF HERS IMMEDIATELY. (I'm sorry, I'm very, uh, invested in Cate's wellbeing and her personal recovery, and I just don't see a romantic entanglement with Rob helping her at all. Let them sleep next to each other, but just...platonically.)


I love this sooo much, I'm so so invested in what's going on. All the love! I think this is the last chapter for now, but I'd love to come back and review more omg. <3



Author's Response:

Okay first, your reaction had me giggling at my computer, and it was kiiiind of the reaction I was going for! So thanks!

She definitely needs a friend like Fred; he makes her laugh and mostly treats her like she's normal, and a strong human being [which she is], and that's exactly what she needs.  Cate also needs rest, and about that Fred and Cate chapter... you may have given me an idea or two :P 

Chris isn't exactly vengeful. He's just, erm... I don't really know how to say this without giving spoilers away, but I WILL put your mind at ease that revenge isn't part of his agenda.  He has questionable methods, for sure, but he's got a purpose. 

Bahahaha, I love your commentary on Rob and Cate so much! 

I'm so super happy you love this story so much! Thank you for all of your amazing reviews, encouragement, and enthusiasm! ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 23 Jan 2018 01:48 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Truth

Things are happening! (Not that nothing happened in the previous chapters, but Important Information is being given out this chapter!) I actually read this chapter right before I went to sleep last night, just because I saw at the top that you were giving a full narration of that day's events, and I just couldn't resist. So this chapter has just been sitting in my head all day, and I just have to get my thoughts out. (Even though I really should be studying for my physics midterm, hahaha.)


I noticed that even though you wrote out what happened that day, you're still keeping some information from us, to keep us on our toes. We're still not one hundred percent sure on what Cate did the day before Chris's death, though at this point, I'm fairly sure that my suspicions from the first chapter are fairly accurate. I think that Cate definitely cheated in some way, shape, or form on Rob, which is why she felt so guilty on that summer day. Her blatant admiration of her best friend's body definitely didn't help her on that account. (Please don't laugh at me if I'm completely wrong hahaha.)


I can see why the two feel guilty now. I still don't think they should be feeling guilty, but since the events are clearer, I know what they were doing. Clearly Rob was trying to draw Cate's attention away from Chris's stunts by kissing her, from jealousy or something like that, to sort of prove a point. And Cate got into it, and completely forgot about the camera, which made Chris even more upset and angry. And so he became more reckless. Being tipsy/drunk probably didn't help either.


However. (I still don't like Rob, but) I don't think he should feel guilty. And neither should Cate. If Cate did cheat on him, then that's the only part of this ordeal that she should feel any semblance of guilt for. Everyone's actions from that point forward were their own. Rob shouldn't feel guilty, either, because if he was cheated on, then it's really only natural that he pull something like this the day after. The most they did was make Chris angry -- but neither of them pressured Chris to jump like that, or to drink at all. Everything he did was entirely of his own accord.




I really appreciated Fred trying to help Cate. Really, really do. I'm just beginning to get worried that Cate will start relying too much on him, but I somehow doubt that will happen. These two seem to have a genuinely healthy sort of friendship/relationship thing going on right now.


Wonderful chapter, omg. The way the information was revealed was done so perfectly. <3



Author's Response:

Yes, things are happening! Important things! I was very excited to write this chapter and let people know kind of what happened that day.

Yep, there is still definitely things that need to be revealed, but I figured it was time that people got at least a good chunk of the story; because it doesn't necessarily take away from the present storyline, y'know?  I am absolutely not going to laugh at you, but I can neither confirm nor deny your alligations ;) 

There's definitely a lot of guilt, but it's kind of like 'should they feel guilty?'.  Being drunk never helps when there's jealousy involved, and there's definitely a lot of jealousy in this entire Chris/Cate/Rob dynamic.

Again, not going to ignore you, just neither confirm nor deny ;) 

Fred and Cate are super adorable. You [hopefully] don't have anything to worry about their beautiful friendship.

