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Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 02 Dec 2019 08:21 PM · For: xviii.


I thought this was a good occasion to read on a little bit on SSS... and I'm so happy I did because this chapter was just delightful! <3

Seeing Hermione finally deciding to take the risk and admit she has feelings for Severus was already incredibly exciting! I find it still sort of hard to believe, but also I've been looking forward to it for so long! And it makes me so happy! :D

Remus!!! Isn't he the most adorable creature in the world? (Yes, I'm biased... I'm still right... :P) Of course he would immediately notice the unusual subject Hermione was reading about, and it would make him immediately suspicious... he is way too perceptive... (still, it could've been worse... it could've been James and/or Sirius who caught Hermione reading about time-travel... I bet they would be much more pushy...) His reaction when Hermione mentioned Amelia was just adorable! He's so sweet! <3 <3 <3 And I loved how he was accepting of Hermione's relationship with Severus! That's very like him, being happy for his friend even if he can't really understand their choice! He's so precious, I love him so much! <3

The fact that Hermione and Severus have their secret island where they can be alone together is just so romantic... the island itself sounds so beautiful (although I probably wouldn't be much of a fan of the cold... but I guess it would be worth it?) It was such a sweet scene, with them just leaning onto each other... and then the tickling!!! I love it!!! It is hard to imagine Severus in such a light, but I love it! I love seeing him so happy! :D

And... oh, my Merlin! They kissed!!! I know it was just a quick thing, but it was still so wonderful to see after so long... and of course Severus would immediately think that he'd ruined everything... :P And of course Hermione wouldn't mind at all! I love that at this point she's just stopped overthinking and is accepting whatever is coming! Everything has really changed so much and I'm so curious to see how things will move on from there!

If Severus Snape died, Hermione was positive that a part of her would as well. And she would be damned before she'd allow that to happen. I'm sure I've told you before, but you have the best closing lines! And this one was just perfect! I really hope everything will work out in the end!

Wonderful work as always! I'll be back!

Snowball hug and happy holidays again!


Name: magpie (Signed) · Date: 13 Nov 2019 07:05 PM · For: ii.

(Review got cut off - posting the rest!)

Oh no, the detail about her and Ron's first - and only - kiss! </3

I love how you contrast Hermione's raw emotional side with her more rational side, highlighting both her vulnerability and strength. Like, it's a very disorienting experience she's fallen into, but she is there on a mission. And ahh, there's my answer - she's there to focus on "correcting" only Snape‘s future. T-T I like that Hermione thinks that maybe she wouldn't even exist if she changed anything else - which is sad, but indeed perhaps that constellation of events could have been what brought Neville, Luna, Ginny, etc. into the world, and the slightest variation would nullify any one (or all!) of their existences.

I also like her reasons for choosing Ravenclaw - to avoid Harry's Parents & Co so that she's not tempted to tell them anything, and also so Snape might be more accepting of her help. Also like that she keeps the time traveling book as a sort of guide - feels like it'll become invaluable later. Great second chapter!

Name: magpie (Signed) · Date: 13 Nov 2019 01:37 PM · For: ii.
I return for more SSS!

Ah, she went back to the Marauders era - the fun begins! Er, fun for the reader, as poor Hermione is far from comfortable at the moment, ha ha. I can only imagine how alone she must feel - she’s not only separated from her friends but not even in a time period where they exist yet! And still Dumbledore is always a step ahead, having her pose as his niece.

It’s very Hermione of her to immediately understand the gravity of the situation, and then immediately understand the role she has to play to neutralise a big freak out- knowledge comes before emotion, in a way. I like the characterisation of Madam Pomfrey, all business and reluctantly letting her go off with Dumbledore.

Oh, I also like how you contrast Hermione’s experience of walking through Hogwarts now vs her experience in the future. Like, yes, she’s traveled back, but she’s still carrying the trauma of having to survive the battle that destroyed her beloved school - her second home - and left many people she knew dead. T-T

“The students who would be arriving the next evening had known no war. They only knew the beginnings of war. Whispers. Rumors.” - What a weird feeling - knowing what happens in the future when you’re in a time where people are only dimly aware of the scope of things, oblivious to how much the bad things will exacerbate and become the experiences you lived through. I think a very interesting question that can crop up in a time travel narrative is whether or not an atrocity should be stopped - there’s so many arguments for either side - so I’m anticipating to see if Hermione will limit herself to just saving Snape specifically. Will she contemplate doing other things to influence her future?

