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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Feelings

Hahaa, oh I loved this chapter! Not so happy about Millie having such a huge crush on someone who isn't Sirius, but I still love her all the same, and I'm super happy that Lily's putting the idea in her head to practice dating with Sirius! Eck! I'm sure he'd be stunned if Millie were to try to flirt with him or ask him out herself. I'm also super proud of Millie for being able to express her feelings, at least to Lily. She's really grown in this relationship. Now she just has to learn to create relationships with other people.

Great chapter!


Name: Nix (Signed) · Date: 13 Apr 2018 02:28 AM · [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Crush

Nooo! Millie can't have a crush on someone who's not Sirius!? This is terrible! lol. Sorry. Of course, it's the son of her favorite magical zoologist, so I guess I can't blame her, and apparently he has great hair. Although, I'm surprised she didn't know a famous person's son happened to be going to her school... but of course she has Lily to tell her these things.


I also have to say that I love Lily and the scene where she makes Millie hide with her behind the counter at the coffee shop. I also love James' pep talk to Sirius about Millie. His logic doesn't seem completely wrong and his undying love for Lily is adorable. I also love the end of that scene where James is like, "well, if I knew how to do that I'd have proposed to Lily by now." I know that's not the exact quote, but you know what I mean. I also adore Millie and her definition of "met", I mean, she only looked at him and made eye contact, and she counts that meeting when she's never even spoken to him. Will she speak to him though? Maybe? They did make eye contact and he smiled at her...


I'm very curious to read on. Love your chapters as always! 


Name: Nix (Signed) · Date: 10 Apr 2018 01:05 AM · [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Bacon

AHHH! Lily made out with James! I've been waiting for this. I love that she was able to even admit she liked kissing him, and hasn't shot down the prospect of kissing him again. I'm glad Millie made her realize that while she could do nothing, she should probably talk to James. Now, if only Millie would talk to Sirius, that would be amazing.


I loved this chapter though. I love how Lily nags at Millie for never seeing her drink anything but coffee, and Millie's able to joke with her, like about James' butt and telling Lily to get her more bacon. I think she's really coming into her own in this friendship, I don't really see why she's so afraid to talk to people. But I hope she's able to start doing that, especially with Sirius of course.


Lovely chapter as always.


Name: Nix (Signed) · Date: 09 Apr 2018 11:48 PM · [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cups

Oh! Millie and Sirius make my heart squeee! I love that while Lily claims to not care about James and his friends, she clearly does. Why else would she be so excited to talk to Millie about them? Although I have to think that while it’s not the most exotic break up story, that this Marissa is probably lying about what happened between her and Sirius, especially if the same exact thing just happened on a popular show.


Although I am a little confused about the amount of time that had passed since the last chapter. It seems like it’s been a couple weeks since that chapter ended, and I think it even says it’s been three weeks since Millie helped Sirius and in the last chapter it said one week. But in the last chapter it also said Millie would be done her midterms in two days yet in this chapter she’s still working on references for a paper. And Remus and Peter are also working on an upcoming assignment but it’s the end of midterms. Is there not a break between terms? Just curious.


Sirius and Millie are so cute at the party. I love that Sirius finally gets a smile out of her and is kind of a bumbling idiot around her. The way he asked her out all of a sudden, and just after a breakup, reminds me a lot of how I imagine Prongs to be. I also love the bit with James and the cups. I actually think it would have been hilarious if Sirius and somehow Millie had also be dragged along on the hunt for different colored cups.


Anyway, amazing chapter as always. Hoping ro get in another review tonight! 


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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe

Hello again, here for a second review!


I love Lily. I also like how they seem so different and yet are able to be friends. Although, I have to wonder why it's just now that Lily has decided to be friends with Millie when they've known each other for three years, shared classes, and Millie frequently spends a lot of time at her place of her. Also Sirius is adorable as usual and so is James kind of, haha. I can't wait for Sirius and Millie to start interacting more. Has she been avoiding him? I wouldn't put it past her. Anyway, hope to read more soon, but now I have to do productive things.



