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Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 10 Dec 2017 09:54 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Unforgettable

Omg even in the last chapter you’re still coming on strong with the creativity  I love all of the details about Lily’s new apartment, Candace’s love life, and the birds! XD




Hehe, I like the smoking gillyweed reference - everything’s coming back around, from both timelines.




lol so gillyweed does in fact have a special kind of high XD


I love the line “what I do know is that it’ll be difficult keeping the smile off my face until then.” Not only is it incredibly cute, but it is a great way of bringing together the threads of uncertainty and optimism.


Yay, we made it to the end! I am super proud of myself for reading this all the way through (I can be such a flakey reviewer) and of you for finishing it!


I did kind of expect Lily to get her memory back by the end. But you said that you’d always wanted to write a story where the MC forgets everything, and you sure did that!


In a way, the way things ended with Lily’s memories worked really well. On one hand, I’m still really sad about her losing what was a very formative time for her. But also, When she was in the alternate universe, all she had wanted to do was return to her old life, so in a way she got what she wanted. And even more significantly, she wanted to be able to be with Celeste, but knew that memories of the Celeste she had known would get in the way. This way are free to develop their relationship naturally without memories of alternative selves, and that’s really lovely. I’m jealous I don’t get to read more of that courtship!


Again, excellent job with this story! I’m super glad I got to read it!



Author's Response:

Saaaam thank you so much for reading all the way through, I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to have that kind of feedback of someone who read the whole thing. <3


I'm so glad you liked the silly details about Lily's new life. I don't even know how Candace or all her weird pets ended up existing but she was hilarious to write. :P


It's great to hear that you liked the way the end worked out. As you said, there aren't any memories of alternative selves complicating the relationship, and I thought that would be important. But one thing I tried to slip in there was the idea that maybe it's not entirely lost forever. With the dream she had about a spaceship, and hearing Celeste's voice, and thinking Celeste looks familiar, I was hoping to suggest that Lily retained at least a little of what she gained, but it's all subconscious, sort of. So all that growth that happened on the voyage that she subsequently lost, it's still there inside, like she still has that potential. (Idk. I might not have conveyed that really well because I wrote this chapter so fast :P)


Anyway. Thank you so so so much for all your reviews and love. I've enjoyed reading your comments so much. And I'll have to find that book you mentioned :P

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Story:Icarus Chapter: A New Normal

lol yes, it doesn’t look good to have a four and a half year gap in your CV. Then again, Lily has the unique ability to say that time hasn’t passed in her experience of time XD


Once again we’re seeing Marta in kind of an unfavorable light. I don’t blame Lily for being upset that Marta doesn’t want to see her though. But  I’m also glad that Lily acknowledges the fact that she is behaving in a similar way to Marta.


Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear that Marta’s not doing well =(


Oh good, the new silly name was for an owl - I wasn’t ready for another Weasley baby! I really like the name platypus for an owl though XD


I’m curious to find out about Agrawal’s memory issues! It seemed like she remembered things based on the note she sent to the cave, so I’m curious to find out more.


Lily’s contemplation of whether or not it would be better or worse for Agrawal to get her memory back seems very applicable to Lily herself. While I think it could make Lily sad to remember the relationships that she can’t get back, but she’s also missing the happiness associated with those memories. And what I think is even more significant is the character growth that she had during that time, which is an awful thing to lose, in my opinion


It seems a little unlike the ministry to destroy the cube. I mean they’ve kept a lot of other irresponsible things XD I’m surprised that with Lily’s return they wouldn’t be more driven to explore the mysteries of it. What’s also interesting to me is that the alternate universe is working on developing similar technology (plus what’s on Balthazar) and are unlikely to make the same decision to destroy it.


Okay. But. In the history of forever, have humans ever waited to mess with a single thing until they understood all the repercussions? I think not.


I find it interesting that Lily said she thought of Agrawal as a third grandmother, when she only really ever knew one. It shows just how much she values Lily even when she hasn’t (or thinks she hasn’t) met her.


Awww I think that ending was really sweet. I really hope the two of them stay in each other’s lives.



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Story:Icarus Chapter: Hindsight

Now that’s a chapter summary I can get behind! Though, knowing this story, it’s probably not what it seems ;)


It is kind of a comfort to the reader that Lily is missing a toe, because it answers some questions about the timeline, but I’m sure that’s no comfort to her!


Hehe, I love how you say all the apparation cracks make it sound like popcorn XD


I think you did a really nice job with the little bits of banter between the Weasleys. Even though we’ve seen very little of them in this story, it made them feel very familiar, and it gave me some of Lily’s sense of happiness while being a bit overwhelmed.




Seriously, that was a more perfect day saving than I hoped for XD


This chapter was kind of a bittersweet mix - it was nice seeing all of the Weasleys again and everyone’s happiness to have Lily back, but there are some sad parts to that with all of the changes Lily has missed (especially with Molly and Arthur), and the ongoing feeling from the last chapter of being out of place and not having answers.


I really hope Lily gets her memories back.



