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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xiv.

Hey, Meg!

Oh, my Merlin, I'm so behind with this, I'm so bad... but I'm here now with a snowball (hug) for you! ;)

Ahahah! Hogwarts will always be the same in that aspect, news always travel fast, especially when it's about teenage romance gossip... :P Poor Hermione, though... that must be mortifying...

But I'm so glad she's finally accepted that she has feelings for Severus! It was about time! (okay, I'm jumping up and down... can't really write ordered reviews... anyway...)

Hermione's denial is so good and so real, even if a tiny bit annoying. Then, again, everyone trying to judge her relationship with him and lecturing her is so annoying too... I do understand they worry for her, but honestly! Then, again, I would probably be that person as well (?) Severus isn't really the person you would want to see a friend with (seeing it from an external perspective)

And btw, Remus is the cutest (yes, I'm biased, I know...) I love that he was so embarrassed when he brought up the subject, and I loved that he showed his concern but in the end backed off and apologized, it's definitely like him.

Oh, my Merlin! The tension between Hermione and Severus when he pulled back her hair... that was so intense and so adorable! I love those two! Like, Siriusly! And Severus getting all jealous when she mentioned being cornered by Otto and Edgar? Aww, if that isn't sweet, I don't know what is... :P

A good Truth or Dare game! Those are always funny! :) But poor Hermione, they are being rather cruel... and I really, really hate Rita! Guess it served for her to finally admit her feelings, but it's still not funny to be subjected to that... then, again, that's how teenage work, I suppose... :P

I'm really curious about what will happen now... will she follow her heart? And if she does, where will that lead her? So many questions, I love that you left the chapter in a sort of cliffhanger, too...

This was so great, and I will hopefully be back soon!

Love you,


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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: iii.

I'm so proud of Hermione, covering all her bases! It's smart of her to think of disguising herself to look different so that the characters won't remember her once they're older.


I thought the Hogsmeade scene was really well done, between Hermione's conflicting feelings about Rosmerta (though I get the feeling that's going to disappear in a little while as she falls for Snape) and her run-in with the two infamous Purebloods. I keep forgetting that Hermione has already saved the Wizarding World, and that she still has her scars and her trauma from the situation. Seeing a young, healthy Bellatrix Lestrange must have been quite scarring.


And we also get to meet the Marauders, Lily, and Snape! I see their dynamic is as recognizable as ever, with the Marauders bullying Snape and Lily coming in to defend the victim (until she realized it was Snape). I've always been uncomfortable with the way the Marauders' bullying was brushed over in the books, and based on the way you wrote this, I don't think you're going to do the same. I really appreciate the attention to detail.

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: ii.

As I was reading this chapter, my feet were wiggling, waiting for Hermione to prepare to meet Snape, haha. I can't imagine what their first meeting will be like. Will their relationship initially start off like Draco and Hermione, with a bitter sort of prejudiced hate? Or will she immediately find Snape to be a better soul than everyone had thought? SO CURIOUS.


One thing I was worrying about for Hermione is how she's going to get back to her regular time. If I remember the books correctly, they never did anything special to return back, they just lived through the hours as an extended part of their life. So I'm excited to see what your headcanons are on the matter! I always love it when Harry Potter fanfics expand on the original magic system.


This chapter is setting things up for the rest of the story, so a lot of details were introduced. I never expected that Dumbledore himself would claim Hermione as his niece! That was a unique touch. Additionally, I was quite happy when Hermione chose Ravenclaw as her temporary house, just because I really believe that she would have fit incredibly well in Ravenclaw. I hope we get to meet a few of her housemates!

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: i.

The premise of this story is so interesting! I've never come across a fanfiction with the Hermione/Snape ship before, so reading a story like this one will be a first-time experience for me. Since I'm going to be reading (and hopefully reviewing) each chapter separately, and since you've already written a large amount, most of what I say will probably be fairly useless, haha.


