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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xviii.



Literally that entire scene where they were awkwardly and embarrassingly confessing their feelings for each other, I was smiling like an outright fool. I love how Hermione kept trying to downplay her feelings at first, because she was scared of taking such a foreign relationship (across eras, as well haha) so fast, but then by the end of the chapter she was like, “That’s ridiculous.” Also the fact that Snape crushed his ingredients with more vigor after she admitted her feelings for him made me laugh haha.


Also, Remus has almost definitely figured out by this point that she’s from a different time period, right? If not, then at least the book helped make Future Remus realize what had been happening while Hermione was at Hogwarts. Anyway, I love him so much, and seeing him so alive and well as Hermione interacts with him makes me so, so sad. There weren’t nearly enough Hermione/Remus interactions in the books.


AND WHEN SHE AND SNAPE ARE ON THE ISLAND, SHE LEANS HER HEAD ON HIS SHOULDER. AND THEN HE WRAPS HIS ARM AROUND HER. And I realize I’m just regurgitating the events (this happens a lot when I get excited haha) but I’m just too delighted to think of a coherent response haha. Ughhh you write these two so, so well. You made a super compelling argument for Hermione/Snape in this chapter. I love their banter, and their playfulness with each other, and that super impromptu kiss that Snape pulled her into!! I’m just waiting for a make-out scene at this point haha.


Anyway, these developments in their relationship are super exciting! <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xvii.

I JUST REALIZED I HAVEN’T YET REVIEWED THIS TODAY (I guess tomorrow, since it’s past midnight?). So here I am!


Okay and after reading this chapter I realize that I am likely not going to be able to stop myself from also reading and reviewing the next chapter, because THEY’RE ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER. AHHH.


But back to this chapter! Hermione’s really, really smart omg. I love how you wrote her exchange with Slughorn. It was so clever of her to pretend to ask for a Potions apprenticeship (and to get Snape’s help while she was at it, because, I mean, having these two nerds together pretty much guarantees a successful potion), and to convince Slughorn to let her use the Restricted Section. Also, the way she carefully asked Dumbledore for the phoenix tears was so smart too!! Ahh I love her so much.


I also really like that she has a backup plan, in case things still end up with Snape getting bitten by Nagini. Though, my question is, if Snape does change enough in his time with Hermione to end up not joining the Death Eaters in the first place, then how will that affect the future? He only ever properly meets Dumbledore because he’s devastated and guilted by Lily’s death, and that leads him down the road to being a double agent. And if he doesn’t join the Death Eaters, I’m not sure if that will play out in the same way. It’s possible that he’ll still be a double agent, but I doubt he’d be nearly as involved in the war if things didn’t play out the way they did in the books. I don’t see him joining the Order of Merlin on his own accord. I’m just speculating, but I’m so interested to see how this story ends up!!





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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xvi.

I am here and completely ready to express my feelings!!


First of all, I would like to say that Amelia is a complete and utter sweetheart for wanting her friend to be happy despite disliking Severus so much. I adore her very much, and I’m really sad at the fate that Jo has laid out for her.


And Snape apparently cleans up really nicely! (Oh, I kept forgetting to mention this before, but that faceclaim you’ve picked out for Snape fits him perfectly. He’s not overly attractive but not exaggeratedly repulsive either, and I think it’s such a good choice. I don’t even know how you found him haha.) Their blushing was very cute. AND ALSO THEY’RE HOLDING HANDS?? Which, I mean, good for them!! But, Hermione, if you’re trying to keep your emotional distance, holding hands with your crush is perhaps not the best place to start.


These two were super cute together at the party. I was knocked out of my socks when Snape actually knew how to dance; that was not a skill I expected from him! Still, I’m very happy for Hermione that he did know how to dance, otherwise it probably would have been an awkwardly painful business. Ahhh these two are so cute together when there’s not the entire fate of the world resting on Hermione’s shoulders. Also when we’re not thinking about Snape’s terrible past actions. When these two are together, it’s like they’re in their own separate world, and I hope that Snape can come to earn everyone else’s forgiveness. <3


ALSO THEY NEARLY KISSED. IN PUBLIC. (Public kisses always embarrass me very much, so I got a bit of secondhand embarrassment here. But that’s a me problem haha.)


Okay and then this next part upset me to a considerable degree because all I wanted was for Hermione and Lily to be friends. *cries* And right now, I’m trying to understand why Lily appears to be jealous; maybe it’s because a friend who was so dear to her treated her like trash and generally had little respect for her as an individual person with feelings and desires, while that same friend is now treating someone else with the respect that Lily deserved. I think if I were Lily, I would be a little upset too. Also, I wish Hermione wouldn’t be so harsh on Lily! It hurt my heart to see that. I seriously doubt that Lily has any romantic intentions towards Snape (because, I mean, he called her a Mudblood on top of generally disregarding her opinion about why his magical practices were bad), so I wish that Hermione wouldn’t feel so threatened. She seemed to think that Lily was trying to stop the relationship between Hermione and Snape from happening purely out of jealousy.


This line made me a little worried about Hermione-- “Whatever happened between Lily and Severus was in the past, and she didn't feel it right for Lily to intrude. She had no claim on Severus any longer.” Because what she’s talking about happened like half a year ago, max. And she still hasn’t heard Snape apologize for his ingrained prejudice yet. HOLD YOUR HORSES UNTIL HE DOES SO, HERMIONE.


And I was just wringing my hands the whole time because!! Hermione!!!! I want you guys to be friends!!!!!


Anyway this chapter gave me many feelings. <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xv.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WOULD PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS LIKE THAT. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO FALL FOR THE OLD “IT WAS JUST A DREAM” TRICK. AND I WAS GETTING SO EXCITED TOO, HMPH. When it turned out to be just a dream, my jaw actually dropped open, because I had not been expecting that at all haha.


Though, Hermione’s dreams are very vivid. I hope she doesn’t sleeptalk.


