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Story:Icarus Chapter: Lily, Meet Lily

KRISTINNNNN! HI! I'm here for our review swap ❤️

I love the flashback/memory of Lily's time at Hogwarts. I feel like it gives us a better chance to know her, and it makes my heart ache for her. I can only imagine what it must've been like to fall for Marta and then for her only to be a phase. Ugh. It makes me want to shake Marta little, tbh. It's interesting that their friendship managed to survive this, though I wonder if Marta ever knew at all, and now I MUST know more about this story. Is there more? Do we get more of this? CAN YOU WRITE MORE OF THIS? :P 

Ahem. Anyway...

Oooh, Lily meeting Lily and James! That's so exciting and terrifying, especially because she (a) almost gets hit by a car, and (b) basically confirms that she might not actually exist.  I love that Lily invited her over for tea, though, and it made my heart ache in a happy way to see Sirius, James, and Lily all hanging out. Very interesting that Sirius is with Melanie -- who seems quite lovely -- and Remus is the one with Marlene. What about Tonks, Kristin? WHERE IS TONKS? I gotta know! 

I think Lily handled herself quite splendidly. She didn't appear flustered on the outside, but it was clear she had no idea how to act in this situation or where the conversation should go. It was a nice little introduction to all of them, though, and I do hope we'll see them again soon! I love that Sirius has settled down and seems to be happily married, and they're all still friends with Peter! Ah! So many possibilities with this new timeline, how did you even choose them all?! 

Like Lily, I'm super curious about the people back home and if they've noticed she's missing. I'm sure they're worried about her -- how long has she been gone? In real time? What about Marta and Iris? And real world Lance? I wanna knowwww,  Kristin!

I guess the logical solution would be to just keep reading, right? ‘ 

Another wonderful chapter, and thanks for the swap! Let's do it again soon, I'm so happy to see you around the Twitterverse ❤️

Author's Response:

Hi Jillllll ❤️

Ehehehe. Yeah, there will end up being a few flashbacks throughout the story, since it gets to the point where  Lily has spent longer (in terms of number of chapters) in the alternate universe than in the original one, and since everyone's so different in the AU and there wasn't much time to get to know the original universe version of them, this is how it had to be, story wise. Anyway, I'm really glad that you liked the use of flashbacks! Oh man hahaha yeah I'm not going to say much about the background there, and I know this is a long way off, but that scene is actually alluded to in the sequel (which is still in progress and not posted, but in asnwer to your question THERE IS MORE OF THIS :P). But I will say that Marta has an impressive ability to make friendships survive some really messy things.


Hahaha, so, Melanie is a character from my first fic, a Sirius/OC, and she's literally just here in this fic for my own entertainment. Tbh there are a lot of character cameos from my other stories in this fic (even the car driver in this chapter is one). Also, at the time I wrote this, I had no idea Sirius/Marlene was a common ship? After all, she was just a name in canon, and I didn't think it  was odd to pair her with Remus. If I were writing this now, there would probably be wolfstar instead. Alas, there is not and there are these ships instead. :p


Lily's gotten quite good at thinking on her feet due to spending time with Marta, haha. So she did okay! And yeah there are so many possibilities as to how the universe would be different, it really did require a lot of planning (and some ideas that were just silly but i could totally get away with, like Minister for Magic Moaning Myrtle)


You are asking good questions, though I won't answer them in a review response :P  Thanks so much for the wonderful review! Love ya

Name: 800 words of heaven (Signed) · Date: 29 Aug 2018 04:53 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue



It feels like I haven’t visited your page in literal years, so I am here to rectify this. I’ve seen this story around for so long, and I’m finally using this as an excuse to read it… very slowly, of course, because that is just the kind of (somewhat horrible, almost certainly flaky) person I am.


So I’ve recently started watching Star Trek from the very start, and thus, I obviously read that first section in Captain Kirk’s voice. But then it sort of morphed into a Doctor Who-esque reading. I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but I’m so far enjoying the sci-fi vibes!


There was a time in my life where nepotism annoyed me, but then I started living in the real world, and nepotism annoyed me because it could be supremely unfair. However, I do not really blame all of the people who use their connections to get jobs because a) that’s how the job market works; and b) you do what you gotta do to hustle. So I’m not sure how I feel so far about Lily’s refusal to use her family’s fame and connections to find gainful employment. Admirable, on the one hand, but also perhaps quite naïve? Also, what is her financial support?! I am so concerned! (This may be resolved later on in the chapter, who knows. Not me. Yet.)


V sad to hear that women still aren’t getting leading roles in superhero films in 2032 :(


Okay, so there was no information on how Lily supports herself. I can continue feeling concerned without feeling like a fool. I am looking forward very much to all the sci-fi shenanigans! Yay, sci-fi! Looking less forward to the abandonment of canon ships but I should branch out of my comfort zone, every now and again. I come into this story with an open mind on that front!


This was a fun start, see you at the end of chapter 2 (hopefully) soon!


xx 800

Author's Response:

Haha, probably! I haven't really been around here in ages. But it's really good to be back for a minute and it's great to hear from you! I'm glad you were interested in the story! Bahaha, though I love your honesty about being a flake XD I totally understand reading slowly, like people have lives outside of the internet and I get it :P


You know, a few people have mentioned that - reading it in the voice of Captain Kirk. It's funny, because of all the Star Trek I've watched, none of it actually had Captain Kirk. XD Anyway, I'm thrilled you're enjoying the various sci-fi vibes you're getting so far!


Re: the nepotism comments, ha, this is so insightful. Lily is definitely naive, although I think this is the earliest in the story that someone has pointed it out in a review. Because, right, it's not what you know, it's who you know and as much as that's frustrating, that's the way the world works. Lily is a bit too much of an idealist to see that at this point, but there's a whole lot of story still to go :) 


Yeahhhh I really hope I'm completely wrong about Hollywood in 2032. At the time I wrote this first chapter (2014), Wonder Woman still hadn't been filmed; there were just all these dude movies and I was annoyed, and even now it's still such a skewed ratio. Despite being set in the future, this story does focus on a lot of issues in present-day. So yeah. I think one of the biggest traps to fall into with writing ~the future~ is technology or society advancing at an improbable speed. Like according to Back to the Future we were supposed to have hoverboards three years ago, where are they?


Bahaha at "I can continue feeling concerned without feeling like a fool" You're perfectly valid in that. As a narrator, Lily doesn't really see her own shortcomings :P I'm glad you're looking forward to the sci-fi and that the upcoming ship chaos hasn't put you off :P  Thanks so much for the review <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Cultivated Arts

Hi, Kristine. I came back to your Lily.

  I enjoyed the dinner scene at Potters. Especially, I like your description about Harry and Albus. You imagined each characteristic so nicely. I feel like listening to what Albus swears at his brother and sister in Chinese. I could imagine his face expression. :D



 And I am eager to read the book, “Cat among the Owls”, which sounds fun.