My first thought is how different seeing young Snape from Hermione's perspective will be. From the first chapter here, I can already tell that she's sympathetic towards him, and maybe this is what will help guide Snape later in the end. Personally, because I view Adult Snape as a generally awful human being who did end up acting for the greater good in the end, reading about Young Snape, before he's fully grown and entirely responsible for his own decisions, will be fascinating.


I'm excited to see where this story goes!

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxviii

Hello Meg! :D


Nosy housemates are the bane of my shipping existence! The majority of my is perfectly okay with the beautiful slow burn that's happening here (they should be able to take their physical relationship as slow as they like) and then the smaller part of me is dying for it! However, that part also realizes that you probably know what you're doing with your own characters and the slow burn is good for me anyway. 


I love that Hermione's the only one who gets to see him past his grumpy-face...reputations and all that. Slughorn's remarks on their relationship would make me uncomfortable too, haha--but I'm totally okay if they have too much fun. 


Uhoh, serious talks with Dumbledore. Yes, I mean, he absolutely does have a point, she's certainly affecting the past in a way that was not intended, but, honestly, what better way to show Severus Snape his worth than by loving him? Understandably, Hermione's upset by the prospect of having to leave soon, too, and I'm fearful of what it will do to Severus. And going home is SO SOON! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited and worried about what's to come!!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxvii



Ahaha! I'm dying picturing Severus in place of the third year with Dumbledore :D :D Too funny. Also, how amazingly sweet is it that he's just looking at her. Goodness, all my FEELS!


A Witch from Lickfold, eh? Haha! And yaaaaay! I heartily agree that Severus and Hermione should sneak away from the festivities to have some snogging time in the Room of Requirement. In fact, I encourage it. They're just so amazingly cute! And oh-ho-ho, a bed in the RoR? I've sat here typing and deleting comments, but nothing's really coming out appropriately so, we'll move on... :D


I love Hermione's reasoning that he's somehow hiding himself away with this too-big clothes. They're so freaking amazingly sweet --- I love it so much! And it's completely understandable that she isn't quite ready to take that next step because cuddles and kisses are amaaaaazzzzing right now! 


And I love how the tides totally switched when it was finally time to get into bed. I think that maybe, subconsciously, Hermione's confidence might've picked up because Severus was suddenly so nervous! It's adorable! But enough psychoanalyzing your characters because there's a little bit of sexy time going on! (Excuse me, it's reallllyy late and I'm losing it :P). I adore how they're both so nervous! It makes sense that being in a bed together would make things seem different.


She would have done it? Wwooooooah! This is what everyone has been waiting for! ;)


Eeee, they're so cute together!


I love it, I love it, I love it!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxvi

So. Many. Xfers. Must finish for space for new reviews! 

While I'm getting caught up on transferring reviews to HPFT, I'm going to be reviewing here so I don't get confused (and I'll still be double-posting the comments after, anyway).


Anyway. CHRISTMAS! You captured the specific type of quiet really well -- it's the same type of quiet that Rumpel hates 0.0! Ah, yes, I'd expect something like Christmas to send Hermione into a fit of nostalgia. Poor Hermione :( . That mood ring sounds GORGEOUS! Best friends always give the best gifts! And she finally gets the Pheonix Tears, too! Thank goodness -- hopefully that will work out nicely in her antivenom.


And he still makes her coffee for her. I have this headcanon now with this fic that someday when she returns to the future, they'll grow old together and every day he'll be making her coffee. <3 :D I'm also super excited to see what Severus got her -- like STOKED. He's all nervous so it's gotta be good!


Oh yes, the Room of Requirement. Excellent place to escape other people! And a perfect place that self-decorates to make a fantabulous Christmas! (KISSES! :D ) OMIGOSH he gave her beautiful combs that belonged to his grandmother -- it's so personal and perfect <3! :D *squeeee* He told his mom about her?! OMIGOD the FEELS! AND THE KISSING! AND THE I LOVE YOU! OMGIOD MEG I LOVE YOU TOO! :D :D Hahahah! Now I can squee happily for the rest of the night :D !



