Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 09 Jun 2017 12:42 AM · Chapter: Chai, Chutney, and a Surprise

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Spinning around through the HPFF Archives I go, but I landed back in the Chai series as it's no secret that I love this series and all four of them have just made me smile so much.

ooh, i love tamarind chutney! This fic, like all the ones that preceded it, made me so hungry. :p

I loved the reference to Neville's struggles with ikea furniture as well :p

Just so you know, Indian Hannah is totally my headcanon now. You've given so much depth to her character in such a beautiful way, and I just LOVE your portrayal of her, and the way her love for food and cooking have such an impact on her life. And your Neville is so adorable, as much of a dork as he is. :D That really was the worst proposal haha, but it all ended up all right in the end!

This review wouldn't really be complete if I didn't mention how much I loved the details you add in here - a lot of time has passed since the previous instalment and you give these little glimpses of what their life is like together- I particularly loved how you described that they have a nice dining table now but it has books and potted plants all over it. That says so much about their life XD And of course this chapter really shows how supportive they are of each other's passions in life, as Neville is willing to be superfluous in the kitchen, and Hannah's willing to put up with plants attacking her hair (or whatever was going on there :P )

Anyway, I just loved this - wonderful writing!

Author's Response:

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Aww! Thank you so much! I'm glad that you've enjoyed the Chai series.


Tamarind chutney is the best. It is the queen of all chutneys out there.


Teehee. Ikea bamboozles us all - including the great Neville Longbottom.


Yayayay! I am so honoured to have someone adopt my headcanon as their own. That means so much to me. My heart is bursting. And dorky Neville is the best Neville, tbh.


The dining table definitely isn't from Ikea :P And only the plants really know what on earth is going on with them. Maybe they really were jealous of Hannah...


Thanks so much for the wonderful review :)

Name: greisful (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2017 11:09 PM · Chapter: Chai, Chutney, and a Surprise

I remember reading this on HPFF and how much I loved it and I thought I would move the review that I left you there onto your story here!

I can relate to Hannah so much, I absolutely hate chopping onions, I always tear up so bad that it gets to the point where I can't even see anymore because there's so much crying and I have to put down the knife and walk away. My eyes burning just thinking about it,

I understand Neville's struggle with the pressure cooker, my mom's old one used to drive me crazy because it would start whistling at the most random of times and it would always startle me. And then whenever I tried to take the lid off, or attempt to, I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to turn it, I don't like pressure cookers is basically the story here.

The minute that Neville said that they should get married because of a chutney recipe I just wanted to groan because that's not how you ask someone to marry you and I thought Hannah was just going to eat him alive for proposing that way. But at the same time, I wouldn't have expected anything more from Neville to be honest, it was just so completely Neville that it made laugh. It seemed like the perfect way for him to ask Hannah to marry him.

Oh my God Neville, way to tell the love of your life the story behind her engagement ring, "Not because she killed him," oh my God, where did this boy come from. He's so sweet, and awkward, and dorky. I would like my own Neville, can I have my own Neville. I think your Neville is perfect, I wouldn't change anything about him at all, you can still see the eleven-year-old in him but at the same time he's a lot more confident and a lot happier than his kid-self and I love how you've wrapped that all into one person so great.    

Author's Response:

*Transferred from HPFF*


There are people who enjoy chopping onions? I either get my mother to do it, or take out a machine. Technology was invented so that I wouldn't have to chop onions! I'm just a puddle of painful tears when I chop them.


I remember when I first learnt how to open and close a pressure cooker. I feel you Neville - the struggle is real. They're so useful but they're just so difficult to use!


I just loved writing that scene. He's just so NEVILLE about it all. He wants to be this really cool and suave guy, but marriage is just such a huge thing, and he kind of just muddles right through it. I do love how he just keeps going, despite how terrible it's all going. But the great thing about these two is that Hannah gets him. A big part of it I think is that she's in shock - how can someone ask such a question by using a chutney recipe as a segue?


So much of Neville's awkwardness is my awkwardness to be honest. I feel like this is the kind of story I'd tell. I can babble terribly when I'm nervous. I'm just so happy by how many people love Neville. People have really embraced the dorkiness!


Thanks for the lovely review. (And totally understandable - kpop is a black hole)

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