Wa…a pipe full of Gillyweed, I don’t want to smell the smoke. I’d rather try Gillyweed whisky, someone, a fanfic author wrote about it somewhere…


 As I continue reading your story, the person, Marta looks more hilarious to me. Most of her behaviors are against the law. And the scene that Lily and Iris exchanged their glances is interesting. They have to take care of Marta by rotation.


 Poor Lance! But I laughed aloud a lot when I spotted her saying, “Nicked it,” “From the Ministry!” It’s so funny.


 Lance do the dishes and Marta cooks, it sounds a good system, I doubt her cooking skill though. Well, she might be good at cooking, she is a smart Ravenclaw after all.


 I wonder what Conor’s intention was. Perhaps, he wanted to get the status as Lily Potter’s boyfriend or a kind of fame to know her. Hmmm, the name Cecilia Marta personated, partly, right, the lyrics says “Cecilia, you are breaking my heart.” I hope not Marta will break Lance’s heart by nicking the object.


Talking of the thing she nicked, I wonder if it is a new type of the magical species.



Author's Response:

Kenny! Thank you for coming back to read another chapter! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story.


Ehehehe Albus thinks he's so clever because he can get away with that :P


I bet that book would indeed be fun, but alas, it does not exist.  And yeah smoking Gillyweed sounds kinda unpleasant, but Marta is bored XD Gillyweed whisky, hm, that's an interesting combo.


Ha, yeah, you've definitely picked up on the fact that Marta doesn't have much respect for the law. I'm glad you enjoy reading about her though and that you think she's funny! Re: her cooking skill - in my mind at least, she's actually quite good at cooking, because she's really creative and she's an artist, and in some ways cooking is a lot like art. I can totally see her being good at it. But, cleaning up all the dishes afterwards is another matter and that's definitely not her strength XD


I'm sure Lily was wondering the exact same thing about Conor's intentions, and she has no patience for him :P I'm enjoying your theories. More to come about the thing Marta stole in the next couple of chapters...


Thanks so much for reading and for your review!

Name: Cassius (Anonymous) · Date: 26 Aug 2018 09:09 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue

This story definetly caught my eye right away from the description. Sci-fi and spaceships in the HP universe? I must read on!


Then, we find ourselves addressing one of the central issues of any good next-gen story- how the Potter and Weasley children deal with the challenges of growing up in a society where everybody knows who they are in the shadow of famous parents. This issue was realistically presented here, and I'm sure it will be a theme throughout the story. So far, Lily seems to be a sympathetic and relatable character through her narration. She's definetely a character that the reader would like to see succeed. 


So far, the prologue does a good job of drawing the reader in and grabbing your attention. I am definetely interested in reading more. 

Author's Response:

Hello! I'm so glad this story caught your eye! It's certainly an unusual one :P


Happy to hear that the issue of Lily's fame was realistically presented, and that she is a relatable character! And, of course, that's wonderful news to hear that the prologue is effective at catching your attention. Thanks so much for reading and for your review!

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Old and New

Hi, Kristine. Thank you for offering review swap.

I am happy to be back to your story. I missed your Lily. 


I like your way to describe Lily. She has glasses just like her dad, Harry and observes people around her and has unique comments for each person in her mind. It's fun to read about her friends just like when I first read HP books. I could feel Harry-ish POV while reading through this chapter. She doesn't care taking a shower or staying in her pajama. Harry was also so thick around girls and didn't care about the way how to wear clothes in his younger days.


Marta is a funny person. She does what she wants and her behaviour is wild. I feel for Harry and Ginny who tried to accept her. And Lily is also a unique person. I guess she can see some good points about Marta most of people can not see. I remembered the relationship between Luna and Harry. To see good things in such a person those who looks strange has been inherited from Lily Evans to Harry and from Harry to Lily. I like the circle.


I guess Lance has a feeling towards Lily. I also suspect he might put the weird object in the kitchen. Perhaps it was brought in from his work place. It may be a kind of ghost. It makes me wonder if the terrible or funny thing will happen next. It's so intriguing. I even expect Harry as a head Auror will have to save his daughter in the end. I like mystery...let's do review swap again. I am eager to read next, Kristin!





Author's Response:

Hey, Kenny! Thanks for swapping with me, and I'm glad you're looking forward to reading this story again!


Ha, I like that you pointed out the similarities Lily has to her father. While I did aim to write Lily as very much her own person, she undeniably has a lot in common with both of her parents and I think you'll notice even more similarities between Lily and Harry later on in terms of their decision-making, haha. It's interesting to me as well because the things you point out in which Lily reminds you of Harry aren't necessarily the ones I focused on while writing it, but I see what you're getting at and I'm glad it makes you think of you how felt while reading the HP books, that's great to hear! (And your comments about Harry's fashion sense as a teenager cracked me up, haha).


Marta is definitely a pretty wild character - and, it seems, somewhat divisive among readers of this story haha. And you're very astute in pointing out that Lily sees the good things about Marta - more to come about that in later chapters. But I really like what you said about how maybe it's just Lily's ability to see the good in others, like Harry has and like Lily (the first) had as well - what a wonderful connection to make!


I am not going to confirm or deny any of your theories in the last paragraph, but it's enjoyable to read them :P I'm so glad you're intrigued by the story and that you're enjoying it so far! Thanks so much for the swap!

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Tabula Rasa

Hello my love! Why has it been too long since I've read a chapter of this? 

Ugh, poor Lily just needs a hug. I can't imagine what she's going through while trudging through a world where she might not exist.  At least she has Lance; I'm glad he followed after her, even if he's still bad at giving hugs when she needs them the most. 

I'm glad she's starting to realize that her plan wasn't a very good plan, but I'm hoping she'll come up with one soon. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes and how she discovers everything. Do Lily and James even exist? What's going on with Harry? WHAT IS EVEN REAL, KRISTIN?! 

Aww, Marta! It breaks my heart that she would seemingly fall through the cracks without Lily and Iris (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IRIS KRISTIN?!). I love Lily's eagerness to try and make it right with the people she's friends with in the other universe, although Marta doesn't seem to be jumping at the chance to get to know this weird girl. Not that I blame her, TBH. I'm sort of starting to feel like Lance is the exception to the rule. I'm glad he's around, but I really, really hope Lily gets some proper answers, a mug of tea, and a good hug.

I think she deserves all of those things. 

Your writing is lovely as always, my dear. Thanks for another excellent chapter ♥

Author's Response:

I cannot answer that question :P But the story has missed you, and so have I! ♥


Lance is such a good friend. 10 points to Hufflepuff. And yeah, Lily is so lucky that he’s there. It would have been absolutely miserable to have to figure it all out alone without a friend to lean on :(


Lily inherited her planning skills from Harry, it would seem :P Ehehe I’m enjoying all the questions this is raising for you, and of course I’m not going to answer them in this response :P


Yeah. Marta is definitely a lot more a product of her environment than Lance is, so she’s quite different in this universe. Lily hasn’t figured that out yet, though. At least Lily gets an okay hug, if not a good one. But things will turn around for her soon!