Thank you so much!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: The Aftermath

(I'm typing this part of the review before I read Chapter 8, because I just remembered something that I forgot to mention in previous reviews. Rob keeps trying to get closer to Cate, which is a sudden change from his attempts to keep her at some distance for the past few months. All his little touches honestly make me so angry -- especially since Cate says that she's too tired to fight him on it, which is honestly more than scary -- because NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR MOVES, ROB. WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE BOTH BETTER, INSTEAD OF TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE STATE OF HER MENTAL HEALTH. LET HER HEAL, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE. Sorry about the all caps, haha. Rob is a character that brings a lot of emotions out of me.)


Okay, now having read the chapter, I can say that everything I said above still very much applies. I'm just so frustrated with him, because while I appreciate the fact that he helped her get a full night's sleep, he's still doing the wrong things at the wrong time. It's just not the time. He seems to be trying to prove something to himself, or to her, that the two of them can still work out together, but honestly, he should leave it. The fact that he keeps pushing her about it makes me feel angry. (I don't like Rob very much, haha.)


However. The events of this chapter have confirmed (or, at least, I hope so) one of my earlier guesses -- that Cate, at the very least, emotionally cheated on Rob with Chris. Otherwise, why would he think about the "love triangle," or the fact that she was "supposed" to ask his forgiveness, and all that? I don't think any of this justifies his relentless attempts to get her to rethink their relationship, though. Just leave her alone, Rob. At the very least, help her sleep, so that you can also sleep, and just wait until you're both better. :(


I really liked that Fred went after her in the beginning of the chapter. Going to the loo, my butt. And McGonagall's reaction to him was great, too, haha, she totally knew what was going on. I'M DYING FOR MORE FRED/CATE INTERACTIONS PLEASE HAVE MORE IN THE FOLLOWING CHAPTER. I'm hoping that we'll get to see Cate's point of view of what happened after Fred chased after her.


(Petition for more Angelina and Alicia and Katie, as well! I miss my girls. <3)


These Rob chapters do provide a lot of clarity (or, if not clarity, at least more information) about what's going on, so thank you for including these! Your storytelling is wonderful. <3



Author's Response:

Rob! I love him and hate him all at once. He really does have the worst timing, doesn't he? But it's kind of like you said, he needs her as much as she needs [or thinks she needs] him, and they're just sort of in this messy situation together and he can't help but cling to her. 

You are very good at picking up all the little hints I throw into chapters! 

And yeah, McGonagall totally knew that Fred was going after Cate; she's concerned about her too, but she can't exactly leave class to check on her, y'know? So she lets Fred go, knowing that she'll be in good hands.

Thank you so much! That's kind of why I wanted to include Rob chapters; he's such a complex character, and I thought it'd be good to see things from his POV and bring out things that Cate doesn't necessarily know about, you know? Even if you don't like him still, at least you can see where he's coming from. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2018 06:00 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Ghost

This chapter was so freaky. I'm genuinely spooked. When I read the writing that Chris put onto the blackboard, a chill actually went down my spine, and I spent a few seconds just sitting here, feeling freaked out. (If you can't tell, I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat, lol. Literally can't deal with horror films.) So I should definitely compliment you on your ability to just make absolutely terrifying situations crop up. If this happened to me, I would probably need to be constantly escorted around the castle by someone like Angelina.


Alright, starting from the beginning! I really liked the way you described the time of year. As someone who is very, very bad at keeping track of the passage of time in stories, I very much appreciated it. Not to mention it was done subtly enough that I didn't feel as though you were waving a sign saying "OCTOBER" in my face.


