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Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2017 07:49 AM · [Report This]
Story:All In Chapter: All In

Hello! I'm transfering reviews from HPFF 


Dearest Jill!


It has been a while since I stopped by hasn't it? Sorry about the delay, I've been having a particularly long day at work.




That was a nice touch, making it that Lee Jorden and Ginny were close. I think that's the first I've ever read that, and it feels so natural you know, I didn't feel like doubting it even for a second. 


What I see here is a running theme that links all of your Ginny/Seamus one shot - the first kiss, the St. Mungos... and this. Since I've read the other two, I'm loving this even more. 


Seamus, being jealous, jumping to conclusions - from what little we know of him from the books, this all feels alarmingly canon! Brilliant characterization there. 


I ship Hinny mainly because its canon, but I love how you justified her love for Seamus because he was there when Harry left, and that makes me want to ship them more. 


Ohhh we see the continuation of Seamus' reconcilation with his father. but his father does still seem a piece of work. 


YESS! That passionate kiss was just delicious to read, with the rain and everything, the whole picture just screamed out of a romantic movie. Topped off with being discovered by his mam. How utterly embarassing!


Awww.. this was such a wonderful piece to read. I came out of it feeling all happy and light inside. I'm so glad we decided to swap.


Good luck for the Challenge, Jill!




Author's Response:

Ysh! Don't apologize for the delay, I'm sorry you had a long day at work :(

Haha! Um, I'm not sorry? Come on aboard the ship, there's plenty of room!

Yeah, I sort of always figured Lee would be close with Ginny if he was so close to the twins, y'know? He'd just always be around and a good person to go to for advice.

There are links to my other stories! And there's one more link to the story before this - their actual fight - that's on my AP if you ever wonder what actually happened. I tried to write it so you can read them on their own, but if you want to know how that particular moment went, you can jump right to my AP to find out!

Ahh, thank you! I know we know so little, so I'm so glad that you think he blends right into canon. I'm always a little nervous because I feel like I write him a little darker than he's normally portrayed in fic.

And yes, we do! There's been some improvements, but I figured it would be something they wouldn't be able to work out over the course of a few weeks, y'know?

Eee, haha I know! Though I figured it was better to be caught by his mam than his dad! :D

Thank you so much! I'm glad we decided to swap as well.

And thank you!


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