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Name: RoxiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 21 Sep 2017 08:18 PM · Chapter: The Wolf and the Sheep


As I stepped into the Great Hall with Tom...” Wait. WHAT?!? Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Have I missed something here?? Hero what are you doing?!?! Didn't we just establish in the last chapter that he was no good? Weren't they, like, no longer on speaking terms with one another because Tom had said that it basically didn't matter that Noah was dead because he was, quote, “just a Muggle.” I mean, was okay with this arrangement, lol! And now she's just casually strolling into the Great Hall with him. HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING??? This girl!!!




Bianca!!! I am so incredibly sorry that it has taken me sooo long to get here. This month has been CRAZY!!! I really did not mean to keep you waiting for so long with this review. I really have been trying to get back to this wonderful story of yours ASAP though, because you left it off on such a suspenseful moment the last time, lol!


I really liked this chapter a lot, despite the fact that Hero seems to be ignoring all of my warnings, haha! Can't say that I blame her though. That Tom Riddle is just so dang charming. Gah!! What does he want with her? Seriously?? He obviously has had some ulterior motive behind getting close to the Blishwicks since day one, and I am dying to know what that reason is!! I also still cannot shake the feeling that he had something to do with Noah. Especially not after Hero's realization about Tom's black owl looking so similar to a raven. There are just too many coincidences at this point, and I cannot believe she hasn't put the pieces together yet.


And, in spite of everything, I am loving your characterization of this young Tom Riddle. It is EXACTLY how I would have imagined him to be at this age; so manipulative and poised. He clearly know how to get what he wants, and he even know who he can manipulate and who he cant; like Dumbledore for instance. I really loved that little moment between the two of them, btw. You have clearly thought of everything in this story!! And your characterization of Slughorn was absolutely brilliant too! I cannot wait to see what transpires at this little Halloween Party of his!!


Aww, Morgan is so cute, and I love how they even have little nicknames for each other!! I almost forgot that Hero played Quidditch too, lol! Will we be seeing more Quidditch scenes soon? I hope s..o. Also, she needs to spend more time with Emory. She seems so sad lately, and I think that Hero needs to open up to her friends a little more before it's too late!!


Oh, that ending scene was soooo creepy!!! I LOVED it so much though, haha!! Look at Mr. young Tom Riddle, doing wandless magic in his 5th Year at Hogwarts!! Why am I not surprised? And NOW she is starting to see again how dangerous he is. Run, girl, RUN!!! Lol!! I really quite enjoyed the underlining tone of danger that you weaved all throughout this chapter. From the beginning, when he first told her that she was dangerous, through the end with this big reveal of just how powerful he is becoming now. There are so many forces working beyond her control, and it's so interesting to read and watch fate at work like this. I am SO addicted to this story, B!! You don't even know, lol!! =D


As always, I cannot wait to see what happens next!! See you in the next chapter!! I will get there as soon as I can, love!! ♥♥♥



Name: RoxiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 14 Aug 2017 10:26 PM · Chapter: Wake Me Up

Hey B!!! OMGosh, I am so incredibly sorry for how unforgivably long it has taken me to get back to this story!! *hides* But hey, I am trying to be more active, and so the first chance I got I came straight here to this story!! And I saw that it was your Prefect anniversary today too, so what better way to say THANK YOU for everything that you have done for us over the last year, than to stop by here and leave you a super fabulous review on this AMAZING story of yours?!?! Plus I still owe you several from our on-going swap too, so here I am!!  ;)


Boy have I missed this story!! Right away, you have reminded me of why I fell in love with it so much though, and I am captured by the magic of this fic all over again! I mean, it’s been what… 3 months now?? But I was able to jump right back in and pick up like it was yesterday, haha!! Already I am so happy that we are getting more and more details on the Noah mystery. But OMGosh, the more I learn about what happened to her friend, the more I feel so bad for her!! I’ve already been suspicious for a while that there may be some connection between Noah and Tom via the Orphanage, and now there’s this new information about his door being locked; which leaves me to wonder if perhaps maybe her family was involved somehow? Like, maybe the locks on the door were forced shut with magic?? Could Noah have been murdered by someone in Hero’s family? OMG or maybe it was even Tom?!? I would certainly hope not! But it does seem very suspicious, with Finn just knowing about the door being locked like that…Fin is friends with Tom, and their parents were always against her hanging out with a Muggle from the start. So perhaps they devised a plan to get rid of him? OMG!! That’s just so horrible – I can’t even think about it anymore right now!!! I think that’s enough theorizing for me for one day, lol!!  XD


Yet again, I love the sibling banter between Hero and Finn. You seriously write their interactions SO WELL!!! I just love to hate that boy, lol! He is such a git. And Hero’s reaction was about the same as mine was, I think, when she ran outta the classroom after finding out about the car doors. Like, whoa!! And of course Tom-pretty-boy-Riddle is following her, the stalker!! When is she going to wake up and see him for the monster that he really is?!? Surely he cannot keep up this innocent act forever. A nice girl like Hero deserves someone better than Future-Lord-Voldemort!!! When Finn asked her if they were dating now, I seriously wanted to vomit, haha!! Wait a minute… What was up with that flashback?!? OMG!! Was Noah referring to Tom?? Was he one of the kids Tom took into the caves?!? Have my suspicions been confirmed after all?!?! What if that’s the real reason he’s been following her around all of this time; just to see if she knows anything about his connection to Noah?? OMG!! She has GOT to get away from him!! Run, Hero, run!!!