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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

Hello lovely! Ugh, I love this story so much, so when I saw you were posting it on here I had to check it out and re-read and also re-review, I guess! To be fair it's been a couple years since I last read it on HPFF.


I love Millie and Sirius so much! The fact that he was willing to admit to the girl he had a crush on that he was afraid of spiders was so cute. I loved all the fun banter between them two about the spider attacking Sirius as well. And Sirius really has it bad for her! The fact that he knows she was up late studying, knows her habits and such when he probably shouldn't is adorable. And the fact that Millie thinks Sirius is nice to look at but can't engage with is kind of funny. But I guess I can understand that, like she says in the beginning he doesn't hang with her sort of crowd. Of course, Millie doesn't seem to hang with any crowd. 


Anyway, I can't wait to read more of this and I certainly hope you keep posting chapters!



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 03 Apr 2018 11:54 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Feelings

HEY. Ending the chapter with such a tantalizing possibility is so cruel. *cries*


Haha as soon as I read the chapter summary, I knew this chapter wasn’t going to be a simple leap forward into the relationship of Sirius and Millie. Talking about their feelings with other people? Pfft. Nah, they need to talk about their feelings with each other.


I’m joking. Sirius would probably scare her off if he imposed his feelings on her, and she would probably just make him very sad if she talked about her feelings for Rafe. Speaking of which, I completely agree with Lily that Millie needs practice with relationships. Like, the loneliness that Millie feels is kinda self-created, but also, it’s not entirely her fault that she’s introverted. So this huge fear she has of starting a relationship (to the point where she’s dramatically willing to drop art haha) makes sense.


Honestly, I relate to Millie so hard. You have created such a relatable character. She’s introverted, but also wants to hang out with people. ALSO HOW IS SHE SO FUNNY-- “I’m not abandoning ship,” Millie muttered mutinously. “I’m abandoning art.”




Another character who I am so thankful that you have featured in this chapter is Remus. Because, I mean. Your Remus is also hilarious, and he completely stole the show. Everything in that bit about his Instagram habits and his joke about the Facebook dog meme group... I genuinely laughed so hard. I love your characters so, so much. You always manage to make them so lovable and relatable and hilarious, and I just absolutely adore that. And what’s more, Remus gave really good advice, too! Like, if Sirius wanted to be taken seriously (ha) as someone who could potentially be in a long-term relationship, then he needed to find a way to show he’s able to.


Okay, but the possibilities of what Lily suggested! Millie brushed it off immediately, but I am so ready for this to happen. Well, maybe 95% ready. There’s that 5% that worries about hurting Sirius’s feelings with this, but I’m also hoping that through their “practicing,” Millie will come to realize that Sirius isn’t so bad.


Another wonderful chapter! And I think to ease the stress of the little cliffhanger-y ending, I’m going to go and reread Like a House on Fire haha. <3



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 02 Apr 2018 08:53 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Crush

This is so upsetting, because I’ve already reached the last chapter you’ve posted so far. I really need to learn to have a little self-control, because this is getting ridiculous haha.


Maybe five years ago, I would’ve been really upset at this new development of Millie having a crush on a boy other than Sirius Black, but right now, I’m honestly kind of excited for her. Because it’s a new and exciting thing for her, and I want her to enjoy it! Liking someone is a beautiful thing imo. (Though I have a bad feeling she’s not going to enjoy it. Rafe Scamander, if you ever end up dating Millie White, TREAT HER LIKE A QUEEN. But also, Rafe Scamander. I totally wasn’t expecting the son of Newt Scamander to look like Adonis haha.)


Anyway, I’m wishing Millie the very best of luck. I definitely don’t ship her and Rafe, and probably never will (because why Rafe when there’s Sirius?), but still, she should have fun.


Every single time Sirius talks about Millie, my heart just kind of goes “aww.” I feel like maybe he needs to turn down the obsessive watch-Millie-wherever-she-goes habit that he seems to have going on, and just try to be himself around her. Because I don’t think you can make someone like you; if you’re yourself and treat them well, and they still don’t like you, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Perhaps James, though I certainly agree that Sirius should stop asking Millie out under the worst circumstances, is not the best source of love advice haha. But that scene between James and Sirius was really sweet, where they tried to figure out the best way to deal with their respective crushes.


