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Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 01 Oct 2017 07:01 AM · Chapter: Meanwhile...

Yay! New chapter! :D

Oh, my Merlin! This is so crazy! Marta, what have you done this time?

I'm wondering how this all connects to everything else. Also, I'm wondering if Marta has just changed history, somehow causing Voldemort to be born, or maybe she travelled to a different universe, not just a different time? At first, when she met Tom (I guessed it was him almost immediately, I'm quite proud of myself :P) I thought she was going to prevent him from marrying Merone somehow. But then she introduced herself as Cecilia... I don't know... I'm confused...

Anyway, this was such a great chapter, as always! And I need more, like right now! I need to know what happened to Lily and to the crew and how Marta's jump into the past has affected everything else.

Love you!


Author's Response:

Ehehehe yeah it a little crazy I guess :P Everyone's favourite agent of chaos had been absent for a little while and it was just about time to mix things up :P
Haha, yes! Gold star for you, I love that you guessed it. I was wondering if it was going to be obvious and at what point people would catch on ;) Ooh, and I love your theories. I can see how you're confused though and I wonder if I should go back and edit this chapter because maybe I got myself in over my head :P but I'll just say this: 'Cecilia' is actually a canon character, so what Marta did was essentially make sure that events from HBP did end up happening.
Um, anyway, the next chapter is about half written and *hopefully* it will be up soon-ish!
Thanks so much for your review! ♥♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 10 Sep 2017 09:44 AM · Chapter: Tempus Fugit


So first... thank you so, so, so much for the dedication! It really means a lot to me and you are the best and most supportive friend (and most talented writer) ever! I love you, darling! *big snowball hug*

Second... wait! What's happening?! Why is everything/everyone disappearing?! What's going on?! What will be of Balthazar?! What will be of the crew?! What will be of Lily?! (I'm confident that Lily will be safe, but I'm scared for everyone else...)

Third. This was so wonderful! Oh, my Merlin, I loved it! Like, every little bit of it! But especially that Lily/Celeste moment. Their kiss was so perfect, and I so, so loved the perpetual sunset. How can you use science to create such a beautiful, romantic image? Have I ever told you that you are a genius? Also, your descriptions are so incredibly  beautiful!

This was just great and I know I should say much more than I have, but just... this is one of the best things I've ever read and I'm so happy you've updated this and I can't wait for more and I adore you!


Author's Response:

You are so very welcome! Your feedback on this story has meant so much to me. Gah, thank you! You are a very talented writer yourself!!

Secondly, ehehehehe. That's all I will say about it here, but the next chapter is up and may answer some questions... Kinda. :P

Third: Yay! I'm so glad that you liked it! Aw, and I love the way you described that sunset as science creating a beautiful romantic image! I'd not thought of it quite like that and I love that :P Thank you so much!

Aww! I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Thanks for such a wonderful review! ♥♥♥♥

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 04 Sep 2017 01:16 AM · Chapter: Cultivated Arts


Hello, lovely! It's been so great to see you around, and I'm so happy I got another chance to read Icarus! I love this story, and I really love Lily and your take on the Potter family.  Seeing them at a meal felt so true to their characters - I love that Albus collects plugs, and that James is a writer, and Harry and Ginny seem both more than a little amused at their kids' antics.  It's so wonderful to see them spending quality time as a family <33

OOh, Marta is always up to shenanigans, isn't she?  I feel like we've all had a friend or two like Marta in the past, and I totally relate to Iris and Lily in that they want to stay home and read and not go out.  I loved the non-verbal conversation they had; it spoke volumes about their relationship and how well they read each other, but it's so true about roommates! I love that Lily has that strong relationship in her life. 

She is really good at keeping up with Lily, though, I'll give that to her. Like, she's a little out there, but she knows what's important (mostly, not stealing from the Ministry!) and I'm so glad she and Lily have this routine down pat.  I'm very curious about this Conor person and wonder if he will stick around for a few more chapters?? 

Man, your characters crack me up. I love how everyone has their own sense of humor.

The cube came to life?! What sort of ending is that?! UGH, KRISTIN. Also, is this the same cube as the one that Lily found in the kitchen? 

Also, I want to snuggle Lily.  I can sort of relate to having feelings for someone and knowing it's going to be impossible, so I just want to huggle her. And I want to know what happened between her and Anna. And. I want to know ALL THE THINGS, which means I guess I better start reading this again soon :P 

Thanks for the swap and another excellent chapter!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Yay, hi! Thank you! Omg, I loved writing the Potter family. Given that Harry's home life was never that happy when he was growing up, I always felt that he'd be pretty lenient as a father as a result, which would undoubtedly lead to the kids misbehaving :P Even if they're in their twenties :P Yes, Marta is ALWAYS up to something haha. I am so glad you relate to Iris and Lily and that you like their friendship! It's also interesting that you mentioned both of the character interaction routines in this chapter - the nonverbal conversation between Lily and Iris, and then the acting routine Lily and Marta have developed at pubs - they're both so wildly opposite, but as you pointed out, both are indicative of how strong their friendships are and I guess I'd never really realized that that comparison existed until you pointed out your reactions to each of them :P So that's pretty cool :P Yay, thank you! I'm so glad you like the characters. Yeahhh you'll just have to read on to find out. It does eventually get explained. ;) It is the same cube though (that's not a spoiler) Poor Lily, yeah those aren't ever convenient feelings :( Anna's presence in the story is mostly just in asides, and her full history with Lily isn't ever really explored, but it's not essential to the story. But, you'll see more of her (sorta). Thank you so much!!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 29 Jul 2017 08:12 AM · Chapter: All Good Things

Hello, my beautiful Kristin!

Sorry if I'm a tiny bit late with this... I haven't felt review-y these past few days and then yesterday I left for the holidays... well, I'm here now! ;)

I loved this chapter! Not that this is surprising but I really did!

First of all, I loved that you interspersed this with the logs. I loved the contrast between the technical and impersonal tone of those and what the true life on the ship is. Plus, I love that it sort of links back to the beginning and the way it helped showing the passage of time.

I felt so envious of Lily in the beginning of the chapter... floating in space... how awesome must it be? :D

I felt a bit less envious as she thought about the misterious portal... what she's about to do is absolutely foolish! Who would actually enter a cave inhabited by dangerous alien monsters to jump into a portal that could lead you home as well as in any other possible alternative reality?! It's absolutely, 100% crazy! I don't want to know how this is going to end. (Actually, I do...)