I also really liked that conversation with Lee about what in the world Fred was doing with her. It was super cute, and really normal, and it was relieving seeing more common emotions in Cate. I feel like she hasn't had the chance to express herself using healthier emotions recently, so all your lovely descriptions of her ears burning, and the flush rising in her cheeks, were wonderful to read. I'm craving more Fred/Cate interactions now -- the little taste you gave this chapter was not nearly enough to satisfy, haha. <3


Of course, all good things must come to an end (more than average, it seems, for Cate). When she went to the Prefects' bathroom to relax, I foolishly thought that she would actually be able to sit in a warm bath and just take care of herself for a little while, but her trauma's still with her. The tantalizing piece of information you gave just really makes me want to know what happened ahhhhh. So she chose to go to the quarry, where Chris fell? At this point, I'm not quite able to see any way either she or Rob could possibly be taking the blame for this -- unless one of them pushed Chris...? But I doubt it. And she's seeing his ghost more now, which is the scary part of this chapter.


(On a slightly lighter note, that adorable little moment between Fred and Cate when he was handing her the Chocolate Frog and the questions made me really happy.)


I so wanted Cate to succeed at her non-verbal spell, because I couldn't stand the idea of her suffering anymore than she needs to. Because of how distracted she is, I'm guessing, she was unable to do it. I'm also betting the appearance of Chris's ghost (which is apparently able to interact with the physical world somehow? FREAKY) didn't help her, lol.


I don't like Chris. I think I can safely say that now. I agree with Tommy's negative opinion of Chris (as much as I disagree with Tommy as a person), because I have a feeling that the reason why Chris targeted Fred was because of jealousy. Jealousy that Cate was beginning to get closer to him, and that Fred was giving her all this attention.





Author's Response:

To be honest, I can't watch horror films either. I've always sort of felt like I've needed to work on my creepy skills, so I'm glad it scared you? Seems like a weird thing to stay, but at least it was effective.  And I would definitely have to be escorted around too! 

Bahaha, what in the world Fred is doing with Cate XD That's the ultimate question! They are so great though, they really write themselves. ♥

Yes, it was her decision to go to the quarry, and as for the rest, well... in a chapter or so time, you'll get a slightly better account of what happened that night! One of my favorite parts of reviews of this story though is everyone's theories on what happened.


Yeah, she's usually a pretty good student, but the distractions and lack of sleep/nutrition make things a little more difficult for her, the poor thing :( 

Ahhh Chris. He is a very... dynamic person. He definitely would have been a Gryffindor ;) 

Thanks for another great review! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Pride

Hm, my emotions are so conflicted right now. I feel somewhat relieved that Tommy and Rob are both treating Cate with more compassion now, but the complete about-face is making me really suspicious. I'm trying to figure out Tommy's thought processes in the previous chapters -- so he thought that by making Cate feel absolutely miserable about her life and her decisions, she would come to the conclusion that what happened over the summer wasn't her fault? (I'm just being bitter about his past behavior haha; I can actually see what he was doing. That line about how "being a Healer won't bring him back" was probably him trying to tell her that, in case she was thinking that, she needed to let Chris's death go, and stop letting it dictate her life.)


So I can sort of see what Tommy was doing, even if I completely disagree with his execution of his plan. But Rob? Just a few chapters ago, he was talking about how he was scared to talk to Cate, in case she found out what he did. (Though I'm beginning to suspect that, like Cate, Rob is blaming himself for errors that weren't really his fault, which makes it a little harder to dislike him.) But still. What is he doing with her now? Why is he trying now to get back with her? Did Tommy talk to him again, or something?


I hope that Cate doesn't become too reliant on Rob for her recovery. I keep saying this, haha, but I'm really worried about this. When Tommy said that they "need" each other, I was immediately wary.


You know who I did appreciate wholeheartedly this chapter? Fred. His questions, and his own answers to them, were really funny and charming. And I'm glad that he could be there for basic support; even though he wasn't really able to talk to her about her problems, sometimes I think that Cate just needs to feel normal for a little while, and he gives her that. I'm just really happy that Fred is putting in all this effort for her. And also giving her Chocolate Frogs omg. So cute.