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Story:Icarus Chapter: All Good Things

Hello my dear! Back with more reviews~ 


I really liked that this started off with another Captain’s Log; I think that’s a smart stylistic choice considering that we’re getting close to the end of the story. I also liked that Celeste described Lily as a crew member; to me that just reaffirms that Lily hasn’t allowed herself to be just a glorified stowaway and had actually earned a place on the ship by pulling her weight. Which makes me love her all the more <3333


I loved that it was three women doing the repairs on the ship. That was such a nice feminist touch. And I’m sooo jealous of Lily for getting to go out in space haha. Oh and I really liked that she was helping them out too; she’s so eager to help, even in areas that she has no experience in (and better, she recognizes that she has no experience in these areas and therefore does what she can and doesn’t try to do anything more), and I really admire that about her. And reading about the Balthazar mission to be more prepared... she really is so likable. 


The Balthazar mission gave me the creeps! I’m actually hoping that perhaps they’ll rescue Agrawal or something when they get there. Also I love how you’re building up to this, the climax of the story—i really can’t wait until we reach Balthazar. At the same time, I’m a little bittersweet about it because I don’t really want Lily to leave the Daedalus—though I now think that if it so happens that the portal is too risky, she can just stay on the Daedalus with the crew, right? (Please!!!) 


I ship Celeste and Lily sooo hard omfg. They’re so cute together. Also shut up Patrick, it’s not unprofessional, it’s ADORABLE. 


Awww the birthday scene really warmed my heart. One of my favorite arcs in the story is Lily finding a home for herself, and I can tell that she’s really found one on the Daedalus, where she has a family who loves her and supports her. Her last sentiment in the birthday scene, that she feels just as home here as she does in her actual home, was so sweet—I loved reading that. Just makes me hope more that she can stay here. Her home universe is great and all, but really... the Daedalus takes everything that is wonderful about the alternate universe, puts into one ship, and tosses out all the bad stuff (like Marta). 


Finally, I love Lily’s newfound motivation to be an activist and her sentiments about the Daedalus are things that I’ve thought too. I love her so much—she’s really such a caring and bol and relatable character, anf I’m happy that she’s starting to see that her fame does not necessarily have to be a burden—that she can feel like she’s earned it by making a name for herself as an activist. That’s wonderful. She’s amazing <3 


this chapter really hit my feels, and made me love the Daedalus even more. It’s just.,. <3 Thank you for another wonderful chapter!


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Story:Icarus Chapter: Unforgettable





Nevertheless, I suppose I should attempt to be not shouty. As a way of paying my respects. Well, then.


Writing last chapters seems really difficult. And I have to admit, I was very nervous because I didn't know how you could wrap everything up so quickly. Of course, you're amazing, so you managed it. Well, you did and you didn't, in the right ways. It's not ALL wrapped up. There's no stupid "19 years later"-ish bits. But I was SO DESPERATE for Lily and Celeste to reunite and I was starting to get extremely panicked mildy concerned that they would never meet again and YAY THEY DID! It was very cleverly done with the band. I suspected at first, and then when you mentioned playing the saw, you were able to clarify for me that my suspicions were correct. Really admirable use of strong detail there.


Random thoughts: Smoking gillyweed sounds horrible. Also I feel like you need some sort of trigger warning for people havng gills by accident. No? Just me? Nevermind. I really liked seeing Lily with her family in a relaxed setting here. Yay, Marta isn't a jerk! I hope she leaves that guy though. She needs to be with Lance. (Sequel? :P) 


I LOVE the echoed "Find me ont he other side." Like the saw, it solidified my understanding of the story. It's hard to provide clarity for the reader when things are so fuzzy for the narrator, but somehow you've managed it. That's pretty impressive. 


Okay, so, satisfying last chapter.


As for the fic as a whole, well, it is definitely among y Very Most Favorites, for reasons I've pretty much already told you in other reviews. (Lebians! Etc.) My favorite aspect of this fic is the trjectory of Lily learning to be at home with herself, if you know what I mean. I actually think that her living on her own at the end is a nice symbol of that. At the beginning, she defines herself by the people around her. The shadow of her parent's fame, of course, and then with her friends, Marta's eccentricities, and Iris eating disorder (more in the past, maybe). Then she's removed from literally all of that, and she has to figure out how to define herself on her own terms. I don't think she's done it yet, but I like that. Because it's honest.  I think this is the work of a lifetime for some people, and that's okay. 'm glad you didn't make self-definition seem easy. What I like at the end is that she's still not in the sort of "all figured out" situation she seemed to want before she vanished. Maybe she's even more unsure. But now she seems to accept that as okay. That growth into accepting that adulthood is, often, just as unsettled and uncertain as childhood, is more powerful to me than a transition to "having it figured out."  I just really appreciate the themes in this fic. This fic understands me.