That’s okay. At least this gives them more time to talk things out? Hopefully a little bit about what Snape did to Lily? And once again, I would like to commend Hermione on her self-control and her intelligence; there’s a lot resting on her shoulders, and so far she seems to have been making all the right decisions. “She worried she could potentially ruin the very fabric of time” -- yes this sounds like quite a stressful endeavor, so good for Hermione! I wonder how long she’ll be able to keep this self-control going for, haha.


Also I love that Snape is willing to risk the bullying of the Marauders to spend time at Hogsmeade with Hermione. (Though, I’m not sure if I’d want to be Hermione’s friends in this moment, haha. She seems to spend a disproportionate amount of her time with Snape. Of course, she’s on a mission, so there’s that to consider.) But ugh I feel so terrible for him that literally every positive experience he could ever have is always ruined in some way by the Marauders. Especially Sirius, since James is on that campaign to improve himself as a person. Anyway, bullying is terrible, and I feel really terribly for Snape.


I love everything about their Hogsmeade date, though. And Hermione might insist it’s not a date, but they literally went around the whole time with linked arms, so I’m calling BS on her, haha. But their date was such a them thing to do! They went to Scrivenshaft’s, for crying out loud. And then they went in search for potions ingredients! All while enjoying themselves.


These two nerds. *shakes head*


When they arrived at an empty The Three Broomsticks, I was hoping they could finally relax over a mug of butterbeer, but then of course Lucius had to show up and ruin everything. I’m really worried now, though. Because I can’t tell if Snape was closed off afterwards because he was disturbed by the offer, or because he was actually considering it. I’m really, really hoping that he’s been changed enough that he’ll refuse, but I have since learned not to get my hopes up about happy events. :(





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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xiv.



Though, first, I wanted to talk about the more serious aspect of this chapter: Hermione’s defense of Snape in the face of her friends. From her perspective, I can definitely understand why she likes Snape so much. He’s kind to her (or, he wasn’t at first, but he changed in that aspect), he’s incredibly smart, he’s hardworking, and after discovering all that, she began to find him quite attractive. However, when she yelled at Remus for trying to warn her, I winced a little at her reasoning. She was thinking something about how she shouldn’t even be bothered by something that occurred before they’d even met, but just because she wasn’t present for it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, you know?


At this point in the story, I am two thousand percent ready for Snape’s arc. You’ve written his gradual character development so, so beautifully, and I think there’s just one last stretch that he has to cross before he makes it, which I think Hermione is misunderstanding a little bit. She mentions that she hasn’t even brought the Mudblood scene up with him yet...which means that she hasn’t really even given him a chance to explain himself yet. I don’t think there’s any adequate way Snape can make excuses for what he did to Lily, but something that I really want to hear from his mouth is a good and proper apology for what he said. I want him to say that he was wrong to use the slur, and that he was wrong to learn the Dark Arts, and that he never should have hung out with future Death Eaters.


(One of my main issues with Snape in the books is that he never actually...does any of that. The only apology we see from him is when he’s a teenager and begging Lily to forgive him, but he’s not sorry for what he said, he’s sorry that he said it to Lily.)


I can understand why Hermione’s annoyed that her friends keep reminding her about Snape’s past, but it’s really not about the fact that they think her incapable of taking care of herself, in my opinion. Getting into relationships with people who’ve done...questionable things in the past has a good chance of that person repeating the mistakes, so I’m also a little worried for her. I can’t tell which direction this story is going, ahh!


(Also I just wanted to mention -- I hope I’m not being too nitpicky or opinionated this way. if you want me to focus on other things, just let me know! I don’t want to bog down your reviews with my thoughts on these sorts of things if you don’t like it haha. <3)






That Truth or Dare scene was also pretty great, though as soon as Rita whispered the suggestion I was like, “Oh no.” And it turned out to be the exact sort of thing I’d expect from her. I do think her friends should stop teasing her about it, but also Hermione is ridiculously deep in denial haha. AND THEN THE ENDING. WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. AM I GETTING TOO EXCITED. PROBABLY.



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xiii.

Lmao look at Hermione being in denial. Her oxygen levels drop even when he’s only just looking at her, and I think that Hermione needs to accept her feelings and continue with her life. I feel like life is much easier when you embrace that you like someone instead of just arguing with yourself all the time. Like, look how hard Hermione’s fighting it! A page later she literally feels jealousy at the thought of Snape spending time with Lily, and she’s still lying to herself haha.


I’m sorry, I’m just very tickled by this.


It’s nice seeing Snape in a positive mood for once. He’s always been either borderline neutral or grumpy (but mostly grumpy), so seeing him with a smile on his face and excitement in his voice was unfamiliar but refreshing. I’m glad that he thinks spending time with Hermione is a fun way to pass the day. If I could spend the day with Hermione, I’d probably be out of my mind with excitement tbh, so I can understand Snape quite well.


Also, the scene when they’re in the boat and arriving at the small island was perhaps one of my favorites in terms of description, because it was described so well that I felt a magical atmosphere radiating from the first-hand experience that Hermione had. I want to visit this fictional little island so badly. It just seems like such a beautiful place, that I feel like I could live there for the rest of my life and feel happy. No wonder Snape finds this place to be a bit of a safe haven for when he’s feeling down. (I’m finding an alarming number of similarities between Snape and myself this chapter. First, Hermione; second, this pretty little island.)




(Except that’s not all I’ll say, because apparently not only am I ridiculously verbose but I am also a liar.)


I think it’s smart of Hermione to want to avoid falling into romantic traps like this; she’s pretty careful this chapter not to encourage romance despite feeling certain...feelings herself. So despite the sexual tension in this chapter and how much it makes me want to just lock these two in a broom closet together, I do think it’s really smart of her to be wary of complicating things this way. (Though I have a feeling that her prudence isn’t going to last for long haha.) So I did agree with her decision not to kiss him, despite how much she wanted to (EVEN THOUGH SHE DENIES IT), and I was upset with Snape for acting colder after she pulled away. Because, hey, man, you can feel disappointed but don’t...act that way. At least it didn’t last for too long.