Speaking of Chocolate Frogs, what kind of ex-boyfriend (a.k.a. Rob) doesn't know that his ex-girlfriend liked chocolate? Makes me seriously question the strength of their relationship.


(I missed the girls this chapter, especially Angelina. That's okay, I'm sure they'll show up in future chapters! I just love reading about Angelina a lot; she's one of my favorite minor HP characters, haha.)


I'm sorry for taking so long on these reviews, so to make up for it: HERE'S AN EXTRA DOSE OF LOVE FOR YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL STORY. <3



Author's Response:

I'm so so glad that even if you don't agree with their motives, you can understand where Tommy (and Rob) are coming from; that's super important to me, especially since they are the less likable characters in thes tory. And you're right; that was exactly what he was trying to tell her with his line about her becoming a Healer.

I sort of a have headcanon where either Tommy talked to him again, or Rob just sort of decided to cave into common sense?  Honestly I love how conflicted you (and others) are over Rob, welcome to my world of writing him :P 

Yessss, Fred was super adorable this chapter! You're right, Cate definitely needs to feel normal; she doesn't always need someone treating her like she's fragile but rather just a friend trying to get to know her better.

I feel like ex-boyfriend is a very strong word for Rob anyway, tbh.

(Angelina is pretty great, I'm glad you like her too!) 

Dude don't even, you've had a lot of reviews to do! I really really love getting your reviews, for what it's worth. They always manage to make me smile ♥ ♥ ♥

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Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Truth

Omg I just typed this up and then my browser froze and crashed D-: I still have never learned to type reviews into Word first, apparently. So then. Take 2....


In terms of how effective it was to reveal the truth here - very. After 8 chapters of vague references to it, it was nice to get some clarity and a full explanation of what happened that day, and those allusions to it in the earlier chapters really build up to this moment to the point where this chapter feels as big and as heavy as it is.


The way you revealed the story of Chris' death was very well done. I actually think the non-linear, broken up format of it was the best possible way you could have done it. The fact that part of it is revealed and then we return to the present  and then back into the past makes perfect sense because it kind of accents that this is how Cate's mind has been going for the past few months - sometimes focusing on her task at hand but often drifting into fragments of that memory. The bit of the current-day in the middle made the whole memory feel very present. And the fact that it's in broken pieces as it returns is also quite fitting because Cate feels so broken at the moment. So yeah, stylistically this was a very good choice.


Characterisation in regards to reactions: I can see why Rob might be harboring some guilt over his actions here (for being slow to pick up on the fact that something was wrong), but Cate? She has no logical reason to feel guilty. Of course, I know too well that grief is not logical and that you feel guilt when it makes no sense to, so I understand her. It's purely survivor's guilt. And - maybe - the fact that there may have been some romantic entanglements going on around this time that Cate hadn't really dealt with (maybe i'm misreading but based on her earlier soulmate comment about Chris, it seems like there were some *feelings* that had been brushed under the rug. But - literally, she couldn't have done anything to save Chris. How could she have known he'd climb up there and jump from that height? She couldn't. And she did everything she could when she realized something was amiss.


As for Rob, it may have taken him longer to realize that there was something wrong, but he isn't to blame either. Once he noticed that Cate's panic was real, he snapped out of his mood pretty fast and did what he could do. So yeah, this scene had a lot of hints of trouble in paradise from Rob's pov that was never talked about, and for the most part just played out like any scene of teenagers who have maybe B- communication skills but are otherwise enjoying a sunny day and are each wrapped up in their own things in their own heads, and then an accident happened. Their actions throughout the whole scene are very realistic.


Cate's thought process in particular is interesting, like she has a strong awareness of the situation not being right and she has this heightened anxiety that Chris has hurt himself, but she keeps thinking he's playing a trick on them. To me it really feels like she doesn't actually think it's just a trick, but she's trying to make herself believe it. Like she suspects the worst but is trying to convince herself that it's fine, Chris is joking... at least until she sees proof when he turns up dead.