Oh no, the detail about her and Ron’s first - and only - kiss!

Name: magpie (Signed) · Date: 10 Nov 2019 02:14 AM · For: i.
Hi! I’ve been meaning to get into this story for a long time, having seen it before on HPFF and noticing that it’s been so praised (congratulations!) Plus, the idea of Hermione going back in time to, er, save Severus Snape (ha ha) is hugely intriguing. I’ve never given much thought to the Hermione/Snape pairing, nor have I ever felt particularly passionate about the Hermione/Ron ship (I have, however, very recently discovered that I’m something of a latent Dramione enthusiast). But after this first chapter I’m already drawn in, and I foresee myself jumping on this ship.

I love how you’ve taken the canon events and essentially grafted your story onto them - this feels like a natural continuation of JKR’s tale, which makes it incredibly easy to fall into. I love the idea that Dumbledore had another plan set aside for after the Battle; that he so thoroughly thought out what would happen beyond his death that he secreted a Time Turner and left instructions. That’s very on-brand for him. This setup, for me, recalls “Prisoner of Azkaban” when Dumbledore (in a similarly sly manner) intended Hermione to use the same device to save Buckbeak from execution. So, yeah, it’s just really plausible. I also love that Hermione is having her own adventure independent of Ron and Harry, that we’ll see how she operates on her own and we’ll get intimate with her thoughts and feelings (I suspect there will be soooo many feelings when Snape enters).

Lastly I find the idea behind this story, of going back in time to save Snape from his ultimate fate, so compelling - though I’m sure it would be with any character, as the idea of defying fate (or time travel in general, really) is so innately engaging. There’s the possibility of influencing the course of history, which is huuuge. I mean, this is such a sticky thing - how will she carry this plan out? Will she come into contact with Harry’s parents? Will she “mess” anything up? How will she interact with her former (future?) professor now that they’re both the same age and in equal positions of power? Will Hermione consider any of the friction they had when she was his student, or does the realization that he’s essentially a good guy dispel her problems with him? I do believe that Hermione tries to see the best in everyone, and from her interior thoughts, she seems willing to do that with Snape.

UGH there is so much to consider - I repeat, this is so stickyyy - and I’m excited to dig into it!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 06 Oct 2019 07:57 PM · For: xvii.

Couldn't resist more SSS, could I? :P

Hello, Meg, my love! Here for our swap! <3

Oh, my! OH, MY! Did he really just ask? And of course now she can't run away... why did you break the chapter there? Don't you know how much I hate cliffhangers?!?

But let's start from the beginning...

Typical Hermione, coming up with a plan B... and a very clever one, too, it seems... I do wonder if she'll manage to brew the antivenom and if it will actually save Severus in the end? I'm quite curious about how this all is going to end, honestly... that's part of the fascination of time-travel fics, I guess... you never really know how much history can be changed... :P

Ah, James and Sirius... my favourite, although irritating, mischief-makers! Of course they would try to dissuade Hermione from frequenting Snape... we all know their thoughts about him... and we all know how idiotic they can be, so... I liked Hermione's thoughts about them, btw. Especially about James. It must be so hard for her seeing Harry's features on him... and honestly, James might have many flaws, but deep inside he's a sweet boy. You really can't dislike him... and yes, his loyalty to his friends is commendable! Although did you really have to go and make me sad with Peter's betrayal? Rude! (Sorry for all the blabbering, btw... you know how I am about the Marauders...)

Ah, Slughorn, Slughorn... it is way too easy to get him do whatever you want if you are talented enough, isn't it? I appreciated that he was cautious about the ingredients at least... I guess he would be at least a little bit suspicious after everything that happened with a certain Slytherin student by the name of Tom Riddle... but still, Hermione got what she needed, and that seems good. Although I'm still not sure how her plan will work out.