Yeah, what James and Sirius did to Snape is pretty inexcusable. Snape’s hatred for them makes complete sense; there’s no reason why he should have any warm feelings towards towards the Marauders. However, I disagree with Hermione’s indignation on his behalf towards Dumbledore, who let Death Eaters grow under the roof of his school, even when they used Dark magic on Muggle-born students. Being lenient towards the Marauders doesn’t mean that Dumbledore favors them, in my opinion; it’s because his standards for expulsion are far, far too low, to the point where Death Eaters can get away with what they do. Like, Snape has every right to despise Dumbledore for not punishing the Marauders more harshly, but I don’t think Snape should think it’s about favoritism.


Afterwards, when Snape was trying to ask Hermione to Slughorn’s party, I was super conflicted. On one hand, I did want to feel bad for him, but on the other, Hermione’s idea of staying far away from romantic entanglements is logical and intelligent, and I wholeheartedly support her haha.


Also, Lily. I love Lily. She was really personally affected by what Snape did, and I’m really glad that Hermione didn’t get mad at her for prying, because Lily doesn’t deserve that.


Really amazing chapter! <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xii.

Oh my god, this was the absolute cutest?? I was smiling from beginning to end. From the way you’ve written Snape’s development, to his ridiculous pride and the way Hermione furiously responds to it, to how freaking awkward Snape is, this whole chapter was just adorable.


(Also, very relieved that Dumbledore did not intend to ship Hermione off to her regular time period.)


I can’t believe Snape offered to walk with her! Like, that’s such a couple-y thing to do! This kid is really pulling all the moves, isn’t he? First this, and later on he asks her on a “study session” (which should pretty much be their code word for “date,” in my humble opinion), and then he also brings sandwiches! And butterbeer! Really, Snape is checking off all the right boxes when it comes to dating. This guy is smitten. Seeing him now versus that horrifically rude person he was a few weeks ago is amazing, I’m so impressed by how you managed to develop his character.


And Hermione’s feelings are growing too! (I’m using way too many exclamation marks but I’m just so excited about this.) I loved how Amelia confronted her about her feelings for Snape, but Hermione just vehemently protested before getting frustrated haha. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


Another thing that I absolutely love about this story, that I think you do incredibly, is to make sure that Hermione has all these little things that she does which alters history. In this chapter, it was the Animagus scene, where she manages to direct an entire conversation to help sway the Marauders to do what they do. I love Hermione so much, and I absolutely adore the way you wrote her. She’s smart, quick-thinking, and so clever, and I love everything about her ahhh. <3


That study session scene was just so so cute, I can’t get over it. There are so many little moments that I adored, like him awkwardly shuffling in (“awkward” seems to be the key word to describe Snape whenever he’s around Hermione these days), or him offering her his hand (I screeched inwardly when this happened; it’s the little things that make me happy haha), or when he pretended that he wasn’t the one who asked her to the study session in the first place. Obviously he’s still flawed, and not everything that made him unlikable in the beginning has disappeared, such as that ridiculous pride of his. Every time he snapped at Hermione I wanted to reach through the screen and slap him upside the head because, I mean, SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO HELP YOU, SNAPE. GRIN AND BEAR IT, YOU ASKED FOR THIS. I’m also worried that his pride might cause genuine harm to Hermione in the future, in the same way it did for Lily. Fingers crossed!


What I love about this is that you picked a good time to show Snape’s development. He’s still young, which means that, though yes he’s said and done terrible things, he should be allowed to improve without his past hanging over him for the rest of his life. It’s not fair to condemn a teenager for life. (When they do terrible things as a fully grown adult, though... It’s a little harder to forgive haha.) So I’m so excited to see where Snape goes from here, because it’s when he’s at this age that I’m most open-minded towards his growth as a person.


Also I’ve noticed that it really doesn’t matter what someone looks like as a first impression, because once you find out whether their personality is good or bad, their features sort of...become pretty or ugly, depending on how much you like them. So it makes sense that Hermione finds him attractive! They’re both so similar, and she can talk to him, and she also gets these fluttery feelings a lot, so I understand her. (Not to mention, though, your faceclaim for Snape is actually really good-looking to begin with?? I mean, obviously they’re not like Chris Evans beautiful, but it really, really suits Snape.)


This was a really, really good chapter! <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xi.

I was too tired to review last night, so I’m making it up with an earlier, pre-evening review (or, at least it’s nearly evening for me haha). These days, my reviewing process for your story is as follows: (1) read the chapter, (2) type the review, (3) read the next chapter because I always want to know what happens next before I go to bed, even if I don’t review it that night, (4) struggle a ridiculous amount not to just binge the whole fic, (5) sleep, (6) read it again the next day to review, etc.


I’m having a lot of fun reviewing your story! Even though it’s a painful exercise in self-control not to keep going haha.


Okay so what I found absolutely adorable was how Hermione was freaking out in the beginning like it was a first date (though in some ways, I suppose a study session would feel a lot like a date to two bookish people haha). I also thought it was really funny how Severus was waiting in the area that Hermione wanted to sit. Great minds think alike! Or they’re just very similar people with similar interests, which probably means they’ll work out together in the end. If there’s a happy ending, of course. But also they’re both so protective of their books! Hermione’s violent line of thinking when Snape reached over and shut her book was hilarious.


Personally, I think that the Sirius presented in this story is a little more harmful than what Hermione gives him credit for, but what worried me a little about this conversation is that Hermione thinks Sirius is alright as a person, albeit annoying, but that she was pretty willing to speak really badly of him in order to stay on Severus’s good side. And I don’t know, there’s something nervewracking about that (also how she tore into Sirius later). Personally, I do think that Sirius deserved that to a degree, but she didn’t think so, and that’s what’s important. So I’m worried. I hope she keeps her morals later on. We’ll see, though!


I have to be completely honest with you, I am not used to Severus being presented as vaguely handsome. So the first time Hermione thought that I was like “ehm that’s Snape we’re talking about,” but now I’ve gotten used to the idea haha. And he’s beginning to like her too! Though maybe he’s always liked her since the beginning and is only expressing it now. Because, I mean, who wouldn’t love Hermione, am I right?