Random musings: I think there is still more to the story than we saw here because Cate mentions she can't tell Fred everything, yet the story we got here doesn't contain anything that would be so horrible to tell Fred. I'm convinced there was some emotional undercurrent that was important that shse didn't mention. Idk. I will have to read on to find out :P


This was a very well written chapter and I appreciated getting more of the backstory here. Great job!

Author's Response:

Eeee, Kristin! This review! ♥

Okay, this makes me super happy. I figured it was getting time to reveal a lot of the truth, and figured that the story could progress while even the readers knew what happened - something I didn't really learn my first time writing this story 10 years ago.  SO, I'm glad it felt as heavy and emotional as it was supposed to; I was super nervous about writing this chapter because I didn't know if I would be able to do it justice.

Thank you! I was sort of imagining she would be triggered/remembering by the scene from Transfiguration, and thought it was time to bring you guys back to the quarry with her.  I'm glad it made sense, especially since the non-linear portion of it was different than the rest of the way the story is.

I'm glad you can understand her; that's kind of where a lot of her guilt is coming from - survivor's guilt. And you're right about some of the romantic entanglement that sort of latched onto her and is making her feel even worse.  I think she also feels a little guilty that she didn't try to use magic to save/revive him - and despite the fact that it's against the law, I feel like she would've tried to justify it by a life or death situation, y'know? 

I'm so so happy their reactions come off as realisitic, especially with everything going on.  And you're right, they really don't have the best communication skills XD

And that's exactly what's going through her head.

As for random musings, I'm going to keep my mouth shut on those! :D You'll just have to keep reading to find out.

Thank you so much for this well-thought out review! I super appreciate it, especially for a chapter this big. Thank youuuu ♥

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Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Cracks

Okay, before I finish up this review, I just want to let you know that I would love to review the rest of the chapters, so please feel free to come back and request them! I'm so, so invested in this story, and I think you deserve all the reviews for writing such a wonderful piece. <3


Now Cate is seeing Chris, and he seems to be a real ghost since he speaks to her, as well, and he also has the general appearance of a ghost. I'm worried, though, because no one at Hogwarts seems to be concerned that there's a newer, younger-looking ghost around, which makes me positive that she's seeing things. Perhaps it's her guilt manifesting itself into hallucinatory daydreams, but even then, it wouldn't make too much sense since Chris's ghost is telling her not to apologize, even though she keeps hoping for someone to apologize to. I hope she's alright. I hope she figures this out and gets help.


Speaking of getting help, though, one of my favorite things about this chapter was her interactions with Fred Weasley, and her friends, and her brother. I liked how loose and relaxed Fred's conversation made her feel, though I noticed she immediately felt guilty once Tommy pointed out that she was smiling. I want her to realize that the loss of someone doesn't mean she has to spend her entire life mourning them and feeling sorry that she didn't do more.


But then we move onto the conversation with her friends, and that part just warmed my heart. I loved the line -- "If I was willing to let Fred break through that barrier with him barely knowing me, then how could I not let these girls, my friends, have that same privilege?" -- because I agree with it wholeheartedly. I'm so glad that she finally told her friends what happened to her over the summer, and that they offered their support and aid to her, making her feel better. I just wish that Cate would understand that leaning on other people for comfort doesn't make someone a weak person. I bet it's that Gryffindor nonsense speaking.


And finally, I was so happy that her brother finally stepped up as a proper twin and gave her the support she wants. I'll never understand why he keeps antagonizing her, especially if he understands "the full story," as he claims. Because according to Rob, "the full story" includes unsavory thoughts/actions that Rob did, which makes me feel as though Tommy should really stop blaming Cate for it all. So anyway. Good on Tommy, for acting as a brother should for the first time in this story.