And Millie too! She needs to let herself love as well, though without falling into a sort of obsessive watch-from-afar type of thing. I wonder what their histories are? And why they both seem to dislike dating so much?


Also, Frank is hilarious.


I’m so excited to see where this goes! <3



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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Bacon



My heart warmed right alongside Millie’s when she realized that her friend needed her to vent to. I mean, this whole time I’ve been feeling a little sad for her, because she does seem to be lonely, especially since she doesn’t really enjoy these college parties for extroverts. So it’s so so wonderful that a Lily Evans exists in her world, isn’t it?


Speaking of Lily, I love that her entire problem is “I have a hot guy I made out with and I liked it.” Granted, she has a ‘history’ with him, but still. To be a Lily Evans.


I think that Millie is surprisingly wise for someone who refuses to talk to people. (But also let me just say, she is the most relatable character here. When she was retelling her story of hiding back into her dorm and feeling accomplished for having left it for the party at all, I was just nodding my head like “same, girl, same.”) She gave good advice, that while Lily didn’t have to address it, she probably shouldn’t ignore it either.


I’m super curious to see how the Lily Evans/James Potter relationship goes from here!


Another wonderful chapter. <3



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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cups

That entire convo between Lily and Millie (omg their names rhyme) at the beginning had me in stitches. Let me tell you, this friendship between the two of them is the most precious thing in the whole wide world. Millie is actually making serious attempts to be less anti-social just so that she can spend time with her new friend! My heart grew like ten sizes just now.


There are so many hilarious quotable lines in that first section, with some of my favorites being:

- “There was an unholy gleam in Lily’s eyes at the words, which worried Millie on some level. Did her new friend secretly harbour a tendency towards violence?

- “‘I usually do my laundry at one in the morning on a Thursday night. I enjoy the privacy, so that I can sort through my underwear without fear of judgement.’” Oh, Millie. You are hilarious.

- “I have excellent bladder control.” And not only this line, but literally every single one of Millie’s reactions afterwards. Truly amazing.


I want to know how you’re this funny.


Also, Marissa Painsley-Bumbershuffle is the most glorious name I have ever witnessed in my life, and I thank you for gifting me with the sight. I can’t remember if that was her original surname or not, but either way, I love it.


And you’ve captured that easygoing and hilarious dynamic between the Marauders, for which I am so happy to see. I’m going to be looking forward to every Marauders scene from here, if it’s going to be this good each time. The strange emphasis that James puts on finding different-colored cups was so so funny, I could not stop chuckling haha. And I also think that given the fairly unknown nature of Peter’s relationship to the other three Marauders, you handled it really well. I enjoyed his presence as the slightly-confused-but-also-funny friend.


I need Millie and Sirius to have a good heart-to-heart so that they can better understand each other lmao. Her immediate conclusion from before of how he didn’t really mean his request to take her out made me feel a little sad on the inside, because even though Sirius obviously has not presented himself in the best possible light, he’s still better than she gives him credit for. I mean, look at how adorable and smitten he is! I completely respect her right to refuse him, though. I don’t think she likes him, as of now.


Seeing Millie through Sirius’s eyes is one of the best experiences ever though, haha. That boy has got it bad.


I’m enjoying this story so so much. I think it would be even better if Millie got more of her wonderful one-liners to showcase, but honestly, I really like this story already. <3



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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe

Hmm, I wonder if anything’s going on at the other cafe. That sounds suspicious, that workers are never seen. Is it the Marauders? I bet it’s the Marauders. Unless I’m totally reading too much into that one sentence, in which case please don’t laugh at me.


Ahhhh this blossoming friendship between Lily and Millie was so heartwarming to read! Especially since Millie seems to be fairly shy and introverted, so reaching out to wonderful people like Lily probably daunts her a little bit, but then Lily asked to sit with her! And asked to be her friend! Thank goodness for all the Lily Evans in the world, who use their social abilities to talk to the shyer members of the population. So now I also adore Lily Evans, though honestly I doubt I’ll ever dislike one of your characters, ever.


