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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cups

Hello again!


Millie's so introverted and awkward, I can't help but love her. I'm so glad that she and Lily are friends now. I also love how Millie keeps questioning it, like, half-jokingly warning her and asking her if she's certain that Lily wants to spend her entire break with her. Also, Sirius Black gets dumped?! This is news! And sorting through her underwear without fear of judgment is a totally understandable fear--I feel it. And 'I heart Remus' t-shirts? Honestly, you kill me! 


Aw, poor moping Sirius! James' distress over the different colored cups is hilarious--he wants everything, poor boy and, furthermore, I love his need to go collect the different colored cups from the different Halls. Oh my goodness, I can definitely picture James running amok across a college campus, determined to collect all the colors. Even Slytherin! 


Wait just a minute...Marissa Painsley-Bumbershuffle? I think I'm in love. Though she did break Sirius' heart a little, so I guess it isn't love after all. Ahh, Sirius asked her out and she shouted NO! Oh my goodness, my poor ickle Sirius! It's hilarious but I feel so bad for him (probably deserves it though). Their conversation is so adorable and awkward, I love it. I love it so much! 


Eeeei! Characterization is adorable!! Simply ADORABLE!



Author's Response:

Hello, Rumpels! It's nice to see you back!


Yeah, Millie is quite introverted and awkward. It's fun writing her this way because she's also quite comfortable with it, which makes for interesting interactions with others.


Writing James' distress over different coloured cups remains one of my favourite scenes I have ever written. Just the image of a James Potter on the rampage across campus is wonderful to imagine.


Sirius almost definitely deserves it. A little adversity in life only builds character ;)


Thanks for the wonderful review, Rumpels :)

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe



So, I really love the relationship that Millie and Lily have; they make amazing friends. Lily seems to push her in a way that she really needs that balances out her introverted behavior nicely. I'm so glad that Lily asked to sit with her in the cafe! 


I also really appreciate that Lily is an overachiever, still (actually, I'm sensing a pattern in this AU where you've been as true as possible to their characterizations while removing them completely from their world). 


Heheh, I love that Lily and James make a connection, despite how anti-James Lily really is. Though, this is the year that James matures a bit, so it's only a matter of time! :D 


Heheh, and I love that Sirius has to berate himself for watching Millie. He's got it bad and he doesn't even know it yet! He thinks he can play the Millie. Not a chance, buddy...not even a little one. 


A special wink, eh? A wink just for Millie (I'm squealing a little in anticipation for the ball to get rolling). Sirius better do something, seeing as Millie is the one who saved him from the man-eating spider.


Great job! I hope I can get back here soon!



Author's Response:

Something that I felt I'd neglected in Like a House on Fire was the friendship between Millie and Lily. So, in this story, I wanted it to play a big part. More than romance, what Millie really needs is good friends.


Yes, I have tried to be as true to the characterisations as possible. Of course, I've taken a few liberties here and there, but it's fun putting these characters into whole new worlds.


Jily lives on!


Sirius' special winks are the best, I agree.


Thanks for the lovely review, Rumpel!

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

Hey! I've always wanted to read this, ever since I finished reading "Like a House on Fire".

I love the idea of taking Millie and Sirius to a magical college AU! I have a feeling this is going to be a ton of fun! And the beginning is set up so well.  Millie's taking a 3am "study break" (I remember those) and Sirius comes banging on the door in nothing more than a towel -- pretty sure I had a dream like that once, actually.  At least Millie's sleep is interrupted by something worth seeing (I mean, in my humble opinion at any rate).


Anyway, Sirius might think Millie is a knockout, but she sounds about ready to knock him out.  I laughed so hard at Sirius' reason for banging on Millie's door in the middle of the night (or very early in the morning, depending on how you look at it) -- Sirius Black needs saving from a spider.  I love it.  And what's more, is that he has Millie hunting for the spider so that it doesn't attack him in his sleep! I'm dying!  I"m also trying to figure out when I became Sirius Black ;) .


And he loses his towel. Oh my goodness! Poor Millie!  And I love the drama that ensues as she 'saves' him, complete with Sirius' solemn acceptance of his impending 'death by spider'.   


Aww, well hopefully he gets to ask her out sooooooon!  Fantastic job, I can't wait to read more.




Author's Response:

Heya Rumpel! Thanks for dropping by :)


I am very excited about the concept of magic college AU myself! I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with it. Sirius in a towel is everyone's dream, right? ;P


I enjoyed myself immensely writing Sirius terrified of spiders. Spiders are pretty scary, and even the great Sirius Black is frightened by them.


The towel slips! Oh no!


Thanks for the wonderful review, Rumpel! Hope to hear from you soon :)

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe

I'm so glad that Millie and Lily have become friends, Millie is such a hermit she needs an extroverted friend to like keep her in the loop with everyone else her age. I've always wondered how people like Lily are just so comfortable with going up to someone and making conversation like I don't have the courage to do that. Lily, what is your secret?

I'm going to need everyone to just own up to their feelings like you know it, your friend knows it, the strangers around you have probably picked up on it so like just admit your feelings. I'm so excited for when things really hit off and everyone comes to the realization that they like each other but I'm also really excited to see the build up and where it goes.

