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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Back together

CHIARA THAT CHAPTER TITLE SOUNDS VERY PROMISING?? IS IT WHAT I THINK IT IS? I HOPE SO. (If not, I’m going to be mildly embarrassed, but that’s okay haha. Anyway, it’s time to actually read the chapter now!)


Okay so now that I’ve read the chapter, I can safely say that I was partially correct. (By partially, I mean hardly hahaha.) My original idea was kind of silly. I thought that Remus and Chiara would somehow have broken the curse and gotten back together in this chapter, but, I mean, there’s not enough space in a single chapter for that to happen. But I’m so happy at the outcome of this chapter, too! He didn’t get much time with her, but he at least got to speak with her, and that’s all that matters. For now.


James having like no idea what he was doing but somehow finessing his way into a solution is such an in-character thing for him to do lmao. I’m glad that they found Chiara in the end, though.


The way you described her was so fascinating. So the way I’m imagining it is, it’s like hugging air that looks like a person. But instead of just plain, everyday air, you feel the crackle of electricity, the type that makes the hairs on your arms stand up. Is it like that? Chiara looks fairly real (despite being super pale) but feels like a super staticky ghost? Anyway. When both Remus and Lily tried to hug her yet failed, my heart got a little heavier. I just want Chiara to break out of this curse. Her being isolated from everyone else makes me sad. :(





[Quodpot – “Star-Crossed Romance”]

Author's Response:

Oops... I lied in my last review... I didn't remember there was also this chapter... (and I didn't remember you had reviewed this one, too) But I'm almost positive that the answer is in the next one. Anyway...

Well... it would be a bit too easy if they managed to break the curse so soon? But they did get to meet each other and talk at least. So I guess that's something. :)

Ahahah! Yes, that's typical of James, isn't it? :P Glad you liked that about him! And yes, they did find Chiara in the end. :P

Yes, I guess that's something like that. I know, I feel so sad for Chiara, too. And for Remus and Lily who couldn't have a proper contact with her. But the solution will come. Sometime. Maybe.

Thank you so, so much again for all the lovely reviews! I really hope to see you back here sometimes! (Although I realize you are pretty busy right now, so no rush at all! <3)

Snowball hug,


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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Telling Lily

Oh my goodness it’s so exciting now that the secret’s out!! I thought you did the build-up super well, to the discovery that Chiara was turning into a lark during the day. And now that more and more people are figuring it out, I love seeing more of her in the story!! Chiara’s such a wonderful character, and you’ve written such an intriguing plot for her, and I love it. <3


When she decided to fly up to the Gryffindor Common Room, I was practically wriggling in my seat because of how excited I was. She got to see Lily! She got to interact (through bird sounds lol) with the Marauders! She got to figure out what was going on! When Lily was asking what the Marauders were doing with the play, I was praying that Chiara would let them tell her best friend what was going on (though Peter kinda beat her to it, a little bit), and she did! It was all very exciting.


ALSO REMUS FINALLY KNOWS WHAT’S HAPPENING. I can’t believe that the poor guy spent months poring over that book of his without a clue, and then his best friends found out Chiara’’s curse before him. Was he pretty much the last person to find out? It seems like it. Poor Remus! It seems that after the discovery, he was in much better spirits about things, and he was eating properly (though somewhat…messily) and was contemplating telling Lily.


I’m glad he told her. Even if she already knew, haha.


I’m so curious to discover how they break the curse?? Does Remus have to kiss her again, somehow? Hmm.





[Quodpot – “Star-Crossed Romance”]

Author's Response:

Ahahah! Yes, now the secret's out and Chiara is more present (kind of). I'm glad you enjoy her character and the plot I've built around her. :D

I did have a lot of fun writing her interactions with Lily and the Marauders! :) And yes, now Lily is onto the secret as well! (Peter is not very good at keeping secrets...)

Yes! Remus finally knows, too! Yeah, he was pretty much the last, poor boy... I guess he did feel a bit better after knowing the truth.

And yes, he did tell Lily! Or rather, Lily told him... :P

Does Remus have to kiss her again, somehow? Oh... this is actually a very interesting guess... :P I think the next chapter has the answers you are looking for? (Or at least, a part of them?)

Thank you so much, your reviews always make me smile so much!

Love you a lot!


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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: The Lark and the Nightingale

So the first thing I noticed when I began reading this chapter is that the chapter title is the same as the story title. And I always get really excited whenever I see things like that because it usually means that this is an important chapter, where something really happens.




Okay, first off. I do think that the Marauders should have paid better attention to Peter because the idea that he suggested actually was pretty good. Like, he totally could have gone to meet Chiara while the other two with their larger Animagus forms helped Remus. I don’t know why they didn’t consider that idea, especially since it would have allowed someone to accompany Remus that night. (I hope he’s okay, all by himself…)


I’m so glad that Chiara didn’t fly away when she didn’t see Remus omg. For a second I was genuinely scared that nothing would happen because she was so furious and decided to leave, but things turned out alright! It’s sooo clever that you came up with the idea that Chiara’s fully herself when Remus is most certainly not. And it makes it so painfully difficult to read about how Lady Capulet designed it this way so that the two could never meet. (But what a clever curse omg.)


So James was right! And I’m looking forward to see how they find the cure to this curse.





[Quodpot – “Star-Crossed Romance”]

Author's Response:

Yes, the chapter title is the story title. Glad your expectations were met. ;)

The Marauders should always pay better attention to Peter... that's one of their biggest flaws, in this story like in any other... yes, his suggestion was quite smart and they should have considered it. (To be fair, maybe they would have after he suggested it, if he didn't just leave that way. But we know that Peter can hold grudges pretty strong, don't we?)

Chiara is extremely proud, but I think at this point she would just get any help she could. And yes, Lady Capulet's curse is extremely cruel, but also extremely clever. Did I mention she would have definitely been a Ravenclaw if she'd frequented Hogwarts?