So, on that note, thank you, so very much, for writing it. And CONGRATULATIONS on finishing it!


xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Renee

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Show and Tell

This chapter especially touched my science nerd's heart. I really loved the description of AQA-913 and am incredibly envious of Lily (first time I've felt compelled to say anything like that while reading this story haha) because that really must be such a spectacular view. I Googled Gliese 876 after reading this chapter and omfg, that is one pretty planet. Ugh. I also googled TRAPPIST-1g and I think that it was sort of the perfect pick for Balthazar; the blues and greens sort of it make it look ~mysterious~. Hehe. I appreciate all the research you've clearly done—it really does make the story even better, especially now that I have concrete ideas of what the planets look like :) 


I'm honestly in love with Celeste. I really love her work ethic, her intelligence, her humor (her bad puns! She's a woman after my own heart haha). I think I mentioned this in my review for the previous chapter, but her speech in this chapter sort of affirmed what I'd thought: she'd be such a good influence for Lily, helping her discover exactly what her passion is. 


I also really like the social commentary woven into this chapter in particular, because it really is true, black women don't have as many opportunities in science and are grossly underrepresented. I'm glad that you didn't shy away from that at all and instead confronted it perfectly. I love that Lily is so aware of everythng that she's been given, too—her acknowledgement of her privileges make me love her even more. Ugh. Lily and Celeste are really my OTP now. Love them <333 (Marta who? :P)


Really, this fic is so real, despite its crazy premise. I love it so much. Every chapter is so fun to read, with all the drama and the melancholy and now, the camraderie; this lull in action is really nice because I have a chance to get to know the other characters and fall in love with them—and so far, I'm really loving the rest of the crew. 


Thanks for another delightful chapter! <3 

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Story:Icarus Chapter: 2032: A Parallel Universe Odyssey

OK, so the starting of this chapter really reminded me why I love Lily so much. After all the emotional events of the past month for her, she has still retained her marvelous wit which never fails to make me laugh. This line in particularly had me giggling: "It’ll take some adjusting to, particularly my sense of balance, but I have always preferred odd numbers to even numbers, so I can’t complain." She's full of positivity, which makes Lily even more likable. I also really liked the bit about how she feels like a leech because she's used to working hard to make sure that she earns everything that she gets. Like... what a doll. (And that sentiment, in particular, has a lot of Harry and Ginny in it, which is nice to see!) 


I love Alex—they're so funny, and that sort of humor is really nice to have considering how emotional the prevous chapter was. I also think that though the band itself may not have been amazing, Defenestration is a wonderful name for a band, haha :D 


I also really liked the bit about Sierra and Eric playing chess and the quip that wizarding chess isn't really that different from regular chess (which is so true; I always thought that wizarding chess was invented because wizards are really dramatic and really lazy hahaha). 


Also, I appreciated Fatima's background because that is a really realistic thing especially for Arab/Middle Eastern girls. I think that's a nice touch of realism and just another way that this story is super inclusive, which I appreciate a lot :) 


My little shipper heart thought that the interaction between Celeste and Lily was literally the cutest thing ever. I love Celeste so much—she is bold and intelligent and obviously caring, and I think that she'd be really good for Lily as someone who knows exactly what she wants to do with her life, and can be a really supportive figure as Lily herself tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life. 


In general, the camraderie in this chapter made me smile so much :) I loved learning about the other characters, and am super curious to see what happens when they reach Balthazar. Wonderful chapter as always! <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Takeoff

Okay so I really liked that Zacharias Smith is the reporter, I think that's befitting of his role as a kind of skeptic. This is just another example of how interesting and smart your alternate universe is because all the characters' alterante lives really befit their personalities and show such interesting insights about their personalities. Really, it's fascinating to read. 


Meeting Iris again gave me such nostalgia for the first few chapters of this fic where everything was simple and easy for Lily. I really like that Iris's personality hasn't changed that much in the alternate universe and I think that harkens back to one of the central themes I've seen emerging: what parts of someone's personality are inherent and which parts are influenced by their environment. It seems like Iris's goodness is inherent (and Marta's selfishness is also inherent), which is really nice. 


I loved that Lily trusts Celeste already. I already ship them hard haha... Celeste just seems like such a good person unlike some people (-coughs- Marta -coughs). AND I didn't mention this in the previous chapter, but I love that she's the captain of the ship, rather than some guy. Yay for women in power~ 


The flashback to Hogwarts made me conflicted again with Marta. I still hate her for her selfishness and for ratting Lily out to the Ministry—but at the same time, I admire how she stands up for her friends. She is really a complicated character and I hate her but I also... don't? I don't know. I think that she's possibly an example of how much environment can affect her; without Lily and Iris's stablizing personalities, Marta has become volatile and rude and all of her negative characteristics have been emphasized. The kiss only just complicated my opinion of Marta even more... it was really bittersweet to read, and I really sympathize with Lily right now, because she must be feeling so incredibly confused. Ugh. pls stop giving me so many feels. 


I'm super excited to be going into space. The last paragraph of this chapter was so well-written and prety; I loved the image of the sky transitioning, as I imagine this story will now start transitioning, and I can't wait to see what happens next to Lily.