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxv

...one day, ye shall turn around and you will see WE XFERS. And on that day, you will XFER! *cough*

Why are there so few chapters left of this D: !? *panics*


Rita's such a witch :p. I love that she's already portrayed as wayyyy too nosy for her own good, too -- just as I'd imagine she'd be as a teenager.




Hahaha -- 'whatever I'd like?' :p Oh, boy :D. And, yeah, I'm not complaining either. Hooray for kisses :D. Goodness, Severus is full of it today (which is awesome, because it's lots of Snamione fluffiness) AND they're going to their special island!</p><p>Oh yeah, because Hermione had to become (virtually) an entirely different person, it feels like she actually became a different person. :( Poor Hermione. She has such a tough mission ahead of her


They're so cute GAH! I can't handle them.</p><p>Wonderfully wondrous chapter as per usual!</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxiv

xfer bells, xfer bells, xfers all the way!:

Ooooooh it's Sirius.


>A very drunken Sirius. This can't be good. Bad Sirius! *covers eyes* And OMG Severus! Nice use of wordplay in your action scene, by the way. I usually stop every couple paragraphs or so to make comments but I was completely sucked into the scene o.o. Luckily, Remus was there to round up Sirius.


Okay, so yeah a little hex could have solved the problem, but I love that it brought out this primal rage in Severus. He's so hot-headed sometimes, and I like that you continue to show that side of him when it's appropriate (and it was definitely justified in this instance). I also want to hop back for just a second to Sirius -- I LOVE how you pointed out (through Hermione) that that version of Sirius was not the same version of Sirius she'd grown to know. I think it was a HUGE piece of support for Sirius' actions in that particular scene, along with his intoxication (of course). You've, of course, already set up his not-so-secret 'crush'-ish on Hermione, as well as his envy concerning the established relationship. So while in a different context I would have been left wondering WHY Sirius would act the way he has, you've set everything up leading to this moment to support it. (And in case none of that came out the way I wanted it to because I'm tired, I'm saying ---- good job!!! :D )






Poor Hermione. She's had to go through so much.


:p He's so stubborn. But Hermione's stubborn, too -- I'm glad she doesn't let him blame himself for what Sirius did.


And I'm also glad that Sirius apologized, referring back to the other large glob of whatever the heck I was talking about up there ^. I mean, of course Hermione doesn't forgive him yet; that's going to be a tough bridge to cross if she ever does decide to forgive him.


Another wonderful chapter!</p><p>-Rumpel</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxiii

xfering through the snow, on a one horse open xfer (? I don't know):

Again, the first line might as well say, "Meg hates Rumpel and is crushing all of her Snamione dreams." :P


>I feel so bad :( he'd better show up!! "Hi"....I'll give him "Hi". "Hi" yourself :(. Attack hug! There, take that! (sry, I'm getting tired :P) Oh - my -goodness! He's so angry. Whyyy are you doing this to me? Poor Hermione can't even properly explain herself without revealing that she's Muggle-born, which she can't exactly do. *headdesk* It's SO complicated!


Oh phew -- Hermione is much more eloquent than I would have been in that situation. AND THANK FREAKING MERLIN!! :D He's not sulking ;). And kisses! And he WAS shopping :D . I'm a much happier Rumpel now, tyvm. Good. No more avoiding. Lots more kisses. Rules are rules.</p><p>Of course Dumbledore has to snatch her up when they've just begun speaking again! Dumbledore's clearly not an avid Snamione shipper or he'd leave them alone ;). Ugggh, caught by the Dumbledore, ruiner of Snamione feels. I mean, yeah, everything IS a bit 'unorthodox' but he doesn't know the feels! Phew. At least Hermione is able to stand up for herself. Go, Hermione, go!


Yeah, and there's the 'going home' bit. ):


Omigosh who IS that? Malfoy? Yaxley? Somebody whose about to get a smackdown? D:!!!</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxii.