Yes, James was right. Never underestimate James Potter's intuition. :P And discovering the cure might be sooner than expected... ;)

Love you,


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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Show must go on



I loved this chapter, as with every single one of your other chapters. I’ve missed Remus (and the other Marauders), Chiara, Lily, and everyone else so so much! And I haven’t had a chance to review one of your stories yet during this event so I’m going to try to make my way through a decent chunk of this story tonight. (It’s 12:41 a.m. for me, and I’ve spent the last like five hours staring at Photoshop, and my eyes are so bleary. Apologies for any incoherent sentences coming your way.)


Also I know that Renee is staying with you right now so I can’t help but wonder if you’ll be reading this review while she’s there haha. <3


Anyway, I should stop rambling and get to the point. I feel so sorry that Remus was forced into a position where he’d feel obliged to apologize to his friends like once a month. (Fenrir Greyback can go rot in a hole, for all I care. He did this to our beautiful Remus.) I know that Sirius and James and Peter all say that there’s no reason for Remus to apologize, but I can definitely understand the guilt he feels for the danger he poses to them once a month. And I’m also glad that he finally told them what happened, because they’re his friends and they want to help him.


Their confusion at the Romeo and Juliet plot twist though lmao. <3


I’m really glad that everyone managed to get the play put on hold, because I can’t imagine it without Chiara. ALSO SHE LEFT HIM A NOTE??? I wish she’d explained what her curse was in the letter so that he wouldn’t have to be so let down that he couldn’t see her the next day. And I wonder what Chiara would think of what the Marauders tell her?


Excellent chapter!





[Quodpot – “Star-Crossed Romance”]

Author's Response:

Eva! Here to reply to your lovely Quodpot reviews! :D

What are you doing awake at 12.41am, though??? To bed, right now! :P (And yes, Renee was with me when I saw these... :P I think I read some of these in Verona, too, which is kind of awesome...)

Yes, I know... poor Remus... :( And yes, I hate Greyback too! And of course Remus being Remus would feel the need to apologize (which is understandable, since he does put them in danger). Yes, he finally told them! Glad you are glad! :D

Ahahah! Well, honestly... who wouldn't find that crazy?

Yes, they put the play on hold for now. And yes, she left him a note. She could have been more straightforward, that would have definitely been smarter... but it's going to work out anyway, no?

Thank you for the lovely review! <3

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Wherefore art thou, Remus?

Quodpot Match 1 - Star Crossed Romance


I really like how the fact that Chiara had this huge crush on Croner that faded really fast parallels with Romeo’s feelings for Rosaline.


It sure says something that it took me this long to notice, but is Peter just, not in this story?


Hehe that is such a cute use of the lark and the nightingale scene.


Oh yeah, naturally Remus would miss days of rehearsal at a time around the full moon. I feel like that’s another reason it’s unusual for him to have taken the role. But maybe he likes Chiara enough to make it worthwhile. Also, I wonder if the muggle studies teachers knows Remus is a werewolf. I don’t remember if it is canon that all the staff knew. I feel like they shouldn’t. Enough of the faculty members have a tendency towards bigotry that it seems unwise.


Chiara seems very determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on with the marauders (and especially Remus) and something tells me that it won’t take her too long.


I think I missed Remus almost as much as Chira did. Their chemistry is fun to read. Hopefully more next chapter!



Author's Response:

Ahahah! Yes, I think it was a fun parallel to make! :P (Romeo was kind of immature, wasn't he?)

Oh... well... there is a slight possibility that when I started working on this I was still on the let's-just-ignore-the-rat team... not for long, though. He will be there, and he will have a pretty central role, too. Just, not right now. (Consider that most of the story so far was from Chiara's perspective, and she wouldn't pay Peter that much of attention... Remus is her best friend, James and Sirius annoy the hell out of her, Peter is kind of not really interesting?)

Glad you liked the use of the lark and nightingale scene! That's one of my favourites from the play, it's just so romantic...

Yeah, Remus would miss some of the reharsals because of that... that's an interesting point, actually... I always assumed that all the Hogwarts' staff was aware of his lycanthropy, if only because they would be aware of his disappearences and special needs... but thinking about it, it would be a bit risky, if some of the Professors had any prejudice... I never thought of that...

Ahahah! Chiara is too curious and stubborn for her own good... :P Maybe she'll find out something soon? Maybe not? Who knows?

They are cute, aren't they? I'm glad you like their chemistry!

Thank you so much for all these lovely reviews, they were such a nice surprise!

Snowball hug,


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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: The Muggle Studies Project

Quodpot Match 1 - Star Crossed Romance

I really enjoy Chiara here. She is incredibly feisty. Her anger and sarcasm is fun to read. And Remus seems to enjoy it too ;)

Oh, it looks like I misinterpreted the first chapter - I thought Chiara had a crush on Remus, but I guess that’s yet to come.

omg the professor being super excited about Shakespeare and the students being uninterested is very relatable (I’m the teacher, not the students in this scenario)

Lol I’m loving the cliches already XD This is very fun.

Lol Remus sounding Romeo and Juliet out super slowly for Sirius’ uneducated ears. At least I think that was Remus - the dialogue tags were a bit confusing there. I thought it was Sirius and Remus talking, but some of the sass seemed more like Chiara than Remus. 

I found a couple of spots that could use light editing, but I’m not going to be a drag by pointing them out here.

Remus seems like a really unexpected choice to play Romeo, but I can certainly see how if he actually auditioned he could get it (getting him to try seems like the most improbable part, lol).

Oh wow, Chiara sure shifted quickly from seeing Remus as just a friend to noting a lot of intimate things about him.

This chapter was really fun, and I’m interested to see where it goes.


Author's Response:

Ahahah! I'm glad you enjoyed Chiara and her sass! Yes, Remus finds it very enjoyable, too... :P

Chiara doesn't have a crush on Remus... yet... (or maybe she does but she doesn't know...)