Thank you so much for coming by to read another chapter, and for leaving such a lovely review! ♥♥♥

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 29 Apr 2018 06:33 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Daedalus

Omg omg omg I'm mentioned in this chapter! Yay!


You know, there's only been a few times where I desperately wish a fanfiction could be turned into a movie, and this is now one of them. I don't even really like sci-fi movies. That's how much I love this story.


Dammit Marta! Oh nooo now the press are all over Lily. How is she going to get out of this one?

Author's Response:

Omg, that is such a huge compliment, thank you so much. Eek! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Thanks for your review! Love you

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Apr 2018 09:30 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Ghosts

Hi, my love! Just transferring some reviews that I left on HPFF and forgot to post here!  <3


You put that end note just to confuse me more, didn't you? :P

 And Lily doesn't remember anything... that's so sad... :( But maybe she'll get her memories back somehow? I hope so, I don't want her to completely love her experience.

 And I can't wait to see her meeting Lance! I've missed Lance! Surely, she did cause a lot of trouble using that cube, but she shouldn't be too hard on herself...

 I love that Iris has a child now. And Marta is always Marta *rolls eyes*

 And I love how Lily was immediately submerged by letters from her family! Ahahah! I love the Potters! (Well, it's understandable that they would react that way after four years, I'm surprised they didn't just Apparate at Iris' immediately)

 I'm almost at work now, so I have to leave you. But this was an awesome chapter as always (even if I would have liked some answers instead of more questions... but I will forgive you...)

 Love you so much!

 Snowball hug,


Author's Response:

Yeah, by this point with the past three chapters I've probably confused everyone to the point where no one will read it anymore :P But, I promise that the remaining chapters will start to answer questions rather than raise more. (Finally.)

Yay for Lance! He'll be in the next chapter :) I think Lily is in a difficult place and guilt/blame are kind of flying all over as she learns new things. She's understandably upset and her emotions are everywhere. But things will start to calm down for her and I think she'll be able to see things more objectively given time. :)

yeah, everyone's lives have definitely moved on a lot! More to come with Marta. Her story's not fully told yet ;)

Aw, haha I'm glad you liked that! I think that despite how nosy her family is, they do understand how overwhelming it would be for all of them to Apparate over there, and probably have grasped that being there won't help Lily as she's going through a lot that she has to process without being surrounded by people. So they settled for a million letters and a promise that she'll see them the next day, which I think is fair ;)

Thanks so much! And you even read this on a tiny screen on the train, so kudos to you :P Thanks so much for reading and for another absolutely wonderful review.

Snowball hugs!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 19 Apr 2018 07:49 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Letting Go

Your chapter summaries really are so funny.


Oh my goodness - James sending Lily random messages to inform her she's short is so cute and hilarious! Also older Lily is taking the news very well. I wonder if she secretly thinks younger Lily is totally crazy, and she's just nodding and agreeing to everything.


I'm super nervous for Lily but I'm also SO excited and I think she's making the right decision. Not the right decision? Stopping the use of quills.


There's no way two Martas can exist in one universe. The world would explode. Somehow, I feel like she's going to end up coming along anyway. She's too strong-willed for something to not go her way, haha.

Author's Response:

Thank you! Haha, they're the least informative chapter summaries to ever exist :P


Bahaha thank you I'm glad you enjoy their goofy sibling teasing. As for Lily I, well, space travel in this universe is old news by this point, so it's less outlandish that it seems to Lily II. She does take the news well though. But there may be an element of smile-and-nod going on, yeah :P


I love that you're against the wizarding world stopping the use of quills. I dare you to write your next chapter with a quill. And pics on Twitter please so I can see it for myself XD


Your suggestion of two Martas in one universe making the world explode is cracking me up because yeah that's probably not too far off? XD 


Thanks so much for your reviews, Bianca! <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Facing the Facts

I CLAIM 100TH REVIEW!!! Do I get a prize?!

Just kidding, reading this story is the best kind of prize <3


I'm all for this world where muggles are treated equally and get to work alongside wizards without feeling disadvantaged. The positives of science, I suppose. (I wouldn't know, I'm a magic gal myself)

 "I understand you've come from a parallel universe." I'm stealing this for future conversation starters.

Aww here we go boiz. We going into space! Oh my goodness I love that there's parallel universe portals near that planet but also something mysterious happening up there and I am SO excited to find out what happens!!!

It's not the most tactful, but I do love Marta's no-bull attitude. She's such a bold character, and I love reading scenes with her in them.


Did you know human babies are 75% water at birth? That's a slighlty higher water content than a banana but slightly less than a potato.

Author's Response:

Ahh! Bianca!!! Welcome back to the story and thank you for dropping off a review! AND YES! You do get a prize, which is: A random fact. Did you know it takes sloths 2 weeks to digest their food?


Oh good I'm glad I was able to help give you tips on effective socializing :P Do let me know how it works out :P Yay and I'm excited that you're excited about the mysterious space things!!


Marta is certainly a divisive character among readers and I always enjoy seeing what people think of her :P I'm glad you enjoy reading scenes about her!


Thank you so much for this review (and also for that random fact, particularly the comparisons to bananas and potatoes) ♥

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 17 Apr 2018 08:35 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Unforgettable

AHHH ITS OVER?? This is so emotional omfg. I’m definitely going to have to reread Icarus from start to finish again sometime soon, because I’m not ready... that being said, this was the perfect conclusion to an honestly amazing story. 

Okay first off: I love Belinda the parakeet?? And I think it would be awesome if Belinda did end up being able to deliver letters because parakeets are just a thousand times better than owls, and there’s no point arguing with me on that. :P 

My favorite scene of this chapter was Lily hanging out with her friends. In some ways, it felt like a celebration of this story by bringing together all of the people who are most important to Lily, and yes, that includes Marta. I’m still not Marta’s biggest fan, but I could tell that Lily and her have sort of put aside their differences. In this chapter, their interactions felt almost like their interactions at the beginning of the story before all the betrayal and all that. And it does console me to know that Marta is one hundred percent happy, because she doesn’t really deserve that in my opinion. But for all the bad things she’s done, I think she really helped Lily grow, and for that, she deserves a bit of happiness. (I did think her and Lance’s crushes on one another were rather cute!).

Lily and Lance smoking Gillyweed made me laugh. Lily’s so freaking innocent. She’s adorable, I love her, and I’m really going to miss her. 

Saving the best for last: Celeste. I’m so happy that Lily found Celeste again, and I think it was smart to leave that at the end of the chapter. A converging of Lily’s two worlds as she seems to find herself, find ways to be independent and happy with who she is. This story ended with a promise for a happy future for Lily, and I really love that.