I thought the brief discussion about James Potter was interesting. I’m assuming he’s reached that “mature” stage of his life where he stops being so...dumb lol. Which I am definitely glad about. (I don’t know if this story is going to incorporate Snape into the story, so I don’t know if James’s bullying will be mentioned at all. Not a fan of Snape, but I think James’s bullying is an undeniably negative aspect of his younger character.) I do dislike guys who repeatedly ask girls out, so I am very, very happy that Millie seems to think that James has changed.


And Sirius. Oh, Sirius. Don’t flirt with other girls if your crush is right there. (Though Millie’s reaction was funny. I loved how her soft smile immediately hardened into a flat, unimpressed glare.)


You know, I can’t help but wonder if Millie and Lily are bi. They seem to notice and admire a lot of things about the other. Were it not for my hardcore Sirius/Millie and James/Lily shipper heart, I would probably ship Millie and Lily together tbh. They’d be very sweet imo.


Once again, I only have one comment: to watch out for disagreeing antecedents and stuff. For example, in this line here-- "Despite feeling vaguely inferior in appearance to her, what with her own hair in a messy bun, and wearing her standard uniform of sweatshirt and jeans, Lily Evans was possibly the closest thing to a friend Millie had here.” --it sounds like the first part of the sentence is describing Lily, instead of Millie.


But ahhh another wonderful chapter! Sirius’s reactions to seeing Millie made me smile a lot. He’d better treat her as best as humanly possible, because that’s what she deserves. <3



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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider



It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve read about Millie and Sirius, and I’m already hooked onto this story. I’ve read a lot of your stories, and I think the one thing you always manage to capture between your couples is the chemistry. Every time they interact with each other, I just can’t help but ship them with every fiber of my being, because you write them with such amazing chemistry.


Also, I love the idea of a Hogwarts College AU! I’ve seen regular College AUs and I already adore those, but I’ve never seen one that incorporates magical studies into a college setting. So I am 200% here for this!


Can I just gush about your Sirius? He’s actually adorable. I love that he’s willing to loudly broadcast his fears to his neighbor-whom-he-has-a-mildly-debilitating-crush-on just as long as his ultimate archnemesis (which is a spider omg, how relatable is that) is dealt with. And I totally agree with Sirius that it’s manly to express your fear. Go Sirius! Knock down the ridiculous and unhealthy standards of societal expectations of masculinity! Okay but in all seriousness, your Sirius is great, and his awkwardness around Millie is really cute and refreshing to see. I like that despite his suave mannerisms in his life, he still has trouble articulating himself whenever he’s around the girl that he likes. It’s really cute.


I LOVE MILLIE, TOO. I laughed when I saw that she was awake at three a.m., because I mean, yeah. That’s the student life, isn’t it haha. Not to mention she’s just as amazing as Sirius makes her out to be; she’s hilarious and clever and obviously a very beautiful person. I love that she starts off slightly shy, and then boldens into this wonderfully funny person, and then goes back to being shy again at the end. And she just goes and helps Sirius deal with his fear of spiders like it’s no big deal. I love her omg.


This line is the best thing ever; I actually laughed so loudly upon reading this-- “I was wondering if I could ask you a favour,” he said, finally remembering to lower his hand, ending his imitation of the Statue of Liberty.


Literally every scene in this is golden. You really, really know how to write romances. That entire scene when Sirius’s towel slips and Millie’s all like “eep” was so funny and cute (how many times have I used those words? Too many whoops) because I mean, both their reactions. UGH I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERIZATIONS SO MUCH. And then when Sirius pretty much just sees his life flash before his eyes because Millie saw the spider five feet away from him? Brilliant.


I am so excited to see how this story progresses.


I only have one comment: I just really want to know what color Millie’s eyes are, because I don’t actually know what color firewhiskey is, whoops. I love that you use firewhiskey as a descriptor, but I think at least for the first description, you could include a slightly more detailed description of her eyes.


I really loved reading this first chapter. I can definitely see myself returning to this story for a pick-me-up if I ever need it, it’s just so cute and fluffy and hilarious and well-written.