Copy, paste, fix the formatting -- xfer, xfer, xfer:

He'd better be out buying her a present because if he's up to any pre-Death Eater business I will be livid (with him, not at you ;) ). Hermione will have to whack him with his new stirring stick :(. Hmph


Anyway. It is nice to see Hermione hanging out with her friends -- I adore that group. I wish I had an Amelia, Otto, and Edgar to hang around with. And, of course, I'm still digging Remelia.


Bahahahahah! The boys and Rosmerta... poor boys :p. Oooooh dear -- keeping up with the lies must be exhausting :(. Luckily, she recovered well -- with the exception of Amelia (it's hard to hide things from your bestie...they're mind readers). And, back down Sturgis ;) -- no subtly hitting on Hermione on MY watch!


Oooooooh dear. I mean, I do understand Lily asking Hermione not to hurt him because she obviously still cares about him. But, I do agree with Hermione with the whole pot and kettle thing. But, Severus DID eff up a bit. But it WAS a mistake, and he DID feel badly. I have many conflicting emotions.


<p>OMIGOD WHAT IS HAPPENING! (Luckily Amelia is there for her and a fantastic friend.) I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO MAKE ME SAD, MEG!!! WHYYY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! :(</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxi.

xfer time, xfer time, lalalalala:

I feel so bad for Hermione -- she's facing such a huge burden. Being sent back in time to save someone who shouldn't have died is one thing, but falling in love with them is a completely different situation. I can't imagine the stress she must be under, knowing that she is the ONLY person who can save him and she can't even tell him about it.


Heheheh, Severus' sense of humor gets me every time :D. Ohhh, but Crabtree isn't having any of it today 8-( . And I completely understand -- I can draw a damn nice stick figure, but that's about as far as my artistic abilities go, too.


Aww, Severus is SO nervous :P -- and I love how Hermione gets nervous, too, when he doesn't respond right away :P. They're so funny. Hooray!! Now they are official-official ;). I'll start planning wedding dates, and Meg, you just ride on your own float in the parade I'm throwing, you, okay? Cool.


Ohhhhhhh hey!!! Severus is laying on the moves in the middle of the corridors :D :D :D . Go, Severus! I also love it when he gets jealous, it's completely adorable


Eeghads that's a complicated potion. Severus is proud of her! And why wouldn't he be? Of course, their play-fighting will never stop being amazing -- especially if they end in kisses (and hopefully, for Severus' sake, not Stinging Hexes :) ).


I can't even get over how cute these two are. :D I think it's just from habit, but I have this unnerving feeling that you're going to do something to make all the happy go away (at least for a hot second), and something bad will happen *covers eyes*.</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xx.

xfer for you, and more xfers, and more xfers:
Ohmygoodness, a quick look at the chapter index and I thought this was the last chapter posted. :D Happily, I was wrong! Hooray!


Hermione should give Severus and Advent Calendar, where he gets one smooch a day til Christmas :P. Best gift ever. *cough* Or those things are nice, too :P


Oooh, that's awesome! I love the time change flashbacks. I wonder how this will affect the long-term, hopefully it'll be good 8). I would say that her inkling is on point, and that the only reason he would give her that stirring stick would be to send her that message. I mean, obviously in the future there's going to be a significant period of time in which a relationship isn't really appropriate, and they'd both have to wait, so that totally makes sense.


Yes, yes she does see something she likes ;).


Gooooooodness these two are so freaking cute! He's soooo sweet! And forehead kisses!</p><p>A playful friendly duel turns into full-on snogging? I will take it! In fact, I'll dance! :D :D Wooooah, things got a bit warm there, didn't they. *cough cough* ;)


And then, again, SO FREAKING SWEET I CAN"T TAKE IT! >< Ahhhhh! I love it!</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xix.