Also his displeasure at the fact that Hermione had to leave for Dumbledore’s office was kinda cute.




I really loved this chapter! <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: x.

See, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, because it’s nearing 1 a.m. on a school night, and I am so tired, but I can’t seem to stop myself from reading and reviewing another chapter of this amazing story, so here I am haha. If my sleep-deprived reviews ever start coming off as too weird, please feel free to message me and say, “Eva. Please stop reviewing my story at ungodly hours so I don’t have to read such nonsense. Do it at a normal time of day or something.”


My point is, I’m going to try my best to sound coherent, because I was reading through my last review and feeling mildly embarrassed.


Anyway, I loved this chapter! It brought up many interesting points of discussion (which I will get into later), and was also hilarious and adorable at a number of moments. I mean, Operation Stalk Severus. That made me snort. And she paid attention to him with such detail, it was almost impressive. This section was also a good way to pass time as well; it allowed us to move further into the year without feeling like we were suddenly launched forward through time without any warning. From Hermione’s perspective, I can definitely see why she would find Snape vaguely attractive; once you start admiring some aspects of their personality (like Snape’s studiousness), then it’s a lot easier to find them not-ugly.


THEN THERE’S THIS NEXT SCENE. You have no idea how much stress this scene gave me (in the best way possible). One thing that I was curious about earlier, but forgot to mention, was whether Hermione keeping her own first name was really worth it. Because “Hermione” isn’t the most common of names, and so people are bound to recognize her later on in life, right? Even with her glamour. AND THIS SCENE PRETTY MUCH CONFIRMS IT. Which is interesting on a million different levels, but also made me extremely worried for a bit, because there’s just something very scary about the idea that Hermione is leaving a significantly-sized footprint in a time period that’s not her own. And if Remus and Sirius remember her (oh goodness, Sirius must have all the moments she smacked him down ingrained into his memory), then Snape has to remember her, right?




Onto slightly less stressful subjects. I love how Snape asks her on a “what-appears-to-be-a-date-but-technically-isn’t-but-of-course-the-first-thing-these-two-really-do-together-alone-is-study” sort of...date-thing. He’s embarrassed, she’s embarrassed, and the readers are happy. Her excitement afterwards was very cute, as well.


Okay. Here’s the part of the chapter that I find the most interesting. Hermione makes a number of logical and compelling arguments on why she would forgive Snape, and after reading them, I understood her point of view. Like, setting aside the general ickiness of Snape’s feelings towards Lily and how he dealt with them, and just looking at his response to Lily in Snape’s Worst Memory... I can see where Hermione is coming from when she says that she would forgive him eventually.


I do disagree with her, though. Of course, I’m not Hermione. Perhaps she’s more big-hearted than I am, and more willing to forgive. But, I don’t know. “Mudblood” is the equivalent of a racial slur in our world. And people who love their best friends more than anyone else in the world will never be embarrassed enough, humiliated enough, angry enough to spit out a racial slur, unless they harbor a strong prejudice. People who’ve never used racial slurs before don’t just blurt it out in the heat of their anger; if someone becomes furious and hurls a slur at their friend, that means they’ve thought it before and said it before. Perhaps not to their friend, but they’ve definitely practiced using the word.


And if one of my best friends did that to me... I don’t know. It would be deeply unsettling for me to continue acting as though things were okay, when they showed me evidence that they find the idea of me repulsive, even if they’re “making an exception” in my case. Snape made friends with Mulciber and Avery back in his fifth year, which Lily disliked, and if I ever had a friend who hung out with the modern-day equivalent, neo-Nazis, I would be scared to death.


All of this is just how I would be affected, though, and obviously Hermione is in Gryffindor so she probably has guts made of steel haha. This section made me think a lot, so thank you for writing such an interesting and deep scene!


Wonderful chapter! <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: ix.

Oh no, I’m beginning to feel the effects of sleeplessness kick in, so many apologies for a possibly incoherent review.


I should start with how much I loved this chapter! It covered some important things and not to mention there was some hilarious Snape awkward shuffling and later on some more awkward Snape shuffling as he hightailed it out of that classroom.


First things first! I did appreciate that Hermione countered Remus’s point with the fact that Sirius is a terrible person as a teenager, because I agree. *punches Sirius* Bullying is terrible and has horrific long-term effects on a child, and it’s just really depressing to read about coming from James and Sirius. However, I think Hermione leaned too far in her defense of Snape because, I mean. No one Imperiused him into learning the Dark Arts. That interest was all his own doing, and that was the spell that landed Hermione in the Hospital Wing, so Snape definitely did have a hand in all that.


Also I actually snorted aloud when Snape is all like “I don’t know” when Hermione asks him why he’s there because, well, I KNOW. WE ALL KNOW. Stop deluding yourself, Snape, you kind of like Hermione and feel bad that you put her in the Hospital Wing, which you totally should feel bad for. I’m very glad that he performed the healing spell, otherwise I would still be very mad at him.


But then he gets all embarrassed? And then proceeds to ignore Hermione for like forever?? And now practically sprints out of whichever place Hermione goes to??? COWARD. YOU DON’T DESERVE HER.


Though that detention scene is hilarious. I love how they’re just awkwardly scrubbing, and afterwards, their awkwardness is so awkwardness that even Slughorn notices the awkward.


I am so sorry for this review, I really should’ve waited until morning to type this, but I was too excited.


ANYWAY please know I just loved this chapter a lot! And I will be back to read more tomorrow because I am veryyy sleepy right now. Good night!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: viii.

I am actually so delighted with the way you are handling Snape’s character right now. At the beginning of this chapter, when Hermione was crying (the poor girl, I just wanted to hug her and give her a shoulder) and Snape was actually kind of acting decent, I got (very irrationally) excited, thinking that Snape was getting better. However, I am very glad that you continued to show how easily Snape could turn nasty towards Hermione, even though she wasn’t the one who did anything wrong, because she’s only known him two days, and a person can’t change so quickly in two days. (And I really should’ve known better haha. *slaps self*)


(Though that brief moment when he was civil towards her was extremely fun to read.)