Name: Pixileanin (Signed) · Date: 30 Mar 2018 05:03 PM · [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

Hi there! I'm here to check out your multiverse version of the cool story I read a while back. Firstly, I'm pleased that Millie is focused on maintaining her excellent GPA and finishing her degree, instead of "other things". I tend to enjoy the more mature characters to rabid teens. So I'm very interested in how things will play out between the two characters in this new setting. So far, it's fun. She knows of Sirius Black, but she's just been too busy with important things to care about anything regarding him. Good on her. Now he'll have to work harder. :P

Ah, but the initial attraction is set up well. Millie doesn't want to care, but there are these niggling things about Sirius that are already getting under her skin. I like how you don't make them hit us in the face, that they're subtle, but unmistakably present, and very hard for her to ignore. I love that Sirius is neat and tidy. That would be a big turn on for me as well. :)

"Hells bells, was he fifteen?"

lol. It's nice to see Sirius unbalanced. I don't know why I get this insane pleasure from that, but I do. And the way he keeps talking, like hanging out would somehow translate into a date, but Millie blessedly doesn't fall for it so quickly. Good on her. Your snappy dialogue is always a pleasure to read, you know? The quickness in which the scenes move, and the way the sparks fly around the screen... nice opening chapter!


Author's Response:

*Transferred from HPFF*


Rabid teens! Hahaha! To be honest, Millie was like this in her teen years, too, but I didn't write about it all that much. And I'm pleased to see that you're still pro Sirius!


Those first inklings of attraction are always so subtle, aren't they? And neat and tidy Sirius just makes him more perfect, tbh.


Unbalanced Sirius is the best Sirius, in my opinion. Thanks for the lovely review, Pix! :)

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 05:39 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cups

Hello again!


Millie's so introverted and awkward, I can't help but love her. I'm so glad that she and Lily are friends now. I also love how Millie keeps questioning it, like, half-jokingly warning her and asking her if she's certain that Lily wants to spend her entire break with her. Also, Sirius Black gets dumped?! This is news! And sorting through her underwear without fear of judgment is a totally understandable fear--I feel it. And 'I heart Remus' t-shirts? Honestly, you kill me! 


Aw, poor moping Sirius! James' distress over the different colored cups is hilarious--he wants everything, poor boy and, furthermore, I love his need to go collect the different colored cups from the different Halls. Oh my goodness, I can definitely picture James running amok across a college campus, determined to collect all the colors. Even Slytherin! 


Wait just a minute...Marissa Painsley-Bumbershuffle? I think I'm in love. Though she did break Sirius' heart a little, so I guess it isn't love after all. Ahh, Sirius asked her out and she shouted NO! Oh my goodness, my poor ickle Sirius! It's hilarious but I feel so bad for him (probably deserves it though). Their conversation is so adorable and awkward, I love it. I love it so much! 


Eeeei! Characterization is adorable!! Simply ADORABLE!



Author's Response:

Hello, Rumpels! It's nice to see you back!


Yeah, Millie is quite introverted and awkward. It's fun writing her this way because she's also quite comfortable with it, which makes for interesting interactions with others.


Writing James' distress over different coloured cups remains one of my favourite scenes I have ever written. Just the image of a James Potter on the rampage across campus is wonderful to imagine.


Sirius almost definitely deserves it. A little adversity in life only builds character ;)


Thanks for the wonderful review, Rumpels :)

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 02 Dec 2017 09:03 PM · [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe



So, I really love the relationship that Millie and Lily have; they make amazing friends. Lily seems to push her in a way that she really needs that balances out her introverted behavior nicely. I'm so glad that Lily asked to sit with her in the cafe! 


I also really appreciate that Lily is an overachiever, still (actually, I'm sensing a pattern in this AU where you've been as true as possible to their characterizations while removing them completely from their world). 


Heheh, I love that Lily and James make a connection, despite how anti-James Lily really is. Though, this is the year that James matures a bit, so it's only a matter of time! :D 


Heheh, and I love that Sirius has to berate himself for watching Millie. He's got it bad and he doesn't even know it yet! He thinks he can play the Millie. Not a chance, buddy...not even a little one. 


