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Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 25 Jun 2017 06:12 AM · Chapter: Just another Tuesday



I've just been popping around the forums, reading a variety of different stories, and I am quite glad I decided to stop by and see what this was all about.  I haven't been this amused by the stories I've been reading (A self-inflicted interest in depressing stories) and I definitely needed this tonight.


To start, I love Sirius and Millie. I know a big part of my amusement with them is the dating-but-we're-not-calling-it-that phase but they also have such distinct personalities and mannerisms...it didn't take long for me to feel like I knew them when I was reading, ya know what I mean? Like, they were relatable and I knew what to expect with their banter and conversation. They had a lot of history and it was easy to just get them. I'm sure this is in part from the story this is a missing scene from (which I may have to go hunt down and start reading, because I quite enjoyed this), but it was really nicely done.


Sirius was also amusing. His POV, and how casual he was about everything...like, noting that Slughorn's sleeve was on fire and how he'd kind of mock/tease Millie about the superheroes, despite the fact that he'd read all the comics and knew what Millie was talking about...I loved it. It was so fitting of his character (at least how I see him in my head). And Millie was the perfect compliment to his character, having her own attitude about the world and keeping up the banter with Sirius. (Also, the two of them together, both thinking the same things but not saying anything because the other hasn't.)


As for plot...I could not help but giggle at Man-Bat Potion. And Transmorgifying Potion. Like, leave it to Sirius to decide that Langstrom Potion is a terrible name and to have to find a new name. And to suggest terrible names until Man-Bat Potion comes about. It was quite amusing. I also love how this Man-Bat potion came back into play later on and sort of tied everything together. And how it tied into Batman. Like, that was so cool and I love how much it was weaved into the story. It added another layer and really worked quite great here!


Lovely job!

-Mikaela xx    

Author's Response:

Haha, I guess that's the price you pay for enjoying angst and drama so much :P I'm glad that you found the story amusing.


Fake-dating is one of my favourite tropes. And these two are soooo deep into that trope, they have no idea what is going on regarding their relationship.


Sirius is just great fun to write. It can be challenging at time to write a character as cavalier as him, but it's a challenge that I enjoy immensely.


Sirius hates Potions. He will do anything to amuse himself  in that class, including trying to rename potions. Plus annoy Milllie :P


Thanks for the lovely review, Mikaela :)

Name: dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2017 09:47 PM · Chapter: Just another Tuesday

until they both worked up the guts to bring up the change in the status quo, he’d refer to Millie White as his Valentine



I needed a change of pace and to read something happier off of your page. I haven’t read your story but I’m glad this can be seen as a stand-alone piece. I know nothing about their relationship but I already like the characters. They seem relatable and funny. Granted I love Sirius so that might be why but Millie seems like a neat character too. She sounds a little sassy but isn’t over the top and in your face.


As usual, he ignored Millie’s suggestion and continued to stroke his imaginary beard in thought.


I don’t know why but that came off super raunchy to me. Ha-ha.




“All warm and modest.”


I know. I know. I’m a child but…











Wow! I’ve never read a Batman fic before. This was super cool! At first I wasn’t sure where you were going with this only because it’s never been added to a fic before. I was pleasantly surprised! I think this was entertaining from beginning to end. You were able to wrap up the entire theme and leave me wanting a little bit more. I would love to read more about Sirius and Millie. It seems like they would be a good couple. Also, oh, before I forget, I liked that you kept up with the ‘Valentine’ thing until the end. It made me chuckle and Sirius can commit (in my mind) so I like that he committed to referring to her as his Valentine (in his head anyway).

Author's Response:

I'm very, very pleased that you like the characters. Remember Me Not is one of my uncommonly sad stories. I usually write stuff more in the vein of this story. I really wanted this one-shot to stand alone, despite it being part of a larger whole. It's just supposed to be a window into one of the zany, but still everyday, adventures that people probably had at Hogwarts before Harry Potter crashed into their lives. And of course, I rely heavily on the universal love for Sirius Black :P


Imaginary beards, raunchy? To each their own I suppose :P


Haha, he is naked! Probably the reaction Sirius was trying to avoid.


I've also never read a Batman fic before - nor written one. It was so much fun to write! Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

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