Ahahah! I think I would pretty entusiastic about Shakespeare as well. ;)

Yes, that was Remus. Chiara is the sassy one, but Remus can get pretty impatient with his friends' idiocy... and yes, I know, I'm not very good at tags... I should do a better job at specifying who's talking...

Yeah, it's not very much like him... but I think with his friend pushing him relentelessly and with the bonus of Chiara trying out for Juliet... *whistles* Also, I needed it for plot reasons... :P

Chiara did shift quite quickly, yes. :P

Thank you so much for another lovely review!

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Prologue - Chiara Nightingale

Quodpot Match 1: Star-Crossed Romance


This is one of those stories that I honestly can’t believe I haven’t gotten to before. Now that I’m here for quodpot, let’s fix that!


Juliet was a witch? Okay, I’m listening.


It’s really cool how much Italian you’ve directly included in the story. And I also have to say that I’m grateful that you included the English translations right away, so I don’t get whiplash from flipping back and forth to the notes.


Quick typo note - in one of the translations you said “upstair” instead of “upstairs”


I can see that you’re already diverging from “Shakespeare canon” (well, aside from the obvious addition of magic, which I honestly think Shakespeare would’ve fully supported), with the change to how the fight between Romeo and Tybalt went down.


Whaaat Romeo is a werewolf? Seems there’s more prejudice here than just the family rivalry.


I’m curious if the child is literally demonic, and if so, in what way.


Congratulations, you’ve managed to make this more dramatic than the original XD


Wow, what a tone shift in the second half of the chapter! It was kind of refreshing, and did a good job of introducing the girls and their crushes. I’m curious if the rest of the story will take place in the Marauders timeline, or if there will be more flashbacks.


Interesting start!



Author's Response:

Hey, there, Sam!

I'm finally here to reply to your Quodpot reviews! :D And I'm so happy you decided to stop by here because, while this story is one of my oldest and kind of cliched and not my best writing, it is quite dear to my heart!

Yes, Juliet is a witch. Glad I have your attention. :P

And yes, I did have fun with the Italian here. Happy you enjoyed it! :)

Yes, this is kind of Romeo and Juliet's AU, if you want... :P Further explainations later in the story... ;) And yes, Romeo is a werewolf, and there's a lot of prejudice involved here...

Oh, the child isn't demonic. She just has werewolf's blood, which would make her demonic in her grandmother's eyes.

More dramatic than the original? Why, thank you! :P

Glad you liked the introduction of the girls. :) No, there won't be more flashbacks, but the Romeo and Juliet's story will tie in with Chiara's story... more details in the chapters to come... :P

Glad you found this start intriguing! :D

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Feathers and moonlight

Hi Chiara!! <3


I’m so embarrassed that my reviewing of this story is going so slowly. But I’m always happy to read more of this! (Right now I’m seizing a few moments while babysitting to type up this review haha – the little baby’s napping, adorable thing.)


The description in this chapter is just marvelous. I love the difference in atmosphere from all the previous chapters, but especially the one right before. It makes for a wild variation in styles of reading, and I love being able to read such a range of styles within the same story. But anyway, the discussions of the moon and of Chiara changing back into a human under the moonlight – it’s kind of the opposite of what Remus goes through haha, except Chiara has to transform every night while Remus turns into a wolf once a month.


Also I have to mention this – Chiara turning into a bird is such a clever idea!! I love it!!! I honestly had no idea where she possibly could have went, and I honestly thought that the curse Vanished her out of existence, but I love this idea. I don’t know if it’s based on anything from Shakespeare (I…have not read too much Shakespeare) but either way I adore it.


When Chiara saw the Marauders walking away from the Whomping Willow, I wanted to push her after them so that she could finally, finally talk to someone. (Though I wonder, is there anything that prevents her from reentering the castle at night? I just want Chiara to find her friends again. *sobs*)


I can’t wait to read on!! <3



Author's Response:

Eva!!! :D

Finally I'm replying to this review (and hopefully to all the ones I still need to reply... I've been so bad at this and I'm sorry... and I'm also sorry because I think I've apologized with you about this like 100 times... :P)

Also, aww... babies are the most adorable thing, aren't they? <3

I'm so glad you liked this chapter, the difference in tone and the descriptions! :) To be honest, I used to hate this chapter, but I'm glad the poetic tone paid off in the end. :) Also, I'm so glad you liked the parallel with the moon and how Chiara's situation is basically the opposite of Remus'. That's the whole point of the curse, after all (as you well know by now... :P)

No, the idea is not taken from Shakespeare... even if the choice of the lark was inspired by the whole lark/nightingale exchange between Romeo and Juliet. (It's one of my favourites passages from the play, it's just so romantic... *blushes*)

Actually, that's a bit of a plot hole in the story... because Chiara should totally have seeked help... I guess it was more of a pride thing? Anyway, she will get in contact with them soon, as you already know. ;)

Thank you so much for another great review! <3

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Huge furry problems



Here for our swap! Like twelve hours late, I’m so sorry. And I’d also like to apologize for being so behind on reviewing this story!! I want to keep reading so badly, since you’ve crafted such a beautiful story here, but things have been so busy lately, and it’s just all very upsetting. BUT I’M HERE NOW.