Ah, Lily and Celeste! Yes! Yes! Yes! How do you call them? Lileste? Celestly? Erm, don't mind me... but I loved to see them flirting, as unprofessional as it might be. ;)

Lily's birthday was so adorable! They made such a sweet surprise for her! :) Also, I love the idea of her making a scrapbook for the crew! It's so nice and I so love the familiar atmosphere on the Daedalus (I think I've already commented on that but it's something that I really love so much!)

Oh my god, we are almost there... I'm scared and excited at the same time! I really hope everything will turn out to be alright for Lily! Also I'm so proud of how much she's changed and the fact that she really wants to use her fame to make the world better!

I'm leaving you now! Thank you for another awesome chapter! Let me know when you updated again!

Huge snowball hug rolling your way, darling!


Author's Response:

Chiara! Once again you are the best person ever! Thanks so much for reviewing so quickly! ♥

Thank you! I know it was kind of a departure from the way the rest of the story has been structured, but I felt it was the best way to show the passage of time without just skipping huge sections of it. I'm glad you liked the balance between the logs and the narration!

I know, I'm really jealous too :P

Yeah, she's known all along that it's going to be dangerous and that it might not work, but reading the logs all the time that reinforce *how* it might not work is pretty scary. So it's either that or stick around on a version of Earth where she doesn't belong and waits years for them to invent technology or maybe never goes home. But yeah... sounds pretty terrifying what she's headed up against. I think the uncertainty is the worst part!

Haha, I never gave much thought to what their couple name would be. You can call them whatever you like :P

I'm glad you liked her birthday, and her ideas about making a scrapbook! And thanks, I'm so glad the familiar atmosphere comes across - especially after only three chapters of knowing them - that close feeling is one I felt was really important to how the crew works and I'm so glad it came through in the writing. It's modeled on my own experience with my shipmates working on tallships. :)

She really has changed! I'm so proud of her :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Hopefully the next chapter won't take as long - I've reached the point where a lot of the story has been written for years so it's just filling in the gaps now.

Snowball hug and all my love! ♥

Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 11:32 AM · Chapter: Prologue

*Transferred from HPFF*

I love the unusual starting approach to this story, with the Captain's Log; it makes me think of Star Trek or something similar. I'm rather intrigued by what the log is referencing - Lily, trying to change history? Based on the date of the log, I'm going to guess at the Lily in question being Lily Potter II. Mysterious ending to the log entry, that it's possibly being erased? I'm looking forward to reading more!

There's a jump back in time of 5 months, to Wizarding Remembrance Day, and the protagonist is confirmed as Lily Luna Potter. Who seems to be unemployed, quite bored and rather sarcastic; I love her already! I'm very glad to hear that she's determined not to rely on her family's fame to get somewhere in life.

Haha! I adore the name digs. I'd never really thought about the fact that Lily is named after her older brother's wife, nor was her namesake the object of her middle brother's middle-namesake's desire. Gosh. That must be weird for her. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with Lily and think that Hyacinth is a hideous name.

Had to laugh at Albus' plug collection!

Lily certainly sounds bored and a little depressed and quite unfulfilled at present: I hope as this story develops, we see her getting more out of life than she is at present.

This is a fabulous start to what I expect is going to be an absolutely brilliant story. I look forward to reading more!

Brax X

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you like the way this story starts! It was pretty different for me, since I'd never done a prologue before, much less one that jumps back in time, so I'm glad to hear it's intriguing. Haha, and yeah I think a few other reviewers have mentioned it reminds them of Star Trek :P

Thank you, it's great to hear that you like Lily. I've had a lot of fun writing her and it means a lot to me that you like her voice and character after so soon of 'meeting' her in the story.

Hehehe yeah the names are like, my #1 peeve about the series. Naturally, it translated into sarcasm in the form of a character, but yeah, that's some clear author bias coming through XD. BUT YES, isn't it weird? Harry did not think it out. And yeah, Hyacinth is a bit much :P

Someone had to continue Arthur's tradition!

Yeah, Lily is definitely unhappy with aspects of her life right now. A story's got to start somewhere!

I'm so happy that you like this start to the story! Thanks so much for reading and for your lovely review!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 05 Jun 2017 03:22 AM · Chapter: Tabula Rasa

And now we have a chapter dedicated to Julie! It's so lovely to see how many people love and helped you on this story, it makes me all the more glad to finally be here.


Ooh the Ministry lets in Muggles now. This is a universe I totally want to live in, one where there's no Statute of Secrecey...*dreamy sigh*


Reading about the receptionist trying to spin her wand on its tip made me think instantly of fidget spinners. Dammit. What even are those things.


There's a wand shop in Australia?! Baby I am so there.


There's just so many things that could happen in this universe and so many possibilities and they all have me on the edge of my seat, and now I see how this story is called addicting all the time D:


Excellent pun. I approve. Also the 'Lance a lot.' Excellent.


But oh no, poor Marta :( What has this universe done to her?

Author's Response:

Yay! I'm glad that you're here too!


A world with no Statute of Secrecy sounds kind of amazing. Magic everywhere! Sidenote, every time I try to type that it comes out as "Statue" of Secrecy and I always woncder what such a statue would look like. Or would it be so secret that you can never see the statue? Help.


I have no idea what a fidget spinner is. Literally, I have never even heard of them before. Just Googled it though. Does it spin on its own? I was always a fan of the low-tech spinning a pen in your hand :p


Ehehehe, I'm glad you enjoy all the possibilities of what can happen in the parallel universe and that you find the story exciting, thanks! :D


yeah, for all the cool changes in this universe, there are others who haven't fared too well. :(


Thanks so much for your review!

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 04:02 PM · Chapter: Old and New

Happy Kristin appreciation month! &hearts; 

I'm happy to have a chance to be back to this story! I haven't forgotten about it, I promise.

I really love Lily as a narrator.  I think I mentioned this in my previous review, but she's so relatable and her inner monologue cracks me up.  I love that she's procrastinating on her job hunt, that's definitely so realistic. I love even more that she's not looking to use her father's name to get a job, but I can understand what Lance is saying; she'd be a great influence in any community. 

LOL, Marta! She cracks me up. She comes on a bit strong, but there are absolutely people like that in real life, and it's nice to see them represented in fic.  It's hilarious that she's got a crush on Harry and her general personality is fantastic. I think she's going to do a lot to break Lily out of her head/her shell, especially once Iris gets married.

Julian Thomas. Any relation to Dean, I wonder? :D 

I like how low-key her evening was, and Lance seems a bit interested in her! Or perhaps I'm just off-base and they're just friendly neighborhs/friends. I also think it's hilarious that they call him Neighbour Lance. So true to what my friends and I would do. 

Hmm, a mysterious cube... you probably shouldn't have touched that, Lily! 

Another great chapter! Hopefully I'll be back to leave you at least another review or two♥

Author's Response:

Thank youuuu!