And then Dumbledore! Have I ever told you how good you are at writing Dumbledore? It's so hard to get his voice right and yet you nail him every time! It was a fun way to ask if he had Fawkes already. :P And great idea to use phoenix tears, too... well, I guess Hermione is the brightest witch of her age for a reason... :P

And finally, the last scene... and... OH, MY!!! (Did I already say that? I'm quite sure I did...) We are really at a turning point in their relationship, and I'm excited and a bit anxious about what will happen next, how she'll answer and what effect it will have on their relationship! Also, the way Severus addressed the topic, his reluctance and everything... how cute!!! <3 (I just called Severus Snape cute... hope you are proud of yourself... but maybe I already did so earlier in the story, I don't remember... I mean, he is cute... and I'm blabbering again...)

Wonderful, wonderful chapter! You are the best and I adore you! I will hopefully be back soon! <3 <3 <3

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: Guest (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Oct 2019 06:47 AM · For: xxxi.

Beautiful ??’?

Name: shadowkat678 (Signed) · Date: 03 Oct 2019 03:27 PM · For: iii.

Hi, Meg! Here for the swap!


I really love this so far. I love Hermione's characterization, and the way she thinks. She explains everything so logically, and I'm interested in how you'll continue to expand on all the characters. 


Dumbledore...I can't say I'd trust him as much as she did. I don't think he's a bad person, but the fact that he doesn't give much information would make me nervous. I agree with Hermione that information is important to get things done, and when you're going in blind that can be very dangerous. I hope she learns more going forward somehow, because this seems to be a very sticky situation she has gotten herself into.


I will say I'm curious as to why they didn't change her first name with the backstory they came up with. Hermione isn't really that common a name, and her looking still mostly like her I'd think would be a bit of a danger.


That said, I'm curious how she'd faire even with a name change. How is she going to get through this without altering other people's futures? Is that possible when all things are considered? I don't think I could do it myself. Severus is so tied with other characters she'll almost have to interact with them somehow, and can she get to be friends with Snape and change his path without changing theirs?


Also, I love Rosmerta.


Yikes. That confrontation with Bellatrix. I don't blame Hermione for panicking. That would be a scary situation for anyone. I wonder if they'll show up again later.


The scene with the marauders bullying Severus was really well done, and again I wonder how Hermione is going to get through this with only changing Snape's future. How is she going to stand by and let this keep happening, with the Gryffindor she is? Eventually I see things coming to a head, and I'm curious to how you will handle it.


Well, I think I'll definitly be continuing this. Thank you for the read!



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 02 Oct 2019 08:28 PM · For: xvi.

Hey, Meg, darling! Finally, I'm here for our swap!

I was so uncertain about what to pick, but then I decided that I needed to move on a little with SSS, I'm way too behind... and I also feel like I've forgotten most of what happened so far, it's been way too long... but anyway, let's talk about this chapter! ;)

Hermione making herself pretty for Slughorn's party... or rather, for a certain Slytherin boy... :P I really enjoyed that opening bit, and also the little girl moment with Amelia. Poor Amelia, not having Remus there for the party... and of course poor Remus, having to deal with the full moon... (I want more Remus/Amelia, btw... they are too adorable... <3)

Seeing Severus all dressed up as well was... strange? But so nice, too. They are really into each other, aren't they? Their nervousness was so cute as well.

Slughorn is just is good, old self. I was almost surprised that he gave up so easily, but I suppose he wouldn't lack distractions anyway ;) And, wow, that brief looks' exchange with Lily... especially knowing what's going to happen at the end of the chapter, it feels so ominous...

I'm glad Amelia managed to have fun, even without her boyfriend! After all, good music and dancing make everything better, right? :D And Hermione and Severus danced too! And he can dance walzer! That was kind of a surprise, although I guess if I'd have imagined Severus dancing, it would have been standard dances... he's that kind of old-fashioned, isn't he? Although, the story behind how he learned in the first place was kind of heartbreaking... you can say many things about Severus Snape, but he surely didn't have a easy childhood or adolescence... (or adulthood, but that's a different matter...)

And then they almost kissed! :O But then of course Hermione panicked and ran away... I wonder how she's going to explain it to Sev later... and, honestly, Hermione! It's a bit too late to worry about exploring any kind of relationship that wasn't platonic... does she truly still hope that nothing will happen between them? Because that's pretty much impossible at this point.