I wanted to talk about my feelings on Rob. In the first three chapters, I thought Rob was being cold and mean towards Cate because he was feeling bitter about the way she broke things off, and how she cut herself out of his life. But in Rob's chapter, where we get inside his head, his motivations are entirely different, and entirely more selfish in my opinion -- he still wants Cate to like him, so instead of supporting her and helping her, he's trying to put a bit of distance between them so that she'll never find out what he did. And I'm so, so sorry to Rob that he's suffered through such a huge trauma, but Cate plainly told him that she was actually hearing voices, and so he just needs to step it up and help her.


On the other hand, I also don't want Cate to become too reliant on Rob. In this chapter, she thought about how much she needed him, and she kept using "need," and that word makes me very, very nervous. I'm worried about how she seems to think that he is her only solution, that without him, she'll never get better, which is very concerning.


Your characters are just so good and they make me feel so many things, and I just think so much about them?? Which I think is so great, and so much fun, and I just love typing out these reviews, as long-winded as they are, hahaha.


Thank you for introducing this story of yours to me! I'm so, so happy that I've read these first five chapters. They're just so good omg.



Author's Response:

I'm so excited you love this story so much! And your reviews have been so great, pointing out things I've even forgotten already to remember to include in these later chapters.  So, really, thank YOU, for leaving these awesome reviews. I will definitely come back around to request the next batch once a slot opens up! 

Ah, the beginning of ghost-Chris.  You're right; Cate's definitely searching for someone to apologize to, and it just somehow hasn't happened yet.

Fred is the best. He really is the heart and the light of this story, and I just. I love writing him so much. <3

And yeah, she just needed to tell them on her terms, y'know? She was going to; it's just a matter of being ready, and of course they were there for her.  The girls are really great, and I need to remember to include them more in the story.  Cate is very much a Gryffindor ;) She'll learn. She just needs some time.

Yesss, Tommy was great at this chapter! <3

Rob definitely needsd to step it up. As far as unsavory actions...... more is going to be revealed on this front later on, but you're absolutely right: Tommy needs to stop blaming it ALL on Cate. That entire night is a shade of grey, and that's sort of the point ;) 

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're attached to my characters and that you love leaving reviews. I've certainly loved getting them, and they have been so inspiring! <3 Thank you so much for all of this, Eva, I definitely appreciate it!!! 

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Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: The Guilty

You know, I just realized that Cate and Rob are OCs. You just wrote them so flawlessly into the universe that it just didn't even occur to me to question their existence; I just accepted them as characters without hesitation, and that was that. Which really goes to show how real they feel as characters, and their interactions with the canon characters around them just feel so natural that it's like your OCs were always there in the books.


So this chapter is really, really interesting! Because finally, we get to see what's going on inside Rob's head, and he's basically suffering almost as much as Cate. (He's not hearing voices or seeing things, though, so I think he's a bit lucker.) I have so, so many questions now. Before, I thought that Rob held a grudge against Cate, but he doesn't really; he just doesn't want her to know the truth, but if he wants forgiveness, shouldn't he try talking to her? At least, help her out if she asks for it, like she did last chapter? I feel as though these two will self-destruct, if they don't ask for help.


Mostly, I'm more curious than ever to see what actually happened that day that Chris died. I think Cate thinks its her fault because she froze and didn't use her magic, and Rob clearly thinks its his fault for...unspecified reasons currently. Did he actually wish for Chris to get hurt? What was his relationship with Chris? Was Chris really his cousin? He was jealous of Chris, wasn't he?


I get the feeling it's really neither of these poor teenagers' faults, that they're blowing their own involvement out of proportion due to survivor's guilt. This ceaseless guilt that they're feeling, I'm having difficulty believing that they were actively involved in Chris's death, aside from being bystanders. (Though being a frozen bystander...I can see how they would feel guilty from that. But there's a difference between being scared and unable to help, and just refusing to help.)