I'm so glad you like Lily as a narrator! It's been kind of an interesting experience writing a science fiction story from the POV of a character you normally wouldn't find in sci-fi. And haha, yeah, procrastinating on the job hunt had a lot to do with the author projecting onto her characters :P I'm glad Lily is relatable!


Marta definitely comes on strong, yeah :P I'm very glad you like her though! And let's be real, so many people would probably have celebrity crushes on Harry after he saved the wizarding world.


Julian Thomas is indeed related to Dean. He is Dean and Seamus' son. ;)


Low key evenings are the type of evening Lily likes best, which is why she and Iris are such good flatmates as they're both such introverts! :P As for who likes who, I'll give you another few chapters to decide :P I'm glad you appreciated their nickname for Lance though :D


No, she definitely shouldn't have touched it... But then there would be no story!


Thanks so much for reading and for your lovely review!

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 03:46 PM · Chapter: Prologue

Kristin! Tag! ♥

Okay, so I don't normally read time travel fics, BUT I've heard so much about this that when I caught you in tag, I knew I had to give this a shot. (I'm not even sure if it's technically time travel, but I'm curious enough anyway!)

I love this prologue. It gives us a great sense of not just Lily's character, but also the Wotter clan as a whole. I love her narration and she's the sort of person I'd love to hang out with. It's amazing to me (although it shouldn't be) how much life you've breathed into these characters just by this prologue. I chuckled at Albus collecting plugs, and Lily's comments about her parents choosing the worst names ever (because LET'S BE REAL, she's right). I loved this line in particular: Yep, that's me - Lily Luna Potter... because my parents, who are brilliant enough to save the wizarding world, were apparently not creative enough to think of original names for any of their three children.

So I loved the humor in this and I absolutely love the idea behind Remembrance Day. It's definitely a thing that would happen, and I love that to Lily, it's just a normal day because she's unemployed, but she's still very much thinking about the war and the impact it had on her life. I like that she doesn't enjoy her fame and doesn't want to live off of it, but she's not like, super mopey about it. Does that make sense? I hope so!

Anyway, I loved this intro (I don't know if you could count by the amount of times I used the phrase "I love this" :P) and can't wait to see where this story goes. I'm going to add it to my bookmarks, though I'll warn you I'm the WORST at following through, but I am super super intrigued by this.

Author's Response:

Jill you wonderful person! ♥ Thank you so much! Wow, I don't know how you would have heard so much about it, considering I only manage to write new chapters like once every two months :P But I really appreciate you even choosing to read this despite the genre not really being your cup of tea. (And yeah as you said, it's not time travel, not really. I guess the best term for it is just 'alternate universe', in a literal sense :P . Or more generally, sci-fi.)


I'm so glad you liked the prologue and the character introductions. That's so great to hear that you like Lily's narration, and I really appreciate what you said about how much life is breathed into the characters - thank you! That means a lot to me, as I think characterization is really important (especially in sci-fi, because that genre naturally lends itself to weird, unrealistic things happening and it's always much easier to get into when the characters at least are believable :P) Okay and yes, it is no secret that I think the next gen Potter/Weasley names are uninspired at best, and at worst terrible :p ALBUS SEVERUS? he was probably teased for years. anyway, I'm glad you appreciated that :P


Thank you, I'm glad you like Remembrance Day as well! Since we have all sorts of those days in the Muggle world, commemorating the end of wars etc, it felt perfectly natural to me that wizards would have one too for what was a pretty huge event in their history. And, like in real life as well, those who didn't live through it can be a bit disconnected from what it all represents, which is why it's mostly just a normal day for Lily until she sees the picture and starts to think about it.


Thank you so much for your review! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this prologue :)


Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 23 May 2017 05:13 AM · Chapter: Inferno

Omg she lost the cube!!! How is she going to get home?! Is she going to want to go home at all?!

"I'm not usually like this." Well, I should hope not Lily, or you'd be awfully rude.

WAIT, Lance is Cho Chang's son? Did I miss that earlier or are we just finding out now? Either way, I love it! Yay he's a Hufflepuff! At least he's a wizard so he knows that this sort of thing could be possible. Oh, and he's in the Department of Mysteries still. Cool! Maybe he can help her figure out how to get home!

OH MY THOR Colin made it to head of Aurors! GO COLIN I LOVE YOU! Wow, everyone is doing much better in this world, since they're, you know, alive and everything.

Ooh this is so amazing, I wonder what else has changed! I'm absolutely loving this, K! Very addicting! <3

Author's Response:

Those are good questions. Obviously I'm not going to answer them here though :P


Yeah- that's the first time it's mentioned that Lance is Cho Chang's son. Originally I didn't intend him to be a main character and then he suddenly was, which is why that wasn't mentioned before. Also because it wasn't relevant before. :P Yay for Puffs!


Colin :'( Yeah there are a lot more people alive in this world. My way of letting everyone live without changing canon!


Thanks so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story ♥

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 23 May 2017 04:54 AM · Chapter: Playing with Fire

Aw how lovely that this chapter is dedicated to Chi <3

What the heck is that dolphin tamer movie hahaha!

"A strange cube full of fantasies" - otherwise known as fanfiction on Bianca's phone. How cool to think that the cube has similar properties to a Pensieve. 

Where is Lily indeed?! Only one way to find out! *scurries to next chapter*

Author's Response:

I don't even know what that dolphin tamer movie is XD. I cannot explain its existence in this story except I was probably tired when I wrote that bit. But I'd probably watch it if it were real!


yesss haha what a great analogy! although since you compared your phone to a cube I'm now hoping it's one of those early cell phones from the 90s that were like bricks, aka ACTUAL cubes.


And yeah, I imagine the technology/magic involved in the cube probably built on Pensieve magic. Pensieve: The Next Generation, if you will.


Thanks for another awesome review!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 23 May 2017 04:43 AM · Chapter: Cultivated Arts


The image of the Potter children having a food fight is hilarious. Omg and James is a writer?! I love it! Does his next one have dragons in it? It should definitely have dragons in it. Hm, I wonder who that reviewer was? What a mystery. I guess we'll never know.

I see that little glint in his eye that always shows up when he gets away with something. I'm in love with Albus so I could be biased but I really love this, it made me laugh so much. Also I'm loving that you're changing Agatha Christie novel titles into wizarding ones!

Omg and the telepathic communication between Lily and Iris HAHAHA! I'm loving everything about this story.

How did Marta get away with stealing something from the Department of Mysteries?! What a little sneaky rocket.

Dangnammit Lily didn't anyone tell you to not press strange buttons on strange silver cubes?!