And here we are at the end (and the most shocking bit) of the chapter! The kinda argument between Hermione and Lily was so harsh and so unexpected and... to be completely honest, I feel like Hermione was a bit unfair to Lily here? Like, the other girl was just showing sincere concern (and let's be honest, she does have good reason not to trust Severus) and while her assumptions were incorrect, she had good intentions and didn't deserve Hermione's bitterness. On the other hand, I can see why Hermione would see Lily's intervention as inopportune and unfair as well. I'm very conflicted about what happened, and also sad because I want the two girls to be friends. I am slightly more on Lily's side here, but either way it's so sad... :(

Great chapter as always! I love your characters and your writing! And I love you! <3

Thank you so much for the swap!

Snowball hug,


Name: CherryKen (Anonymous) · Date: 15 Aug 2019 12:03 AM · For: xxxi.

Now I'm sad because for some reason I assumed this story was finished before I started reading it since I only read completed stories because I hate cliffhangers with a passion. But after binge-reading it during and after work for the last 3 days, I just realized that it's not complete and I am at your mercy for the next update. T-T


I'm a big fan of Severus but hace never shipped or even entertained the idea of a Sevione pairing before. However, the way you crafted this story just made me root for them and get all the feels from start to finish. I can't wait til you finish this story so I can binge read everything and find out how Hermione leaves, what happens when Hermione gets back to the present, and what their Happily Ever After looks like and how she explains it to Ron and Harry+how Snape explains to her.


I shipped them throughout the story but I couldn't stop the image of Snape telling her her teeth wasn't any different in that one scene from replaying in my head. I would love to see a glimpse of his perspective when Hermione first arrived at Hogwarts as an 11-year-old and the consequent years, and then their happiness after. All the flashbacks you've added in of Hermione's past/Snape's future have been so enjoyable and I'm sad she won't be able to reconnect with Amelia...(unless Snape had saved her?) Maybe she might see Otto or Edgar again though...or encounter Rita again after her journey to the past. I just can't wait and best of luck on your motivation xx

Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 08 Jun 2019 01:16 AM · For: x.

Hey Meg, my dearest!


I'm here to leave you a review as a thank you for allowing your story to be fanfic'd for my challenge! (And also for the Gyrffindor Red vs Gold Review Battle - June 2019 - Team Red! Bet you miss hearing that sometimes. :D )


You already know that I love this story. Gosh, it still sounds weird in my mind to be saying that about a Hermione/Severus time travel fic, but I feel like you've totally changed the genre with Saving Severus Snape. You keep them both so in character and real.


One thing I really liked in this particular chapter is how Hermione began to stand out to Snape. She is cognizant of the fact that being a Know-It-All isn't appealing to him, so she sort of tones it down a bit and instead just lets her work shine. Her subtle intelligence is intriguing to him.


I also thought him offering her potion's lessons as a method of trying to bond with her was perfect. It was the right amount of unintentional condescension that is so key to his character. It's a very backhanded compliment, but in his mind, I'm sure it's the equivalent to singing her praises. I'm glad that she was smart enough to realize it and bite her tongue.


Your pieces of Remus' and Sirius' memories were very intriguing. It makes me wonder if they too remember her. I imagine that if they did, Dumbledore must've let them in on who she was and why she was familiar.


And finally, I can see why Amelia might be concerned. Snape definitely doesn't have the best reputation and frankly, after how he treated Lily it's a bit understandable. Mudblood is a very loaded, class related word and as Lily is representative of a minority class (in this world), I don't know that I agree with Hermione's assessment of the situation. Maybe she could find it in her heart to forgive it, but it doesn't necessarily mean Lily is wrong for not being able to.


Anyway, another lovely chapter! One of these days when I have time, I'm going to sit down and binge the whole thing.



Name: Bunbury (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2019 09:54 PM · For: i.

Hey Meg! Here for our swap, for EvS, and for this awesome story! I've been meaning to check out this story since I joined the site in January, and I'm so glad I finally did -- this is an awesome first chapter.


Your characterization of Hermione is excellent throughout. You've captured her rationality, her idealism, her grit. I loved her in the books, and I can't wait to see her here as the heroine of her own story


I love the opening of this chapter. You plunge us right into the aftermath of the battle, the adrenaline, the emotional exhaustion, and -- most importantly -- the feeling of wrongness of Snape's death.


It's so in-character for Hermione to have deduced that Harry was a Horcrux because of his ability to look into Voldemort's mind, and to be shocked by reality of the Hallows because of her general skepticism about them.