Kristin, this story was absolutely wonderful. I mentioned this in my review for the previous chapter, but what I really love about this story is that the characters are so deeply human. They are what drives the story, not the fantastical elements (though you wove those into their character developments very masterfully; I’m impressed!). For me, this story was Lily’s journey to find her place in the world, and it was this journey that made this story so lovable—not her journey to an alternate universe.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us. ❤️

Author's Response:

Shreya, thank you so much for all your support and your absolutely amazing reviews on this story! It's meant so much to me.


Yay for Belinda the parakeet! And I'm happy to inform you that she does eventually learn to deliver letters. If Sirius got big tropical parrots to deliver a cake to Harry in GoF, I am sure Candace can teach Belinda to deliver letters. ;)


I really loved writing that scene, so I'm thrilled that you enjoyed reading it <3 And, knowing that you don't like Marta, I'm so happy that you appreciated her inclusion here all the same. Despite all that's happened, she and Lily do have a lot of history together and they both made mistakes (...granted, one made a lot more mistakes) and they've come to terms with that, at least. As sad as it is to leave Marta with a lot of loose ends, in this situation where she's not entirely happy with her life, that was the only way for this particular story to end just because it's ultimately Lily's story, and while things begin to settle down for her, Marta still has a lot of personal growth to do and it didn't coincide with things tying up properly for Lily. Idk if you're interested, but I am (verrry slowly) working on a short story that will focus on Marta a few years later, because there's still a lot of story to tell about her :P (and because I found it hard to let go of all the characters, haha!)


Hahaha, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the Gillyweed scene XD They are such dorks and I love them.


Yay for Celeste! And I love what you said about how the end feels like a 'converging of Lily's two worlds as she seems to find herself' - that's such a great way to put it. It was really important to me that it felt that way, particularly because of Lily forgetting the previous world, so I wanted it to feel like she still sort of has that experience with her, even if she doesn't know it. If that makes sense :P


Ahh, and your last paragraph really means so much to me. I'm so thrilled that you love the characters and their humanity. I've actually discussed this topic with Farmgirl, who also writes a lot of sci-fi, and I honestly think that characters are what makes the best sci-fi. Because interstellar spaceships and crazy technology and aliens are all fun to read about, but on their own are kind of hard to relate to on a deep level because no one (in this universe, that I know of) has experience with those things, and it's in how characters react to these things and to each other in tough sci-fi situations that we find a way to relate. So yeah, writing this was really all about a character journey, with some fun flashy sci-fi things thrown in. (I mean. Giant centipedes? I'm so glad you all bought it and didn't just call me out on being ridiculous :P) So yeah, thank you so much for saying that, and I am so glad you found the characters relatable and realistic. I'm flattered that you loved the story so much, and I really appreciate all the kind things you've said about the story and the characters and my writing! Gah! You're so wonderful. Thank you so much for reading!!!! ♥♥♥♥

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 17 Apr 2018 08:20 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: A New Normal

Hi Kristin! I’m here to finally finish Icarus, and yes I’ve been procrastinating because I really don’t want this story to end. This chapter reminded me of one of the best qualities of this story, and something I like about sci-fi in general. Even if the plot and situation of the story is unbelievable, the characters are so human and relatable and so easy to empathize with. 


I felt so bad for Lily seeing her struggle to adjust back to her life in the Original Universe. I think maybe this is another one of those unexpected consequences that has probably taught Lily to be more appreciative of what she has. Still, it makes me sad that she’s going through this much pain, and her conversation with Indira was really heart-warming. I’m glad you included that and gave Lily a mentor, someone who could really understand what she was going through. It was especially good placing right after her conversation with the people at Flourish and Blotts, which I imagine made her feel all the more out-of-place—since they did kind of treat her like this miraculous anomaly. 


Marta’s new life has given me very ambivalent feelings. To some degree I’m happy that she’s out of Lily’s life and that she doesn’t seem to want to renter Lily’s life. To some degree, I’m really sad for her, because she doesn’t seem too happy in her new life; she seems like she’s trying to force herself to be someone she’s not. Either way, I think the new life you chose for her makes sense, considering her ambition and willingness to do basically anything necessary to leave behind her old life. (I’ve stopped hoping she chokes on a biscuit, but as you can tell, I’m still not a big fan of hers lol). 


All in all, I really liked this chapter. I really empathize with Lily’s feelings of aimlessness, and I hope that in the final chapter, she does find Celeste again. That would kind of be a perfect finale. 


Thanks for another fantastic chapter! ❤️

Author's Response:

Yay, thank you so much! I'm always so flattered by your love for this story and how you always point out how real and relatable you find the characters in an admittedly unrealistic story.


Yeah, it's really a struggle for Lily to adjust to how much life has gone on without her. But if she can navigate her way through a world where everything is different, she can do this. She's done it before, even if she doesn't remember. And yeah, you're definitely right in that she appreciates what she has even more. I also think that throughout much of the fic, Lily had a tendency to hang onto the past (Anna, a longstanding crush on Marta, the entire universe she left behind, Alternate Lance, the crew of the Daedalus just before she left, etc etc etc) and in a way I think this point where she's missing some of her past is going to be really difficult for her, because she's hanging on to how things used to be before that, but the experience will ultimately help her look forward sometimes instead of just back. I loved bringing Indira back (I don't know if back is the right word because this is actually the first time she's appeared, but you know what I mean) and am so happy that you liked the way she was included in the story!


Hehehe, reading these now and comparing them to your comments about Marta from chapters 2-3 is really fun. She is kind of a rollercoaster in this fic. XD Maybe it's evil of me to say so but I'm glad you're still conflicted about her/feel sad about her even though you don't like her. :P


Thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the chapter and I really appreciate the review! ♥♥♥

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 08 Mar 2018 09:31 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Hindsight

You’re absolutely right, this was certainly a vey necessary chapter so I could catch my breath after the emotional rollercoaster you took me on in the past few chapters.


I was so happy to see Lily reconnecting with her loved ones, the people who truly did support and love her, no matter which universe she was in. I’m so glad that Lance forgave her. Lily might think it was because he’d had time to come to terms with it, but I disagree. I think that Lance understands Lily, he knows her so well; he would’ve known that she didn’t intentionally do it and certainly not with any cruel intentions and that she was absolutely very guilty about it. I just keep thinking about how Alternate Lance helped Lily even without really knowing her; to me, Lance is just the purest cinnamon roll, and he definitely wouldn’t hold a grudge against Lily. I loved how fast Lily, Iris, and Lance returned to their old relationship. The scene with the movie left me with a huge grin on my face. After so much change in Lily’s life, I’m glad that she has at least two people who are so consistently and dependably /good/. 


I guess she actually has more than two people, because all of her family seems to be that way too. I loved the reunion with her family. I loved seeing what they’ve all been up to. Albus and Scorpius made me smile so much. James is typically obnoxious and adorable haha. And Percy’s rescue was truly fantastic and rather appropriate! 


I’m feeling really hopeful that Lily regains her memories; I like that she’s seeing some evidence of her time in the alternate universe. It did occur to me, though, that all the people on the Daedalus wouldn’t recognize her here in this universe. But I think they will also be consistently good people, no matter what universe they’re in, which makes me really excited for Lily to see them again. 