Author's Response:



For some reason I imagine Harry being super lenient to things like that. Like, given that he was criticised for everything when he was growing up and didn't really have the opportunity to just be a normal kid, he probably lets his own children get away with a lot of harmless goofy shenanigans. Even when they're in their twenties and too old for food fights :P I'll put in a word with James to write about dragons. But don't get your hopes up because he's not a very good author. Gilderoy Lockhart is his only fan, and even then he's not a very good fan because he prefers his own writing.


Huge mystery who that book reviewer was. Hint: he probably autographed the review.


Some of those book titles just work so well as wizarding book titles, I just had to! :P


Marta has some impressive stealth, but unfortunately not common sense :P


It's a good thing no one told Lily that, or there'd be no story haha! Thanks for your review!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 20 May 2017 08:27 AM · Chapter: Old and New

I love how Lily says Iris may as well be a long lost cousin since she has so many and can't keep track of them XD

Buried with the news clipping she's in, HAHAHA!

I get the feeling Lily is very restless and unhappy with the stasis of her life (and I did just read about her going through a bin...) so I can't wait to find out how things change for her!

Marta is a crazy and interesting character. Where do you come up with these ideas?!

I... am... Iris. Reading knitting and gardening magazines and cuddling my cat all day. I'm not engaged though. That might have to do with all the dragon merchandise in my bedroom *shrugs*

I would talk about Spiderman with Lance aaaall day long.

I'm excited to read about these sci-fi elements you're mentioning ;)

Awesome job, K! <3

Author's Response:

Were there even any redheads in the books who weren't Weasleys? (Aside from Lily? (the first)) I don't  recall any. So you know, she could be onto something.


You would be correct in that feeling. Unemployment sucks and she's over it.


Marta is based on a few people (two real and one fictional), but a lot of her personality came from an experiment I wanted to test out. (Get ready for an infodump because here it is. Or just skip this paragraph if that was actually a rhetorical question hahahaa) So, before writing this story I'd come to the conclusion that people tend to be drawn to the really flawed characters because they tend to be the most dynamic, and if a character is too 'good' or lacking in flaws then readers aren't as interested in them. That prompted me to create a character with as many flaws as possible to see if she was still likeable or if there was a line you'd cross with too many flaws. No one has said they hate Marta, so I guess it's the former. (either that or people are too polite to say they don't like her :P)


Haha, I'm glad you relate to Iris! I don't think you're the first person who's said that either - it's almost like there are a lot of people on this site who like reading. Weird, right? ;) Bahaha, and I still think you're cool even though I know you probably have more dragon merchandise than floor space. ♥


I'm glad you're excited about the sci fi elements because as you know by now, this was really the last normal chapter before everything turned upside down in sci fi land.


Thanks so much for your review! x

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 20 May 2017 08:17 AM · Chapter: Prologue


I see this story around SO much, and of course you wrote it, so I know it's amazing. But... I've never read it before? *hangs head in shame* Well I'm here to fix that. After all, it's Kristen Appreciation Month ;)

Ooh I love how you start with a snippet of the future/present before we go back to the past. 

AMEN CHILD, you were named like you had a fangirl for a mother.

Oh my Thor I love your characterisation of Lily. What a sassy little person. She's hilarious! Plus she shares my views on character names XD

I'm so ready to be taken on a crazy adventure with you, and I know this is going to be an outrageously amazing story! 


Author's Response:

HI HI HI I AM DOING JUST GRAND THANK YOU, HOW ARE YOU?!?!?! Thank you so much for all these reviews you've left, I really appreciate all of them! ♥


Honestly I'm still a bit surprised at the response  this story has received. It's not widely popular so I'm not sure how it's managed to pick up as many awards as it has. And on that note, don't be hanging your head in shame that you hadn't read it! It was probably because the story sounds kind of weird and out-there at first glance so I don't blame you :P Anyway, thank you for diving right in and for this heap of reviews that made my month.


Nothing like a tantalizing snippet of the future to add some suspense to an otherwise very mundane rest of the chapter :P


'named like you had a fangirl for a mother' Omg hahaha this is hilarious. You're right, that's exactly what it seems like XD


Aw, thank you! I''m so glad you like Lily and her(/my) opinions on character names :P


It's definitely outrageous! I'll leave it up to you to decide the rest :P


Thanks so much for your review! ♥♥♥♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 06:04 PM · Chapter: Show and Tell

***Transferred from HPFF***


I'm here! Finally! I can't believe it took me two months... :( But better late than never, right?


I'm so impressed by the amount of thought and work and research you've put in here, you seriously even thought about their space itinerary??? You are brilliant!


I love the crew, it really feels like a bit family. I love the concept that, if Daedalus was a person it would be a Hufflepuff, it's so true! ;)


Did I already say that I love Alex? I'm quite sure I did, once or twice... :P (not his music, though... I'm sorry about that but I'm quite grateful I don't have to attend to any concert by them... :P)


And Celeste! I have so much admiration for Celeste. She's had to fight against every kind of discrimination in her life but never gave up and just conquered everything that was important for her in life. Ah, if only I had a quarter of her strenght and commitment...


I can see how Lily would feel inadequate compared to her. But I also think she's too hard on herself. Living with fame you never asked for can't be easy either, and it really must make you wonder if anything you achieve is really deserved or not. I'm sure her life will get another interesting turn once she's back. This experience will surely teaching her a lot!


Will she meet Celeste once she's back? I hope so, after all they have Louis as a connection ;) Ahahah! I bet Marta would be qulte umpredictable on... anything! :P


I also loved the interpretation of magic you gave here! Basically, we are all daltonic... ahahah! I wish I wasn't, though. Chores would be so much easier!


If you couldn't tell, I loved this chapter! Just like all the other chapters! And I can't wait for more! (Maybe I won't take that long to catch up next time!


Love you!


Author's Response:

CHIARA ♥ ♥ ♥ HI ♥ ♥ Your reviews are always a treat, no matter when they show up! :)

Thank you! Yes, I've planned their whole itinerary. Omg, the amount of unnecessary background for this story - I even have a picture where I've drawn the blueprints of the ship haha! And I've planned out every character's background to an extent where most of it probably won't even appear in the story :P It's a bit excessive!

Aw, yay, thanks, I'm so glad you like the crew and I'm especially glad that it feels like family to read about them, that's exactly what I was going for.