I feel so sad at how long it’s been since Remus has seen Chiara! And also how long it’s been since he’s been able to fully rely on his friends like before. *sobs* I feel so sad for Remus! You always put him through so many difficulties hehe, and I just want him to have all the hugs in the world and also I want him to have Chiara back. That being said, I wonder about the contents of the book, and how it’s going to help Remus in his search for Chiara! I’m super curious to see what happens next, and when/how Remus will manage to succeed in his quest. Also I just want him to be happy again. I really, really hope he can make up with his friends soon. *fingers crossed*


I thought the scene where the Marauders were trying to help Remus was so well-written. It was just humorous enough and joking enough (when Sirius said: “Call it whatever you want. I still care for my skin, and I'm being serious here... In all respects,” I was almost choking with laughter; that was a super clever line) but it also made me feel so sorry for Remus. And also a little terrified for the other Marauders. Because the fact that Remus is in such a bad place right now that he becomes extra vicious during the full moon? That hurts my soul omg. Chiara, why do you do this?? *sobs*


Sirius’s line here – “His worst fears were going to come true, he was going to be torn to pieces by his own brother...” is sooo good omg. It really hit me that Sirius still thinks of Remus as his brother, even after all the troubles they’ve been going through.


You write Marauders so well, I just. I love them all. <3


Wonderful chapter, Chiara!!




Author's Response:

Hi, Eva!!! <3

Oh, you have nothing to apologize for... thank you for being the amazing reviewer you are! <3

Yes, I know... I'm quite cruel to Remus... I can't help it, he's just so tragic... which is a big part of the reason I love him so much... that's what we writers do, isn't it? We hurt the characters we love... :/ Anyway, I can promise you that Remus will reconcile with his friends and that Chiara will come back (well, you actually already know at least a part of this, so...)

I'm so glad you liked the Marauders trying to help Remus and that you enjoyed the jokes and managed to laugh a little (even if this was mostly a very dramatic chapter...) Their friendship is so wonderful and I'm so glad you liked that bit about Sirius still considering Remus a brother, despite their recent troubles.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Thank you so much again for the lovely review!

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: So sorry, Sev

Hi Chiara!! I’m so happy to be continuing this story! <3


This chapter made me feel a little sorry for Severus, even if I don’t necessarily like him too much as a character. Because being lonely is really a horrible feeling, and I can understand why he’d miss Chiara so much if she was one of the few people who actually talked to him. I really appreciated the concern he had for Chiara, as well. I just wish that he hadn’t hurt Lily so badly, because that was really the action that brought everything else upon him.


I was curious about how much Chiara had really been talking to him, but then when Severus gave an example of one of their more recent conversations, I found it slightly amusing that Chiara seemed rather cold to him. I mean, I do feel bad for Severus, but his questions to her probably were very annoying, especially with Lily not wanting anything to do with Severus anymore.


The conversation with Lily made me sad. Though I never think that Lily ever would have loved Severus romantically, I do think that they had a good friendship going on, and that Severus ruining it was really a tragedy. I wish he would be a little less mopey, considering he hurt Lily so badly by calling her “Mudblood” and so he can’t expect her to take him back as a friend without him making serious efforts to redeem himself.


But the ending with James asking Lily out was really so sweet!


I loved this chapter!! <3



Author's Response:

Hi, Eva! :)

I know you don't really like Severus, and I don't really like him much either... but I do feel bad for him and for his loneliness... and I'm glad you felt sorry for him too for missing Chiara, even if a big part of his loneliness is his own fault...

Ahahah! Well, Chiara actually does care for him, but at the same time she is very annoyed at him just creeping up on her that way... and of course she blames him for what happened with Lily. She would probably be more accepting if he just admitted that he'd been a [insert bad word here].

I agree, I don't think Lily ever saw him as something different from a friend, but still it's so sad how their friendship ended. And the point is not even Severus calling her Mudblood, rather the choices he's making with his life. Lily would only be happy to take him back, but she can't if he's aspiring to become a Death Eater. :(

I'm glad you found James asking her out sweet, though. :)

Thank you for the lovely review!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2018 04:44 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Someone to blame

I am beginning to resent Lady Capulet very much for making our dear, sweet Remus feel so terrible about himself. He deserves nothing but happiness, but of course Lady Capulet had to go and just ruin his life with this curse, didn’t he? Remus, my darling! It’s not your fault; it’s Lady Capulet’s fault. You had absolutely no idea that anything of the sort could even possibly happen. <3


Ahhh every second that Remus cries is another second I feel sorrier for him!! When he punched Sirius in the jaw and asked him “Why did you have to ruin everything?!” I felt so, so sad. Chiara (as in you, not as in your character haha), why must you make our beautiful boy suffer like this and make me saddd. Also the confusion and concern that Remus’s friends felt after he left almost made me smile a bit but then I remembered that Chiara is still missing, and that Remus thinks it’s all his fault. Dumbledore’s announcement was so dark and hopeless, because…what do you do when even Dumbledore is at a loss?


You write such excellent angst, Chiara, it’s just so good.


I loved reading the three sections from each of the other Marauders’ perspectives. It was a really good glimpse into each of their heads, and I really appreciated reading these sections!


I hope Remus finds something. I hope he can stop feeling guilty soon. I also hope that he and Sirius can forgive each other and begin to help each other figure out what’s going on with Chiara. I need everyone to be happy. D;


Wonderful chapter, Chiara! <3



Author's Response:

Poor Remus... it's already so hard for himself to gain some self-confidence, and everything happening now is surely not helping... of course it isn't his fault, but he would still feel so much guilt for it... I really, really hate Lady Capulet, honestly...

I know... I hate seeing Remus cry... :( I'm sorry... And yes, when Dumbledore is at a loss, that's when you know things are very wrong... :/

I'm glad you liked the glimpses in the other Marauders' heads. I did feel like it was important to show. And I know I've told you already but... everything will go well in the end, I promise.

Love you so much, darling!


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 19 Jun 2018 05:52 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: The Capulets' curse

I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SO HAPPY ABOUT THE KISS. (Why would you break my heart like this?? *sobs*)


At first I thought Remus was having a nightmare about accidentally cursing Chiara to sleep by kissing her due to him being a werewolf, all because I wanted this to not be true, but it was! Oh, so much sadness. I feel so sorry for these two lovebirds, I just wanted them to be happy!! You did such a good job writing this, though, I was super into the story and super impressed all at once.