Finally, I couldn't not mention this: I loved the blatant calling out of slut-shaming, like yes, I totally agree—we shouldn't criticize women for their sex lives, however active they are. Awesome. This fic is full of representation and feminism and that's just one more reason to love it <333 


Thank you for another wonderful chapter! <3


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Story:Icarus Chapter: Daedalus

First off, uneaten sandwiches are truly tragic and I will gladly take that sandwich, hahaha. 


Okay so I really loved the POC & LGBTQA representation. I’ve loved it in the entirety of this fic, but especially seeing such a diverse and colorful and wonderful crew is really exciting, because as I’m sure you know, most sci-fi films and novels are severely lacking in this representation. So yay, you go! :) 


I also have to commend you for the research that clearly went into the Daedalus and what it should look like. Being an unabashed science nerd, I have researched a little about spaceships and everything that you said, like the artificial gravity, makes perfect sense. So well done on that front too :) 


Also I really enjoyed Lily’s musings about the many ways to greet someone. I usually with the “classic but lazy Cool.” Hahaha. Lily is honestly such a treat to read; she’s so entertaining and likable and one of the many reasons I adore this fic <3 


also, sorry, but I would really like to punch Marta in the face. Yup, definitely not a big fan of hers. I am just a little confused though—if Lily had to fill out all of these forms from the Ministry about her background, why are they detaining her to question her about parallel universes, when they should know everything they need to know? idk maybe I misread? 


Anyway, this was a lovely chapter, as always! <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Letting Go

First off, Lily is so relatable. “I’m not short – he’s just really tall.” That is something that all short people have said at least once in their lives (speaking from experience as a fellow short person haha). 


I really appreciated Lily’s reaction to the other Lily’s revelation about going to Balthazar (wow I never realized how confusing it is to have two Lilies in one story hahaha). I think it’s so true to her character that she would play a maternal role to anyone she meets, and the interaction between her and the other Lily just broke my heart. Really Kristin please stop giving me all the feels! 


Also I haven’t commented on this before, but I love the merging of the Muggle and Wizarding worlds in this alternate universe—I think it’s so smart and really does make sense, like really, what’s the point of using quills anymore when pens are so much more convenient (if less aesthetic). I just appreciate all of your imaginations about what such a world might look like and find it to be a fascinating concept. 


And again, this chapter makes me feel so conflicted about Marta. On the one hand I sort of hate her for using Lily like this—but I sympathize with her for her reasons and understand her desire to escape a bad situation, especially since Lily’s sort of dangled a more promising world right in front of her eyes? I dunno. I question why Lily fell in love with Marta in the first place because they seem so astonishingly different. Curious to see more about their past. 


Lovely chapter, as always <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Facing the Facts

So I loved the conversation with Miriam—the science nerd in me can really relate to Miriam! I really have to say that I love how you integrate these elements into your story, how space travel especially is integrated. It’s such a fascinating and cool idea; I love it! 


I feel so sad about Iris and Marta. I think that it’s just more evidence that this universe, although characters that were dead are now alive, is still not perfect, that people are still broken—and that’s really heartbreaking, since I think that’s a side of the “What if?” questions we ask that we don’t really consider. 


I really liked that the memory of Iris and Marta was what made Lily make her decision (even though in my opinion, it felt like an obvious decision—if there’s any chance of getting back, I would take it without a second thought. But also I’m rather reckless at times so perhaps I’m not the best model). The scene really did break my heart and I’m so happy that you added the note about Marta not being a role model in this situation. But I think she’s sort of right—you can’t sugarcoat an eating disorder. That was a really sensitive issue and you handled it with great care. I’m hoping to see some more indication that it did take Iris a little while to recover though because that would certainly maintain the realism in this story that I love so much (and that is also ironic considering that the story is a sci-fi fantasy story? Hahaha). 


Fantastic chapter as always <3 And sorry for the slightly shorter review than usual :|

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Lily, Meet Lily

Okay so starting this with a structural note: I really enjoyed the flashback in the beginning, I thought that was a really cool way to start this fic. Actually, I’ve been thinking that at times this story reads sort of like a television show (especially with those awful cliffhangers!), and this flashback really fit neatly into the television show style.


The flashback really broke my heart. Lily’s realization that she likes girls, wanting to hide that she’s always sort of known it in the back of her head, is so realistic and well-done and heartbreaking. This line just shattered my heart to pieces: “For Marta was only going through an experimental phase, and I was the naïve subject.” And it also made me really angry at Marta—she is a character that I feel rather conflicted about. At times I feel bad for her, because I understand why she is as reckless as she is, and then at other points I’m frustrated and angry with her for this recklessness. And still other times, I love the hidden unexpected sides to her personality, like her love for history, as you mentioned in the previous chapter. She is such a complex character and I love that you don’t let us take a solid stand on her—that makes this story even more complex and makes me love it even more! 