Okay, so maybe that was a little bit rude. Poor Hero is obviously going through a lot right now. I know she’s upset, but this is really for the best; she’ll see, lol! I for one am overjoyed right now that Tom FINALLY showed his true colors to her!!! That was so perfect, OMG!!! I think that was my favorite moment of this whole thing so far, haha!! And her reaction was perfect. In your face, Tom!! And the plot is thickening with all the Chamber of Secrets and Basilisk information that’s slowly being revealed. I really like how well all of this is developing, Bianca. Your pacing/flow is incredible!! Also, I know I’ve commented on this before, but I really like all of the original name ideas you’ve come up with all throughout this story. In this chapter, the names that stood out to me were Briony and Scout. Their family is certainly unique, haha!!Even their owl’s name is perfect!  I also adored the cute little names that you gave to the House Elves here too!! =)


HOLY COW, OMG!!! That ending though!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? HOW can you do this to me?!?!? Oh, you’re horrible, lol!! (Kidding, kidding!!) But that darn girl, always running TOWARDS the danger!! WHY?!? GAH!! This is SO GOOD!! How have I ever stayed away for this long?!? I hate it when RL gets in the way of my FF reading, lol! Not to worry though, I shall be back much, much sooner this time, B – especially after this cliffhanger!!! Happy Prefeciversary again, Bianca!!! HPFT certainly would not be the same without you, hun. See ya in the next chapter!!! ♥♥♥




Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:40 AM · Chapter: Wake Me Up

Oooh, nonononono.


Tom Riddle killed Noah. What. Noah must have been one of the kids he took to the cave! Oh, god, that is so twisted - is that why he's been hanging around Hero? Or at least, part of why? What is wrong with him? Ughhh Tom Riddle.


Also: poor Hero. That's such a shock, and her brother is such a selfish jerk. He clearly doesn't care about his sister at all and doesn't even bother to try to understand her feelings, and it's really upsetting. :(


Also: Hero, stop doing that. The girl is going to get herself killed if she keeps sticking her nose into things without bothering to wait for backup. It's unclear to me whether it's, like, a depressive-type deathwish or just that she believes that she'll be fine or something else entirely.


This is wonderful, though. Love it.

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:39 AM · Chapter: Mystery

Your Tom Riddle continues to make my skin crawl... especially since even knowing that Tom Riddle is kind of evil and also the worst, I'm still finding myself feeling charmed by him. I can't even blame Hero. Yeesh.


Speaking of Hero, the intense skin-crawling I'm getting from Tom might be overshadowing how much I like Hero, and I want to remedy that - because I really do like Hero quite a lot. She means so well, but I'm worried that this is going to turn out so not good. :(


Also? Hagrid is heartbreaking. The end. :(


This continues to be amazing and incredible and wow.

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:39 AM · Chapter: Riddles in the Dark

Oh god Tom Riddle is creepy. I'm not sure what his game is, and it's possible that he genuinely like her, but like... he's also so clearly using the fact that she's in a vulnerable position to manipulate her, and it makes my skin crawl. In a good way, though, if that makes sense?


This is so good omg. Amazing chapter.

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:38 AM · Chapter: Something Wicked This Way Comes

This is kind of besides the point, but holy hell is Fireheart a wonderful artist. These are lovely CIs! ANYWAY.


Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Hero, abort mission, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and get the hell away from Tom Riddle! He's so, so creepy here, especially since we know exactly why he was there and that he was responsible for the roosters. I can't believe him. (I mean, I can. But seriously, he's so sketchy - Theo is not covering himself in glory here, but Riddle just takes it to another level.)


Also, her family is terrible. Her brother is clearly a complete ass, and Forgiveness depends on your O.W.L. results? SERIOUSLY? She is a wonderful character and deserves a better family. :(


Ahhh this is addictive. ♥

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:38 AM · Chapter: One Day at a Time

Hey, I'm here for our HPFT gift swap! <3


I loved this so far. There's just the right level of intrigue, and I have no idea where this is going! My heart goes out to Hero to such a ridiculous extent - she's really in a such a tough place, and her brother is clearly kind of a jerk. Tom Riddle's presence makes me super anxious for her, though I'm not sure why (other than that he destroys everything he touches because he's the worst).


Amazing, amazing job. I'm already hooked!


