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Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2017 02:05 AM · Chapter: Ronald & Hermione

I'm transferring this from HPFF where I reviewed anonymously, but I've reread this again and it really is so beautiful. You did a wonderful job as always, Deeds <3



Tonks here! I had some time off from my Auror duties and thought I'd read your awesome fic! I always like to know what Harry, Ron and Hermione are up to. 

Boy, did I feel for Ron. I've never been a big one for reading romance novels myself. Or reading. Or romance. Or novels.

I do agree with Ron on one thing though: those drumsticks at Hogwarts really are delicious! I also agree on the wisdom that is "when in doubt, blame Harry". Worked for a lot of things, eh?!

Oh, Ron, you think burping 'I love you' takes skill? I once burped the whole Hogwarts school song in one breath! Charlie Weasley joined in for the last line. It was a good night. Then we had drumsticks. Mmm...

Now I'm daydreaming like Ron did! That Muggle Shakespeare did know how to write a great party, though. At least your obsession is a good safe one, I once had a friend who had an obsession on finding out exactly why you should never tickle a sleeping dragon. May she rest in pieces. 

Anyway, must be off! Thanks for a great read!

- Tonks (with black hair with red tips and a pointy nose, it's Sunday, after all)    

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