I'm also thrilled that you like Alex (even if you don't like their music :P) and Celeste! Celeste is definitely very driven and motivated - she puts my lazy writing to shame :P She'd have written this story in only a few months :P

I really like what you said about Lily, and about what you deserve vs what you achieve. Definitely a lot to think about! And yes, she's learnt a lot so far through all she's been through in the past couple of months.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the interpretation of magic. I admit that because I'm a biologist, the mechanism of inheritance of magic is something I've always been curious about, and this was the best explanation I could come up with! :P

So glad you enjoyed this chapter. As always, thank you SO much for reading and for leaving this wonderful review. You're the best! *SNOWBALL HUG* All my love! ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 06:03 PM · Chapter: 2032: A Parallel Universe Odyssey

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This took me so long... I'm the worst... you, instead, are the best! ;)


Yay! The space! Finally! This is so exciting, and fascinating! Can you imagine watching the solar system zipping by out of the window? How cool is it? :D


Ah, she lost a toe... that's bad... but I agree that odd numbers are better than even numbers. Nine is also a perfect square, so I'm totally with Lily on this. :P (you know I'm a crazy Mathematician, I'm sorry...)


I love Alex! Really, I do! I need to get back to "Crossing the line" *adds to to do list* I had been wondering if Lily hadn't ever crossed them in her universe, since they were best friend with her cousin... And I guess it makes sense that Louis doesn't exist here. If Harry didn't exist, Bill wouldn't have had any reason to be at Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament and would've never met Fleur. Right? (I need to stop trying to razionalize all the Universe differences and just take your word for it, but I can't help myself...)


I felt a bit bad for Lily feeling like a weight for the crew and unable to help. I can sympathize with that feeling. But it's nice to see how nice everyone is and that the atmosphere among the crew is so friendly. I especially loved seeing Alex and Celeste together, you can tell they are very close.


I really like Celeste as well, by the way. She is so funny and easygoing and I love it! (I'm still waiting for the romance... I know it's early, but I also know it's coming and I can't wait...)


There are probably a thousand things I should say about this chapter, but right now I can't think about any. What I can say is that I really enjoyed reading and that your writing is so enjoyable, just as always. This story never stops to amaze me!


Snowball hug, my beautiful Kristin!


Author's Response:

No, you are not the worst! You are amazing! I honestly don't mind if you took a long time (which it wasn't), I just appreciate that you left a review at all. It means so much to me ♥

SPACE! :D I'm hoping the novelty of this bit of the story taking place in space makes up for the fact that it's largely filler O__O And yes, I'm incredibly jealous of Lily at this point, for maybe the first time in the story :P But she deserved something cool after all she's been through by this point!

Hahaha, I loved your Mathematician's take on this! A perfect square is much better than that pesky even number. (I'm glad you agree odd numbers are better. I think so too. :D)

I'm glad you like Alex! They are a pretty fun character to write. And I love that you've been trying to rationalize the differences between universes- it's neat to hear that my writing has made people think. :)

Yeah, poor Lily. It's hard to be the one person who's not working - even if she does have a pretty valid excuse, being that she just Splinched her toe off. But as a hard worker, it just doesn't sit right with her. I'm glad you like the crew as well and the friendly atmosphere. As Lily is going to be travelling with the same eleven people for the next three months you'll get to know the crew pretty well over the next few chapters!

Yay, so happy to hear that you like Celeste. I've had her character planned out since the beginning of this story and I'm so glad to finally be able to write her! And well, not to give out spoilers, but I think you will enjoy the next chapter. ;)

Thank you so, so much! Your support really means a lot to me and I love your reviews every time. Thank you for reading!

50 snowball hugs!

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Hello, beautiful!

This took me much longer than I expected, but I'm here, finally! :D


So, Zac is a sort of Rita Skeeter follower in this reality? Now I wonder how Ari is doing... :P


But anyway, poor Lily... how horrible must be to be treated as a test subject that way... she didn't do anything wrong (aside messing with top secret Ministry devices, but that's irrelevant), she just wants to go home...


It was interesting to meet alternate-Iris. I sort of hoped she would help her escape or something, but I'm glad she managed to rebuild her life somehow, even without Lily and Marta's help.


Loved the flashback of how they all became friends. Is Iris a Puff? Because she totally acts like one. (I’m sorry, I'm sure you mentioned houses already, but I can't remember)


"Take your [...] judgemental labels somewhere else" Way to go, Marta! I loved the feminist message here!


And speaking of Marta... I'm glad she helped Lily escape, and I'm feeling slightly sorry for her... that kiss was unexpected, but great! Actually, I have a similar scene involving Remus and Peter that should happen in Jimmy Portman soon and that's been running into my mind all week... but, once again, that's irrelevant...


Oh, poor Lily, splinching herself. But I guess it was inevitable after everything. Thankfully she has Lance! Did I mention Lance is adorable? Not in this review, don't think so.


Next chapter into space!!! :O Can't wait for it! I'm dying for space adventure! (And for Lily/Celeste romance, because that's totally coming)


Another wonderful chapter! I love this story! And I love you! *hug* *wub*


Author's Response:

CHIARA ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU are beautiful! And so is this review.

Haha, Zach always struck me as someone who always kind of had his nose in other people's business, for better or worse. You know. And that lent itself naturally to him being a reporter as an adult :P Seems he got some advice from dear old Rita in this reality, yeah :P And Ari! Well, I don't know if the removal of Voldemort also removed Theseus, but it certainly means she didn't have to deal with the war at least :)

Yeah, it's actually impressive how long Lily managed to fly under the radar, but I think if someone showed up from a parallel universe with knowledge previously unknown to physics, someone would want to learn something from that person. Though because they saw her as scientific proof rather than as a person, it ended up going badly for everyone.

I'm glad you liked alternate Iris! She wasn't even supposed to be there, but then she was and I went with it. :P I think if she knew Lily better, she might have helped her escape, but remember Iris is all about rules, and she worked hard to get where she is in her job - she's not about to jeopardize it by aiding and abetting. :-/

Iris was a Gryffindor with Lily. But as you say, she wouldn't have been out of place as a Hufflepuff either. Gryffinpuff, I suppose!

Yes! Marta may have many problems but being told who to be is not one of them.

That kiss surprised me too! :P You know how much I love writing bittersweet scenes, and here Lily gets something she's always wanted, but the context is all wrong and she can tell Marta is just using her. Marta's so manipulative... but I can't help feeling bad for her too!

I really need to read Jimmy Portman, considering I adore Liar and they're in the same universe. *adds to reading list*

Seriously, poor Lily. I have put her through so much in these eleven chapters. Fortunately her escape is a turning point for her! Ah, and I'm so glad you like Lance :D I adore him. I can't believe he was originally not meant to be a main character! I tell you, I have no control over this story. The characters just do what they want.

Yay, I'm glad you're excited for the space adventure! I am so excited for space too! :D (It was supposed to happen in this chapter, but alternate-Iris walked in unexpectedly and I went that route instead.) And Lily/Celeste? Hmm, what gives you that idea? :P

Thank you SO much, seriously. I think you're the only person still reading this, and your reviews are the main reason I keep writing it. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and thanks for the amazing review!!