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Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 03:04 PM · Chapter: Lionheart



So. That was terrifying. Not in the realm of I’m never going to sleep at night or anything but like. Tom is a really, really dark character. I’ve known that. But like, he puts on such an act and only really starts breaking through that after drawing someone in, and if that someone doesn’t want to walk with him, he gets rid of them. And like, you’ve illustrated that so perfectly within this story and I’m just blown away. You did a really, really great job with this story. With all of it. All the little pieces…it all came together and made sense. It all lead to the end that was predicted from the beginning. Like. I’m not quite sure what else I have to say. You did really, really great with this and I’m really happy I ran across this story. I will eventually pick back up on The Harder They Fall, but processing time first, before more Tom and his evil ways.


Leaving off here with my favourite quote, that I couldn’t agree more with.


“The puzzle was one that I didn't want to finish.”




Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 02:51 PM · Chapter: Hangleton



Surprise, surprise. Tom’s a really bad guy. And Hero finally realizes that maybe she’s gotten herself into a situation she’s not ready to be in. And that won’t end well for her.


Like, I’m not quite sure what else to say in regards to this chapter. No part of it was a shock. Like, the fact that Darcy and Noah knew Tom in another life, that he was a terrible, terrible part of their lives and did bad things…like, all well known. I am waiting to see that Hero realizes that Tom seeing Noah the day before he died was no coincidence. Like, I know it’s gotta be coming, if she hasn’t realized it yet and just…it’s such a sucky situation. Not only for Hero, learning that everyone else was right about Tom (though I’m struggling to see why she can’t see it when he starts being more controlling over he…besides the fact that he doesn’t play fair.), but I feel so terrible for Darcy, and Noah for that matter. Like, these innocent kids who were destroyed because someone felt the right. Like, it’s such a sad situation and the fact that it has scarred them both permanently, the fact that there’s nothing they can do about it with it being muggles vs wizard….like, my heart hurts for all the bad things that happened, for all the bad things Tom did.


I think there’s only maybe a chapter or two after this and while I generally know what happens, I’m afraid to read on. Tom is such a dark character and I know he will not respond to Hero well, especially when she tries to call things off because that won’t fit Tom’s agenda (not that I quite understand what his agenda was with her? I mean, I reasoned maybe having to do with getting in with her family, but there’s Finn so like…not quite sure?). But like…yeah. Good chapter of giving out a bunch of information and further exposing Tom for being the horrible person he is. Like, you’ve done his character good justice and just…amazing job.




Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 02:32 PM · Chapter: Choices





Okay. Okay. I know I’ve read far too many chapters. The overdramatic review writing has returned. But like…I can’t help it. Hero is such a relatable character, she’s unfortunately not thinking with her head quite as much as she’s thinking with her emotions and just…this is getting worse and  I know things aren’t going to end well. *Sigh*


So. The fact that Tom shows up in the hospital wing and gets all pushy as to why Hero was outside of the common room bothers me. Partially because I feel the whole thing was his fault, but also like, tracking her every movement? Really? Like, I know why he’s doing it, it’s part of his control complex thing, but like…he sort of blows her off and walks away and takes matters into his own hands. In like, the most wrong way possible. Like, partially because he makes Hero worry about their status as a couple, but also because whose the heir of Slytherin? Who just so happens to get petrified before the Quidditch game Hero was all worried about? Like, honestly. I wish Hero would think JUST a little bit more on that one.


Also. Emory. Something tells me a certain someone told her. And that wouldn’t be Theo either, since he seemed quite miffed as to what Hero was on about. But I have a feeling that will unfold in some bad manner and bad things will happen. Since that seems to be some sort of theme, or something…


OH AND BEFORE I FORGET. Tom. Taking revenge on Leighton just because she did something or said something Hero didn’t like? I won’t say it but like, it’s the worst kind of manipulation and while it’s a little more blatant in this case, like, there are ways where it isn’t and it causes people to do things against their better judgement and just…You accomplished a lot in this chapter, explained a lot about Tom and why people like him are the most dangerous breed. Like. I can’t handle it.


Great chapter! Really loving everything you’ve got included in this story!



Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 02:14 PM · Chapter: Of Loyalty

What even is this? I was going to stop chapters ago to do some adulating (or something of the sort?) and here I am, a couple of hours later, unable to stop because there’s so much going on and I have so many questions and I don’t want to do anything else until I know what’s going to happen next…like, I’m honestly just waiting for things to fall apart and crash and burn because Hero is too wrapped up in her emotions to see she’s doing exactly what she doesn’t want to do and just…






Tom acting weird. How abnormal. Except it’s not. And it kills me that Hero’s so blind. But like. She’s got quite a few bomb shells being dropped on her, with her cousin, who she relates best with, being adopted and Muggleborn and then, ya know, Emory calling her out on doing exactly what Hero denies she wants to do. Like, I feel for Emory because I know the feeling of being pushed off like that, of what’s happening in my life not being as important as someone else thinks they are. It’s hard and I’m sort of happy she’s standing up for herself and telling Hero like it is. Not that Hero listens, but I’m glad she walks away and lets Morgan fall into Hero’s game. Not that he deserves it anymore, but at least he’s well aware of what he’s walking into.