Wonderfully done, as always. I’m basically a puddle of feels right now haha :D ❤️

Author's Response:

Lance is absolutely a cinnamon roll. I don’t think he’s capable of holding a grudge. And yeah, he knows she didn’t do it out of malice, but it was still pretty thoughtless of her, and while he would have forgiven her anyway, I think the amount of time passed certainly helped. I think he was disappointed in her, especially at first, but he forgave her for it, because he was far more worried about her than annoyed at her.


And yeah, that was one of the things I thought really important about Lance as a character in general – you mention that he’s ‘consistently and dependably good’, and I really liked your choice of words there because I’ve always aimed to write him as consistent and dependable. Like, literally nothing in his life has changed since the beginning except he moved some of his furniture. Which is exactly what Lily needs at that moment, in a way :P


I’m so glad you liked the reunion with her family. And omg I loved writing Percy’s rescue. It was my fave part of the chapter XD Sometimes stuffy rule-followers get to save the day too. And I’m sure by that point in his life he’s very aware of what the rest of his family thinks of his Cauldron Safety Talks and knows how to use them to his advantage :P.


Thank you so much ♥♥♥♥♥

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 08 Mar 2018 09:00 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Ghosts

NOOOO OMG. I’m literally sobbing here, I wish that Lily would still remember Celeste and Daedalus! To me, the saddest part about this is that Lily’s probably forgotten all the lessons she learned and lost all the growth she had when on the Daedalus—all the self-discovery. I feel so sad. 


Also your questions at the end have left me all the more confused lol :P I think that it’s vey probable that alternate Marta’s interference in history will have caused some changes, but I think I can’t yet tell what the extent of those changes are. Obviously, Voldemort still happened, right? I suppose I’ll find out in the next chapter. 


I really appreciate the consequences from Lily’s journey, and her conflicting emotions about it. I can absolutely understand her bitterness and sense of betrayal towards Iris, for seemingly replacing her in her life; I really admire Lily’s acknowledgement of the selfishness of this thought, and her guilt for causing Iris so much pain, for stagnating her life. I think that Izzy is freaking adorable. I also really like that Lance and Marta were both punished, Lance unjustly and Marta very very justly. I think the former really sort of emphasizes the negative consequences from Lily’s journey. I think that Lance will forgive Lily though; he’s such a naturally kind and loving person—I can’t imagine him holding a grudge. I also have to begrudgingly admit that it was pretty cool of Marta to own up to her lie. I suppose she does have some decency after all... 


The part of the chapter that really struck me was Lily’s commentary of how stagnant her life is. Going back to my earlier point about her self-discovery, this makes me even sadder, because even though Lily’s life hasn’t progressed, she had grown so much, become a far more dynamic person, etc. I really hope that she encounters some of the people on the Daedalus again, because I know that they’ll be just as wonderful here as they were in the Parallel Universe. 


I’m incredibly excited to read the next chapter, so I’m going to cut it off here. But as a final note, I really appreciate that Iris brought up such a sexist practice because it’s such a real obstacle to women advancing in the workplace. This fic somehow tackles such real issues... despite being a sci-fi fantasy fanfic :P I suppose its absurdity sort of emphasizes just how absurd these practices are! 


Anyway, I’m done now. Thank you again for writing such a thoughtt-provoking and well-crafted story! ❤️

Author's Response:

Aahhhh sorry for the tears   and all the disappointment of Lily’s amnesia. I think this is a common reaction to this chapter, and that this chapter may be unpopular for that reason… *hands you a tissue* :(


Yeah, Lance’s punishment was definitely unjust, but sometimes the world just kinda works that way. And I think it would be unrealistic for there to not be any fallout from what happened. Fortunately it all worked out for him afterwards. As for Marta - yes. I think this is a really important point about her. Part of what made her not admit her part in the theft in the first place is that Lily wasn’t around to get in trouble for it and Marta wanted to protect herself from any trouble of her own. I think there’s also an element of resentment there, that Lily abandoned her (in her eyes), and Marta is sensitive to that sort of thing bc she was given up as a baby. So it’s like this deep seated and probably subconscious thing, but eventually her feelings of guilt changed her mind. It’s buried deep, but she has a conscience :P


The saddest thought of all is that Lily can’t remember all the personal growth she’s done over the course of the story, because this story was all about her growth as a character... and that’s part of why I did it XD I am terrible :P But, as you’ve seen by now, this loss wasn’t the end, and she did retain some of what she gained with her, even if she can’t access the memories. And she has the potential for a lot of growth and that is still with her.


I’m glad you appreciated my soapbox speech there disguised as Iris :P Honestly though, I do love that you appreciate the very real-world things that are included here.


Thanks so much for another amazing review. <3

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 08 Mar 2018 08:44 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Meanwhile...

I LOVED THE X-FILES REFERENCE OMG. And I thought I couldn’t love this story more haha :D And that canon twist was certainly interesting, and a rather unique choice to make! 


Before I get there, though, I do have to discuss Marta. I think I’ve made my opinion of Marta pretty abundantly clear: I don’t like her. I understand why she is the way that she is, and I sympathize for her, truly... but I’m struggling to find any redeeming qualities about her. She seems so selfish! I suppose one interesting thing that occurred to me is that Lily was a little selfish too, at the beginning at least. Going to the alternate universe in the first place was kind of selfish, right? But Lily shows remorse and concern for the people she’s left behind; Marta doesn’t seem to show any remorse whatsoever.


Even so, this chapter really made me feel bad for her. I can see her desperation, the sense that this world has nothing to offer her—which is truly a tragic and painful thought. At the same time, I think that maybe she played a role in that, in some way, especially with betraying Lily, who did care for her and would have wanted to help her. Ahhhh. Marta is such a complicated character! 


I do like that she was transported so far back into time, and seemingly, given a chance to start anew. I was curious why you decided to send her back here, and not further back? What was so appealing about this scene, and Tom? It’s all very interesting to me, and I do feel like I’m missing a little piece since I don’t recall this scene very well from the books haha. 


Okay, this is going to sound awful, but... I’m really glad Marta’s gone now. :P (Sorry but I really dislike Marta! Please, defend your character to me; remind me of her positive qualities). 