I love the idea that Snape needn't have died if he hadn't allowed himself to be killed -- it rings true to me, and it's suggestive of how Hermione's going to save him: by showing him he has something to live for.


Dumbledore's magic drawer, the box, and the temporal loop are all really cool uses of magic! I'm so into it. And I love the small smile Dumbledore's portrait offers Hermione (and the wink right before she disappears!)


I love how methodical Hermione is, deciding whether to go on this mission (it seems right that she would, she's always trusted Dumbledore implicitly, and she's got an idealistic streak that wouldn't let her rest if she had a chance to save a life), and whether to tell Harry and Ron (again, it seems very in-character that she'd refrain from telling them, if only to keep them out of danger).


What a great ending to a first chapter! I love how (young) Dumbledore takes it all in stride, how Hermione's overwhelmed by how far she's traveled (understandable given the day she's had). . .It's not quite a cliffhanger, but it definitely leaves me wanting more.


An excellent first chapter! Great characterization of Hermione. Excellent job setting up the plot is a clear, compelling way. My only complaint is that although this scene is set in Dumbledore's office, Phineas Nigellus wasn't in it for some reason? An oversight I'm sure you'll be only too eager to correct :P


Jane <3

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2019 06:08 PM · For: xxxi.
Chapter 31
Hey meg I’m here for Team silver from the EvS battle
This chapter got such hot and heavy and in a totally good way, of course. The love they share is just so sweet and so beautiful and precious. I can’t imagine a world without them together. I am so sad that this is the last chapter available right now but excited for when the next arrives.
The way you describe their hesitation, and insecurities with it being their first times really sounded so relatable and honest. It makes me wonder if Severus waited for her in the future, waited for her to grow up so they can be together because they have got to be the most soul matey soulmates I’ve ever read.
Truly I love how you write their activities together, it’s not at all weirdly written, you obviously enjoyed writing it. And it feels so Raw. You could cut the sexual tension between the two for weeks and then when it finally happens it’s like so amazing. It really does come naturally.
It breaks my heart with this knowing Severus is going to spend the next 21 years alone. T-T
Amazing writing so so amazing.
And once again I’m left craving more, of it allllllllllllll

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2019 06:04 PM · For: xxx
Hey! I’m here for Team Silver from the EvS battle.
I enjoy as a reader how you integrate her memories as a student, into the story and how she’s seeing the objects that Hermione have to Severus in the marauders era, how she’s picking up on the hints he is dropping to her before she has any idea of what they mean so she can look back on them after. Hermione herself is worried his treatment of her as a student is proof of his anger at her for leaving him, but I believe that it’s simply him doing what he has to for both dumbledore and to prevent himself from telling her about the past that she has yet to live which technically is her future. I do believe that because he kept these items and he pays such close attention to her and her friends isn’t just because of dumbledore and lily. I think he still loves hermione. After all those years. ALWAYS! T-T his smirk when she is gritting her teeth and responding to him, evidence of him knowing just what she is like and him enjoying her personality once more. He is also probably hard on her to make her strong, intelligent and help her to becoming the woman he falls inlove with. And the glass breaking truly crushed my heart. He must be so distraught over everything having her so close yet still so far. It's truly heartbreaking. Maybe he's not even sure of why she left. He is so insecure in so many ways he could just feel that she left because she didn't love him and maybe he is broken up about it and that's why he doesn't fight Voldemort for his life he just allows himself to die thinking he will never have a chance to be with his true love Hermions.

Name: beyond the rain (Signed) · Date: 23 Apr 2019 11:36 PM · For: xxxi.

Hey Meg! I'm here for the review swap! 


As you know, I love this story. Time travel snamione is a guilty pleasure of mine that because of you and your wonderful writing, is less guilty now on HPFT - and just something to actually enjoy. Yay for smashing a snamione taboo! 


Anyway, back to this chapter. 


These two are such a cute couple. I love how in the middle of it all there was quite a tender moment when Hermione saw him shirtless. I mean it could have gone in a direction of ways, but you took it down the right path. I hope that he talks about it with her eventually. Did his father do this? Was it James and Sirius omg what if it was them?!!?! Or someone else entirely...I really am looking forward to what will be a serious discussion. Hermione went into total protective, vengeful girlfriend mode too, it was great. It really showed that she isn't perfect, that she was letting her heart rule her head, whilst that can be a good thing - it can be seen as a flaw too. 