So this was the curse omg. I totally wasn’t expecting this!! I was actually expecting happiness and rainbows, which, looking back, was quite silly of me. So with Chiara kissing Remus, she fell down in a deep sleep. Was it because of Remus specifically? Or would it just be any guy that she kisses? Or was it because Remus is a werewolf, which would be deemed “unfit” by Lady Capulet’s curse to be together with Chiara? I have so many questions, and I can’t wait to see what you reveal. This is such an interesting spin to put on this Marauders story, I love it.


The fact that neither Madam Pomfrey nor Professor Dumbledore could do anything makes me so nervous!! How powerful was Lady Capulet’s curse?? Will Chiara be okay? Please let this darling ray of sunshine be okay, I’m so worried for her. WAIT BUT THEN SHE DISAPPEARS. THIS CURSE IS SO TERRIFYING OMG.


*gasp* I’m so glad you revealed the curse this chapter! I was already beginning to feel so much suspense. And I never would’ve expected that Romeo was a werewolf!! CHIARA YOU’RE SO SMART. That’s such a perfect reason why Lady Capulet would hate him, because prejudice against werewolves is unfortunately common omg. And now it makes sense how she would make the curse so as to prevent anyone who was “like Romeo” from ever being a part of the family again. That’s amazing. This is such an amazingly plot twist, I never could have guessed.


Oh, Remus. His feelings for Chiara are so sweet. I hope that he can figure this out soon, and that Chiara can wake up quickly! <3


Such a wonderful chapter!!



Author's Response:

Erm... I'm sorry... But I couldn't make it that easy for them, could I? [insert evil writer laughter here]

Remus having a nightmare about it is definitely the sort of thing I could do, but... not this time, I'm afraid... I'm so glad you were invested in the scene, though.

Yeah, that's the curse. And as you already know the fact that Remus is a werewolf is what brought it. I'm glad you are liking how the plot is developing.

Lady Capulet's curse is pretty strong and very clever... I bet she would have been a Ravenclaw if she ever attended Hogwarts (which she didn't, but anyway...) Also, I actually said that Romeo was a werewolf in the prologue? But it's okay if you forgot or just didn't notice. ;) Anyway, yes, Lady Capulet's hate for Romeo was because he was a werewolf and the curse was meant to keep any werewolf away from the family.

Poor Remus... yes, he's just so sweet, I agree... the solution will definitely come... maybe not exactly soon, but still...

Thank you so much again for reviewing! <3

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Help from Padfoot

Hi hi hi! <3


Oof I always forget how hard the Marauders had to work in order to help keep Remus at bay during the full moons. And though being bitten by a werewolf wouldn’t have really affected them in terms of being turned into werewolves, they still could have died. My brave lads. And also, I’m glad you mentioned that little detail of Sirius almost dying otherwise I wouldn’t have thought about it at all.


Remus being in denial about his feelings is honestly the most relatable thing ever. Who likes talking about their feelings, anyway? Also – *bonks Remus on the head* SHE IS NOT TOO GOOD FOR YOU. GAIN SOME SELF-CONFIDENCE, BUDDY, YOU ARE AMAZING AND SMART AND TALENTED AND SO DESERVING OF LOVE. I will see these two together even if I have to reach through the screen, into another dimension, and shove them together myself. Though you’ve never disappointed me, which means that they’ll be together soon, right? ;D


Yes, I agree with Sirius. “You deserve some happiness, mate” is probably a nicer, calmer version of what I just said haha. Good on you, Sirius.


Ahahaha, I love how meddling friends just plot these things. I always want to smack my friends whenever they pull these sorts of things on me, but also I just find it hilarious to read about, so maybe I shouldn’t smack them haha. Anyway I wholeheartedly agree with Lily and Sirius’s plans, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work…though I have a bad feeling that something’s going to go awry and then these two lovebirds will be at a worse place than they started. FINGERS CROSSED.


Ohh, my darling Chiara, I love how she just followed Lily anyway despite having no idea what was even going on. She’s so faithful to her friend, it’s amazing. Also, this line made me laugh – “Chiara avoided to point out that Lily's behaviour was everything but trustworthy at the moment.” And I love that when the Marauders come around later, their interactions are paralleled! I love how no one trusts their friends lmao. I feel like that’s definitely a sign of an interesting and fun friendship ahaha.


THEY ALMOST KISSED. Wait but Remus ruined it. OH WAIT YOU GO CHIARA. QUOTING SHAKESPEARE IS THE WAY TO GO. AHHHH THEY DID IT. MY PREDICTIONS WERE WRONG. (I think reading fanfiction has made me way too pessimistic about the direction fics are going to go in haha.) HALLELUJAH.


Wonderful chapter, Chiara! <3



Author's Response:

I started replying to this and then I lost the connection, just for a change... :/ Anyway, welcome back, Eva, dear! :)

Oh, yes. Even if they couldn't contract lycanthropy in their Animagus forms, staying with Remus was still hard work and extremely dangerous... this is why I love the Marauders, they are just the best of friends!

And yes, poor Remus... no one really like to talk about their feelings, and he's just... himself? He does need someone to remind him that he does deserve love, so it's a good thing that he has Sirius. ;)

I bet having friends in RL putting up these sort of things must be very annoying, but I'm glad you are cheering for Sirius and Lily's plan now. :P Well, you already know how this will play out...

Ahahah! If I were friend with the Marauders (or even with Lily, I'm sure she had a pretty strong mischief making side, too...) I wouldn't trust them either. Especially when their behaviour is just so obviously suspicious... :P But, yeah, interesting friendships for sure. :D

I love your enthusiasm about them kissing! :P Thank you so much for another wonderful review!!!

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Wherefore art thou, Remus?

Hellooo, Chiara! <3


I’m so sorry for the continuous wait on these reviews; I promise I’ll start picking up speed soon! (As in now, hopefully.)