Is the first line really saying, "and there were no more kisses ever again because Meg hates Rumpel"? ;) :P But, yeah, that totally makes sense -- he's being super careful not to cross any lines and lose her like he lost Lily. I'm placated for the time being since they're officially together and whatnot.


Why do I get the feeling that running through the Forbidden Forest alone won't end exceptionally well. Oh, phew! A unicorn horn! Well, I guess then it did end exceptionally well, which is good :)


Aww, Amelia's such a perfect friend, though she didn't react quite as victoriously as I had when I found out they kissed :p! And FINALLY Remelia is happening! *dances* I love me some Remelia


Ohmygoodness, that's so sad! Poor Hermione -- thank god Severus is patient with her. He has NO IDEA what's at stake :(. "Merlin, from the way you were crying, I'd thought someone died," -- oi *headdesk*


Freaking Slughorn. :p That oughtta kill the mood, eh? IN LOVE <3 .</p><p>Hooray!! They'll be spending the break together! Maybe there will be smooching! Or more cheek kisses, because that was adorable. Gahhhhhhhh so much good



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xviii.

Hooorrraaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! OMG FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Excitement and butterflies and hand holding and happy!!! :D YAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO! *fireworks* Meg, I'm about to hold a parade in your honor, I swear.


Of course she's going to research it :P. She wouldn't be Hermione if she didn't. :P Remus is a sneaky werewolf. Awww, this chapter is full of Snamione feels and Remilia feels and Hermione and Remus are gettign along so well.. This is a squee-filled chapter, I'm surprised I haven't woken everyone in the house up.


Hermione and Severus sitting on the island, cuddling. I'm dying from the cute. So, so, so damn cute! And Hermione's falling in Looooooveee! And there is the tickling! Too adorable. AND FREAKING FINALLY A SMOOCH!!!!!! :D :D :D You get TWO parades tonight! Heck, you can have all the parades! *throws confetti* And that kiss was rather smooth on Severus' part -- I love it!!!!!


He's apologized? D: Poor Severus. Luckily, Hermione is good at making Severus happy :D . And now she's super-determined to save him! :D :D</p><p>Hooray!


I can sleep now, I think! :D :D


Ican't wait to read the next chapter (but I should REALLY be getting to bed). Make sure the next chapter stays where its at for tomorrow. Stay.</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xvii.


Yep, Hermione WOULD come up with a backup plan, wouldn't she? She has so much to worry about, and trying to stay focused on her mission has been proving to be MAD difficult. Severus being so damn adorable is no help :P.



Ergh, Sirius Black (and James Potter). I'm surprised he doesn't fall over with such a big head. ( D: OMG FRED AND GEORGE D: ) . Lol, Hermione made THE Sirius Black stutter. That's amazing. Like, seriously, hell hath no wrath like angry Hermione. She's terrifying. Luckily for Sirius and James, Harry happens to look just like his dad -- and the best friend card has been played. Even THEY were saved by Harry and Harry doesn't even exist yet.


Slughorn's so gullible :p. And a pass to the Restricted Section, it is! Hermione'll save him yet (I hope). It's totally in Severus' nature to be suspicious and want to know what's going on. Nice! More Snamione time! And, yeah, it's an excellent idea to get Severus' help on looking up stuff to brew an antivenom. If anyone can do it, the two of them together should be able to.


Ooohhh, yeah! If the Pheonix tears could cure basilisk venom, then they should help with Nagini's venom -- that's damn clever, is what that is.


Awwwww -- Severus is so sweet sometimes, I swear I don't know how Hermione can resist. HOMG that's one hell of a cliffhanger!! Dammit. Now I HAVE to read the next chapter because I simply just go to bed now ><</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xvi.


Any 'not-date' with Severus is a special occasion :P. Urrgh, Malfoy and Yaxley are going to become problems, and I highly doubt they're actually going to be drowning in puddles anytime soon. Also, the Marauders not around to ruin Snamione fun is the ONLY reason that that night being a full moon is good, because poor Amelia is without Remus and I'm SO rooting for Remelia.