Thank you for another wonderful, well-written chapter! ❤️

Author's Response:

Hehehehe, I do really enjoy reading your thoughts about Marta, because even as much as she makes mistakes, she is very complicated and there’s a story behind all of that. I must admit, some of your comments about her were part of my inspiration to write the sequel that focuses on her :P


Funny thing is I actually picked out this scene quite early on in writing the novel (in fact, I’d already planned this chapter out when Marta uses ‘Cecilia’ as a fake name at the pub in like the third chapter.)  But anyway, it had to be something that prodded the events in Lily’s old universe to occur in this one too, and I wanted it to be an actual canon scene. So I decided having Tom meet Cecilia, and the Gaunts finding out about Merope’s crush on Tom, was a good place to start. Here’s a long chain of what-ifs: If Marta hadn’t gone to that point in time, Tom might not have ridden on that road at that time (he was showing her around) and Merope wouldn’t have seen him, and the other Gaunts wouldn’t have noticed her staring out the window at a Muggle, and they wouldn’t have attacked Bob Ogden (the man who ran out) and then gotten sent to Azkaban, meaning Merope wouldn’t have been left alone in the house to seduce Tom with love potion later. So, in a way, Marta going to that moment in history meant she brought the Voldemort timeline into that universe. Thanks a lot, Marta… :P


Aww. I know you don’t like her, haha, she has certainly made a lot of terrible choices. I will say, though, in her defense, that this story contains two different versions of her, and the AU Marta has a lot less to lose. It’s a bit confusing having two of the same character here, but the Marta who Lily left behind in her original universe is not the same as this one. I don’t think the original universe Marta would have gone back in time to start her life over – she cares about her friends too much and fears loneliness. Marta may have many faults, but Lily appreciates her liveliness and confidence and intelligence/creativity. See: the first few chapters. But yeah, AU Marta is more desperate and more selfish, as Lily realizes when she leaves Marta behind and turns her request down to get on the spaceship.


But, you’re also right, even the original Marta does have a lot of negative qualities. That was 100% intentional. I felt like in a lot of my writing before this, my protagonists were just too ‘good’ and generally moral people. So I wanted to write someone who wasn’t. :P


Thank you so much for another amazing review! ♥♥♥


Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2018 10:21 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Inferno


I was so excited that you came back into review tag.  I missed this story.

Oooh. This is definitely not a filler chapter, Kristin! It's actually really interesting, and nothing quite like I was anticipating.  You did a great job of transitioning between the two worlds and explaining everything.

I'M SO GLAD LANCE EXISTS IN THIS WORLD! I adore him so much, I think he's one of my favorite characters. And his mom is Cho Chang! I loved the detail you gave us about Chinese New Year before indirectly telling us who his parents were; it was a great little reveal. And so interesting that Harry's not Head Auror and the Colin is, and Myrtle is Minister of Magic?! So cool that Lance looks up to her the way that he does.

Oooh Lily. I adore her so much, and she's such a great narrator.  I love her little side comments like 'I would love to be smarter' and all of the ideas that are running around in her brain, and that she was disappointed to not be recognized for a change by the woman in her flat.  I'm also super curious about her and I noticed that you didn't reveal too much about her; I'm wondering if that's on purpose and she'll play a larger role in the story later on? 

I'm sorry if this review doesn't make any coherent sense XD I'm sort of just talking in circles to make sure I point out everything I loved about this chapter.

Honestly, Lance is the MVP here.  I love how he just sort of accepts Lily -- maybe because he still works in the Department of Mysteries? I really want to know where their friendship is going to go and I hope he sticks around.  I'm so glad Lily has someone she can trust in this world, or at least thinks she can trust, because I imagine the adjustment is a little terrifying.  She has a wand though, at least! And magic exists! So all good things.

This really was another fantastic chapter, and I'm so curious to see where you're going to lead us next.  Keep up the great work ♥ ♥

Author's Response:



I'm glad this didn't feel like a filler chapter, despite the fact that nothing actually *happens*. But there's a lot of world-building that needed to be done and I'm glad you liked it!


Yay for Lance! Funny thing is I never intended him to be a main character from the beginning, but then I liked him too much and just kept him around :P And I'm happy to hear that you liked the way his background was revealed. Again, this ties back into the fact that he wasn't intended to be that important originally, which is why I suddenly realized a year into writing the novel that he still didn't have a surname XD I think it finally comes out in chapter 6. :P


Myrtle being Minister of Magic was solely because I could get away with it and thought it was funny. :P Ah, the magic of AU.


I'm thrilled that you love Lily and her narration! And yeah, not being recognized is a big change for her - some things she's always taken for granted are going to come back to get her, in a way. As for the woman in her flat, there's more about her in the next chapter.


Lance is totally the MVP. If I were in his place I'd be weirded out if someone barged into my flat with that kind of information, like I'd think they were a spy or something? So I think him working in the Department of Mysteries definitely helped normalize this sort of thing as parallel universes are something he's been studying and so the idea that it worked isn't totally unrealistic to him. But yes, you're right, they don't have the kind of trust they had in Lily's original universe which will end up being important. But at least he trusts her just enough. So yeah, good things. :)


I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks so much for your review <3

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2018 05:48 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Tempus Fugit

HI KRISTIN. Thanks so much for requesting a review! I've been meaning to come back to finish... and also pushing it off a little because I don't want the story to end, and I didn't realize I only have 5 chapters left (cries). But I'm so glad to come back because the moment I started reading again, it felt like I was coming back home. A sort of warm familiarity. This story just fills my heart ahhh. <3 


It's a little fitting then that this is the chapter where Lily finds her way home... and for her too, it's a little bittersweet. I actually felt so emotional reading about Lily's realization that she has a way home. I think that Lily's time in this alternate universe has taught her a lot about appreciating her old life, about finding her way in her universe—but at the same time, she's built a new life in this universe, as she said. And I can't bear the thought of her leaving Celeste and her friends and the Daedalus, especially because it's so clearly one of the only places where Lily can feel free to be herself, to explore and find herself. 


I found Lily's goodbye-party-esque scene to be so sweet. I loved the scrapbook she made, I loved the Phantom Coffee Spiller (I'm the Phantom Coffee Spiller in my house haha :D), and I absolutely adored the banter between the crewmates of the Daedalus. Really, I've grown such an attachment to the Daedalus, just as Lily has; they feel like my family too. The goodbye scene with Celeste has my shipper heart flying and breaking at the same time. PLEASE TELL ME THAT LILY FINDS CELESTE IN HER UNIVERSE klklgalksgjk; 


Sometimes, I wonder if Lily really should go back. I feel like she's found a life for herself where that is hundred times better than her life in this Universe, and I wonder why she's going back at all. At the same time, I know that her family must be missing and Lily was never meant to stay in this Universe—even though, I do think that she was meant to stay in this Universe. Not sure if you have the forces of Fate playing here, but it doesn't seem too unbelievable in a universe with giant centipedes... (That made me laugh so much haha. This chapter had such great sci-fi elements. You write sci-fi fantasy so well, but you also write such emotional scenes. You're such a triple? quadruple? threat. BASICALLY YOU'RE AMAZING). 


Also I'm amused at my past self now for thinking that going back would be such an easy choice. 


Okay, I'm going to cut it off here so I can keep reading, but be warned, I'm probably going to be a puddle of sappy emotions by the time I'm done hahaha. Oops. It's your fault, really, for writing this amazing story that makes me cry and laugh and smile all at the same time. <3 

Author's Response:

I totally understand the feeling haha. Don't worry, there's still quite a lot of story left to go, though! ;) Aw, and I'm so touched by the fact that when you started reading again this story felt like coming home. That's so sweet <3


This chapter was definitely meant to be bittersweet - she's finally where she wants to be, she's found purpose where she used to be kind of aimless, and she's met friends who have changed her life - all just on the brink of when she's about to go home. I'm honestly so glad to hear that that emotion in the chapter resonated with you.