Hermione keeps bringing out this sensitive, thoughtful, side of Severus. One that isn't out of character, it's just one that we haven't seen before. I think that to an extent he would have behaved this way with Lily. Not to the full extent that he is with Hermione, just because Lily never reciprocated his feelings - but your writing really adds another dimension to our favourite potions master. 


I have no idea where you're going to go with this next. Are we going to have a tender moment about who exactly hurt Severus? She's not going to leave him soon is she? Look - I know you have your plot - but I just have to remind you....she can't leave. Severus needs her. They're end game, okay?! okay? Offer me some reassurance please, I'm quaking! 



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 14 Apr 2019 07:00 PM · For: vii.

Hey I’m back! Team Silver for the EvS battle

I’m really enjoying the character development and the friendships she’s making here as well. I thought it was really great the way you portrayed Amelia’s annoyance with Hermione for being with Remus in the early morning.  You captured the petty school girl behaviour perfectly and I loved how Hermione handled it as well.  

One of my favourite things about the way you voice hermione is how she views Severus.  Honestly that really gets to me because that’s exactly how I picture him. Confident yet also not like his whole like and everything he is and feels is a giant contradiction.

I love how she watches him. I am so excited about this story and can’t wait for the next few chapters!



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 14 Apr 2019 06:59 PM · For: vi.

Hey mistress I’m here for the EvS challenge Team Silver!!


I just love the dynamic between them already!  Sirius having a crush on Hermione is awesome, and his tendency to be a total flirty womanizer is awesome, exactly how I thought he would have been in his teenage years.

I really enjoy the twist that Hermione was how Severus made the changes to the potion in his text book. That she told severus the changes to the potion.

I’m really excited to keep reading ;)

Great job.


Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 14 Apr 2019 06:58 PM · For: x.

Hey beautiful

i am just loving the development of this story! I can’t wait to read even more!  I’m kind of bingeing on it today, because I’m obsessed with it.  I just love the slow ben between hermione and Severus so much 😍

i absolutely adore the connection they have regardless of the awkwardness they both feel and obvious obliviousness to the budding feelings.

i love how you talked about how Lily and severus’ friendship ended. Lily being friends with the marauders it doesn’t surprise me that that was the last straw and that him becoming a death eater was the icing on the cake. 

I love how you write Severus ❤️ I love him even more now.

great writing 



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 13 Apr 2019 12:15 PM · For: ii.

I’m here for EvS TEAM SILVER

Wow I am reminded with how much I love this story and deciding to re read it was such a good idea.  

I forgot about the book in the common room!  I’m curious if it serves a purpose in the future like Hermiones guesses here.

You write her so well, all the questions and the fact that she is so intellectual.  She literally thinks SO much and I love that about hermione, but that she is also extremely respectful especially to Albus really strikes true to me. Your writing is so great!


Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 13 Apr 2019 12:14 PM · For: i.

Hi mistress! I’m here to review all the chapters I have read for The EvS battle TEAM SILVER

You really captured Hermiones desperation here.  How she was determined that Severus deserved so much MORE than that which he had gotten.  From the very beginning she was so understanding of him.  She knew he just allowed himself to die out of guilt, and probably exhaustion over a life he hadn’t wanted but did willingly because of love and truly being a good man.  even though it was dangerous and she had no idea of what could happen, she did it anyways, she went back in time to save a good persons future.

 The act of doing things without knowing what might happen, at one point that would have been very anti-hermione but after years of battling against the forces of evil and being best friends with two very disorganized boys I think she’s grown accustomed to the unknown.  I think you really have an amazing way of capturing a readers attention.  You definitely got me hooked!



Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 04 Apr 2019 01:53 PM · For: ii.

Hello Meg! Here for EvS!

It’s been far too long that I haven’t been reading this story, I’d say! Yesterday, I looked into the history of this thing and, while I was very aware of how popular it is here, I had no clue how huge it was on ao3. It’s amazing - this is a genuine hit. Reading all of that endless praise got me pretty excited to dive into this fully.

I think I’ve read this chapter before - at least because I remember Hermione waking up in the hospital wing. I’m realizing that her sudden realisation of the weight of her mission and her place in the past must have subconsciously inspired my recent chapter of the House collab haha! I wrote a similar scene when Neville had to go back in time despite having not read this in years.

