Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 29 Apr 2017 02:39 PM · Chapter: Becoming a Longbottom



I'm trying to leave some of my lovely Gryffies some much-deserved love after all being amazing at CTF, and I've just realised I don't think I've ever read many of your stories before?  But I couldn't resist this when I spotted it on your page, because I have a real soft spot for both Hannah and Neville and the two of them together is even better.


This was beautiful!  Honestly, it was such a wonderful story to read and I'm so glad that I got the chance to enjoy it.  I don't know where to start first with this review, because there's so much that I want to comment on, but this was a brilliant and touching story, and I have a big smile on my face after reading it.


Your characterisation here was great, as well.  Neville was just the right balance between the brave, kind, strong man that we see he's become in the Deathly Hallows, and that person who'll always be a bit of a child when he's around his grandma (aren't we all still children to parents and grandparents, no matter our age?).  Then Hannah was incredibly sweet and loving, and I loved the value that she placed on family and the way that she wanted to share Neville's family with him.


I think my favourite character here was Augusta, though - and to be honest, I never thought I'd say that.  I've not read many stories which include her at all, but I loved your portrayal of her in this story.  She still pretends to be stern at times, but her relationship with Neville has changed and softened as he's grown up and she's clearly so proud of him, and accepting of Hannah because she knows she's the right person for her grandson, even if she'll feel lonely when he gets married.


The moment when Augusta called Hannah family was so lovely, and I adored the detail you included about Augusta's memory of another man standing there in front of her, asking the same question about another woman.  It was a lovely nod to Alice and Frank and brought them seamlessly into the story.


The news that Alice doesn't have long left was so heartbreaking.  You could see how much Alice meant to the three characters around that table and that losing her was going to be awful for them all - Hannah really is one of the family.  Neville's proposal after that was so simple but it seemed to fit really well with the characters and with the timing of everything.


It was brilliant to see the way that you tied Hannah's value for family up with the loss of her mother, too - and her thoughts on Frank and Alice were so sweet.  It's kind of heartbreaking that she has to imagine who they are, in a way, but at the same time she loves them like parents and it's adorable to see that she wants them to be a part of her wedding more than anything.  I'm going to believe that Alice and Frank knew what was happening at this point in time and truly appreciated the effort and seeing their son's wedding day.


Even though this was bittersweet in places (Alice and Frank *sobs*), I really loved this story, and it's so brilliantly and thoughtfully written.  Thank you for sharing it!


Sian :)

Author's Response:

Sian, you nut! You don't have to leave me reviews silly. Though I do appreciate it. I have to hop on over to your page one of these days :D


Thank you for this amazingly well thought out review. Neville and Hannah were essentially my OTP back when I was on HPFF. The first one-shot that I ever wrote was about Neville. I kind of became a little obsessed after that. I wanted to explore his entire relationship with Hannah, which is why I have a prequel to this story, I have a drunk Hannah/Neville, and a few other stories where they end up together as well. After I wrote this story I felt I was done writing about them. I just don't have any other ideas because I don't see them having children so I feel like I explored most of their life. 


I wanted to show that Neville is a man but it's true we do act like a bit of a child when we're around our parents our grandparents, right? We still have that little switch that goes off when we need their comfort or advice. I think his grandmother meant a lot to him so her advice and her comments would have been important to him. I think he also plays off needing her well because I think if anything Neville knows Augusta needs him too. This is a tough time they're going through. So she needs him to be a little needy, a bit like a child, she needs to comfort him because comforting him and chastising him allows her to do what she does best. 


I really do think Hannah would have thought of Frank and Alice as her own parents. Even though there were no conversations had between the three of them and she really didn't get to know them she would have still felt connected to them. She would have mourned them along with Neville and Augusta. Thanks to Kaitlin I do believe Frank and Alice knew what were going on, not 100%, but they would have been able to connect some of the things inside of their heads and would have been happy even though they wouldn't be able to verbalize it. 


Thank you for the kind and wonderful review! I appreciate it immensly! 

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