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Name: BlackPixie (Signed) · Date: 26 Sep 2017 02:51 AM · Chapter: {O N E}

Hi 800!


Here for Magic!


I love the imagery you are giving here. It definitely is giving me the sense that I have just dropped into the streets of Washington D.C. on a cool December night.


Ooh Lily Luna, what are you doing here all the way across the pond?


I feel so sorry for Lily Luna! (Though I would love to know more about her time in the astronomy branch of the Department of Mysteries)


It's interesting how she decided to forego spending time with her family for a trip to a foreign country. Being able to apparate (assuming you can do that internationally)meant I would have spent her week doing both family time and visiting the museum.


I love how going to an American Air and Space Museum is her dream. She definitely seems like a cool, young hipster nerd. :p


You definitely capture the spirit and voice of a young twenty-ish year old girl!


Your characterisation of David paying attention to so much detail of Lily's outfit is good, though honestly many boys wouldn't really pay that much attention to it.


This is such a great story and I'm definitely in love with the idea of Lily getting so close to a muggle boy.


Thank you for the great read!



Author's Response:

Hey Hayden! Thanks for dropping by.


I'm glad you enjoyed the scene setting at the start of the chapter. That section is I think my favourite part of this chapter, myself.


Haha, it's interesting that you feel sorry for Lily. Honestly, her life sounds pretty great :P


I reckon a lot of people make the decision to travel instead of doing the same old things all the time, especially when they're young. Lily is simply embracing that need to broaden her horizons. And yes! She is a major hipster, isn't she?


I've been surprised by what boys pay attention to. Don't let those stereotypes fool you.


Thanks for the review :)

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 11 Aug 2017 01:36 PM · Chapter: {O N E}

Uh oh. I have a huge crush on David--this is definitely not good! Hahaha. You did a really great job showing David's choice; I can immediately see him being awkward, enthusiastic, and very likable. (I also like that he's a POC!!). I love that Lily's interested in astronomy and I really liked that David found her pretty only when she smiled; too often, the love interests are described as always perfect and it's nice to see a dose of realism :) This is creative and interesting, and I can't wait to read more! 

Author's Response:

Haha! It's okay if you have a crush on David! He's pretty neat! I'm happy that you like him so far! Thanks for the wonderful review :)

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