That being said, on how much I appreciate that you’re consistent with Snape’s characterization, I would still like to write a letter to Snape. It would go something like this:








Because who does he think he is, talking to Hermione like that, huh?? Because Hermione is amazing and wonderful and the epitome of a kind and brave soul (she is literally abandoning her life to save Snape, the least he could do is show her some respect, even if he doesn’t actually know what she’s there for haha) and Snape just is not allowed to say such horrible things towards her. It’s pretty much against the law. And being embarrassed about being protected by a girl is, uh, not good, Snape. Tsk, tsk.


Of course, bullying is actually disgusting, so once again I would like to request punching Sirius Black in the face. And also James, a little bit, though he made up for it some by pulling Sirius back near the end.


Most importantly, though, I’m upset because the idiocy of these boys (started by James and Sirius, and then escalated by Snape with his lack of anger management skills) got Hermione injured. Was it one of Snape’s spells? He shot a flesh-cutting thing at James by the Black Lake in Snape’s Worst Memory. Ughhh I hate what James and Sirius did to Snape, but also it’s no excuse for how Snape keeps treating Hermione. It’s just an endless repeat of what he did to Lily, except Hermione actually has to bear it because she doesn’t really have much of a choice. Though, she does seem to be respecting him a little bit? I hope she doesn’t get too ahead of herself, because he hasn’t exactly proven to be consistently kind just yet.


That last scene, though, where he’s carrying her to the Hospital Wing? Really sweet. I really wonder what spell Snape was using there, and how the lulling incantation makes it work! (I don’t actually expect an answer in the following chapters, I’m just talking to myself.)


Ahhh I loved this chapter! I’m going directly to the next one now because I lack the self-control tonight haha.



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 07 Apr 2018 04:49 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: vii.

I’m only going to review one chapter today, because I’m too sleepy. :(


Onto the story!


Oh my goodness, does this mean that Hermione is meant to meddle? I certainly hope so, because then I can stop feeling stressed out that she’s going to irreversibly damage the future haha. Also, I love that she goes and researches when she’s unable to sleep. It’s such a Hermione thing to do.


That scene with Remus was so heartbreaking. You wrote it really well, in talking about how Hermione grieves even as he’s right there in front of her. Everything that Remus says just makes me want to give him a great big hug because, I mean. He’s so embarrassed that he has to tell her she broke the rules. That’s just adorable, and a strange sort of kindness, and I love it. ALSO WHEN HE’S EXCITED ABOUT AMELIA?? So cute. His awkwardness in asking Hermione about her was just so well done, I’m getting excited all over again typing this out.


You know what I’m super worried about? That Hermione wasn’t actually supposed to meddle. I have a terrible feeling that by getting both Remus and Amelia’s hopes up, something’s going to happen and they’re going to both be so disappointed and heartbroken that they’ll blame Hermione in some way. I think the most realistic situation is that Remus changes his mind on asking Amelia out, because he’s a werewolf with that whole “who would love a werewolf” attitude he’s got going on. And then Amelia’s really sad. And then Hermione’s really embarrassed that she read the whole situation wrong.


Please don’t let that happen. I just want Remus and Amelia to end up together. *prays*


When they get to class later, I was hoping for her to talk to Snape (and it looked like he was going to, for a second!), but of course Edgar GETS IN THE WAY. Gosh darn it, Edgar.


Also, Rita Skeeter is so in-character that I simultaneously want to laugh and also toss her in the Black Lake. I’ve forgotten how completely infuriating she was in Goblet of Fire; she’s just so nosy and rude and ridiculous, which you got perfectly here. Hermione’s response in French to her was the most hilarious thing ever. I’m so relieved that she knows French. I was getting really stressed out about that. (I get very easily stressed out while reading fics haha.)


Professor Crabtree sounds like a darling. I would probably give a kidney to be in his class, because he just seems like such a fun teacher.


I really love how Hermione has to pretend not to know how to do certain types of spells, in order to keep her cover. Hopefully the other students won’t be too jealous of her? I don’t want her to lose friends or anything. ALSO AHHH SNAPE SEEMS IMPRESSED?? I don’t know how to feel about that! Is that a good thing or bad thing that Snape is only noticing her after she demonstrates a strong magical ability?


I really want to read and review the next chapter, but I need to sleep. :(


I loved this chapter, though!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: vi.

Just this one more chapter for today, because it’s 2:31 a.m. as I’m typing this, and I really need to learn how to sleep properly haha.


So I kept forgetting to mention this in the previous reviews, but I love your descriptions. Whenever Hermione’s on her own, and just thinking, you write the loveliest descriptions of her settings, and it really helps to solidify the time and place. That paragraph describing the Black Lake in the beginning was absolutely magical-sounding.


And I said last review that I would be so happy to have an entire chapter dedicated to Hermione and Snape interactions, but I was ridiculously happy anyway, even with just half a chapter of Hermione and Snape content. (Half a chapter is already a lot, what am I even saying.) The entire Potions scene was absolutely amazing, and made for quite a mind-twisting thought process, as well. I would first like to state that in the books, Slughorn, as a human being, fundamentally annoys me. I think you emulated that well here, haha. He’s vaguely patronizing to students he’s unfamiliar with, and as soon as they perform extraordinarily, he changes his tune. I thought you wrote that wonderfully.


Most importantly, though, I LOVE TIME TRAVEL STUFF. Like, did Hermione teach Snape the crush-to-get-more-juice method, which is why he wrote it in his book, which is how Harry learned it, which is how Hermione learned it, which is how Snape learned it?? WHAT. Hermione never would’ve learned it if Snape hadn’t written that down in his book, but also Snape never would’ve learned it if Hermione hadn’t told him. My mind is blown. (Is this what they call a paradox? Idk. I’m bad at words.) You set up such a cool scenario, and I love love love it!


Snape begrudgingly conceding that Hermione is better than him at Potions (though she used his methods haha) is the best thing ever.