OK SO JILY. They were everything I was hoping they would be—charming, witty, completely in-character. Sirius was wonderful. Even Peter when he appeared for a short while. At the same time, their appearance was really bittersweet, and I think that all “what-if”s are surprisingly bittersweet in this way, because it made me really think of a world where the war didn’t happen (which made me even angrier at Voldemort). At the same time, this world isn’t the perfect utopia I thought it would be: Harry is gone, James Sirius is Ophelia, and that is sad, because those characters have effectively been wiped from history, and I have attachments to both characters. So basically after reading this, I was crying happy/sad tears? God, it was so emotional. 


I loved Lily’s realization at the end; I think it connects perfectly to one of the central themes of the story, really appreciating your past. 


And on an unrelated note, loved the introduction of Balthazar, and can’t wait to see it surface again in later chapters. 


Really, this story is so artfully crafted. Like, you weave in the sci-fi elements so expertly, and there’s still the touches of humor, and the melancholic elements fit in perfectly too: it’s like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit together perfectly and I just love it. You hit all my feels and then appeal to my sci-fi nerd side and again, I just love it.<3 


Thank you for another fantastic chapter. This is my favorite one yet! (Wait, did I say that about the last chapter too? :P)

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Tabula Rasa

Not gonna lie, I’m a pretty big fan of bad puns so this chapter summary excited me a little hahaha :D 


I loved that the atrium in the Ministry has a Sphinx in the fountain and not House Elves or centaurs; I know that the latter has always been perceived as a way of asserting wizardkind’s dominance, and to me, the Sphinx seems like a symbol of curiosity and questioning and definitely not dominance because puny wizards could easily get crushed by a freaking giant lion-cat-whatever creature. I think this was a really cool choice! I also really liked the two lines for Muggles and wizards—and found it curious that Lily didn’t like it! I could understand why she liked the Sphinx because she has sort of a social-justice-bent (or perhaps I’m projecting myself on her?) but that is curious to me. I like this alternate world that you’ve built where the Wizarding World actually seems to have progressed so much more. Where it actually has progressed remains to be seen, though.


So this was actually a rather emotional chapter to read, probably because we started to see how Lily’s relationships have changed as a consequence of the alternate universe. I loved how each character’s alternate life still srawns upon fundamental parts of their personality—like, James as working in the Department of Magical Sports and Games really does make sense given his prankster personality, and on a sadder note, it’s not too surprising that Marta ends up getting into a bad situation. That especially was so sad to read because it seems like her mischief and tendency to get into bad situations has now become a true vice for her. 


That leads me to my next point. I really like the tonal shift that happened in this chapter, sort of starting in the previous chapter. I can see a little more seriousness, still balanced with a fair amount of humor, but now I feel kind of guilty for laughing? Like Lily’s last comment to Marta made me laugh—but also made me sad because I could see how desperate she was to convince Marta to be friends with her. 


This chapter really delved into what I can already tell is one of the central questions of the work, the question of who we would be if something went different, and how much we are shaped by our environment. As far as I can tell, Lance’s personality and Marta’s personality are not so wholly different in the alternate universe than in Lily’s universe—it seems like only their situations have changed. But I have to wonder what effect this change in situation would have on other characters. For example, Harry: he probably grew up with James and Lily, so his personality may be completely different as a result. 


There are lots of other things I want to mention but I’m cutting it off here so I can keep reading. I just wanted to say on a closing note that I appreciate the complexity of thought put into imagining this new alternate universe because it isn’t completely baseless, being pulled out of thin air; I love how you’re taking existing qualities of the Wizarding World and of the characters and warping them into something not familiar—different but recognizable at the same time. This is such a creative story and I’m really glad I finally started reading it, because it is such a compelling story too! 


Wonderful chapter, as always <3 


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Story:Icarus Chapter: Ghosts

So I did kind of expect that Lily would be waking up in her old place, but I didn’t expect that she would have lost her memory or that so much time would have passed! The memory thing didn’t happen in the other dimension hopping incidents we know about, but I’m not sure about time. I wonder if this is right after what we saw happen to Lily last, or if there are years that neither she nor us know about.


lol I like that Lily’s mind goes to aliens. Maybe her subconscious is trying to tell her something there...


SEAMUS/DEAN CONFIRMED. Always important.


With everything that’s so confusing and emotional this chapter, I’m glad there’s an adorable toddler roaming around.


I think what’s most jarring this chapter is that all of the development she’s done over most of the course of the story is just gone (for now). That’s very sad to me - lessons learned and people loved, and having no control and moving backwards.


After everything I still just want good things for Marta.


I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I hope it’s good! =S



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Story:Icarus Chapter: Unforgettable

Aww, Kristin!

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am for stumbling across this story (and discover your wonderful writing) in the first place!

This has been such a wonderful journey and I can't believe it's ended and I'm so glad to have been part of it! I'm so proud of you!

So, this final chapter... what can I say? I'm just so happy, I've been waiting for the reunion with Celeste and it's so thrilling! There are still questions in my head, like, will Lily ever remember? But it doesn't really matter because, like she said, things are settling down. Not back to what they were - that time is gone and past. But I'm getting used to a new definition of normal.