And Morgan. Give him credit for still speaking with Hero after everything in Hogsmeade and with the knowledge that she has a more serious thing with Tom. Because I’m not sure I’d want to be involved in anything that close Tom myself, with how he gets. In case that’s not obvious.


I do worry for Hero. Because Tom doesn’t play fair. Like, everything is strictly to his own advantage and he doesn’t not play clean nor fair to get his way. Like, the style in which he gets under Hero’s skin, makes her walk into situations blindly yet willingly. It sends a shiver down my spine at how ruthless he is…(Also, Hero acting all ‘what do you mean’ with the whole Slytherin/Gryffindor Quidditch match thing…like, I’m happy Tom doesn’t care more about Quidditch because that could be really bad….)


And, without fail, the ‘what is even happening anymore’ at the end of this chapter. I have a bad feeling about bad things and this is not good for Hero’s mental state. Or poor Briony. Like. I can’t say I quite understand what’s going on there, but part of me might, but would rather not believe it…I’m not even sure. All I know is the next chapter is waiting for me!




Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 01:39 PM · Chapter: Players in the Game

Well, well, everything just shifted here, didn’t it. Like, I’m totally not surprised, because Tom is who he is, but like…it’s unfortunate, you know. Someone so young but so poisoned by what his life was, by what he wants to become…like, it really kills me. Tom puts this act on of being this proper and respectful person, but the level of manipulation…like, I know there were little hints of it last chapter, but every bit of manipulation is for his own gain. Only ever for his own gain. And it’s fine, but it hurts every single person around him. And you illustrate how, once you’re in that sort of cycle, in that sort of environment, there is no easy way out. Like, I am so in awe of how you craft things, not only in this chapter but overall.


So. Not a fan of Tom’s game here. He’s all off about Sabastian, which I don’t quite understand. I’m not sure if it’s because the kid’s a Muggleborn, not a wizard, or the fact that, despite everything Tom does, he can’t figure out why the basilisk hasn’t killed yet. I’m more thinking it’s the later of the two points, but I can’t help but unhelpfully point out the fact that he has zero concern about Hero and her reaction to it being Sabastian. I mean, I know she’s just a piece he’s using in his game at the moment, but like…one can dream, yeah?


That said, exactly the point. Tom wants to get in with Grindelwald and with the Blishwicks party, or whatever it is, exactly, Tom knows he can use Hero to get there. Saying he’ll make sure she’ll behave. Which is all varieties of cringe worthy which is why I tried so hard to keep this evil Tom thing in my head when Hero was all infatuated with him and stuff. Like, why Hero, why?


I also feel terrible for Finn. I knew Tom was going to try something, but like…did he have to? I know the bigger part of it is manipulating and training Finn, but that was terrible. Like, Tom’s so terribly but like…I don’t even know. Tom’s character is so well characterized as this charming guy everyone should hate, and with good reason.


Nonetheless, another lovely chapter. I’m quite enjoying this story!



Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 01:02 PM · Chapter: The Descent into Hell



. . .


“Trust me…Your parents would want this. Don't you want to make them happy?...Don't you want to make me happy?"


. . .


“I couldn't help but think that if anyone should be Slytherin's heir, it was him.”


. . .





I don’t know If I can come up with a coherent form of English for any of what I just read here. Just…what…why….how…that was just…


*Deep breath*


Okay. I’ve got this…I can do this.


Tom. I’m not sure if I have adequate words for him. He’s so polite and courteous and proper and then BAM! He’s the definition of manipulative and evil and doing things he shouldn’t be doing and just. I don’t even know. Hero goes for it all so easily because she’s fallen into his charm, but like…poor Emory gets the back half of it as Hero doesn’t follow her because Tom distracts her and I really, really want to like Tom and what he makes Hero feel but I can’t because he makes everything so complicated and just. Why, Tom, why?!


I do have to laugh at the irony. The heir of Slytherin, you said Hero? Glad you asked. :P


Theo and Emory. Well, I’m happy Theo did the right thing and ended things. I had a feeling that was the case, despite the fact Hero was too…preoccupied to notice. And with tensions running high with Emory being a Muggleborn and all…like. I don’t even know what to say to that. Because like, this time Emory is on the ball with being like, ‘something’s not right with Tom’ and Hero really REALLY should listen…


As for this petrified students things. Like. The timing on some of this, let me tell you. I just…there was so much going on in this chapter and the first petrified student wasn’t as big of a OMG moment but Sabastian? I can’t see this going well for Hero. And I’m not quite sure what Tom’s going to manage after this one. And like. There’s so much going on. What is this all?


I think that’s as coherent as I can be for the moment. I’ll stop the rambling before it gets worse (this isn’t even the worst xD). But like. Great job. I’m attached to characters and the plot and everything…it’s amazing. Amazing.




Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 12:36 PM · Chapter: The Kiss



I know I said something about another chapter being amusing and my favourite and all, but like…this one. I don’t care what sort of image I have of Tom Riddle in my head, this was perfect. Like, as much as I was like ‘Hero, don’t do this, it’s not a good idea,’ I’m like…thank the lord it happened. This was what was needed and it was so beautiful and just…


Okay. Self control. I’m working on it.