And at dinner! (Aside from that nauseating display from Rita Skeeter and Gilderoy Lockhart, of course.) I love how you always include little details of how other characters are acting, especially the Marauders. It really adds a lot to their character, to have their little dumb moments noticed by Hermione haha. And that stare between Hermione and Snape?? It was strangely hot. I’m feeling very confused. Yep, can’t wait for further character growth from our resident future Death Eater. (I can’t figure out how to write that without it sounding sarcastic, so just please know I am genuinely excited for Snape’s arc, and I’m not being ironic.)


I think I’m always going to love Amelia and Remus. They’re really adorable together. It’s just really sad what happens to both of them. When Hermione was just sitting there, grieving Remus while the teenaged Remus was right there, I was feeling so so sad omg. Remus was one of my favorite characters. Way to stab me in the heart. :(


Literally every time Sirius shows up I want to punch him in the face.


Hermione’s musings at the end are super interesting. I’m wondering what it’ll mean in the long run. Hmmm.


Another brilliant chapter! <3



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 06 Apr 2018 06:06 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: v.



Okay, at this point in the story, I do harbor a general dislike of Snape’s attitude. I can understand where it comes from, but it doesn’t mean he has a right to it. And plus, I love Hermione too much to see her insulted by Snape yet again (she really got the brunt of it in both worlds, didn’t she?) so I don’t feel too favorable towards him right now.


That being said, everything he’s said so far has made me want to laugh, because he’s actually so grumpy and grouchy and anti-social, and were it not for his exploits into the Dark Arts and general Death Eater activities, I would find him so relatable. Every time he just sort of stares deadpan at Hermione, like he’s just 200% unimpressed with her attempts at talking to him, I just want to snort. It makes Hermione’s life much harder, but it’s honestly hilarious. Also, Snape being suspicious of Hermione working with Sirius really seems to be a logical conclusion to jump to, from his perspective. You write these two so well, ugh I’m in love with their characterizations.


And I love the Sirius presented to us in the novels, but your teenaged version of him really deserves to be knocked down a couple of pegs. WHEN A GIRL SAYS NO, SHE MEANS NO. *smacks him upside the head*


Hahaha I love that Hermione ships Amelia and Remus but doesn’t want to meddle in case she completely destroys the timeline that comes afterwards. Speaking of which, I wonder how this story is going to end? I don’t see any way this is going to be a happy ending, because she has to return to her own world at some point, right? But on the off-chance that it is a happy ending... I’m preparing to celebrate. Just in case.


Oh my goodness, I’ve just loved every single glimpse you’ve given us of the people from the Marauders era. Seeing how idiotic James and Sirius are has been a lot of fun (though at this point, they definitely don’t seem like they’ve matured at all, no matter what Remus tries to say to Lily haha), and I’m always going to love Remus, and I actually felt the comforting presence that Lily was to Hermione. I want to be Lily’s friend tbh. She sounds cool. I wonder if Hermione’s going to hang out with her at all.


NEXT CHAPTER IS A LESSON WITH SNAPE. I’m going to be so happy if the entire chapter is dedicated to the lesson.


Wonderful chapter! <3



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 06 Apr 2018 05:41 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: iv.

It’s high time for me to finish reading this, so thus begins my next reviewing project. (I was going back and looking through the chapter reviews to see where I left off, and omg my old reviews were so cute and tiny. Well, never fear, Essayist Eva is here, and I am going to ramble so much you’ll want nothing more than to shut me up.)


Here we go!


To start, I’m really sad because I can’t see the CIs made by Kaitlin. I wish Photobucket links still worked, because there were a number of beautiful graphics made by TDA artists that are lost now.


Anyway, onto the story. I was actually wiggling my foot in excitement while I was reading this, because not only did we get a clearer look into Hermione’s head (and her absolutely wonderful snark!) but we got to meet everyone! And I am so impressed with how you portrayed the teenaged versions of the famed adults we know from the novels; they obviously still share the characteristics of their adult versions, but they also do act more teenager-like. I was absolutely shocked when Rita Skeeter and Gilderoy Lockhart were revealed to be dating, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. (Someone has to go and write a twisted romance fic about the two of them lmao. Deceiving the world one story at a time.)


I should probably go in order. So from the very beginning, I do like how you didn’t shy away from showing how James and Sirius bully Severus. I definitely don’t think it’s an excuse for Severus to be joining the bigoted Death Eater cult, of course, but it’s a huge flaw within teenaged James and Sirius, and I think it’s important to consider that in their overall character.


OKAY BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW IN-CHARACTER HERMIONE AND SNAPE’S INTERACTIONS WERE. I swear, if teenaged Snape ever had a chance to speak with Hermione, this is exactly how it would go down. His rudeness and bitterness towards people who try to help him after a humiliating experience is well-documented (like what happened with Lily by the Black Lake), so I thought it was great that you wrote him like this. I’m so excited to see how his relationship with Hermione grows and improves over time. Right now, he seems to, uh, generally dislike her, but I’m sure that’ll change. He seems to find her pretty at least (or, at least, that’s how I’m choosing to interpret his weird jealousy-like actions after Sirius flirted with her).


Hermione’s baffled snarks after each failed attempt at interacting with Snape in a civilized manner were hilarious. She’s so funny. I could listen to her inner thoughts all day. Especially that scene when Dumbledore was announcing her as his niece! I was smiling so hard; her embarrassment was absolutely adorable.


Sirius...needs to calm down. Like, back off, buddy.


I really appreciate your introductions to each of the Ravenclaws. Like I said earlier, I think it’s amazing how you handled their characterizations. And I absolutely adore Amelia Bones, and she’s so sweet, kind, and thoughtful (like, she condemns James and Sirius for bullying Snape, while continuing to criticize Snape for his decisions to work with the Dark Arts), and it hurts me that she’s going to die a brutal death later. I don’t know, I feel like she alluded to a super interesting point, like, she does seem to be putting the blame on Snape for making his choice, and I respect that. Most of all, right now, I’m so curious to see how Hermione works to bring him away from that dangerous edge.


This was such a riveting chapter! <3



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 16 Dec 2017 10:10 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xiv.

