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Name: Gwennan's Ghost (Anonymous) · Date: 20 Sep 2017 08:01 AM · Chapter: Frostbite

Ah, Helena. Now this is someone with whom I have several things in common. Things like dying. I am also dead.


Poor Helena had rather a tragic end, didn't she? It is little wonder that she doesn't speak of it. To be killed by a man who loves you, in a fit of rage... Well, certainly, you depicted her anguish very well. The fire and ice imagery contrasted nicely and filled my mind with images of what it felt like for Helena in these moments. I could almost physically feel again...


I am glad to know that Helena, too, had difficulties with the Ravenclaw riddles. I once spent five hours sat outside their common room, unable to solve the blasted things... Give me the warmth and proximity of the kitchens any day, thank you very much.


Regardless, I very much enjoyed the portrayal of the way Helena's mind lingered over something distant and seemingly insignificant at the time of her death, as the mind is wont to do... They are strange things, are they not?


Congratulations on a well-crafted and interesting story.

Author's Response:

Being dead - just ghost things.


She did have a very tragic end, yeah. I agree, there is no surprise why she is quiet about her death. I'm happy that you liked the way she described it. And to have you almost feeling again... what more could this story achieve, really?


I imagine getting stuck outside the Ravenclaw common room because you can't answer the riddle is a rite of passage for all Ravenclaws. Are you really a Ravenclaw if this hasn't happened to you?


Thanks for floating by, Gwennan! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy afterlife to do so

Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 10:12 PM · Chapter: Frostbite

Hiya! I’ve been on a big of a Founder’s Era kick today and this story fit the bill!


This was an interesting read. I’ve read a couple of stories about Helena and each one has highlighted her character in a different way. Not saying any one way is better than another, but here, she’s almost a little bitter about how life has worked for her. Like, I don’t know why that’s the feel I get from this chapter, but it just…there’s definite anger and unease and I’m trying really hard to remember her character’s backstory because maybe that’s where I’m getting the feelings from…


Regardless, I love how her last thoughts are stuck on the riddle to the Ravenclaw common room, and how the riddle really didn’t have a wrong answer. It was just a bit more ironic for her, in the end. I love all the names she calls the door knocker and how she regrets her choice of saying death by fire was her choice. I’m not quite sure the ice would have treated her much fairly, but the fire and the intensity I think definitely set the stage for her character here. And she actually says it herself, how fire is all she’s known and how she felt at constant competition with her mother.


I really enjoyed how you weaved this chapter together and how all the pieces came together. I appreciate the opportunity to see Helena in a different light, and catch a moment that sparks me into learning more about her character. Fantastic!


-Mikaela xx

Author's Response:

Heya! Thanks for dropping in.


Yes, Helena is quite bitter and angry here. I wanted to write a sassy Helena, and this is what happened! She's also a bit petty, yet still very dramatic. It didn't really matter which death she chose from the Robert Frost poem - she was going to be dramatic about it either way.


Thanks for the review, Mikaela :)

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