Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 20 May 2017 04:16 AM · Chapter: Pain Makes You Beautiful

Hi, Pixi. Thank you for beta reading. I should have stopped by earlier, RL caught me this week.


It's fresh to read your Sirius 'coz the impression, your Rabbit Heart is so strong (I wish you can find time to transfer the story here as well, so I can continue reading and leave reviews as well.)  


 Your choice that the story told from the first person's POV worked so good. All monologue-like mind movements of Sirius Black give the readers so intense impression.

I felt it so unique that the various events well known around Sirius were told by Sirius himself.

 It's a kind of mystery till he confess what really he is. One more interesting thing is the process how James was lost were not clear and Peter's behaviour is still not revealed.

I think I've never read this type of the story like you wrote before. I can't forget your Sirius Black's fragile heart after reading. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of your works.



Name: cambangst (Signed) · Date: 03 May 2017 12:27 AM · Chapter: Pain Makes You Beautiful

Hi, pix! I'm transferring some reviews from the old place to the shiny, new place. :)

Hi, pix!

I guess I could nit-pick you over the canonality (is that a word?) of how Peter came to have the secret to share with Voldemort, but that's about as much criticism as I can offer.

Your range as a writer is amazing. I was re-reading some of Rabbit Heart last night, trying to ramp back up on that story and take in some of the edits you've made. It's hard to believe that I'm reading two stories by the same person. The depth of Sirius's anguish and the flippant disregard for everything as he crashes downhill are heart-wrenching. The raw, emotionally over-charged way that you wrote this tears at the heart strings. Heck, it tears the heart OUT and throws it down and stomps on it until there's nothing left but a red stain.

I've rarely seen somebody do such a good job with the physical aspect of a same-sex relationship. You manage to take those scant details and make them fit perfectly into the broader themes of attachment and need and disaffection and self-destructive dependency. Remus's affection has a drug-like effect on Sirius, giving him a pale sort of hope in the face of an impossible situation.

I have to mention what you did with Peter, and how you drew out the similarities between his behavior and Remus's. I don't think I've ever seen someone do such a good job of presenting the confusing and ambiguous situation that would have confronted James and Sirius as they tried to figure out who the traitor was. Two possibilities, both moody (no pun intended), mysterious and unapproachable in their own way.

You did an incredible job with this story. pix does it again!

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