Honestly, if I were Chiara I would likely fall head-over-heels for Remus as well. Imagine looking into gold-flecked eyes omg. Not to mention his personality is just witty and snappish yet very sweet as well. Though, I’d imagine the werewolf part would be a problem – not that I’d care (and, I’m sure, I don’t think Chiara would care either), but the fact that Remus always shies away from people because of his werewolf problem. Which I see happening here in this story. And it makes me sad because Remus deserves all the love in the world.


I gotta love that Lily’s just starting to fancy James now hehe. I’m really glad that James changed for the better canonically. Also, Chiara is jealous of Amelia Bones for patrolling with Remus! Oh, sweet girl, Remus only has eyes for you; he just doesn’t want you to see his werewolf side. That Common Room scene proved it all, when he woke her up after she fell asleep. Their banter! Their jokes! That little exchange where they just recited Shakespeare at each other like the little nerds they are! (I can’t remember if I have already, but I feel like I should confess that I have not yet read Romeo and Juliet, so I’m reading all these lines for the first time haha. They’re so very beautiful, though. And I love that you took your title from these lines about the lark and the nightingale!)


REMUS OMG. I can’t believe he said “I love you too” omg, that’s so very honest of him! I hope that we can see Chiara thinking about this moment at some point, I’m so very curious to see what she was thinking when he accidentally said this in response. (Also I keep fangirling over all the Italian but I love it!! “Ti odio” I LOVE IT.)


All the boys’ lying about the cause of Remus being in the Hospital Wing lmao. I’m just so curious about how this all ties into the beginning!! I’m so excited to see how it all unveils, how it all plays out. And I love the concept of Romeo and Juliet being tied into Harry Potter, so the set-up of this story is just so marvelously creative. (I’m so sorry, my memory is so bad that I can’t remember if I’ve already said these things or not? Better safe than sorry, right?)





Author's Response:

You have nothing to apologize for, your reviews are just always the biggest joy and I'm just grateful anytime I get one! You are awesome!

Ah, who wouldn't fall in love with Remus? He's just the best! Yes, his habit of cutting himself off because of his furry little problem and his fear of hurting people could be... a problem. And there might be other problems there, too (you already know what I'm talking about). But everything (well, almost everything) will be fine in the end? (Why am I so bad at not spoilering?)

Ahahah! I love the dynamics between James and Lily, those two are just precious! <3 Yes, I'm very glad James matured a bit in his last Hogwarts years. <3

Chiara's jealousy has no real reason, of course... :P I had a lot of fun writing their banter, and playing with the Shakespeare quotes. :P The lark and the nightingale passage is one of my favourites, so of course I had to use it. :P (And it's totally fine if you haven't read Romeo and Juliet... maybe you can give it a try sometime soon, though...)

Poor Remus, he really didn't mean to say that... :P But obviously it was the truth, and Chiara needed to know. :P

I'm glad you found the boys' excuse hilarious! I did have too much fun with the dragon flu bit, I'll confess. :P And well, as I already said, you already know how the prologue ties up with the story. ;) I'm so glad you like the idea, though! <3

Thank you so much for another amazing review!

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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: The Muggle Studies Project

Helloooo, Chiara! <3


You mentioned that this was a cliché story, but honestly I’m really, really enjoying myself right now. I have a special fondness for stories that follow common tropes and ideas, and this is just plain adorable anyway.


In my last review, I thought that Chiara was the daughter of Romeo and Juliet, but looking back on it…that was a fairly silly guess, I think. Because Romeo and Juliet were from a long time ago, while Chiara is in the time of now (or a few decades ago, at least). I suspect that Chiara’s just descended from the child of Romeo and Juliet (I hope these guesses aren’t too obvious because these days I have been very bad at guessing things hahaha).


I LOVE ALL THE ITALIAN. I love the fact that Chiara speaks in outbursts of Italian whenever she’s upset or emotional, and that Remus can understand and speak it as well. (Oh, by the way – how adorable is your Remus? He’s so sweet and charming, and even his mild jealousy is kind of cute. I’m glad that he doesn’t really act on it, though.) And I’m so intrigued by the set-up of the story here, with the Muggle Studies class putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet. Because since Chiara seems to be descended from the original Romeo and Juliet, and since Remus is going to be playing Romeo…will Lady Capulet’s curse come into play? MANY QUESTIONS.


The way you wrote the audition scenes was so much fun to read. I thought it was naïve but adorable of Chiara to assume that if she had been paired up with Matt Corner, he would have had considerable more emotion in his acting haha. And, just, all the scenes where Chiara and Remus were acting, I adored reading.


This is just such an adorable story, Chiara. <3



Author's Response:

Hey, Eva! <3

I'm so happy you are enjoying this story! It's not my best by far, but it's still very dear to my heart. And yes, it's sort of cliched, but I'm glad you are enjoying it anyway! <3

Well, you already know what the link between Chiara and Romeo and Juliet is, right? So no need for spoilers. :P But never stop making guesses, because I love reading them and honestly you always have very good guessings. ;)

I'm so glad you love the Italian! This was a pretty self-indulgent story, so I just had to do it... and well, isn't Remus always adorable? You know him, he would never act on his jealousy... but yes, it is cute... :P

You also already know how the curse will come into play, so no need to reply that one either. :P

Ahahah! Yes, her thoughts about Corner are kind of ridicolous... but she will forget about him very soon, so... :P And yay, Chiara and Remus are just the cutest and I'm not even sorry! :P

Thank you so much for the lovely review!


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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Prologue - Chiara Nightingale



This is one of your older stories, right? I don’t know when you originally wrote this, but omg I love the concept. I love that you took Romeo and Juliet and applied it to the wizarding world, it’s so amazing!! And you know my weird obsession with Italian. You should write more stories where your characters speak in Italian and then you translate hahaha (which was a really, really fun way to read a story omg, I haven’t had that much fun in ages). It was also a really good way to show that your characters were actually speaking Italian hehe.