*snowball hug*


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Review tag! :P (and I wanted to be the first to review this new chapter...)


You included Celeste and Alex!!! :O (I need to get back to that story, too... I will... just give me time...)

I totally wasn't expecting this. I didn't realize who Celeste was until you introduced Alex, too. And I remember the diary entry at the very beginning of the story and I'm wondering if we'll have some sort of romance between Celeste and Lily later on? (Every adventure story needs its bit of romance, right?)


I love the crew so far! They seem all so nice and welcoming! Can't wait to see them during the actual trip! :)


As for the ship name... my knowledge of tv shows is very limited, so I didn't think at all about SG-1. I love the name Daedalus, and the link to the title of the story. And it's very appropriate too, because from your description of the ship, it felt quite labyrinthic :P (and because Daedalus had a good knowledge of aerodynamics, too...) Ok, I'm digressing... :P


No! Where are they taking her? What did you do, Marta??? How could you leave such a cliffhanger, Kristin??? Now you'll have to hurry and give me another chapter soon, because I need to know everything will be solved!


Wonderful job, as always! :D

Snowball hug!


Author's Response: :D :D :D :D You are so amazing for always being so fast to review. *hugs* Seriously, your enthusiasm is one of the main reasons I keep writing. b29; Yay, more familiar characters haha. Fun fact: Celeste and Alex were originally planned out for this story, ever since the beginning. WTL was always kind of just a half-formed spinoff in my mind until a challenge on the forums prompted me to write it faster :P As for potential Celeste/Lily, I am NOT SAYING ANYTHING :P but I'm also really not subtle sooo Aw, thanks! I'm glad you like the crew! I realize I just introduced a whole lot of new names in one chapter so hopefully it wasn't too much infodump :P The Daedalus does seem a bit like a labyrinth now that you mention it, which is kind of awesome and I love that you pointed that out. I had so much fun planning the layout - like I even drew out floor plans and everything just so I could remember it all. Daedalus seemed like a perfect name for a ship though. I know Daedalus of myth was associated with ships in some stories, and of course, he created a means for flying as well. (Not his fault Icarus messed it up.) And no worries about digressing, I myself tend to ramble so I don't ever mind when other people do it :P Muahaha. There hadn't been a lot of action lately - mostly just Lily lying around Lance's flat and filling out paperwork, so it was about time for another one of those cliffhangers :P The next chapter is sort of coming along though. I'll hurry! Thank you so, so much b29; Love you!! Thanks for sticking with this story and for being the most incredible reviewer b29; SNOWBALL HUGS!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 06:00 PM · Chapter: Letting Go

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Uh oh... Marta has become a danger... quite a mess here... and Lily is right, Marta can't cross over, she already exists on the other side and she still can't have the life the other Marta has, because it's not really hers... erm, I'm a bit confused now...


Anyway... KRISTIN!!! *wub*

Here for our swap, my love!!! :D


Ah, I was so happy to see old Lily again! And she told her the truth!!! I loved Lily's reactions, because they were so Lily! I'm so glad you included this moment, I think it was needed to close the cycle, you know? Because young Lily is right, what would've been the point otherwise?


"I even miss getting the random, useless owls from James informing me that I am short. (I’m not short – he’s just really tall.)" This... This made me laugh so hard! Siblings' love... Ahahah!


And this made me laugh too:

"In all honesty, I’m not entirely looking forward to seeing him again after all that; things are, for the moment, easier with Alternate-Lance." Ahahah! Lance will be sooo thrilled to learn that Lily ended up in an alternate universe, and how she did so! :P


By the way, can I just say again how adorable alternate-Lance is? Lily is lucky, after all... :)


Meeting Marta again, and re-reading my last review, I was suddenly struck by the thought that going to a Universe where you don't exist can be very good for self-esteem... I mean, look how many people had a much better life only because Lily existed! Puts things in a different perspective, doesn't it? As much as seeing all the differences is sad... :(


Ah, yay! Miriam is excited about time travel! Go, Miriam! You can do it! Remember, Moebius strips are the key! ;)


Great chapter! Loved it! (Just as always!)

Snowball hug!


Author's Response:

Chiara!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ You are the best!

I'm sorry I confused you :P I confuse myself regularly while writing this because I'll get lost in hypothetical physics questions :P I'd been wondering what would happen if there /were/ two of the same person in a parallel universe (say if Marta crossed over, or if Lily came to a universe where she'd already existed) and I feel like that'd be worse than having no one know you! Would it create a paradox of some sort? I don't know. But I do know that it'd make it easy to do illusions/magician shows because you'd suddenly have a twin that you didn't have before. :P

Unrelated, though. Lily won't be turning into an illusionist :P

Yes, Lily I appears again! I had to. Originally I didn't plan for it, but it felt wrong to not have her show up again, after all this time Lily II spent thinking about this. And that's why the chapter took forever to write, because it had other ideas :P I'm really glad you enjoyed their conversation! It was a lot of fun to write. I love Old Lily.

Haha, even though James (II) doesn't appear much in the story, I've always imagined the Potter siblings as being really close, particularly James and Lily. And James /would/ send obnoxious owls like that :P

Heheh. Thrilled indeed, I'm sure. Aw, thank you, I'm glad you like Alternate Lance! He's pretty similar to Regular Lance personality-wise, but without any reason to be annoyed at Lily (apart from her being a bit of a leech as she stays at his flat and uses all his money)

Yeah, there's a definite element of perspective with Lily seeing the impact that her life has on the people around her - and of course the biggest difference would be with someone who lived at the Potters' house for a bit, and here without the Potters Marta didn't have that luxury. Of course it does go the other way too - by going to a universe where Lily doesn't exist, she's experiencing a lot of things that are familiar to her but she's not a part of them here, which is kind of isolating. So, mixed bag I guess. but yeah definitely a lot of perspective.

Yay for Miriam! :D I think you're the only person who reads this fic who's also read Swept Away (at least that I know of), so it's extra special to see your reactions on one of the many crossover characters in this :D

Next chapter is hopefully coming soon, btw. I've been waiting to write that particular chapter for so long and I'm excited to see what you think of it :D

Thanks so much for this amazing review and for suggesting the swap! ♥ Love you!

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How are you so brilliant??? Lend me a bit of your talent, please... Just a tiny bit, I don't need much... *makes pleading puppy eyes*


Ok... I need a second bachelor in Astrophysics, so I can visit the Department of Mysteries... :P (what a pity I don't like Physics at all... There is this Mathematicians/Physicians rivalry going on, you know?)