Where to start…where to start….I sort of feel bad for Morgan. He came in at all the wrong times and said all the right things. Like, so unfair for him to be hinting at things with Hero (WHICH SHE WAS WARNED ABOUT), only to have what happened happen. I mean, it was okay until Finn had to go ahead with the whole blood purity thing. That was kind of cruel. And unnecessary. Like, Morgan was going to be okay with Hero saying no and all that, but like Finn didn’t need to make things worse.


And I think that kind of flows into this whole thing with Hero and Tom. Like, interesting that he’s the one who steps up and holds her back from attacking her brother. He tells the other two, who had drawn wands, to put them away and that was just…interesting. Like, I get it, I think, but like…Tom’s character has this every changing image in my head and it was a different light on that. In a good way, I think…


And the rest of this chapter…well, if I didn’t know everything I knew about Tom…that was the most perfect thing ever. Just the one simple kiss after practicing and then Tom asking her to the astronomy tower. Like, there was no way she wouldn’t skip out on her prefect duties for that (but I get the feeling bad things may happen…), and that whole thing just…could see it play out in my head and there’s nothing more perfect and dangerous and destined for disaster than that. I love it. Much more than I probably should.


I think that’s all I have coherently to say about this chapter. I will share my favourite little bit of this chapter (besides everything).


"Hero, I know you've been involving yourself in finding who's behind it, but please stop. It could be dangerous." // "I thought I was the dangerous one?"


Loved the chapter. Was going to call it quits after this one but I think one more wouldn’t be the end of the world… ;)




Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 12:07 PM · Chapter: The Wolf and the Sheep

This chapter…oh my gosh, I think it just jumped to my favourite chapter of this story. Like, I was so entirely amused by this chapter, and how the darkness of this story sits on it, and Tom and just…things were amusing this chapter.


"Darker…I see it in you…It's... intoxicating. You're dangerous."


I can only laugh as Tom means this as a compliment and Hero is kind of terrified of it. Okay, maybe terrified isn’t the right word. But like, you know what I mean. She doesn’t take it nearly as well as he had meant it at first. It makes her skin crawl (as it should) and makes me just a little more interested in Tom. Like, what’s he playing at and is there an intention here? Or…ya know…what is the intention.


"Unless you want to find out just how dark I am inside if you refuse, yes."


I think this line makes the previous line more entertaining. Like, way to go Hero, play into. And it’s funny because Tom reacts the exact way I would expect him to. Amused. Like, he totally asked for this and invited it. And Enjoyed it. Like, I think if anything, that part of this chapter is my most favourite and I just can’t get over it.


I do like Morgan here though. He kind of knows where her struggle is and can talk with her about her parents without it getting weird. He’s got a lot gentler of a way of bringing things up, unlike Theo whose always a little…strong headed when bringing things up.


I also love how Dumbledore is brought in here and how Hero notices how Tom doesn’t react the same with Dumbledore. Like, that dynamic really fits with Tom’s character (obviously from what we know), but like, you illustrate it well without making it a big deal.


Only question I have with this chapter if it’s chronologically in the right order? Like, I think it’s a missing moment from earlier? I might have missed something….But otherwise, really, this was a fabulous chapter. I was quite amused by it! :)




Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 11:29 AM · Chapter: Wake Me Up

Surprise! I’m still reading chapters! (This is the consequence of working night shift and then having a night off and not sleeping…it’s quite wonderful, really.)


Where do I begin…like, honestly. So much information and I know I’m bound to be right about some of it and just…starting with this dream/memory of the accident. So, finally found out what happened. And just…I’m so torn about it. Like, I can only be saddened by her and Noah talking about family. Like, I know all situations are different, but the fact that Noah feels she should be more…not necessarily loving, but like…she should not be so off about her family is unfair. Like, everyone has a different situation and having parents doesn’t necessarily make your situation better. It’s a lesson I learned not long ago, that having something doesn’t make it good…like, that part was super unfortunate. And then to see Hero thinks it’s her fault from her wand doing something, and then Finn saying the door was stuck rather than making it seem like it was her fault. Like, no surprise Hero needed to get out of the classroom and just think for herself for a moment. That was all kind of a slap to the face… (And I won’t go into the whole, why does Finn know that or the whole ‘Had his door been sealed on purpose? Was it the boy from his past?’ because like…OMG WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO OBVIOUS?!. *cough* I’m okay.)


I’m surprised it took this long for Tom to say something, however innocently (or maybe more so unknowingly?) to upset her. Like, he isn’t exactly the greatest guy around (based on like, what we know happens and all in the books), but the fact she didn’t pick up on this…really tells you how much emotions sway what you see. Like, life is so complicated but if you feel a certain way about a certain thing, you’re blind to it…kind of scary…but I am interested to see what more comes of things between them…


Morgan is an interesting character as well. I don’t think he quite realizes what he’s getting himself into and I don’t see things going well for him. Just from what I’ve seen of Hero and stuff. But like, he is trying to be nice and he does sort of want to stand to protect Hero. As we see in this end scene, which is super interesting. Like, love how Hero just sort of settles into prefect roll and stays calm to sort out issues, even if they give her the creeps. Maybe not her best idea to walk towards the basilisk though…maybe that’s just me xD


Also…that last section of this chapter with the feeling of cold and Dementor thing and the drowning. Like. Wow. Powerful little bit. Love, love, love it.