This story seems to be following canon, with a few deviations. Like Fred doesn't seem to be chasing after Angelina in this. So I hope that Angelina will be able to help Rob the way Fred will be able to help Cate. (That scene with Angelina was really well written, and I felt relieved when Rob smiled. There's only so much sadness a teenager should be able to take. So I think Angelina will be good for him.)





Author's Response:

Honestly, this was such a huge compliment and put a big smile on my face when I read that.  I'm so glad they both fit in so well; I try hard to make my characters real people, especially the OCs.  

Yesss, a Rob chapter! I mean, logically, it would make sense for Rob to talk to her in order to seek her forgiveness.  And you're right, he's going through so much too, which is why I thought it was important to see things from his POV, too; Cate's not the only one suffering.   And you're right about one thing: they definitely have the potential to self-destruct if they don't seek the help and the self-care they so desperately need.

Chris WAS Rob's cousin; as far as everything else, I will say you'll get a larger picture of the night at the quarry in a future chapter. But it's from Cate's POV, so you'll also have to take that into consideration. As far as being jealous of Chris... I will also say that jealousy plays a large role in the Chris/Rob dynamic, and I'm going to leave it at that. 

Aw, yeah, Angelina is precious. I love her. I figured Rob needed someone the same way Fred did, and it seemed perfect to give him Angelina; their personalities just naturally mesh together really well and their chemistry pretty much writes itself. 


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Story:Haunting Shadows Chapter: Allies

This was a great chapter. I'm so in love with this story, and I wish I can read and review faster. <3


More than anything, I want Cate to get some help, whether it be from her friends, or from her family, or from a professional (like Madam Pomfrey). I think it's absolutely a mark of a horrible person (I'm talking about Tommy) when your own twin sister is clearly suffering, and you just keep laying on guilt instead of aid. I'm just really annoyed with Tommy and his unhelpfulness, because a family member is supposed to take care of you.


Like, with Rob I can understand his unwillingness to help; he obviously went through a difficult time during the summer as well, and Cate didn't help him then, so it makes sense he wouldn't want to help her now. It's a little bit petty, but I definitely understand it. But Tommy? What excuse does he have? SHE'S HIS SISTER. (I'm sorry, I get really caught up in this family business, haha.)


Anyway, I hope that at some point, Cate will be able to talk about her trauma with Alicia and Angelina, or Lee, or Fred -- or even better, all of them. I especially hope that she opens up to Alicia and Angelina at some point, because the girls are all friends, and I think it would be good for her to be able to have close friends who can help her. I think it's really kind of Lee and Fred to check up on her like that, since they see her struggling. Fingers crossed that Alicia and Angelina will do the same at some point!


So I really liked the three different sections of this chapter: her dueling scene with Lee, her plea for help from Rob, and her study session. I thought they all showed important aspects of her relationships with different people, and how she reacts to each of them. She clearly really wants to be able to speak to Rob, and I just. really want her to get the help she needs.


The lines that you end your chapters on are always so, so great. It's always a great way to wrap up the events of the chapter on a stressful note, haha. I love this story so much, I can't wait to see where it progresses!



Author's Response:

Honestly, you're reading and reviewing at a great pace, don't even worry about it! <3 

Cate definitely needs some help.  I feel like I can understand your annoyedness at Tommy, he's just.... he's got his head a certain way, and I can't really justify it in an explanation; it's kind of the way he is, but also, its' not. Ugh, that's a horrible explanation. 

I'm glad you can understand where Rob is coming from! Even if it's petty and they're dealing with bigger issues.  (Don't apologize, I love how caught up you get!) 

Alicia and Angelina are pretty great. They're trying to keep their distance at the moment, but they won't always feel that way. <3 

Yeah, she's trying really hard with Rob and is kind of focused on him at the moment. 

I'm so glad you enjoy my last lines! Sometimes I try to leave it on a cliffhanger and it usually just doesn't quite.... work out that well.

Thank you for another great review! 

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