Speaking of Amelia -- she's such a good friend :D. I love, love, love that Hermione has someone to talk to and who, despite her feelings about Severus, ultimately supports Hermione. They're my BROtp for SSS.


Considering how her first Slug Club Party went (in the future), I'd be nervous too


*whistles* Severus sounds exceptionally dapper tonight ;). I bet he and Hermione make quite a pair, all put-together like that! I love that he checked her out :P -- couldn't help himself. And of course Lily's jealous -- they probably look stunning!


Poor Severus. I mean, he did what he did and hung out with who he hung out with, but I still feel bad. He made a mistake :( . I can't wait to hear his side, if Hermione ever gets it out of him.</p><p>Wohoo, dance time! :P I hope Severus lightens up around Amelia, eventually. At least she's having fun (even if it's sans Remus). OMG that's so sad! And Severus can dance!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! STAHP doing that to me >< lol! Ugh, my heart my actually stop one of these times. Well, an almost-kiss is an almost-kiss.


Omygoodness Hermione vs Lily. This is going to be scary *covers eyes*</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xv.







That wasn't funny >< . A dream? A dream! That's just not fair.


And, yeah, after a dream like that I'd be overanalyzing and overthinking everything, too. You know what would solve that conundrum? If she kissed him for real. :D *cough* Just a thought... haha!


Edgar can wait all day if Hermione's dreaming about Severus :P. And hooray! Severus decided to go! :D Amelia's such a good friend -- and hopefully, Hermione will have something to talk about with her later :D (I have no idea if I worded that last part so it makes sense so bear with me.)


I really love how this shows this awesome side to Severus that virtually nobody but Lily was able to experience (because this is pretty much how I'd imagine he would have been around Lily). You still portray him as an awkward outlier from others, which is on-point because although Hermione's reason for coming back is to save him by showing him his own worth, it will still take a whole heck of a lot for him to change completely. And scooting back to the last chapter (I think), part of Hermione's hesitation lying in the fact that if she does start a relationship with him in this time, HOW will it affect him in the future (TLDR: will she hurt him in the future with this whole time-travel escapade). So, I think you're doing an excellent job with both of their characterizations and the progression of the plot AND (lack of) progression of a romantic relationship thus far :). (There, this paragraph is all the semi-quality review you'll get out of me tonight; onward with more squeeing and shouting and emojis!)


OMG HE'S JUST SO DARN SWEET WHEN HE WANTS TO BE!! ...and then there was the Marauders; come to ruin all squee-worthy moments. They are really putting a damper on my Snamione. It's SO frustrating and SO sad that Severus has never been able to experience Hogsmeade like everyone else because of James and Sirius. >:( They're big bullies!


And it's adorable when they're together and happy, and no one in the world is bothering them -- and then comes along Malfoy and Yaxley. And of course, they take a shot at Lily, who isn't even there to defend herself. I hope those two slip outside and drown in a puddle (because apparently, I'm violent tonight).


And then the last four paragraphs...just...afklaldmjijdlfjdlfoadifj! SO CUTEE!!!! :D :D I SNAMIONE THEM SO MUCH IN THIS ! lol</p><p>Another wonderful chapter!!</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxviii

LOOK HI I CAUGHT UP!! Sorry about not leaving reviews on all the chapters in between. Got swept up in the story (and... was also too lazy to type). You know how it goes. Anyway, here we are.

As much as it pained her, she would have to let things unfold, no matter how horrible they would become. -- this is such a sobering thought. like it's scary enough going to the past and being hyper-aware of everything you do and the potential impact it might have, but when you add that to the fact that you have to watch history unfold as you know it, the horrible events and all, that's got to be so excruciating. And Hermione's a person who always reacts to situations she doesn't like by actively doing something to change it. Fighting voldemort, starting SPEW, etc, so this must be especially hard for her to just sit on her hands and do nothing.