Great chapter!



Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 11:00 AM · Chapter: Mystery

Where do I even begin? That was like, hello, here’s some interesting information, and Tom acting a way that your mind didn’t even know he could and Theo finally figured out how to use words and just…wow. Okay. One part at a time.


Theo and Hero are interesting. I give huge kudos to Theo in his chapter with his "Like I said, nothing - and no one - will win your parents approval. Your family doesn't make you who you are. You should be the only one who controls your life." Honestly, this line was what he should have said before, rather than pushing things on her that made her uncomfortable. Like, I know he was trying to do just this, but sometimes just putting the words out there and walking away is enough. I do also enjoy how it took no time at all for Hero to throw it back at him that it’s not fair to Emory, for him be acting the way he is towards Hero, because of the relationships. Like, both needed to say their piece and I’m happy it was finally in a more adult fashion.


Hero and Finn are another interesting group. The dark magic book makes sense, and the fact that Hero takes it away from Finn and is all trying to figure out why it’s around…like, I think it’s really more telling of Tom’s character. He really is this dark, twisted kid who found himself on the wrong path fast and everyone just wants to be in denial of it. No one can be that bad. And like, Hero falls into that. Which is super unfortunate and only more curious as Tom pushes to explore why Hero was with Noah and just…I get that gut feeling Tom was involved with the whole Noah incident. But he’s pushing to understand some part of it, and just...it’s interesting. I think I get what he’s looking for, but the way he goes about it…like Tom’s character is this subtle manipulative and just…I don’t even know. Bad things are bound to happen though, I do know that…


And before I go, I have to share my favourite line. Just from the way it comes across.


"I don't mean to pry…That is to say, I do, and stop me if it's personal, but what did you see in the Muggle boy?"


Great chapter!



Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 10:30 AM · Chapter: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Hiya! Back for another chapter (not that I’ve left yet)! :)


I’m trying really hard not to jump into my full cap lock review starters. It was a thing I was quite bad at for quite a while (amusing, really), but this chapter is really, really making that difficult. Like…oh my gosh. Self control is hard after a chapter like this.


So. I’m really, really struggling to like Hero’s family. Nothing presses my buttons the wrong way more than having impossible and unreasonable expectations for things. Like, needing to do well on OWLs  for forgiveness. That shouldn’t be a thing. For a number of reasons. I’ve been under ridiculous expectations like that before and it’s not good for anyone. Also interesting to have ‘forget about that muggle’. I’d really like to know what exactly happened, though I’ll have further words on that as soon as I’m sure I won’t break out into caps lock freak out….


Theo is interesting. I understand that he’s trying to call Hero out on her sudden ‘I want nothing to do with you,’ (although, again, I don’t have full details as to the situation and I get this feeling there’s more and I’m missing something…), but like, wrong way to go about it, even if it’s abrupt and solely to do with her parents unneeded expectations. I do appreciate that Tom shows up. Though, like, the stalker commentary probably is more accurate than it should be. Don’t think it was coincidence that Tom just so happened to appear at that moment. Especially considering the petrified student found just moments later. Like, way to go under the radar Tom xD


And Wool’s Orphanage. Like, let’s just click a couple pieces of this puzzle together because we all know what the Orphanage means and that links Noah and Tom, which also links Hero to Tom already, and there’s some very, very interesting stuff happening. Like, pretty sure there’s a bigger picture sort of thing going on here, and the fact that I don’t quite know what it is makes me want to keep reading. Especially with Tom mentioning the drowning boyfriend thing with her name and how names are important…HE WAS TOTALLY MEANING SOMETHING MORE IN HIS SNEAKY LITTLE SIDE TALK! And he was acting totally bizarre and in his own kind of creepy manner…interesting character. (and there’s the caps lock I almost avoided xD)


Great chapter, again! Really loving this story!



Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 10:02 AM · Chapter: Riddles in the Dark

Hiya! Back for another!


One thing I really, really appreciate about Hero is how real her character is. Like, she has all these opinions from other people in her head, telling her that she isn’t good enough and that she has to do better and be better, and it really causes her to struggle. She wants to fit into this perspective, wants to be perfect, wants to gain approval, and doesn’t realize she’s looking from approval from all the wrong places. She’s trying to appease her parents and is putting so much pressure on herself…it makes her so real, because struggles like this are real. And they are hard to deal with and it isn’t a matter of just not thinking about it. I also like her hesitancy with Tom, how she feels something that’s familiar, something that didn’t go well the last time, so she runs. She gets away as fast as she possibly can because she feels like she could never do it again. Also that whole dark thing. Like, sometimes it’s not a matter of being afraid of the dark, only what’s in the dark because a lot of things exist in it that you know aren’t real, but it’s hard to keep yourself from believing it. And like, I don’t even know how to explain how nice it is to have a character I feel like I can know that well, ya know?


