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Name: Aurorofthelight (Anonymous) · Date: 09 May 2018 09:55 AM · For: Chapter 62



Author's Response:

Yep.  Looks like you found me.  And no, I haven't really heard from him lately.  Thanks for reading this new story.

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2017 07:14 AM · For: Chapter 5

Hi, Jill. I came back.

The first lines conveys a deep message. “There’s terror in your eyes” let me imagine Harper’s blue eyes in terror.


Harper’s wrist device must be cool though I have not watched the TV drama. I see the other fandom’s character in your Harper who is a talented engineer like “Sanada” in “the space battleship Yamato”.


So Dylan didn’t know about Harper’s dark past at all. I wonder what reaction Dylan will show when he finds out it.

A few beers sounds nice. I hope they can be back safely on the Andromeda as soon as possible.(yeah, I know what will happen later…)


Oh, “a nice round of torturing” sounds scary.

Inside the airlock they had to choose which doorway. It’s always thrilling to imagine the main characters struggle to find a way out.


A strange mix of anger, fear and shame flashed across Harper’s face. Kenny also tried to remember why he felt like that. Agh, yeah, it’s a “no slaves allowed” symbol! And the question popped in my mind, which I’ve had for days since I started reading your fic. Is the plot, Harper is a Kludge, your original one, Jill? Or has it been told on the TV? If it’s your original or not, reading Harper’s mind movement is hard and the contrast between his predicament and Dylan’s confused feeling and his care about Harper are well written, which, I guess, will be the main theme, the hardship and friendship.


Oh, I almost remembered how they were trapped. No no no, please someone stop that. Yeah, I know what is coming. The story has just begun. Mr. Big-and-Glaring has no mercy. I just remembered the book cover of your original fic at ff net. Chained feet. I get those are Harper’s.

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you!  That's kind what I was hoping for when I used that quote there.  Glad it worked.


And I'm glad you are able to compare Harper to other characters you know better, to help get a sense of him.


Dylan knew a BIT about Harper's dark past, just not a whole bunch of it.  His reaction when he finds out all of it will be kinda the heart of this story.  As for getting home safely and quickly - yeah...sorry.


The Harper is a Kludge plot is from the show.  Kludge is a general, derogatory term for any unmodified by gene therapy human.  The Harper is a slave plot - that one is more my own, though it's implied it could have happened on the show, it's never spelled out or confirmed.  


And yes, the hardship and friendship are the main themes of this story.  Spot on!


Yeah...all that's coming.  Poor Harper.

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2017 06:09 AM · For: Chapter 4

Hi, Jill. I got your reply at ff net, so I thought of stopping by your Andromeda.

I really love your descriptions like “Harper’s boots pounded on the deck planting as he raced for the pilot’s chair.” Cockpit, airlock, engines scream, harsh treatment, dataport…I think you did a good job to tell the situation of inside of the spaceship.


“Dylan set the flexi down”. I wonder if the flexi might be a kind of chess board or the other game or a wire puzzle. It must be boring to continue a long space journey. I guess the captain needed it.


Though I don’t know what is “Persian Goodbye” from ‘Oklahoma’, I can guess Harper is a more amusing person compared with Dylan.


I wonder how the soup Harper took tasted like in the spaceship. Was it tomato soup? Hmm…the sixth jewel and Nietzscheans, they are important in this story, right? A hundred years ago…sounds mysterious. Drago-Kazov sounds evil, too. And Sommer’s Drift sent chills up and down Dylan’s spine. They, including “Dragans” (which sounds similar to “Dragon” for me) must be bad aliens and bad place.


I need to pull things together, like “Beka” or “the Maru”. I miss the previous forums PM you sent for me explaining about main characters or terms around Andromeda. Please tell them again, if you don’t mind, Jill? As I read following chapters before, I can guess bad things will happen to their journey, I’d like to enjoy the process to reach the spot I’ve already read. A small gesture of Harper or Dylan is well written, I really respect your writing skill, Jill. :D

Author's Response:

Awww...  Thank you!  And thank you so much for your kind words!  I do try very hard to work on my descriptions, though sometimes I fear they are my weakest part.


Ah, a flexi!  I forget not everyone who reads this has scene the show.  A flexi is...well, I guess we would call it an ipad or something.  A think almost plastic like sheet of technology that can be anything from a novel to a way to receive communication and messages from others.  If you google it with Andromeda, it should show you a picture.


As for a Persian Goodbye...let's just say it involves a lot a kissing.  And Harper is certainly more...uninhibited than Dylan.


Alas, the 6th jewel is not so important in this story.  The Nietzscheans however are.  And yes, most of the Dragans are rather evil - at least they aren't very nice.  (Btw, Dragans is a short way of saying Drago-Kazov.)


Beka Valentine is the captain of the Eureka Maru, often called Maru for short.  She's Harper's first boss, and they have a sort of brother/sister relationship.  Since the Maru pulled the Andromeda free, and rescued the ship and Dylan from being frozen for 300 years in a black hole, she and her crew have joined Dylan as crew to help with his cause.  This now makes her also the first officer of the Andromeda.  Hopefully that helps!  Feel free to PM me any time, on either site or Twitter, if you need other things explained.


Thanks again!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 03 May 2017 05:45 AM · For: Chapter 3

Hi, Jill. You made it. To post Andromeda at hpft!



I like the first poem, especially, this : “Equipped with our wits, a map, and a snack,” though I’ve never watched the TV drama, I can imagine their space journey Dylan and Harper. I also had never a chance to know them, I visualize my Harper and Dylan. Harper is a carefree man enjoying his engineering. Dylan is a brave and warm-hearted captain. I think you set Harper as a very talkative and cheerful man though he had a sad history in in the past. Yeah, I know what’s coming, I’ve already read the following chapters at the other site, but I’m writing this review reading this chapter and I remembered all things after a long time when I left the last review.



Reading your story, I remembered the conversation about the way to describe space fiction including LeoKitty. It might be cooler if we can write how the spaceship works in the universe based on the scientific fact. But I think your plenty of conversations give the readers imagine your space world through the dialogues between Harper and Dylan, more humane descriptions let us imagine various thoughts and emotions. Your Harper gives me his vivid image and even I could imagine Dylan’s frown at Harper’s mischievous behavior. And I’m sure Dylan likes Harper very much.

Author's Response:

Kenny!  Thanks you so much for coming by leaving a review for this chapter over here as well!  It means a lot!


I'm glad you are liking this story, and can picture these characters your own way from my writing.  You've got them just about right, which makes me happy!  And yes, Harper does hide his sad past behind jokes and talking a lot.


I probably purposefully avoided having too many concersations about how the spaceship really works, because that's not an area I'm very good at.  People and emotions and interactions I can do - sciencey stuff?  Not so much.  So I tend to let those sink to the background and focuse on the people.


And yes, Dylan does like Harper - he just has to remember that at times the young man annoys him to death.  LOL.  Thanks again for reading and leaving this review!

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