Aw, thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed her goodbye party! Bahaha, and I love that you loved the Phantom Coffee Spiller XD And it's wonderful to hear that you're so attached to the crew of the Daedalus, especially since they've only featured for four or five chapters. I can't say anything about the future of Lily/Celeste in a review response, but I'm glad that scene gave you so many feels ;)


It really is such a hard question, especially after  how much has changed for her since she got on the spaceship. Either way, she'll be missing something huge. Re: the giant centipedes, I was worried they might kind of take people out of the story for a second because they were just TOO ridiculous, so I'm glad that it wasn't the case, haha. And ack that is such a wonderful compliment, thank you so much! It's so flattering to hear that you think so highly of the sci-fi/action and the emotional scenes. You can't see it but I'm totally blushing. :P


Thank you so much for this wonderful review! <333333

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 20 Dec 2017 06:00 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue

“were apparently not creative enough to think of original names for any of their three children.” I think, you used this phrase in the other story I’ve read on the previous community…maybe, if my memory was wrong, sorry. What I wanted to say, your expression is full of humor like Mary Su you wrote (I’ve just transferred the review there as well, so I remembered your rhythmic style,) the main characters looking back their own name, it’s your unique style.  


OH, I remembered when I spotted Albus Potter. I think I left the review, sorry again, I couldn’t find the one for transferring (‘cause my old review over 600 or so). So I’ll repeat the same kind of review. I really love this spot, honestly, I laughed again: “the one who was married to Lily. Gross. I try not to think about my name too much. Thanks a lot, Dad.”


No, no, Lily, I agree with Albus about naming your future daughter, “I’ve always wanted to name my future daughter Hyacinth – I think it’s a lovely flower and would be a beautiful name. Everyone I’ve ever met disagrees. Even Albus thinks it’s terrible, and he knows all about terrible names.)” Hyacinth? Are you mental (in Uncle Ron’s mode)? I prefer "Rose" or your name "Lily" to "Hyacinth".


I feel your humor again here, : It’s the most dysfunctional picture I’ve ever seen, as there are way too many people in my extended family to keep track of, and everyone in this moving photograph is running about and generally failing at being normal. But we’re all smiling.

I wondered what happened to Lily’s family… Rereading this chapter is a good review of your story. I checked Genre and Theme under the banner, okay, it’s not dark nor horror, it says Action and Adventure plus Careers, Friendship. I’m relieved for now.

Then after I read the latter half, I was sure, yeah, I’ve read this chapter. Albus loves collecting plugs like his grandfather, Arthur. Lily’s thought jumped back to her father’s teenager’s history, his grandparents and Voldemort…


Wow, when did you finish up to twenty chapters, Kristin? I need to finish reading all chapters ASAP.   




Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


Haha, maybe it's not me you're thinking of, as I'd never written any next gen about the Potters besides this story. I'm sure other authors have also indirectly complained about the next gen kids' names in their fics though :P But, I'm glad you think Lily's internal thoughts are funny!


XD Most people seem to disagree with Lily about the name Hyacinth (and I can't blame you for disagreeing with her!). But  as you know, Harry and Ginny both have pretty terrible ideas of what they think are good names, so it runs in the family XD


Regarding what happened to Lily's family - nothing recently, she's just reflecting about the war that happened before she was born, and how family members she's never met died in it. I'm sorry if that was confusing! And for the genre - it's pretty solidly science-fiction, although I don't think we have a category for that so it went under action/adventure :P It never gets dark/horror although it does get suspenseful in parts. Or so I'm told.


It was very kind of you to stop by and read/review! Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 19 Dec 2017 05:06 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Unforgettable



And Alex, omg. <3 They showed up. I really wasn't expecting them to, but now I'm just even happier.


I liked this ending a lot. I liked how you left enough threads open (such as the relationship between Marta and Lance, and the future of Lily) while helping to close some (allowing This Universe Lily to meet This Universe Alex and This Universe Celeste).


This story was a rollercoaster. It was exhilarating, incredibly intelligent, and very thought-provoking. I found myself thinking so much about different situations while reading this, and that's always an amazing thing to be able to do as a reader!


Congratulations for writing such an amazing story, Kristin. <3

Author's Response:

I stomped on everyone's heart with that chapter where Lily first comes back, so I really owed it to you here to let them meet again. Also I ship them so much that the idea of them never meeting again was just out of the question. Also the fiction world needs more queer couples getting a happy ending. I'm glad that you were so excited for them to meet again :D


Since Lily's experiences in the AU were mostly erased  - and all the character development along with it - it was particularly important to me that she meets some of the crew in this version of the universe. After all, so much of the early part of the story focused on how different people were without the influence of certain people in their lives, and so her getting to meet at least Celeste and Alex and therefore be influenced by them here kinda suggests that she can once again become the same person she was at the end of the voyage.


I'm so glad you liked the ending! I know it didn't really wrap up a lot of things (because real life doesn't ever wrap up neatly, there's always threads dangling at any time) so I'm very happy to hear that you liked the balance between open and closed ends here.


It's so wonderful to hear that this story made you think, and that you found it exhilarating and intelligent. That's honestly some of the most wonderful feedback any author can possibly here, so forgive me while I just swoon at your compliments and faint like a Victorian lady.


Thank you so much for all your reviews on this story, they were really a joy to read! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed reading the fic. Thank you ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 19 Dec 2017 04:58 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: A New Normal

I was wondering when we would get to meet the infamous Indira Agrawal! Now I'm wondering about her memory loss, and how that relates to Lily's return. Because clearly, the two have something to do with one another, but what specifically?


Reading about Indira's decisions in this new world of hers was actually kind of sad. I felt for her when she said that about thirty years had passed since she had entered this world, especially since time travels so much faster in this world that the other one. It was a weird feeling when she said she remarried; I know she has every right to, but the fact that there might be a husband waiting for her in the other world makes me feel sad. (I'm using that word a lot. Lol.)


All I want is for Lily to just remember again. I want her to be able to regain all the personal growth she went through, and to make a difference in this world that has progressed less. And I hope she will get to do that.


The way you connect everything and remember to tie up all the loose ends is amazing. You never cease to impress me. <3


Last chapter, coming up!