I really like the line about Dumbledore telling the lie with such sincerity that she starts to believe it. I get told that sometimes when I’m really committed to a bit :P

It’s very much like Hermione to realise that she should immediately memorise every detail the backstory Albus has established for her - she’s the right person to send back for that very reason - she would think of the small details like that.

As Hermione wonders whether she will ever return or not, I start to wonder the same. Like, I’ve got no clue how time travel of this length works in this universe or how much harm can come to you in the past or..anything. I mean, she did just travel back to the early beginnings of the First War. Not exactly the safest time in history. I’m not sure if I agree with her about what Dumbledore would or would not do.

It does seem odd that Dumbledore wouldn’t have given more information about the purpose of her journey, although I think her figuring it out on her own is part of the whole thing, honestly.

It would be SO difficult not to influence the fates of some of the other people at the school, won’t lie. I would definitely RUIN the timeline on a bunch of levels and then return to a dystopian present. That would be me every single time.

I really liked the description of the Ravenclaw Common Room. I legitimately adore the designs of all of them - I am weirdly obsessed with them.

I’m really interested to see how you go about getting Severus and Hermione to not only meet, but become close - and for her to make him realise his potential and hopefully end up with a happier ending on his hands. This chapter does such a good job of establishing the stakes and giving this thing its legs early. You can see how this goes on to be a very engrossing story already! Until next time,


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 10 Feb 2019 06:12 AM · For: xv.

Hi, Meg, my love! Here for our swap! :)

I've been away from here for way too long... I need to catch up... maybe we should swap more often? Anyway...

You tricked me! I truly believed they were kissing... instead it was a dream... :( Of course, Hermione is so convinced that she can't let anything happen between her and Severus... but didn't she go back in time with he exact purpose of getting close to him and changing his destiny? I'm actually not quite sure what she's hoping to do... and you can't escape your feeling, Hermione, you are too deep in already... but yes, keep telling yourself that you can... :P

I think I've said it a lot already, but I love Amelia! She's so nice and such a good friend for Hermione and I love the bond that they have created! I really love the whole Ravenclaw group, they are a funny bunch, and I love their playful teasing of Hermione in regards to Severus. I know Hermione doesn't find it very funny, but I enjoy it. It's the kind of thing friends do. :)

It's sweet that Severus agreed to go to Hogsmeade only because he knew it would make Hermione happy. They care for each other so much, and it's so evident from the way they are so at ease with each other during their... date? Can I call it that?

But then, of course, the Marauders had to ruin it! As much as I love those troublemakers, they can be really nasty at times (especially with Sev... and it's just cruel that he can't catch a breath and just enjoy a day at the village like everyone else does. What the hell, Sirius? James? Is it so difficult to just leave him alone for once in a while?) Anyway...

And then the Death Eaters... oh, my Merlin, do I hate them! Leave Severus alone! I sort of wish Hermione did something, but I'm also glad she didn't... it would have been too dangerous if she actually intervened. The comment about Lily... it made my blood boil! And if you think that Hermione is secretly a Muggleborn, too... This is so bad... Severus, don't listen to them... you don't have to become a Death Eater... :(

That last moment... wow... their feelings for each other are so powerful there! I wonder how things will move on from here.

Wonderful, wonderful chapter!

Huge snowball hug, my love!


Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2019 03:16 AM · For: i.

Hello, Meg! Here for the Magical Menagerie.

It’s about time I got to reviewing this, so here I am. I really love the way you begin this story. We’re just kind of dropped in medias res right after the end of the war. Honestly, knowing all the facts after the fact I would have to agree that it’s just an absolute shame that Snape had to be murdered like that. For all his faults, there’s hardly anyone that contributed to the war going the way it did as much as him. And to do it under Voldemort’s nose is something that no one else would have volunteered for. To not only have the bravery, but the fortitude to stomach some of the things he was meant to do..I understand why things happened the way they did, but I would have liked to see what he’d have to say for himself. And that is the beauty of writing our own stories out of all of this, isn’t it?