Lily's train of thought is always so amusing! You write it so well! I loved how she listed all her worries in her head and stopped listening to Lance at all!


And the conversation with Miriam! Wow! I loved their "small talk of the biggest mysteries in the universe. (The multiverse, I should say.)" By the way... doesn't this soung familiar? :P


Jump into an uncontrolled portal on a faraway planet hardly sounds like a solution... Not sure if I would have the guts to do so, as awful as this reality might be... But Lily is a Gryffindor, so I suppose it's quite an obvious choice...


And, oh... poor Iris...

It must be devastating to know how her two best friends' lives were ruined in this reality, only because she wasn’t there...


I've never known people with eating disorders, but I imagine it's a really tricky, really difficult thing to deal with... I'm so grateful Iris (the one from Lily's reality, at least) had some great friends who helped her get through it! I loved the flashback! And I loved Marta's brutal honesty! She was definitely unsensitive, but at least she gave Iris the shake she needed! I love the three girls' friendship!!!


Will we see some more of the Potters before Lily leaves for Balthazar? I need some more old Marauders' stuff and secret family awkwardness...


Now I really have to leave you, just got to the office...


Amazing work, as always, my dear!

All my love,


Author's Response: Chiara! b29; b29; b29; Thank you for stopping by and for being the first review on this chapter! I have to admit I was pretty nervous about this chapter because of the eating disorder bit and Marta's handling of it and I was kind of like "ahhh, I hope I didn't offend all my readers oh nooo" so it is really wonderful to have feedback on this. And your reviews never fail to put a smile on my face. For real. :) Okay, so first of all, you don't need any of my talent because you have so much talent of your own! b29; My main writing talent lies in procrastination, and let's be real, neither one of us needs any more of that. :P #teamunreliability Ever since I heard of it, I've always thought astrophysics is basically the coolest thing ever to exist. HOW SPACE WORKS!? But I'm not very strong in math so it wasn't ever going to work out for me. Haha and yeah I can see how mathematicians and physicists would have a rivalry. Both subjects are quite similar though, at least to my eyes. Haha, but I'll not get involved in the middle of a rivalry I have no part in... :P I have so much fun writing Lily's thoughts. Because she's rather introverted and doesn't say a lot out loud, her mind ends up being very busy and full of things going on. Poor Lance :P I'm really glad you enjoy Lily's narration, thanks! Omg, I thought it sounded familiar when I was writing it but couldn't place why, and now I see it. HAhaha, oh dear, definitely didn't intend to copy you there. Yeah it's a pretty bad solution. But I guess she has the choice between 0% chance of returning and maybe 30% chance, she's going to go for the higher odds, even if they're not great. And yeah, she is Harry's daughter, so she's more apt to jump into something without really figuring it out first. yeah. If nothing else, being in a world where she doesn't exist has made her realize how important she is, in a sort of 'It's A Wonderful Life' way. Not sure how the story ended up going there. Someone please teach me how to plot. You know, I'm not sure if the Potters will show up again. I had only intended for Lily to meet them once, and it happened much earlier than expected and for a shorter scene (the story kind of writes itself sometimes, you see) so... I don't know. I really do want to write more of them because 70-year-old Sirius was like the funniest person to write. ever. Thank you so much for the review! I really value your reviews so much. Thanks for all your support on this story!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 05:58 PM · Chapter: Lily, Meet Lily

***Transferred from HPFF***


This was a great chapter! Well, just as always...

Ahahah! Stories do write themselves. Not sure how this happens, but they do! :P


So you did consider Snily... I must say that I love Jily better as well! ;) As for Henry, I suppose without the war they took things more slowly and didn't have a child when they were barely twenty?


Aw... Sirius and Melanie... I knew it was them in the moment you said a man and a woman were there! It's so sad to think that they could've been a happy and playful married couple without the war... And Pete is still a good guy... :'( Knowing how it could've been makes it even sadder to know how it was...


By the way... Remus is with Marlene? And should I know who Bertram is? I'm quite sure I should, but I can't remember...


I must admit I didn't expect such an unexpected meeting, but it was fun to read. Less fun for poor Lily. How confused must she be, poor thing? I'm still impressed by her ability to lie. I wouldn't be able to sustain a conversation with my non-grandparents like that.


And the memory of Marta in the beginning...How sad and sweet at the same time...


I'm very curious to know about what happens next too...Will she meet them again? Will they discover the truth? When and how will she go back? And that thing about Balthazar is intriguing. Will it have any importance later in the story? (Still wondering about the prologue, by the way...)


Brilliant work! Can't wait for what comes next!


Love you,


Author's Response:

 Chiara. I never know what to say to your reviews other than aSDJFKALSD♥♥♥ because you're just too nice to me! :p

I really don't like Snily at all, but I wanted to mess with all the ships :p I still had to think about what would have been /realistic/ though, which is what eventually changed my mind. But, despite Lily and James still getting together, I don't think they would have felt the pressure to get married at 19 without a war, so they married and had children much later.

I felt SO EVIL writing that scene muahaha. Just a taste of how things could have been as a reminder that they're not that way! :P I'm sorry!

Remus/Marlene is a ship I mentioned in an older story about Peter, and as (almost) all of my stories are set in the same universe, I kept them together, as Marlene wouldn't have died. Bertram Aubrey was mentioned once in the books (I think OotP?) as someone that James and Sirius hexed and therefore they had a detention.

Yeah, Lily definitely struggled to have that conversation, but she covered it up well. She is quite the talented liar.

I'm glad you liked the flashback of Marta! I'm planning to scatter flashbacks in upcoming chapters as the story reaches the point where Lily has spent more time in the parallel universe than out of it, just to kind of tie back to her roots haha. And because I love backstory and have so much of Marta's story figured out in my head, and most of it will probably never make it into writing otherwise!

Hehehe, I'm glad you're wondering what's going to happen and whether Lily and James will find out the truth and what's the deal with that planet and what's going on with the prologue. That is absolutely what I love to hear :D I'm really excited for this next section of the story as soon as I can figure out how to write it haha. But I hope you like it :)

Thanks for your review!! ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 05:57 PM · Chapter: Tabula Rasa

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How could wait so long before reading this? This chapter was absolutely amazing!!!


Poor Lily, she's just so lost... Actually, I think she's dealing with everything pretty well! Maybe she's being a bit impulsive, but I know I wouldn't have her presence of mind. I would've panicked the moment I was asked why I didn't know where my father worked (I would've panicked long before that, actually...)


