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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 04:51 PM · For: The Prince and the Pirate



The idea of Scorpius telling this same bedtime story to his two sleepy children is the absolute cutest thing in the world omg. I basically had heart eyes the entire time I was reading this, and was just quite overcome with love for both Scorpius and Albus (and their two children who’re the cutest things in the world)! And the fact that this story is told entirely in dialogue, but that the humor and banter and arguing is still present everywhere, makes me so happy! This is the second all-dialogue story I’ve read today, and I have to say, I really like this kind of story haha. Especially since you did it so well!! No wonder why this story won so many awards.


I loved how we could tell who was speaking the entire time. I don’t entirely know how you did it, because it’s not like Scorpius or Albus used each other’s names all that often, and you were alternating between four characters, but I could immediately tell whether it was Albus or the children speaking instead of Scorpius. (I’m going to call one child Sleepy Child and the other child Grumpy Child hehe. Sleepy and Grumpy for short. <3) I absolutely loved the little interruptions made by the children, how Sleepy just absolutely adores this story more than anything and Grumpy is just beyond tired of it haha. My favorite one was “You’ve literally heard this story a thousand times, I don’t—” from Grumpy, who I am quite fond of. :P


And the story itself! I loved the adaptation of your regular old Hogwarts story into a fairytale world where the Malfoys were royalty and the Potters were “abominable” pirates who acted quite similarly to Robin Hood, giving to the poor, and the entire time I was so happy! When it was said that Scorpius had to marry by his seventeenth year, I was like OH MARRY ALBUS, which, surprise surprise, came true hahaha.


When Albus walked forward and kissed Scorpius, I was basically aww-ing along with their children hehe. It was such a cute romantic little fairytale, aww. <3


And the way that Albus asks Scorpius to finish the story even after the kids fall asleep! And Scorpius saying that he wants a divorce haha when Albus makes the “booty” joke omg. They’re so so cute, and they make me so happy, and I’m really glad that they have two adorable children and are living together happily and THIS IS JUST AMAZING. <3




Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 23 Jun 2018 04:24 PM · For: The Prince and the Pirate

Transferring this profound review over from AO3...



Yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss :D So happy this story exists. I have no other really useful comments apart from this:

Q: What is a pirate's favorite class at Hogwarts?




(yep, that was the whole thing. Anyway, I love this story and this is such a wonderful fluffy scorbus, thank you for sharing it with the world, it is a gift)

Name: Phoenix Potioneer (Signed) · Date: 28 May 2018 09:09 PM · For: The Prince and the Pirate

Okay, I laughed at the "wise, elderly hero by the name of Harry" part. The name Harry just sounds hopelessly mundane for a fairy tale, especially for a wise and elderly man. It's hilarious.


I'm only partway through the story, and I totally think that it is Scorpius telling this story, which makes it all the funnier. Of COURSE he would make himself a prince and the Potters awful pirates. This is just too funny. Inventing a fairy tale about yourself is just too hilarious.


Yes, it is almost definitely certain that Scorpius is the one telling the story! I love Albus coming home and immediately defending the "pirates". Of course he would!


Oh my goodness, the part where Albus is asking for the "dirty version" and Scorpius is asking for a divorce is just too funny. I love these two.


Aw Scorpius and Albus and the end are just adorable! It's so cute!


I love the retelling of Scorpius and Albus falling in love in a typical fairytale fashion with all the talk of "as fate would have it" and whatnot. Very good. All Harry Potter fans should read this to their children- exempting the dirty version, of course! Loved it!

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2018 05:31 PM · For: The Prince and the Pirate

Julie, my love! I'm here for a review event, and how... have I never read this story before?! 

This is pure joy. I know you're good at what you do, but the fact that this is told all in dialogue is absolutely amazing. I can hear the different voices in my head, even the children interrupting Scorpius tell the story, and I love that Scorpius and Al turned their love story into a children's tale. Of course, it's not their story, but I love that they're the main characters, and Al as a pirate is perfect and wonderful. It reminded me of Robin Hood, a bit, with the Potters taking magic and giving it back to others so that everyone should hold a magic wand.

I also loved that Al came home toward the end, but Scorpius continued to tell the tale even though they were asleep. They were all so perfectly in character, and just, it's so wonderful. It has everything -- adventure, a tale of love and fate, and beautiful Scorbus and their children.

Thank you for writing this amazing piece of fluff ♥ ♥

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 02 May 2017 08:46 PM · For: The Prince and the Pirate

You cannot even guess at the escalation of my happiness level right now.

JULIE!!! I love this so much! As I was reading, in my head I just kept thinking this is amazing, this is amazing...

Honestly, when we were first talking about it, it was a laugh and a funny notion, but you've honestly turned this into something so great. It's - dare I say - swashbuckling!

Yeah, that's right. I went there.

I love that it's a story told their children, I love what you did with it. The prince, the magic, having to marry, the Potters as pirates, the Isle of Hogwarts... It's all so fantastic. Oh, and the flag as the Gryffindor crest was an awesome touch too! And searching for horcruxes!

Dis tho: a Potter went with a Malfoy as well as a pirate did with a bath. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

And it's all dialogue! As someone who attempted a story written in just dialogue, I know how challenging it is, but you totally nailed it, and it works perfectly.

Of course your writing is incredible as always. Prince Scorpius and Pirate Potter 5eva ♥

I honestly need more Potter pirate adventures. Make it happen. K thanks.

Arrr, matey!

♥ Bianca    

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