I think you can imagine (or mybe not)... I was practically jumping around when Louis' concert was mentioned! Ahahah, the word of mouth went wide! :P She should definitely be Louis' agent! ;)

I so wish Marta and Lance got together... but I guess that's not possible... unless... are you writing a sequel? :P Kidding! But I was so sorry for them...

The meeting with Celeste was just perfect! I loved the "What are you doing on Friday?"/"Something with you?" exchange as they part ways. I'm so happy for them!

This is such a great ending to such a great story and I'm just so, so, so happy and so proud of you, but also a bit sad that it's finished...

Love you so much!

Hugest snowball hug ever rolling your way!


Author's Response:


Ehehehe I figured you would be all over that as soon as Louis' concert was mentioned :P I was sort of grinning to myself writing that scene because it was so obvious what I was leading up to and I knew you'd love it :P

I'm really glad you liked that final scene with Celeste! It was a long time coming!

Tbh, I kinda shipped Marta and Lance too, and like to think that someday it works out for them, but I didn't want it in the story because it would have felt too neat to tie up all these loose ends like Marta/Lance and Lily's lost memories. Life doesn't tie up in a nice bow like that - there are always threads dangling. But - be proud of me - this is the first multi-chapter fic I've finished that doesn't end with almost everyone dying, so it's really a step up XD It's the closest I've ever gotten to a happy ending. So it ties up some things, but others are intentionally left as threads and ultimately it's kind of a messy bow. :P As for a sequel... I haven't ruled it out, but I don't have enough of a story to tell yet. If I ever do, at my writing speed, look for it in 2038...

Thank you so much for sticking with me the whole way through this story! It's meant so, so much to me. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ You're an amazing reviewer and an absolutely wonderful friend.

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Story:Icarus Chapter: A New Normal


Hello, my love! Here with a snowball, a hug, and to see how it all ends (so excited!) Congrats, btw! *hug* *wub*

Oh, poor Marta... :( she's not my favourite person, but I feel so, so bad at the idea that she's now sort of trapped in a group of people who don't care for her and with whom she doesn't belong... she definitely isn't made for that kind of environment and while it was her egoism to bring her there I can't help to feel sorry. She craves affection, she always has, but it's like she doesn't believe she deserves it. Oh, this killed me... :( And Lance regularly visiting her while she was in Azkaban... Did I say I adore Lance? (I must have a few times throughout the story... like, a million?) I really hope Marta and Lily will meet soon and talk it through and be friends again!

Oh, Flourish and Boots! That would be lovely! The idea of working surrounded by books is awesome! :D

I loved the conversation with Indira, and how they could link. It's so sweet!

Okay, theory time: when Marta got backwards in time, she changed history, basically destroying the universe they were living in, and so that's why Balthazar and all the crowd just disappeared and that's why both Lily and Indira lost their memories... mmmh... I'm actually not sure this makes sense, but maybe?

Moving to the next (and last... really?) chapter!

Love you!

Author's Response:

CHIARA ♥♥♥♥ Thank you so much! For your congratulations and for all the many reviews. That has honestly meant so much to me, to have your consistent, wonderful feedback the whole way through <3


Sad Marta :( She never was the best at Making Good Decisions. But I think that she's learned a lot from the past few years. I'm glad to know you feel for her despite not liking her.


Lance really is a gem. I'm so glad you like him :)


Re: your theory - AHA! YES! So, honestly, this is exactly what I'd envisioned when I wrote it. I think other readers have interpreted things differently, so to see you essentially come up with what had been in my head this whole time, is very reassuring that I haven't just made a confusing mess with a plot hole in the middle. (I may have done this anyway but at least we both are on the same page :P)


All my love! Thanks for the review! ♥

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue

/rubs hands together gleefully


I'm so psyched to read the rest of this. Time travel stories are the best, especially if it's one of those stories where the main character goes back in an attempt to fix the future, and things to massively wrong. Judging from the story summary, this story will be right up my alley.


Though this is just the introduction, I got a lot out of it regarding Lily's personality and her general way of thinking about the world. Most important, Lily dislikes being a celebrity. Immensely so. The last few lines hinted at what she was going to do later, haha. One part of her inner monologue that I found really interesting was when she was ranting about the Potter kids' names. Never had I ever thought about the relationship between the names of James II and Lily II. And now that I'm thinking about it, it's very weird.


(J.K. Rowling really wanted to honor her dead characters, I suppose.)


I think the summary of the general relationship of the family worked really well. I especially liked this line: "Nana Molly somehow manages to spoil all twelve of her grandchildren (one of whom – surprise! – is named after her)" because it sounds exactly like Molly Weasley and also because, once again, J.K. Rowling's obsession with naming kids after her dead characters is brought up.


Overall, this was an interesting start to the story! I'm looking forward to reading what comes next. <3

Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 05:52 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Meanwhile...

Random hypothesis for this chapter based on the first paragraph: Marta from Lily’s universe shows up and meets Marta, cause why wouldn’t she, especially when her best friend disappeared months ago leaving behind a mysterious cube.


Oh, Marta’s an artist? I don’t remember if we knew that, except for other!Marta’s photography


Marta certainly is determined and enterprising I’ll give her that!