Reading the first part took me much longer than necessary, because I kept trying to go through and figure out how Italian grammar works haha. I wanted to match each word from the translation to its corresponding part in Italian, and that…was very time-consuming. (You should really go and make that blog post, I’d obsess over it. I don’t even know why I like Italian so much, but as soon as I saw that you wrote part of this story in Italian I totally freaked out haha. <3)


But omg Romeo and Juliet both died so tragically! (As they did in the play.) But I was so surprised and thankful to see that they had a daughter! (Is it Chiara??? I bet it’s Chiara. And I think it’s so cute that your character has the same name as you; I love your name so it’s very fitting!)


AND CHIARA IS SO SWEET AND ADORABLE AND I’M JUST VERY EXCITED TO SEE HOW HER PATH AT HOGWARTS WILL GO AHH. I’ll try to come back and review the rest of the chapters when I can!! <3



Author's Response:

Eva!!! :D

Yes, this is one of my older stories, I completed it in 2015... btw. unrelated but I've been writing fanfic for 5 years now... how's that possible? :/

Anyway... I'm so glad you like the concept! And the Italian! :P Maybe I will write more stories with Italian characters, who can tell? :P But I need to finish a few things before...

I'm curious to know how the figuring out Italian grammar went. :P And yes, I still haven't written that blog post (another thing on my way too long to-do list) I love that you love Italian so much! <3

Yeah, Romeo and Juliet's death here is different, but just as tragic as it was in the play, I guess. Well, you already know who Chiara is, so no need to reply to that, right? ;)

I'm so glad you are liking Chiara for now. And I'm so glad you are enjoying the story. Thank you so much for this lovely review! I love you so much! <3

Name: Phoenix Potioneer (Signed) · Date: 28 May 2018 09:26 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Prologue - Chiara Nightingale

Ooooh, a Harry Potter crossover with Romeo and Juliet! This should be interesting. It's been five years since I read Romeo and Juliet, so let's hope I remember it well enough.


I love how you kept everything in Italian! Even though I can't read it and had to rely on the phrases in the parantheses, it was a nice touch. Obviously, if Juliet and Romeo live in Italy, they wouldn't be speaking English.


Wait... Romeo is a werewolf? That is so cool!


Wow, this is quite a twist from canon. For some reason I can't remember who Tybalt is, but I know that didn't happen.


Tybalt flinging killing curses? Wizarding duels in Shakespeare? This is so cool and a great crossover idea! I mean, it's awful for Juliet, since she was killed by the kililng curse, but... I just have to say, it's cool.


WOW Lady Capulet just killed Romeo. That is intense. I mean, sure, the Montagues and Capulets had an ancient feud, but it never really extended to kiling one another.


HMMM a character in this is named Chiara... totally unrelated to the fact that your name is Chiara, right? ;)


WAIT is Chiara descended from Romeo and Juliet? Is that what the thing about Romeo and Juliet's child, Lucy, was insinuating? If so, that is so cool.


Aw Chiara is best friends with Lily Evans! That's awesome!


I liked this chapter a lot! It was a great intoduction to both the magical-versions of Romeo and Juliet and Chiara.

Author's Response:

Claudia! <3

Ah, I'm so happy you came across this story, it's still one of the most dear to my heart (in a totally self-indulgent way, but still...)

I couldn't help it, I had Italian characters, so I had to make them speak Italian... (as I said, self-indulgent) I was a bit worried about my choice, but people seemed to like it, so... :P

Yep, Romeo is a werewolf... plot reasons...

Tybalt was Juliet's cousin, and he was actually killed by Romeo, even if the circumstances were very different... (Tybalt had just killed Mercutio and Romeo wanted to avenge him. Which is the reason Romeo was exhiled from Verona. But my story is just a different story... :P)

I'm glad you like my wizarding version of Romeo and Juliet, anyway. :D And yes, that got pretty intense. (I don't have much sympathy for Lady Capulet, I will admit...)

No, totally not related... why would you think it is related? :P Jokes aside, I needed an Italian name and I happen to like my name, so... that, and this Chiara is going to fall in love with a certain werewolf I totally don't have a crush on... (spoiler, sorry... but it's going to happen very soon, and you probably guessed already anyway...)

Chiara a descendant of Romeo and Juliet? Mmmh, maybe? You should read on and find out... :P

And yes, of course she's best friend with Lily Evans! :D

Thank you so much for the awesome review! (And sorry for the lateness in the reply)

Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 03:09 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: The Muggle Studies Project

Hi Chiara :) Ever since I left a requested review on the first chapter of this, I felt guilty for not being more positive. So I thought I’d check out the next chapter now, I hope you don’t mind

As always I like that you have Italian text (and thank for the translations in parenthesis, without that the story would be hard to follow). Oh, and Remus seems to speak Italian, that’s a pleasant surprise, and I can totally imagine that he speaks several languages. (Actually this is one of the things I miss from the original Harry Potter books, why students at Hogwarts do not learn foreign languages? Like they expect everybody from other countries to speek English – e.g. in the triwizard tournament, or at the Quidditch world cup…)

“He liked to be the first to sit in a classroom” I can totally imagine this about Remus.

"She couldn't be serious..." Chiara complained   […] “"Of course she couldn't, I'm Sirius!" Sirius exclaimed” lol :)

I see that the Romeo and Juliet theme comes up here as well, and I’m glad it does (now that you explained to me the idea behind it, that’s one of the bits I most like in this story).

Also in this chapter I didn’t have this “these already had been said elsewhere” feeling like in the first chapter. You did have recurring themes, like Chiara being pissed of by James and Sirius, but this time I felt that the new and original things were dominating, so well-done for that!


I will probably keep reading :)

Author's Response:

Hi, Vilja!

It was a pleasant surprise to see you back here, thank you for stopping by again.