Hey, Meg!

Oh, my Merlin, I'm so behind with this, I'm so bad... but I'm here now with a snowball (hug) for you! ;)

Ahahah! Hogwarts will always be the same in that aspect, news always travel fast, especially when it's about teenage romance gossip... :P Poor Hermione, though... that must be mortifying...

But I'm so glad she's finally accepted that she has feelings for Severus! It was about time! (okay, I'm jumping up and down... can't really write ordered reviews... anyway...)

Hermione's denial is so good and so real, even if a tiny bit annoying. Then, again, everyone trying to judge her relationship with him and lecturing her is so annoying too... I do understand they worry for her, but honestly! Then, again, I would probably be that person as well (?) Severus isn't really the person you would want to see a friend with (seeing it from an external perspective)

And btw, Remus is the cutest (yes, I'm biased, I know...) I love that he was so embarrassed when he brought up the subject, and I loved that he showed his concern but in the end backed off and apologized, it's definitely like him.

Oh, my Merlin! The tension between Hermione and Severus when he pulled back her hair... that was so intense and so adorable! I love those two! Like, Siriusly! And Severus getting all jealous when she mentioned being cornered by Otto and Edgar? Aww, if that isn't sweet, I don't know what is... :P

A good Truth or Dare game! Those are always funny! :) But poor Hermione, they are being rather cruel... and I really, really hate Rita! Guess it served for her to finally admit her feelings, but it's still not funny to be subjected to that... then, again, that's how teenage work, I suppose... :P

I'm really curious about what will happen now... will she follow her heart? And if she does, where will that lead her? So many questions, I love that you left the chapter in a sort of cliffhanger, too...

This was so great, and I will hopefully be back soon!

Love you,


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 07:28 AM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: iii.

I'm so proud of Hermione, covering all her bases! It's smart of her to think of disguising herself to look different so that the characters won't remember her once they're older.


I thought the Hogsmeade scene was really well done, between Hermione's conflicting feelings about Rosmerta (though I get the feeling that's going to disappear in a little while as she falls for Snape) and her run-in with the two infamous Purebloods. I keep forgetting that Hermione has already saved the Wizarding World, and that she still has her scars and her trauma from the situation. Seeing a young, healthy Bellatrix Lestrange must have been quite scarring.


And we also get to meet the Marauders, Lily, and Snape! I see their dynamic is as recognizable as ever, with the Marauders bullying Snape and Lily coming in to defend the victim (until she realized it was Snape). I've always been uncomfortable with the way the Marauders' bullying was brushed over in the books, and based on the way you wrote this, I don't think you're going to do the same. I really appreciate the attention to detail.

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 07:14 AM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: ii.

As I was reading this chapter, my feet were wiggling, waiting for Hermione to prepare to meet Snape, haha. I can't imagine what their first meeting will be like. Will their relationship initially start off like Draco and Hermione, with a bitter sort of prejudiced hate? Or will she immediately find Snape to be a better soul than everyone had thought? SO CURIOUS.


One thing I was worrying about for Hermione is how she's going to get back to her regular time. If I remember the books correctly, they never did anything special to return back, they just lived through the hours as an extended part of their life. So I'm excited to see what your headcanons are on the matter! I always love it when Harry Potter fanfics expand on the original magic system.


This chapter is setting things up for the rest of the story, so a lot of details were introduced. I never expected that Dumbledore himself would claim Hermione as his niece! That was a unique touch. Additionally, I was quite happy when Hermione chose Ravenclaw as her temporary house, just because I really believe that she would have fit incredibly well in Ravenclaw. I hope we get to meet a few of her housemates!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 05 Dec 2017 01:11 AM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: i.

The premise of this story is so interesting! I've never come across a fanfiction with the Hermione/Snape ship before, so reading a story like this one will be a first-time experience for me. Since I'm going to be reading (and hopefully reviewing) each chapter separately, and since you've already written a large amount, most of what I say will probably be fairly useless, haha.


My first thought is how different seeing young Snape from Hermione's perspective will be. From the first chapter here, I can already tell that she's sympathetic towards him, and maybe this is what will help guide Snape later in the end. Personally, because I view Adult Snape as a generally awful human being who did end up acting for the greater good in the end, reading about Young Snape, before he's fully grown and entirely responsible for his own decisions, will be fascinating.


I'm excited to see where this story goes!

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 05 Dec 2017 12:44 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxviii

Hello Meg! :D


Nosy housemates are the bane of my shipping existence! The majority of my is perfectly okay with the beautiful slow burn that's happening here (they should be able to take their physical relationship as slow as they like) and then the smaller part of me is dying for it! However, that part also realizes that you probably know what you're doing with your own characters and the slow burn is good for me anyway. 


I love that Hermione's the only one who gets to see him past his grumpy-face...reputations and all that. Slughorn's remarks on their relationship would make me uncomfortable too, haha--but I'm totally okay if they have too much fun. 


Uhoh, serious talks with Dumbledore. Yes, I mean, he absolutely does have a point, she's certainly affecting the past in a way that was not intended, but, honestly, what better way to show Severus Snape his worth than by loving him? Understandably, Hermione's upset by the prospect of having to leave soon, too, and I'm fearful of what it will do to Severus. And going home is SO SOON! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited and worried about what's to come!!



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 20 Oct 2017 05:27 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxvii



Ahaha! I'm dying picturing Severus in place of the third year with Dumbledore :D :D Too funny. Also, how amazingly sweet is it that he's just looking at her. Goodness, all my FEELS!


A Witch from Lickfold, eh? Haha! And yaaaaay! I heartily agree that Severus and Hermione should sneak away from the festivities to have some snogging time in the Room of Requirement. In fact, I encourage it. They're just so amazingly cute! And oh-ho-ho, a bed in the RoR? I've sat here typing and deleting comments, but nothing's really coming out appropriately so, we'll move on... :D


I love Hermione's reasoning that he's somehow hiding himself away with this too-big clothes. They're so freaking amazingly sweet --- I love it so much! And it's completely understandable that she isn't quite ready to take that next step because cuddles and kisses are amaaaaazzzzing right now! 