A special wink, eh? A wink just for Millie (I'm squealing a little in anticipation for the ball to get rolling). Sirius better do something, seeing as Millie is the one who saved him from the man-eating spider.


Great job! I hope I can get back here soon!



Author's Response:

Something that I felt I'd neglected in Like a House on Fire was the friendship between Millie and Lily. So, in this story, I wanted it to play a big part. More than romance, what Millie really needs is good friends.


Yes, I have tried to be as true to the characterisations as possible. Of course, I've taken a few liberties here and there, but it's fun putting these characters into whole new worlds.


Jily lives on!


Sirius' special winks are the best, I agree.


Thanks for the lovely review, Rumpel!

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 17 Sep 2017 09:47 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

Hey! I've always wanted to read this, ever since I finished reading "Like a House on Fire".

I love the idea of taking Millie and Sirius to a magical college AU! I have a feeling this is going to be a ton of fun! And the beginning is set up so well.  Millie's taking a 3am "study break" (I remember those) and Sirius comes banging on the door in nothing more than a towel -- pretty sure I had a dream like that once, actually.  At least Millie's sleep is interrupted by something worth seeing (I mean, in my humble opinion at any rate).


Anyway, Sirius might think Millie is a knockout, but she sounds about ready to knock him out.  I laughed so hard at Sirius' reason for banging on Millie's door in the middle of the night (or very early in the morning, depending on how you look at it) -- Sirius Black needs saving from a spider.  I love it.  And what's more, is that he has Millie hunting for the spider so that it doesn't attack him in his sleep! I'm dying!  I"m also trying to figure out when I became Sirius Black ;) .


And he loses his towel. Oh my goodness! Poor Millie!  And I love the drama that ensues as she 'saves' him, complete with Sirius' solemn acceptance of his impending 'death by spider'.   


Aww, well hopefully he gets to ask her out sooooooon!  Fantastic job, I can't wait to read more.




Author's Response:

Heya Rumpel! Thanks for dropping by :)


I am very excited about the concept of magic college AU myself! I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with it. Sirius in a towel is everyone's dream, right? ;P


I enjoyed myself immensely writing Sirius terrified of spiders. Spiders are pretty scary, and even the great Sirius Black is frightened by them.


The towel slips! Oh no!


Thanks for the wonderful review, Rumpel! Hope to hear from you soon :)

Name: greisful (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 01:39 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe

I'm so glad that Millie and Lily have become friends, Millie is such a hermit she needs an extroverted friend to like keep her in the loop with everyone else her age. I've always wondered how people like Lily are just so comfortable with going up to someone and making conversation like I don't have the courage to do that. Lily, what is your secret?

I'm going to need everyone to just own up to their feelings like you know it, your friend knows it, the strangers around you have probably picked up on it so like just admit your feelings. I'm so excited for when things really hit off and everyone comes to the realization that they like each other but I'm also really excited to see the build up and where it goes.

I'm just generally very excited.

Author's Response:

Millie is the ultimate hermit. She really needs someone like Lily in her life, for sure. I am also not sure what Lily's secret is. Perhaps, she will tell us some day...


Owning up to feelings is for n00bs. Besides, if everyone owned up to their feelings, where on earth would we get our daily dose of drama?


Yay! Excitement! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

Name: greisful (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 01:34 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

I'm not gonna lie, I'm squealing in excitement. Your writing has improved so much since Like a House on Fire I'm shook and also very excited for what new stories you come up with.

Sirius was cute, I admit it, it was adorable that he was frightened of a spider and immediately went to Milly for help. For two people who are absolutely losing it internally at the site of the other I'm very impressed by how together they're managing to keep it. Like the other person can't even tell that they're freaking out internally.

I love this kind of Hogwarts AU sort of setting because I feel like for a lot of people you kind of get the best of both worlds in a sense like you get the university trope but you also get the Hogwarts magic and stuff.

Anyways, I'm just very excited.

Author's Response:

I know! Six years is a long time!