She seriously wants a new life, and I relate to that feeling. But she doesn’t seem to believe it’s something that is possible to obtain in the universe that she’s in, but she also doesn’t believe that the problems with her life are about her personally if she thinks. having a fresh start will change them. I’d be curious to see more of a thought process about what she wants to escape and what she hopes to find.


Maybe I’m losing track of things a bit again, but I can’t remember when this Marta snuck into the ministry before…


Love the X Files reference!


How you’ve documented the attempts at creating time travel is interesting! I wonder why they chose a diadem instead of a necklace - seems a bit unwieldy, but maybe they have to start big before they can refine the device into smaller objects


Cool phrasing with “sets off towards her future in the past.”


Hehe @ saying good morning and wondering if it’s morning or not


Tom, eh?


Gaunts sighted. Suspicions confirmed.


Oooh is what happens here the reason there is no Voldemort in this universe??


This chapter was an interesting little diversion from Lily’s storyline, but also very RUDE considering the cliffhanger you left us with.



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Story:Icarus Chapter: Tempus Fugit

Another thing I haven’t mentioned about this story that I love: Your dedications. They are so sweet and thoughtful and make me really happy to know you and all the people you thank.


Okay, so that opening captain’s log answered my question about if there was another crew on Balthazar. I think you had probably addressed that before, but I lost track of it.


Agrawal’s note name dropping  Lily - #awkward


Omg, exciting questions! Does magic work differently in outer space? You said the spacesuits were maneuverable, but is it enough for specific wandwork? Does different gravity or physical properties of the world make a difference?  I guess I don’t know much about the science of magic, but if it’s about manipulating elements, wouldn’t a planet where there is a different balance of elements make a difference? Food for thought.


When Fatima ran in with news about problems at the compound, my first thought was Jurassic Park XD


Lily’s moth phobia returns!


This chapter summary may be the most accurate about the contents of the chapter, but it still fits in with the rest xD


I love the Phantom Coffee Spiller thread XD


Aggghhhhh SO. CUTE.


That scene was kind of bittersweet, but in a beautiful way. They both knew it was a goodbye, but also something they would be able to treasure, and that was really lovely.


Oh, the Captain’s Log from the prologue! Very interesting that it’s happening now - I expected it at the end of the novel. Which leaves a whole world of possibility for what happens next!


Though the statement that Lily “only burned at the end” feels a bit more out of context than expected. It’s poetic, but otherwise doesn’t reflect what I’ve seen to be Celeste’s perspective of Lily, though to be fair we haven’t really seen things from her perspective.





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Story:Icarus Chapter: All Good Things

Oh, I had assumed that this story was entirely the result of the science fiction challenge! I think it’s super awesome that you had this idea already!


Are there still people on the Balthazaar station, or will this crew be the only ones there? I realized I hadn’t really been keeping track of that, but it jumped out at me when I realized that nobody from the trip Lily keeps reading about was there. And if that crew or others are still on the station, what is the unique purpose of this crew? Just reinforcements, or do they bring something new to the table?


I find it a little ironic (in a good way) that when Lily was on alt!earth she had no bonds worth staying for, but now that she’s traveling away, she is connecting with this crew so quickly and deeply that she has more of a reason to stay in this reality..


“I wasn’t flirting with the captain. Only a little bit.” Yeah, me too.


I like that everyone has an artsy little hobby. Even with manning the ship they must have quite a bit of down time (thanks, magic), and hobbies sound important to keep you from going stir crazy.


I like that the hobby that Lily takes up is a bit of a tribute to Marta.


Aww, the birthday surprise was so sweet!


Rose seems very optimistic that she will be going home. I have less confidence in things going as smoothly as she hopes.



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Story:Icarus Chapter: Inferno

Omg no not too much filler at all! This was such an interesting chapter. 


OK, first off, I love the conseqeunces that you've thought of. Myrtle as the Minister of Magic sort of makes sense to me? And Colin as the Head Auror makes perfect sense actually! I'm really curious (and a little nervous) about the other characters; I'm just hoping that this is a positive alternative universe in that Harry has ended up happy with his parents without Voldemort to ruin everything.


I really like how you set up the prospect of the Ravenclaw diadem as a solution, and the introduction of the concept of space travel (really love that the Statute of Secrecy has been dispelled) to allude to future events in the plot. I appreciate that Lily is so resourceful, thinking of ways to solve this problem; like I said before, she is so extremely likable, and the events of this chapter make her all the more likable. I am, though, feeling really sympathetic for her. I imagine it must be jarring for her, seeing her entire reality so distorted. 


Also Lance is the real MVP for letting her sleep on his sofa and acting idk as normal as one could in such a situation? He's such a good guy. I love Lance. 


I'm really excited to see what happens next to Lily! Thanks for another wonderful chapter. 

Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 03:01 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Show and Tell

Ummmm best chapter summary ever. Because it sounds 100% like something I would do.