I am not shocked that she chooses not to tell Harry and Ron where she’s headed, because they totally would not have let her go. Honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to let her go either because Dumbledore gives her NO information. (when does he ever?) She clearly trusts him very completely because she just takes the leap and hopes that whatever is in the letter to his past self is enough. (I wonder if after all this, the older Dumbledore will already know Hermione by the time she arrives at Hogwarts. I am realizing I have very little idea of how exactly time travel works in this universe.)

This is such an excellent start to the story. Not much has happened yet, but the set-up is simple and to the point. We’re told the plan and we’re pushed into the beginnings of it. A very well done first chapter, can’t wait to get into the rest!



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:58 PM · For: xxxi.

Hey, dear! I'm back for more Magical Menagerie things! 


First of all, I just want to say, FINALLY! This has been so super slow burn, it almost hurt, but I have enjoyed every single aching second of it. I mean, honestly, they've grown so much from the beginning of the story and matured together as a couple and it really has been a wonderfully slow pace, moving between practically hating each other and then dating and falling in love, to kisses and...well, you know. 


Speaking of, the amount of respect the two show for one another in this scene, especially because it is a love scene, is really amazing. There is so much that I love about this chapter, because you've done an amazing job with targeting emotions and the nervousness of doing something like this for the first time. And, of course, I love how it's sort of awkward and sweet, because this is their first time and that's the realistic side to it -- of course it's not perfect (even if it seems perfect to them). 


And the nap afterward is always welcomed, ha! But honestly, the two really connected in this and you did an amazing job in showcasing those feelings, because the best love scenes aren't just the ones that focus on the actions, but what emotions are happening, which adds a whole level of sensuality to it. 





Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:29 PM · For: xxx

Hey, hunny! I'm here with the Magical Menagerie event! 


I'm so happy to see Hermione and Amelia getting some much-needed girl time in. Plus, it gives them an excuse to go shopping to buy Severus a birthday present! And it has to be absolutely awesome to have all those shortcuts to/from and through makes things super convenient, even if she has to lie about them when she has to lie about them.


Those little flashbacks to how she changes the future from her time spent in the past is really useful for picking out presents, if I do say so, haha! I really liked the altered flashback, too. I can imagine that Severus is really annoyed when he figures out the love of his life is a time-traveler and who disappears from his life, then comes back, but he has to wait a LONG time for them to be together for reasons. Plus, the softness about him is so sweet. 


Shoutout to the little Remelia nod! 


Only a little irksome ;). They're completely adorable, I can't with them. I love that Severus was so worried about not have gotten her a birthday gift in return haha! Also, it's about gosh darn time that she wants him. Hot dog! Things are about to get steamy up in here, and i cannot wait! 



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 03 Jan 2019 01:14 AM · For: xxxi.

MEG!!!! Here for your wishlist! And I'm so happy to see that you're updating this story again! I've missed you and i cannot even tell you happy I am to see that you're active around the site again, it's so wonderful :D


I am always impressed with how well you get into Hermione's head and write her so perfectly, and this chapter is no exception. Leave it to Hermione to try and logic her way through sex :P I think that's really true to character for her though, and how in the beginning she's thinking about what she's read in books and how that can only prepare her so much for the real thing - she wants to be as knowledgeable as she can beforehand, the anatomy and all the practical aspects, but there are some things you really can't learn from academic texts, and I think you did a really good job showing that about her. Particularly how nervous she is with anything unfamiliar, and her embarrassment even though she's sure what she wants, and it says a lot about her comfort with him that she is so much more confident and assertive by the end of the chapter as they're both kind of figuring it out together.


Hermione's thoughts at the end about worrying about what ifs is also a pretty important moment for her, because she's such a future-focused person normally and now she's considering an effort to be more present because she only has so much time left in the past and wants to enjoy it with him. Those paragraphs really emphasize how bittersweet it is though - of course it has been so all along, but here when they're both so content, really happy and in love, and it must be so difficult especially now for Hermione to reconcile that with what she knows has to transpire in the future, and difficult to put that out of her head.


(Though, for someone who thinks and prepares as much as Hermione does (and Severus is the same way too, tbh), I can't believe neither one of them thought about protection >__< So at the moment I'm a little worried for them. Cause things could get very complicated. I mean, they are already complicated given that she's a couple of decades back in time and in love with someone who in the future is her bitter, unhappy professor who died in the war. ...No one ever said love was easy.)


This was a great chapter and I'm so glad you're writing again <3 Happy holidays!

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