I'm just generally very excited.

Author's Response:

Millie is the ultimate hermit. She really needs someone like Lily in her life, for sure. I am also not sure what Lily's secret is. Perhaps, she will tell us some day...


Owning up to feelings is for n00bs. Besides, if everyone owned up to their feelings, where on earth would we get our daily dose of drama?


Yay! Excitement! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

I'm not gonna lie, I'm squealing in excitement. Your writing has improved so much since Like a House on Fire I'm shook and also very excited for what new stories you come up with.

Sirius was cute, I admit it, it was adorable that he was frightened of a spider and immediately went to Milly for help. For two people who are absolutely losing it internally at the site of the other I'm very impressed by how together they're managing to keep it. Like the other person can't even tell that they're freaking out internally.

I love this kind of Hogwarts AU sort of setting because I feel like for a lot of people you kind of get the best of both worlds in a sense like you get the university trope but you also get the Hogwarts magic and stuff.

Anyways, I'm just very excited.

Author's Response:

I know! Six years is a long time!


Sirius is the best, isn't he. Being scared of spiders is somehow just icing on the cake.


This Hogwarts AU has been a lot of fun to play around with. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 11:14 AM · [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cups

Transferred :)

Lily's excellent bladder control? Sirius dating a girl called Marissa Painsley-Bumbershuffle? Instagram accounts? What's not to love about this chapter?!

The Real Witches of Salem! You are just hilarious, I am honestly so in love with this story! The characters are amazing, I especially love Lily (hey - just realized that rhymes with Millie!)

... Is gingivitis actually contagious? 

Oh Merlin - the cups!! There is just way too much brilliance in this chapter for me to list all my favourite things but this story is just incredible!

Aaand I just pictured Newt Scamander having a David Attenborough voice, ha ha ha!!

God I love Sirius. Like so much. So so much.

You have astounded me once more with your writing - the characters, dialogues, descriptions, everything! This is a hilarious story and know that I am enjoying it very much indeed :)

♥ Bianca    

Author's Response:

Yayayay! Things to love in this chapter! Woohoo!


Aww, thank you so much! I like being hilarious *feels squishy inside*


I'm 90% sure that gingivitis is contagious and that is a little bit terrifying...


The cups are probably my favourite part!


Newt Scamander DOESN'T speak like David Attenborough? Impossible!


Sirius is great, I agree. I love him too.


Thanks so much for this fantabulous review! *hugshugshugs*

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe

Transferred :)

*comes sprinting in*


HelloooOOOooo there! I'm standing here mixing a cake as I read this. It doesn't affect the review, I just thought I'd let you know. 

Hm, I would have picked Millie as being a cappuccino kind of girl, but there you go.

Ha ha I love how you have Hogwarts needing everything to sound grand!

♥ Lily! ♥

(reviewing as I read, in case you didn't know)

I will never get over how cool the idea of Hogwarts being a college like this is. You make it work so well!! Especially with the canon parts of Lily and James' relationship. I love what you've done with this!

OMG I only JUST realised their last names! Black and White! Ha ha that's awesome!! You sneaky writer, you. 

Okay so I'm really loving this so far! You've written the characters extremely well (I'm having to hold back from throwing myself at Sirius, who was unfortunately wearing clothes in this chapter) but placed them in a completely different world, it's so great!

Keep up the good work, my dear :D

Love B    

Author's Response:

I don't think I've had anyone come sprinting in. I am a little flattered!

It only affects the review because I do not have the cake.


She probably drinks cappuccinos just to mix things up. But she's definitely a chronic black coffee drinker. I am worried for her caffeine intake.


LILY. Millie is halfway to being one of her fangirls, I swear.


Thank you for liking the idea! College AUs are usually sans-magic, but I'm enjoying including all the magic I still can.


Hahaha! I always giggle a little when I get to write their last names close together!


I always throw myself at Sirius. I have no self control. I am pleased to have another fangirl.


Thanks for the fantabulous review! *hugs*

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

Transferred from HPFF :)


Hello my lovely ♥
(so excited for this)

I don't read a lot of AUs, but this seems like a cool idea, I like what you've done to Hogwarts! And the mention of the same subjects and ghosts and so on, it's great :)



bfahVSydsABk. Sorry, was wiping the drool from my keyboard.

Ah Sirius, you're manly enough for me, fear of spiders and all.

Oh the tension. So much tension. This is exciting! It's nice to see that instant attraction straight away, so I'm looking forward to see more of their relationship, the school, and of course the rest of the Marauders!

It is ON like DONKEY KONG for the two of them! Eee! :D

♥ B

Author's Response:



(I am excited that you are here)


There aren't that many AUs floating around the archives, I think, and I think that has to do with why I don't read as many. I'm glad you like Hogwarts the University! It's a lot of fun, mixing magic with modern technology.


Sirius in a towel is probably the crowning glory of my writing career. I don't know how I'll top that.


The tension gives me life, tbh. I'm pleased you liked it!


Donkey Kong indeed! Thanks for the lovely review :) *hugs*

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