Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 09 Jun 2017 12:40 AM · Chapter: Chai, Carrots, and a Surprise

*Transferred from HPFF, originally posted anonymously as 'The Hanukkah Dreidel'*


Good evening, I am the Hanukkah Dreidel, spinning my way through the archives to spread some holiday cheer and I happened to land here on this marvelous story.

What a sweet story. Pun totally intended, as the relationship between the two of them is so adorable, and the carrot halwa dessert sounded really delicious. I love how you write both of them, how they're both kind of introverted and how comfortable silence is the norm between them. The fact that they regularly meet up to make some delicious food and chai and listen to one another speaks volumes about how close they are. I just adore how they interact with one another and how supportive they are.

You also did really well portraying how nervous they were - Neville was a bit more obvious because the reader is in his head, but all his stuttering and fumbling for words really showed that - and Hannah interrupting him when she got nervous I think was deliberate too - even without being in Hannah's head I can understand what's going on in there, haha. The end was so cute and I couldn't get the smile off my face. Ah, they're just too adorable together ♥

I can certainly see why this won the Dobby for best Romance. Congratulations once again on that achievement :D

Happy holidays, whichever one(s) you celebrate this time of year!

Author's Response:

*Transferred from HPFF*


Hello Hanukkah Dreidel! I am honoured that you have showered my story with such praise and holiday-themed good cheer!


Teehee. Pun totally acknowledged. Carrot halwa is very delicious. If you ever get the chance, do try some. It's perfect for the cold winter months. And Neville and Hannah, of course. My heart. I love them so much.


Ah, you picked up on Hannah's nervousness, too! I am so so pleased! Yes, she is very nervous. And yay for all the smiles!


Thank you! I am still so surprised at that win. I was totally not expecting it.


Thanks for the lovely review :)

Name: greisful (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2017 11:11 PM · Chapter: Chai, Carrots, and a Surprise

There are no words to express how cute this story is and how much I enjoy reading it but I'm going to try!

The cutest thing is watching Neville worry about gaining a few pounds, that's just so cute and it made me laugh because I can just picture Neville thinking about something like that. Even now that Neville is a big Auror, he's still envious of how other people are more courageous than he is when he's an Auror for God's sake. But I guess it takes a different type of bravery to do what Hannah did.

It's so cute how excited Neville is to have Hannah to visit. The way that he hugs her and thinks about her, Hannah has already become home for Neville. He really does have it bad. I can't stop smiling.    

Author's Response:

Haha, I'm very happy that you enjoyed it! Cute is what I aim for!


Neville is the sweetest. You're right. He's like this super successful, super accomplished person, but he's still the same Neville sometimes. And yes, he totally has it bad ;)


Thanks for the lovely review :)

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