I kind of hoped that she would meet her grandparents... I'm wondering what happened to them (and to Harry consequently...) There are so many possibilities. For all I know they could've never married at all. I've been thinking that without Voldemort the "Mudblood incident" could've never happened, and Lily could've ended up with Snape instead. But this is just one of my many conjectures on the matter...


Let me tell you... You. Are. A. GENIUS!!!

I can't believe you included Miriam (I didn't make the connection immediatly, even if I knew that I should've known the name...)

Maybe Lily can suggest her to take a trip to Africa? :P


I'm so upset about Martha... Obviously being friend with Lily and kind of adopted by the Chosen One would have more than an effect on her life. It's still so sad to see her like that. And poor Lily, that was too much for her to bear after everything else she'd experienced all day...


I really hope you'll manage to have another chapter up soon! And I also hope that things will bright up for Lily.


Brilliant work on this, honey! Can't wait to read more!



Author's Response:

Chiaraaa ♥ ♥ ♥

She is dealing with everything remarkably well (until the end of the chapter at least) - I definitely wouldn't be able to keep it together that long. I think hanging out with Marta and lying about everything really helped her learn to think on her feet :P

:D I love that you're thinking about all these possibilities. That is exactly what I was aiming for with this story - just to raise lots of questions and make people think a lot about possibilities ehehe. There is literally no end to all the things that could occur after changing something that far back in time! So... I love your theories :D

Ahahaha, yes Miriam is in this story! And actually (ready for a ridiculous story? I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying this - and as far as I know you're the only person who's read all my stories and therefore you'd appreciate this) she's the second of my OC's from another story to appear in here; most of my other OC's will probably appear in this story too! Just because anything is possible in a story about alternate dimensions :P The other one was more obscure, but it was Mrs Stebbins the old lady at Gladrags, who was Mandy from TBAH (her married name was mentioned once in the epilogue)

now that I've gone on the most unrelated tangent... yeah Marta is certainly not doing too well - and this whole encounter made it so clear to Lily how important she is in Marta's life. :(

I'm hoping to have another chapter up soon! But I'm prioritizing our collab fic first haha


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 05:55 PM · Chapter: Inferno

***Transferred from HPFF***

Ahah! The first review is mine this time!!!

Well, Kristin. I really have nothing to say if not... this was positively BRILLIANT!

It was absolutely delighting following Lily's train of thought in this. And Lance... Oh, he's just so sweet, Merlin bless him!

I've loved every single detail you put in here. It really is a pretty different reality, isn't it? I mean, spaceships, and no more Statute of Secrecy, and... Moaning Myrtle?!? Minister for Magic?!? I mean, seriously?!?

I really can't wait to know what's up next!

Love, hugs and kisses!


Author's Response:

Yes it is! you win! a34;

Aw, thanks! I'm so glad you continue to enjoy Lily's thoughts. Lance really is a sweetheart - Lily is quite lucky to have met up with him first thing upon arriving in the parallel universe.

So glad you like the details of what's different. Hahahah yes Moaning Myrtle XD Everything about this story is ridiculous, I'm aware - but since it's AU I can get away with it :P

Thanks so much for another wonderful review!!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 05:55 PM · Chapter: Playing with Fire

***Transferred from HPFF***

For me? Oh, wow, Kristin... Thank you!!! Your dedication made me so happy! :)

Another brilliant chapter, btw! I loved the way you introduced the concept of parallel universes in this, it was really interesting!

The conversation with Lance was just so amusing. Poor Lily, I can totally see why she is so confused…

So funny also the scene with Mrs Stebbins. Ahahah, poor Lily Evans, not able to wear pink…

Lily really shouldn’t have messed with the cube again… And now she’s stuck in some strange alternative reality... Ok, I need to know what happens next, so, please, update soon!

Thank you so much again for dedicating me this amazing chapter!

Lots of love,


Author's Response:

Of course :) You've left so many reviews that really brightened my day, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it! ♥

I'm glad you liked the way parallel universes were brought up, thanks! Poor Lily indeed - she ended up with more questions than answers! But yeah, parallel universes are complicated!

Ah yes, Mrs Stebbins.. she's a chatty one. I loved writing that scene :)

Lily would do well to take your advice! I think she will have figured that out now, as they say hindsight is 20/20. Whoops.

Working on the next chapter as we speak! :)

Thanks so much for this review! a33;

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 05:54 PM · Chapter: Cultivated Arts

***Transferred from HPFF***

Hey, Kristin!

I'm really happy to see a new chapter! :-)

This was great!!! And amusing, made me laugh a lot!

I loved the starting scene with dinner at the Potters! The three siblings' interactions were just so funny!

I'm loving Marta and Iris more and more! I loved the silent conversation between Iris and Lily, the way they understand each other with a glance!

Oh... I didn't expect Lily to like girls... But I think it fits the character, and it's kind of cute the way she feels for Marta!

So now we know where the misterious cube came from, but we still don't know what it does and what's going to happen...

Another cliffhanger, I'm a bit mad at you, honestly!

No, I'm not. I think you're amazing! ;)

Great job, as usual!


Author's Response:

Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed the new chapter and found it amusing. I've always imagined that the Potter family would be a lot of fun, so the three siblings interacting was really a pointless scene but it was too much fun to not include :p

I'm thrilled you continue to like Iris and Marta too! That's really wonderful to hear, especially as I know Marta has a lot of unlikeable qualities. As for Lily liking girls, yeah - I was hoping to write that bit without having it come across as dropping a bombshell or making it seem like a defining trait of her character - instead just something she adds as an afterthought, as it's part of who she is, she's comfortable with it, and that's that. :) Poor Lily though, yeah, her feelings for Marta aren't exactly convenient.

Some actual answers about the cube are coming in the next chapter. And... I've become a big fan of cliff hangers recently. Just so you know... :P

I think you're amazing too! Thanks for your awesome review!! ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 05:52 PM · Chapter: Old and New

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I'm not very good at writing reviews, so let's just say... AMAZING!!!

I came across your story this morning and read it in one breath (I'm not really a fan of next generation, but your summary had me intrigued and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest!)

I love Lily and her friends! All your characters are so funny and natural, and your writing is so fluent and pleasant (which doesn't happen always...)

Now I'm really curious about what's going to happen... What is the misterious silver box? Please, update soon, cause I have to find out!



Author's Response:

Nonsense, you are AMAZING at writing reviews! ♥ Your review just put a huge smile on my face. This is my first attempt at next gen so that is really encouraging - I'm so thrilled that you like the characters! As for the next chapter... I have the whole thing planned out but I currently live on a sailboat and so it may be a bit of time before I can update :p But I will get it done as soon as I can! Thank you so, so much for this lovely review!


P.S. I think this was the first review you ever left on any of my stories! The review that started off a wonderful friendship :) ♥

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