Sirius is the best, isn't he. Being scared of spiders is somehow just icing on the cake.


This Hogwarts AU has been a lot of fun to play around with. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 11:14 AM · [Report This]
Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cups

Transferred :)

Lily's excellent bladder control? Sirius dating a girl called Marissa Painsley-Bumbershuffle? Instagram accounts? What's not to love about this chapter?!

The Real Witches of Salem! You are just hilarious, I am honestly so in love with this story! The characters are amazing, I especially love Lily (hey - just realized that rhymes with Millie!)

... Is gingivitis actually contagious? 

Oh Merlin - the cups!! There is just way too much brilliance in this chapter for me to list all my favourite things but this story is just incredible!

Aaand I just pictured Newt Scamander having a David Attenborough voice, ha ha ha!!

God I love Sirius. Like so much. So so much.

You have astounded me once more with your writing - the characters, dialogues, descriptions, everything! This is a hilarious story and know that I am enjoying it very much indeed :)

♥ Bianca    

Author's Response:

Yayayay! Things to love in this chapter! Woohoo!


Aww, thank you so much! I like being hilarious *feels squishy inside*


I'm 90% sure that gingivitis is contagious and that is a little bit terrifying...


The cups are probably my favourite part!


Newt Scamander DOESN'T speak like David Attenborough? Impossible!


Sirius is great, I agree. I love him too.


Thanks so much for this fantabulous review! *hugshugshugs*

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Cafe

Transferred :)

*comes sprinting in*


HelloooOOOooo there! I'm standing here mixing a cake as I read this. It doesn't affect the review, I just thought I'd let you know. 

Hm, I would have picked Millie as being a cappuccino kind of girl, but there you go.

Ha ha I love how you have Hogwarts needing everything to sound grand!

♥ Lily! ♥

(reviewing as I read, in case you didn't know)

I will never get over how cool the idea of Hogwarts being a college like this is. You make it work so well!! Especially with the canon parts of Lily and James' relationship. I love what you've done with this!

OMG I only JUST realised their last names! Black and White! Ha ha that's awesome!! You sneaky writer, you. 

Okay so I'm really loving this so far! You've written the characters extremely well (I'm having to hold back from throwing myself at Sirius, who was unfortunately wearing clothes in this chapter) but placed them in a completely different world, it's so great!

Keep up the good work, my dear :D

Love B    

Author's Response:

I don't think I've had anyone come sprinting in. I am a little flattered!

It only affects the review because I do not have the cake.


She probably drinks cappuccinos just to mix things up. But she's definitely a chronic black coffee drinker. I am worried for her caffeine intake.


LILY. Millie is halfway to being one of her fangirls, I swear.


Thank you for liking the idea! College AUs are usually sans-magic, but I'm enjoying including all the magic I still can.


Hahaha! I always giggle a little when I get to write their last names close together!


I always throw myself at Sirius. I have no self control. I am pleased to have another fangirl.


Thanks for the fantabulous review! *hugs*

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Story:Like a Multiverse on Fire Chapter: Spider

Transferred from HPFF :)


Hello my lovely ♥
(so excited for this)

I don't read a lot of AUs, but this seems like a cool idea, I like what you've done to Hogwarts! And the mention of the same subjects and ghosts and so on, it's great :)



bfahVSydsABk. Sorry, was wiping the drool from my keyboard.

Ah Sirius, you're manly enough for me, fear of spiders and all.

Oh the tension. So much tension. This is exciting! It's nice to see that instant attraction straight away, so I'm looking forward to see more of their relationship, the school, and of course the rest of the Marauders!

It is ON like DONKEY KONG for the two of them! Eee! :D

♥ B

Author's Response:



(I am excited that you are here)


There aren't that many AUs floating around the archives, I think, and I think that has to do with why I don't read as many. I'm glad you like Hogwarts the University! It's a lot of fun, mixing magic with modern technology.


Sirius in a towel is probably the crowning glory of my writing career. I don't know how I'll top that.


The tension gives me life, tbh. I'm pleased you liked it!


Donkey Kong indeed! Thanks for the lovely review :) *hugs*

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