The fluff with Severus in the past few chapters has been really sweet. There's a sentence I never thought I'd say. But it's remarkable how much he's changed and how open he is with her, it's so sweet.

 Great work on this chapter and you are a lovely person ♥

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxii.

“It's probably best that you get presents for your families, before you spend all of your money on sugar,” she told them. -- I would expect nothing less from someone whose parents are dentists. XD

It was lovely to se Hermione spending time with her Ravenclaw friends again. Though I wonder how much Amelia has guessed. Still, it's unlikely that a) Remus and Amelia talk that much about Hermione, or that b) Amelia is going to suspect the truth, because the truth is pretty weird.

Maybe she will though. When my friends are acting weird I tend to first suspect them of being time-travellers from the future because duh, what else could it be?

I love that you're not afraid to show the ugly side of Lily. I think it's easy for writers to fall into the trap of writing her as this flawlessly nice person, but no one is that nice. (I'm a Hufflepuff and even I'm not that nice. :P) So I like that you show this other side to her because it makes her more human.

Severus really has no reason to be cold with Hermione, did he not hear that she was standing up for him? But Hermione's right, Severus does make a big deal out of nothing quite often. Poor Hermione though, that kind of situation sucks because she did nothing wrong but feels guilty all the same.

Awesome chapter! (I wanted to leave you a review for finishing your chapter but I'm still too far behind and not there yet :P )

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: i.

Hey Meg!


I'm totally behind on this but better late than never, eh?


As I'm reading this premise, I am in love already! You have me hooked from the first phrase.

I'm wondering why Dumbledore stayed in his frame. Being who he was and what he had done, I for sure would have thought that he would be visiting a portrait with a clear view of the action. (yes im that person who ruminates on the littlest of details)


Why was the Time Turner so frightening to her? She had used it only 4 years before. But then again, she knew what it could to do time and history.


Yay, another person who loves ending chapter with a fainting/vomiting Hermione! I feel so sorry for her though. I wouldn't have wanted to go back so far either.


This chapter is so well written! I can't believe I haven't had a chance to read this yet! I may not be an active reviewer but know that I love this!


Thanks for the great read,



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: i.

Hey Meg! 

I've heard a lot about this story and when you were selected to be in the Hot Seat this month, I decided that now was the time to start reading this. (Better late than never lol)


So I'm the world's worst at leaving reviews that don't say much more than "OMG I loved it! I can't wait to read the next chapter!" Or something to that effect anyway. But I'm trying to get better at it so please forgive me for rambling and for the poor quality of my review.


Okay now on to the actual review...


OMG I loved it! I can't wait to read the next chapter! (Sorry I had to 😂) 

Seriously though, this is a really good start to the story and in my opinion a great way to set up the future plot line. I'm really interested in what was in that note Hermione gave Dumbledore and what they both have to say about the situation. 


Overall I really enjoyed this chapter and while I'm not a fan of the ship, I'm hoping this story will change my mind. If I ever get a break in RL long enough to have more time to read I will have to come back to this and take my time reading to understand things a little better. Not that this was confusing in anyway, I just read fast and miss things the first go round so on a second  read through, things make more sense because I'm reading slower and paying more attention to the small details rather than just the big picture.

Anyway it's already past my self-imposed bedtime so I'm gonna sign off and try to get some sleep. I reall did enjoy reading this chapter and will come back soon.


Peace, Love, and Tacos



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xii.

Hi Meg!!


I'm 0% surprised that the cliffhanger was just to make me upset before. :P I can't be angry because that'd be the hot calling the kettle black with messing with my heart. 


I like Dumbledore's reflection over how much he puts on someone as young as Hermione -- I wonder how he'd react in '76 knowing what he put Harry though at a younger age! 


Dumbledore was being very frustrating with his answer -- I mean, it's not hard to just open with a solid probably. gah. 


I'm so curious where you're going with the animagus conversation. It seems like you're planting a seed for something important. I'm excited to see how that pays off later. 