It’s also interesting, this thing between Theo and Hero. I have guesses as to what it is, and why things are so weird, but like…I’m not quite sure. I also find it mildly amusing how Emory is all, there’s something off about it, and Hero’s like, nope, don’t think so. Like, Emory should know better. She should trust her instincts. Cause something is definitely off. And I don’t quite know what it is, but I am curious to see when that whole thing comes out. Because it’s just not something that can stay hidden…


I did enjoy Hero’s little freak out over the spider. I could only see it in my head, her freaking out and flinging herself backwards out of a chair. My dislike of spiders isn’t that bad, but I know what it feels like to have that variety of panic. And the fact that it’s Tom whose there to witness it and he can’t stop smirking….like, as much as his character terrifies me, he also amuses me greatly. He’s such a different sort and it’s interesting to see him in a different light (I definitely have not read many stories of Tom while he was in school, but I’m quite happy that this is my introduction to it, and that I may need to find more….)


Overall, great chapter! Looking forward to the next!



Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 09:41 AM · Chapter: One Day at a Time



I had to laugh when I realized that Hero was a story that took place before The Harder They Fall and that the series of questions I had about Finn and Hero could probably be answered if I read this story prior to continuing with the other. And it could answer questions about Tom. And Hero. So, here I am, going to work my way through this story before continuing with the other.


I’m absolutely amazed by how you’ve crafted this first chapter. You give just enough information to draw me in, enough to make me wonder about what happened over the summer, and why Hero’s parents are more or less ignoring her, what Tom has to do with things, what Finn was talking about, why Hero wants to avoid Theo…like, so much information, but not enough to actually explain what you’re talking about. It’s brilliant because it makes it really difficult to stop reading and write a review before moving forward.  And it makes me want to keep reading chapters because the things you’ve talked about are so dark and Tom’s character is so interesting and Hero’s family is well enough messed up…I love it.



That said, I’m not sure what else I can say about this chapter…you have a good dynamic of characters, giving enough introductions to them to make me interested in learning more about them, you give a good intro to the plot, which I’m excited to see where it goes…I’m not sure I have many more coherent things to say so…..onto the next chapter!


Great job!



Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 31 May 2017 12:29 AM · Chapter: Of Loyalty

B! Guess who's back? Me again!


Oh, look at perfect Tom Riddle, doing magic without a wand. So impressive. And of course he wants Hero to notice and praise him so he feels better about the whole situation with Sebastian and his worries about being the Heir. Poor darling.


(Oops, I'm clearly not feeling very charitable towards Tom Riddle today, am I?)


I wasn't expecting to find out that Sebastian was adopted and that he actually is Muggle-born, though! Oh my goodness! The chances of his parents adopting a Muggle child are so slim, and then that child being magical too, so I didn't think it could be true - but it does fill me with a little bit of hope for the Blishwick family because Sebastian's parents clearly love him to pieces anyway.


Except I'm also worried about Tom and the others finding out the truth because of his Leglimency.


Why do I seem to want to shake Hero for all the choices she makes in every chapter? I feel like such a bad reader for it, but I love her character - it's just infuriating to watch her making bad decisions all the time.


I can't believe that Hero asked Emory to be bait to find the monster! How does she know that she's going to be able to protect her? Why does she think she has the right to ask when she's barely paid Emory any attention the last few months?


I felt so sorry for Emory here, though, going through all of that and not having her best friend with her for any of it, especially the news about her brother, which is probably even harder for her to cope with than for other people since she's surrounded by people who know nothing of the war ravaging the country. 


It was brave of Morgan to volunteer to help, though, and I was intrigued to see that they discovered Hagrid and Aragog but Hero chose not to do anything about them because she believed that they were safe and weren't the ones hurting anyone. I do wonder if that's where Tom got the idea from, though.


I'm not going to go on a full blown rant about Tom right now but he's so charming and manipulative and he knows exactly how to get to Hero, and to be honest I'm getting kind of scared for her...


I can actually understand the Gryffindor team not being sure that Hero has their house interests at heart when she's just promised she's loyal to her boyfriend and has been drifting away from her friends in Gryffindor. I really hope she can prove them wrong!


And Briony! Oh no, I really hope she's okay, but it didn't look good! Something keeps happening to Hero's nicer family members and it's very, very worrying. Also can you please stop ending these chapters on cliffhangers so I can go and do adult things like packing for my journey tomorrow and sleep :P


xoxo Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 30 May 2017 11:05 PM · Chapter: Players in the Game

B! I'm baaack!


