Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 06:55 AM · Chapter: Growing Up Pureblood

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I have to say, I loved this story! (I came here through HPFT review tag, and I was looking through all the stories you wrote - wow you really are a productive author btw, and I had trouble finding one that wasn't fluff or humor or romance... but at the end I found one that is a perfect match for me ;-))


We know so little about Lucius Malfoy (yes, there is the Pottermore article), and I think it's always that people aren't the way they are just because, but they all have a story. And I can totally imagine this being Lucius's story. (“Your son isn’t shaping up to be strong—“ “He’s much too kind,” these are exactly the words that could turn a child into a monster.) Apart from that you are really good in keeping me intruiged - what the hell is happening in his father's room? I was like go Lucius go look in there so that I can find out.

Ok, then he finds nothing interesting.

But the last part of your story... I'm almost unable to write about it, it's so powerfull, it really paralized me, a true catharsis.


Usually I do offer constructive criticism, but I can't this time, I'm sorry, the story is perfect as it is, I can't thank you enough for writing it!

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