Return of the captain’s log! That makes me feel like we’re getting towards the end (/beginning that we saw in the prologue), but I’m glad to know there’s still plenty of story left.


I think I forgot to write that I was feeling the ship at the end of the last chapter. Well the beginning of this chapter definitely has me feeling this ship!! They’ve got such a flirty rapport already and I’m really digging it.


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I love all the wizarding band names you’ve come up with


YES FOR HUFFLEPUFF SPACESHIP (hey, I have a book I could recommend for you - lol jk)


Wow, that’s some crazy unexpected stuff in the portal!


Okay, Celeste is my girlfriend now.


I think it would be really cool to read a story about Celeste’s journey of becoming a captain. I’m also interested in her ex with the specific jam/scone rules.


I like how honest Lily is here. She doesn’t hide her privilege, but owns up to it. I think that is a good balance of owning her privilege and admitting how she could do better, without pretending it doesn’t exist.  


Aw, that last line about Celeste and Lily splitting the scone made a really cute end to the chapter!



Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 03:00 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Playing with Fire

Ooooh. This is my fave chapter yet—I love the introduction of the sci-fi elements! OK, so I really love how misleading your chapter summaries are? I mean, if someone were to read only your chapter summaries, they would really feel that this story was rather boring—but I can assure you that it is actually super compelling and I'm really excited to keep reading, especially because you left us off at another cliffhanger. *shakes fist* (though I don't have any reason to since this story is completed now haha). 


I really like the development of the concept of the cube as sort of a meta version of the pensieve; I think that is such an interesting concept. I'm a little confused about the size of the cube because I don't see how Lily would've been able to stick her head into the cube? Perhaps I'm just imagining it incorrectly; in my head, it's about the size of a Rubiks Cube, but in fact, it's probably larger than that. 


One thing that I am curious about is why the first alternate universe she steps into is one where she stayed with Anna—is that just because she saw Anna the previous day and might still be thinking about her, subconsciously? Or is it that Anna is more important to the story in the future? Like I said in the previous chapter, the ambiguity concerning their relationship makes me really curious about Anna.


I love the set-up of the Voldemort-less universe so far and am super curious to see what happens next, so I will cut off my review here [sorry it's uber short]. Loved the chapter, though, as always! <3

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 02:50 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Cultivated Arts

That summary. I cracked up haha (partially because my sister and I have had a conversation solely through eyebrow movements, and it's such an indication of how close Iris and Lily are!). 


Omg I love that James is a writer! Somehow it fits perfectly in my mind with his aesthetic, and I really like that he hasn't had a big break. The "big review" from Gilderoy Lockhart made me crack up. Again, I have to commend you for your excellent humor; it makes this story truly a delight to read! :) 


I'm curious about Conor and Anna, as I always am when new characters are introduced. I especially want to know why Anna and Lily broke up; she was mentioned so quickly, my curiosity is piqued. So far, Conor is adorable and I find I can relate to him in terms of his bluntness. I really liked the part where Lily slouched so she'd seem shorter hahaha. She and Marta honestly have the best friendship. Like really. Iris, Marta, and Lily are #SquadGoals. 


My favorite line: "And actually, I find the name rather appropriate for her, because she breaks people’s hearts and shakes their confidence daily. Mostly just mine, but she doesn't know that." Hahahaha! This story really does make me grin so hard; I actually giggled out loud and my sister gave me a weird look so, ah... :D 


Thanks for another lovely chapter! <3 

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 02:36 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Old and New

Ahhh, I just love Lily so much? Like, the first paragraph about her wanting to lounge around all day—that is absolutely me, every day when I get home from school. (And like, all the time in general, haha!) 


I really love that Lily is so refreshingly honest about her family; she's obviously appreciative of them, but I like the insights she makes about how being a Weasley is sort of a burden too. That is such an interesting nuance, and honestly, this story is already full of nuances like these. (And I gotta say—there's serious undertones, but you balance it out with a great balance of humor, which is super tricky to do, so well done there!). 


Marta is such an interesting character. I really like that she's sort of a foil to Lily in that she's attracted to fame and has grown up without a family, whereas Lily grew up with almost too much family and too much fame to want it anymore. Marta seems tough and likable and I especially appreciated that her flat is right next to Knockturn Alley, given her tendency to get involved in ~shady things~. Haha, that was clever placement! (Also, the dumpster diving scene was so hilarious!) I also ship her so hard with Lance omfg. I love their dynamic, him acting as a stablizing force for her, etc. They're adorable! 


I also really like Iris probably because I can relate to her, and found the comment about her talking in iambic pentameter to be hilarious! Honestly, all three of the girls have such great camraderie, I really enjoy reading their interactions—though it's a little bit bittersweet since I know that that will probably change when Lily changes the future. 


As a final comment, your set-up of the mystery is excellent so far; you've worked in all the elements so slyly. I like how you mentioned slyly that Lance is working at the Department of Mysteries and then mentioned the strange object, and interspered humor in between to sort of distract us from that? Very smart! 


I'm in such anticipation of her going to the alternate universe heh. Loved this chapter! <3 



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