Author's Response:

So... yeah, it was kind of hard to shoehorn this in there considering the characters never entirely figure out what happened XD Marta changed history when she went back in time, therefore rewriting the timeline of the alternate universe. This is why Lily can't remember it, and why Agrawal loses her memory - because suddenly these things have never happened. Aren't time paradoxes fun? :S


I felt super sad while writing it, too. The idea of not knowing what you've left behind, but knowing you did leave an entire life behind is just such a crazy thought and I imagine it'd be so hard. But ultimately she knows she'd be starting over if she went back, and she doesn't want to do that over again. But yes, it must be really sad for her family back home who go years without knowing what happened to her, although I imagine that the research crew on Balthazar passes on the message from Indira to her family when they return to Earth, so they do get some closure - not that that makes it any less sad. (Incidentally, Indira made the right choice, though - only three years passed in the alternate universe since she vanished, she'd come back having aged so much and finding out that the rest of the world hasn't, and that'd be awful.)


Well, Lily did have that dream about being on a spaceship, so maybe she's retained a tiny bit of it subconsciously...


Ahh, I don't even know what to say! Thank you so much ♥


Thanks for another amazing review ♥

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 19 Dec 2017 04:48 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Hindsight

Oh, this chapter answered both of my questions in the previous review, haha, about why Lily forgot her second trip, and why she lost four years instead of the actual time she spent in the other universe. You're so smart and think of absolutely everything, I love it.


I can't imagine how her family feels right now. Losing someone so close for four years, having no idea whether they're dead or alive for so long, must have been really, really horrible. They must be so, so, so deliriously happy to have her back again. The family reunion was such a happy thing to read about.


(The fact that Percy scared all the reporters away by just being himself made me snort. Go Percy.)

Author's Response:

Eep, thank you! I'm glad that this cleared things up and makes sense!


Yeah, it must be super difficult for her family. I think they were a huge part of the reason Lily made the decision to go back even after she was so attached to the other world, because she knew what they must be going through (although of course she hadn't known quite the length of time that they'd been dealing with). I'm so glad you liked the family reunion - it was nice writing something so happy especially after the emotional drain  and huge amount of loss in the previous chapter.


(Also glad that you enjoyed Percy's heroic moment hehehe)


Thank you for another amazing review!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 19 Dec 2017 04:41 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Ghosts

NO. NO, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS. THESE LAST FEW CHAPTERS HAVE BEEN SO EMOTIONAL, I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR AN EVEN MORE EMOTIONAL RETURN. I had been hoping for a happy, relieving ending after everything that Lily went through, but no, you toss the saddest idea at us, that Lily forgot everything. She's forgotten Celeste, and meeting her grandparents (*sobs*), and her time on the spaceship with her amazing friends...


She's not going to be able to find Celeste now, especially since she can't remember her. I'm also beginning to worry if Lily will be able to remember the development that she went through in all her time on the spaceship. Will she still feel that motivation to become an activist?


Also, why did she forget everything, if she didn't forget anything the first time she world-hopped? Is it because the most recent world-hop was so much larger and lengthier? I'm so sad right now. She lost four years (was this due to a slight world-hop malfunction, this really long period?), and she can't remember. And she's also missed out on her friends' lives.


I find it funny that Lily-Universe's Marta ends up doing something similar to Other-Universe's Marta; marry a rich, pretty guy and live well forever. Except I'm assuming Lily-Universe Marta doesn't create another Voldemort.

Author's Response:

SORRRRRY.... That's all I have to say about that.


As for your questions - I know this chapter does raise SO MANY questions - so I'm glad that the next chapter cleared them up :P


I love the comparison to MArta's life in both universes though, haha. True.


Thanks so much for your review <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Meanwhile...



I loved hearing things from Marta's perspective. Even though it is unconventional to write a third person chapter in the middle of a first person story, I thought it brought a necessary addition to the story. I still can't get over how cleverly you tied the worlds together.


Does this mean that Marta not only time-traveled but world-hopped, as well? Since Voldemort never existed in her world, then this must mean that she traveled to Lily's version of Earth, right?


This was so so great. Omg. Still not over it.

Author's Response:



I'm really glad you liked Marta's POV here, as well!


She didn't world-hop - Tom Riddle I already existed. But she *may* have changed things and the way history plays out. After alll, she kinda makes waves wherever she goes. Soooo.......


Thanks for your review!!

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Tempus Fugit

I just had a thought. Have you ever read The Martian, by Andy Weir? (If you haven't, gogogo because as soon as you hit the second or third chapter, it will be one of the most attention-worthy books you'll have read in your life.) Watching your characters explore Balthazar just reminded me of that. It gave me the same nerves and general stresses that I got when reading The Martian.


So much happened in this chapter, I'm still taking a few moments to digest it all. It was so engaging though, I was locked to my seat. The discovery that Indira Agrawal ended up on Lily's alternate-universe Earth was so shocking to me, I literally hadn't seen that coming at all. Also, Lily's actually been gone for a while in her world. I just sort of assumed that time would stop for a bit until she got back, but it makes sense that it continued while she was gone.


By the end of the chapter, I felt so exhilarated from everything that had happened. (Including the kiss that Celeste and Lily shared... I'm honestly so sad that these two won't be together. Unless Lily actively tries to search for and befriend Celeste in the other world.) I'm so excited that Lily's finally going to get back to her Earth (hopefully), and to see what amazing things she will do.

Author's Response:

I haven't! (I saw the movie, but I know how different movies can be compared to books.) Thanks for the recommendation! I will totally check it out. :) Also, the fact that you just compared my fic to "one of the most attention-worthy books you'll have read in your life" is omg I just kind of keeled over so thank you for that flattering comparison!!


This was a big chapter, yeah. The longest, and I think the point everything builds up to. I'm so thrilled to hear it was engaging. (Fun fact: I also didn't see Agrawal's relocation on Lily's Earth coming. That was a spur of the moment plot change haha). Anyway, as you know now after reading the whole fic, your musings here on the passing of time are very... timely (*cymbal crash* #puns), regarding what comes next.


I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter and that it was exhilarating. That's so wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for your review! ♥

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Story:Icarus Chapter: All Good Things

These captain's logs sound so professional and technical and knowledgeable, and they add the perfect extra touch to a science-fiction fic. I enjoy reading them, and looking at the formatting of it all.


One of my favorite things about this alternate universe so far is the sheer number of diverse people Lily has met so far. Back in her old life, I think she only really had Lance who was non-white, and I think that was it. So being able to see her learn from being in a diverse environment is fulfilling and warming. I love her realizations about herself and her privilege. I especially love that one section when she's listing all her hopes for her world, when she becomes an activist.


I want Lily to go home so that she can prove herself as a more motivated person, but at the same time, I want her to be with Celeste, who sounds so amazing. I'm so torn. This is such a hard thing to think about.


Really great job, Kristin! <3

Author's Response:

Thank you! It's great to hear that you like the captain's logs and that you think they add so much to the story, I'm so happy to hear that!


I think you're right about Lily's old life vs this one, and I'm so glad to hear that her learning from this group of diverse people is so fulfilling. I'm thrilled that you liked that section too!


Yeah, it is really a difficult choice - the more time she spends there and the closer she gets to everyone, the less she wants to leave because she's found her community. But she now understands that she could make a huge difference back in the world she came from (besides, all her family is there).


Thank you so much!! ♥

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