And I love how the tides totally switched when it was finally time to get into bed. I think that maybe, subconsciously, Hermione's confidence might've picked up because Severus was suddenly so nervous! It's adorable! But enough psychoanalyzing your characters because there's a little bit of sexy time going on! (Excuse me, it's reallllyy late and I'm losing it :P). I adore how they're both so nervous! It makes sense that being in a bed together would make things seem different.


She would have done it? Wwooooooah! This is what everyone has been waiting for! ;)


Eeee, they're so cute together!


I love it, I love it, I love it!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxvi

So. Many. Xfers. Must finish for space for new reviews! 

While I'm getting caught up on transferring reviews to HPFT, I'm going to be reviewing here so I don't get confused (and I'll still be double-posting the comments after, anyway).


Anyway. CHRISTMAS! You captured the specific type of quiet really well -- it's the same type of quiet that Rumpel hates 0.0! Ah, yes, I'd expect something like Christmas to send Hermione into a fit of nostalgia. Poor Hermione :( . That mood ring sounds GORGEOUS! Best friends always give the best gifts! And she finally gets the Pheonix Tears, too! Thank goodness -- hopefully that will work out nicely in her antivenom.


And he still makes her coffee for her. I have this headcanon now with this fic that someday when she returns to the future, they'll grow old together and every day he'll be making her coffee. <3 :D I'm also super excited to see what Severus got her -- like STOKED. He's all nervous so it's gotta be good!


Oh yes, the Room of Requirement. Excellent place to escape other people! And a perfect place that self-decorates to make a fantabulous Christmas! (KISSES! :D ) OMIGOSH he gave her beautiful combs that belonged to his grandmother -- it's so personal and perfect <3! :D *squeeee* He told his mom about her?! OMIGOD the FEELS! AND THE KISSING! AND THE I LOVE YOU! OMGIOD MEG I LOVE YOU TOO! :D :D Hahahah! Now I can squee happily for the rest of the night :D !



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 19 Oct 2017 05:04 PM · [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxv

...one day, ye shall turn around and you will see WE XFERS. And on that day, you will XFER! *cough*

Why are there so few chapters left of this D: !? *panics*


Rita's such a witch :p. I love that she's already portrayed as wayyyy too nosy for her own good, too -- just as I'd imagine she'd be as a teenager.




Hahaha -- 'whatever I'd like?' :p Oh, boy :D. And, yeah, I'm not complaining either. Hooray for kisses :D. Goodness, Severus is full of it today (which is awesome, because it's lots of Snamione fluffiness) AND they're going to their special island!</p><p>Oh yeah, because Hermione had to become (virtually) an entirely different person, it feels like she actually became a different person. :( Poor Hermione. She has such a tough mission ahead of her


They're so cute GAH! I can't handle them.</p><p>Wonderfully wondrous chapter as per usual!</p><P>

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 19 Oct 2017 05:02 PM · [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxiv

xfer bells, xfer bells, xfers all the way!:

Ooooooh it's Sirius.


>A very drunken Sirius. This can't be good. Bad Sirius! *covers eyes* And OMG Severus! Nice use of wordplay in your action scene, by the way. I usually stop every couple paragraphs or so to make comments but I was completely sucked into the scene o.o. Luckily, Remus was there to round up Sirius.


Okay, so yeah a little hex could have solved the problem, but I love that it brought out this primal rage in Severus. He's so hot-headed sometimes, and I like that you continue to show that side of him when it's appropriate (and it was definitely justified in this instance). I also want to hop back for just a second to Sirius -- I LOVE how you pointed out (through Hermione) that that version of Sirius was not the same version of Sirius she'd grown to know. I think it was a HUGE piece of support for Sirius' actions in that particular scene, along with his intoxication (of course). You've, of course, already set up his not-so-secret 'crush'-ish on Hermione, as well as his envy concerning the established relationship. So while in a different context I would have been left wondering WHY Sirius would act the way he has, you've set everything up leading to this moment to support it. (And in case none of that came out the way I wanted it to because I'm tired, I'm saying ---- good job!!! :D )






Poor Hermione. She's had to go through so much.


:p He's so stubborn. But Hermione's stubborn, too -- I'm glad she doesn't let him blame himself for what Sirius did.


And I'm also glad that Sirius apologized, referring back to the other large glob of whatever the heck I was talking about up there ^. I mean, of course Hermione doesn't forgive him yet; that's going to be a tough bridge to cross if she ever does decide to forgive him.


Another wonderful chapter!</p><p>-Rumpel</p><P>

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 19 Oct 2017 04:59 PM · [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxiii

xfering through the snow, on a one horse open xfer (? I don't know):

Again, the first line might as well say, "Meg hates Rumpel and is crushing all of her Snamione dreams." :P


>I feel so bad :( he'd better show up!! "Hi"....I'll give him "Hi". "Hi" yourself :(. Attack hug! There, take that! (sry, I'm getting tired :P) Oh - my -goodness! He's so angry. Whyyy are you doing this to me? Poor Hermione can't even properly explain herself without revealing that she's Muggle-born, which she can't exactly do. *headdesk* It's SO complicated!


Oh phew -- Hermione is much more eloquent than I would have been in that situation. AND THANK FREAKING MERLIN!! :D He's not sulking ;). And kisses! And he WAS shopping :D . I'm a much happier Rumpel now, tyvm. Good. No more avoiding. Lots more kisses. Rules are rules.</p><p>Of course Dumbledore has to snatch her up when they've just begun speaking again! Dumbledore's clearly not an avid Snamione shipper or he'd leave them alone ;). Ugggh, caught by the Dumbledore, ruiner of Snamione feels. I mean, yeah, everything IS a bit 'unorthodox' but he doesn't know the feels! Phew. At least Hermione is able to stand up for herself. Go, Hermione, go!


Yeah, and there's the 'going home' bit. ):


Omigosh who IS that? Malfoy? Yaxley? Somebody whose about to get a smackdown? D:!!!</p><p>-Rumpels</p><P>

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