I loooooooooooooved Severus asking Hermione to help her study and the entire final scene with them. Him being late, her annoyance, psych, it was because he MADE THEM LUNCH. Okay, he got the house elves to make them lunch. Still. Snape is kind of sweet with her and I'm waiting for everything to blow up. 


Lovely chapter! I'm glad you got hot seat so I'd have to come back for more sss. 



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xx.

For HPFT MAGIC M10: Review a story about a Slytherin


I was really hoping to find time to get back to this story I love, and to contribute to Hufflepuff totally dominating in the House Cup before I have to start my drive across the country in half an hour, so luckily I found a way to do both at the same time :P


Also did I ever congratulate you for winning like a million awards for this story? They just seem to keep piling up every time I click on the story! :P Well done, it's totally deserved. ♥


when suddenly she froze. Severus would use his gift. For many years, actually. -- EEEE OMG did she just remember seeing it in the classroom in the future when she was a student?!?! *rubs hands with glee* Ahahaha this is perfect


For whatever reason, he always kept her waiting whenever she had a question and would raise her hand in the middle of class.
Hermione locked her eyes onto him, and sat up straight, refusing to lower her arm until he called on her. Why did he hate her so much?
-- Yes! This is something I've wondered since partway through this story, why Severus was still so mean to her after all this when she was a student and I'm glad you've addressed that in Hermione's thoughts because it means there's an answer on its way. Literally everytime I find a hole that I can use as a reason for my Snamione skepticism, you address it a couple of chapters later and fix/explain it. Seriously, this story is so well thought through and I really admire that. You address all the details in a way that could make even the most skeptical-of-Snamione reader kinda fall for this ship a little, or at least understand it.

The scene where he actually hands her the stirring stick is so perfect. Like, it's clear there's not just hatred going on in his head, and he displays a second of emotion behind his usual mask... and despite his obvious attachment to the stirring stick and who gave it to him, he still takes points away from Gryffindor. Because he's Snape and that's what he does. You've added a whole new layer to him while still keeping him very recognizably Snape.

AND HE KNOWS without a doubt that she's the same person. How could he not?

But, he remembers whereas it hasn't happened for her yet... and in 1976, she remembers but he doesn't know yet that he'll see her in the future. AHHH

Ooo things are heating up! I mean, I kinda saw it coming when Hermione started lighting candles and conjuring pillows in this room that just the two of them were using for a "duel" :P But I think Hermione's reaction to how fast they were moving really fits with her character and even though she's acting differently here and we're seeing her in a different context than we've seen Hermione before, she still feels like the same person.

Severus including Hermione in his dreams for the future, aww. That's so bittersweet, because it's really lovely to think that he was once so hopeful and happy, and then to realize that it will never happen because eventually (somehow?) Hermione has to go back to her own time.

I didn't think it was filler! I thought it was great! Wonderful chapter :)

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxvii

Hello Meg,

this whole chapter is a huge *squeeeeee*


it's so cute, I really love it. I honestly couldn't really imagine putting Snape into so much fluff and it working so well. I'm so impressed that this seems like a really big chapter for their relationship which is exciting. you can see how romantic you've made this and I honestly love that it's a Christmas chapter that is really happy and fluffy like in novels often Christmas is a time to inflict pain on characters but it was so lovely! 


I think it's so in character for both of them about how embarrassed they are by 'sleeping together', it's awkward but it's rather realistic that they don't have everything figured out. I enjoyed that aspect. you have done an amazing job especially in this chapter at creating this snapshot of this 'first love' type of relationship (even if it's unusual situation aha). I love all the layers of this story because you have so much going on in it but it's really perfectly balanced. 


"Promise you'll always be with me." 
His arms tightened around her. "Forever," he said with his lips against the crown of her head. < awww, this is dead cute, I just fall in love with this couple even more. I can't wait to see where you're going with this story Meg now. it's a really exciting point within the story!


- Abbi xo

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