Ooh, a chapter from Finn's perspective! I enjoyed this so much and now I'm looking forward to getting to read HTF even more. Reading from his perspective was a great way to make me like him much more than I did before, so kudos to you for that choice :P


Until this point I wasn't sure whether or not the others actually knew for sure that Tom was the Heir of Slytherin, or whether they just suspected it and believed it was possible. He always seems like the sort of person to keep things to himself, but at the same time, these boys are going to become his first Death Eaters and they're his closest friends; he knows that they're not going to share the information with anyone who could get him into trouble or stop him and they probably fear him too much to want to get out. And he does like having an appreciation for his power and talents so it actually makes a lot of sense that he'd find his acknowledgment and reward for what he's doing in the boys around him.


It's so interesting that at this point Finn and the others are training to join Grindelwald! I'd never really thought of that approach before because I guess I'd just assumed wizards stayed out of the war since it wasn't taking place in Britain, but at the same time there are always people who believe in a cause strongly enough to go and join the fight in another country, so I don't see why this should be any different. Obviously they don't realise that Grindelwald will be over in a few years, and I think Finn is only just starting to realise at the end of this chapter that Tom might have other plans, too...


Sebastian isn't a Muggle-born, is he? Tom seems so convinced that he must be to be attacked, but from what I can remember of the books, that isn't the way it works - after all, Harry is half-blood and it was going to attack and try and kill him. I wonder if Tom realises that the Basilisk doesn't distinguish between people the same way, and that he needs to have tighter control over it, or people he doesn't want to be hurt could get hurt. Anyway, his arrogance and confidence in his own destiny and powers really shows through here in his insistence that Sebastian isn't pureblood - and even if he isn't, which seems unlikely, I don't think Tom would have planned to attack him...


And Brindley! I knew there was a reason that she appeared in the last chapter and now we have it, Finn is being adorable and falling for her. And I have to be honest, she seems pretty awesome from what I've seen of her so far, although her blood status could be just a bit of a stumbling block for them...


Finn was so much more relatable in this chapter, though, and even though it frustrated me to know how he felt about Brindley and see him doing nothing to stop Tom from hurting her, his doubts are really creeping in and he is probably realising who Tom is far more than Hero does at this point. I'm definitely looking forward to HTF now!


xoxo Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 30 May 2017 10:32 PM · Chapter: The Descent into Hell

B! I have some free time and I'm trying not to fall asleep too early, so I can't think of a better way to do that than with your wonderful writing!


You captured the way that Hero has fallen so hard for Tom really well. I don't think she realises the full extent of her actions at the moment (although I'm hoping that some of the events of this chapter will help) but she's so caught up in him. Just in that first section, it came through so clearly, the way that she's so excited to call him her boyfriend. But it's like she's happily wrapping herself up in these other distractions so she doesn't face the things she needs to, in a way?


Hmm, I get the impression that there's something more to Brindley coming to say hi to Hero - it seemed a bit out of the blue - but I'm not sure what it is at the moment.


Ugh it's so frustrating that Hero didn't even know or suspect that Emory and Theo had broken up! It's annoying me a little that she's so selfish, but then I have to remind myself that she's really young and people do get distracted and let friends down, especially at this age. But I'm glad she knows and that she realised she'd been neglecting her friend so much, but also that she and Emory talked about it a little - though not enough.


is it bad that I'm laughing at Finn being slapped? Oops. I mean, I suspect he deserves it for something at least. I'm curious about this new vulnerability, though. What's behind it? Is it a girl? 


Noah is Dennis! And I'm so curious about why Darcy turned up at the house, and what Dennis had been remembering, and how Tom Riddle comes into all of this (because you can tell me he doesn't but I really don't think I'll believe you). Will Hero ever find out?


Emory is so right in all of this! I love her Shakespeare quotes and her intuition and the fact that she's pointed out to Hero that she's Muggle born and she could be next, and even if there's no proof that Tom and his friends are connected to the Heir of Slytherin, they sure as hell aren't mourning the Muggle-borns who are being attacked and Hero really needs to learn not to be so wilfully blind and put her friends first. What would she do if it was Emory?




Sometimes that girl can be incredibly obtuse. *shakes head*


I loved the touch about Grindelwald's book and the fact it's not approved reading material, and the parallels to the Muggle world at the time, too.


The attacks were so scary! It was kind of hard to see the party continuing as if nothing had happened when something much worse could easily have happened - and then Sebastian! What's going to happen to him? Why was he attacked? When is Hero going to realise what's going on???


xoxo Sian :)

Name: dirigibleplums (Signed) · Date: 26 May 2017 02:47 AM · Chapter: Lionheart


Name: dirigibleplums (Signed) · Date: 26 May 2017 02:17 AM · Chapter: The Descent into Hell

rereading this at 3am so this won't be coherent but:


HERO. your best friend is muggleborn! it does not matter in the slightest if you don't think your brother's group of mates are capable of the attacks (bc fair enough they're only like 16) but ??? tom riddle has blatantly shown you his anti-muggle side and your best friend comes from muggles and your dead boyf was a muggle so ??? girl, you best stay away from tom with a fifty foot pole no matter how attractive and charming he is


(also, i see brindley!!! FRINDLEY)

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