I'm glad you like the Italian. :) It is mentioned later, but Remus' mother is Italian, too (when I wrote this the story of Lyall and Hope hadn't been published yet, and even after that I've kept my headcanons for Remus' parents, even if they are technically non-canon anymore, but I love them too much, and I've never really cared about Pottermore anyway... but I'm digressing...) Honestly, that doesn't surprise me. English is the international language, after all, and I guess it would be in the wizarding world as well. English people don't really need to learn other languages, do they?

I can totally see that about Remus, too! :D

And I just can't resist Sirius/serious puns... :P

The Romeo and Juliet theme will come up again, but you'll have to read on to find out how the prologue actually links to the rest of the plot. ;)

I'm glad you liked this chapter better and that it felt more original. Thank you again for this sweet review.

Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 02:26 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Prologue - Chiara Nightingale

** Transfered from HPFF **


So you have a Chiara in there :) I'm wondering if it's you in the story, or just a coincidence in the choice of names


It's been a while since I read Romeo and Juliet so my memories are quite blurry, but the scene you describe somehow does not fit with my interpretation. I mean, it's a great idea the these characters are magical, I think noone else has though of that before, and why not, it's just that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with them dying in a different way that I originally read. But the idea that Romeo is a warewolf is really original, I liked it.


I'm sorry I can't be more enthusiastic about it (you know I'm not a romance reader) - I know it's 'just' first chapter and more is to come, but for the second part it seemed to me that pretty much all the girls talked about has already been said elsewhere. The Lily hating James, the Snape willing to talk to Lily, etc. It's nice to stick to canon, but I missed the added value. (Again sorry, I know that's not quite helpful...)


I'm tempted to think that the Verona scene will be connected to everything else later on, this would be great! A few hints are the Italian family (Chiara and her parents) in England.


My first idea while reading the Romeo and Juliet part was that it would be a "history repeating itself" kind of thing, and that in the second half we would see the same or a parallel story some hundreds years later, and there the werewolf (Romeo) would be Lupin and Chiara would be Juliet. Obviously I was wrong. I'm just telling you this, as my expectation being violated might be a reason while I did not like this story as much as it would deserve it.


Anyway (and to end with something positive :)) the story flaws well, I could easily follow it, and the girls chatting on the train (and having trouble getting out of bed) all sounded very realistic.

Author's Response:

Hi, Vilja.

I'm sorry this wasn't exactly in your chords, but you warned me, so...

I couldn't resist to name her Chiara, it was my way to pretend to be a part of the Marauders' world, plus I like the name :P But she's actually very different from me.

This "Romeo and Juliet" is obviously not the original story. More it's explained in later chapters, but the idea behind this is that this was the true story that Shakespeare then retold and changed. I'm glad you liked the idea of them being magical, though.

The first part will obviously connect to what comes next, just not yet. And your idea of a story repetition with Remus and Chiara in the roles of Romeo and Juliet is not so distant from what the story line is. Obviously, this is only an introductory chapter, so I just wanted to introduce Chiara and her friends in a daily situation.

I'm glad you liked the style, if not necessary the content, and that you found the scene realistic. Thank you for reading and reviewing.



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Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Epilogue - The opening night

Transferred :)


Okay, just had to get that out because they are so cute!


It's... it's finished? :'(

Ahhh! You already know how much I enjoyed this story but let me gush over it just once more! (And you have a sequel or prequel in mind?! GIMME!)

What a rollercoaster. You've made me laugh, made me cry. This journey has been simply amazing. But you know what the best part was? 

Our friendship.

Where would we be without this story? Thank you for writing it, not only because it's one of my favourites, but because I don't think we'd be as close as we are without it (I mean, we probably would have found a way, but you know.) Your characterisation of the Marauders is something I have enjoyed immensely, and you inspire me to write the characters too (but no one could EVER beat your Peter!)

Argh I just don't know what else to say! I'm speechless!

Thank you once more for writing this gorgeous story, my Shakespeare buddy, thou art incredibly talented-eth.

Love you!

♥ B

P.S. Jimmy and Liar, here I come!    

Author's Response:

B!!! *hug* *wub*

I couldn't wait to answer this awesome review (tecnically, I already did on Skype... but I just need to say thank you again! *wub*)

Ahahah! Jily 4ever! They are so lovely (and I'd planned that kiss since, like, the very beginning and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!)

Yes, I'm afraid it's finished... As for the prequel and the sequel, I do have something written down, but I don't know if any of them is good or interesting enough... maybe we can discuss this some time... *whistling*

Aww... you don't know how much it means to me... Thank you so so so much for taking this journey with me! :D

And thank you for being such a lovely friend! I'm so happy I requested that review from you and I'm so happy that it brought us so close! *wub*

And thank you so much for all your praises about the Marauders! Ahahah, you know I love my little Petey... :P

Thanks to you for following this story to the very end! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Snowball hug rolling your way, my Shakespeare buddy!

Your little Chi!

PS I'm sure Jimmy will be thrilled to see you back! So will Remus and Peter... *couch* ;)

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 03:23 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: The Lark and the Nightingale

Ahh.. Peter standing up for himself, that was wonderful. It really brings focus to the fact that the other Marauders really don't consider him as someone with talent, or who could do anything right. Poor Peter, but the others needed to hear that. 


Ohhh Lark at day and Nightingale at night, so THAT's what the title is all about! Ooh Yes, James, come out with the solution


(In case you didn't realize I've been typing out this review while reading the story)


*bring on the cheerleaders*


Feathery little problem? HAHAHAHAHAA!!!


OOOH I LOVE THAT PART - She would let her be herself exactly when he wasn't. YOU'RE A GENIUS CHIARA OMG YOUR BRAIN!


Yes yes, bring on the solution. Don't cry Chiara, James will come up with something? Won't he my dearest beta?




Author's Response:

Ah, yes... Poor Peter...

It isn't that they think he doesn't have talent... they are just too distracted to give him the credit and thought he deserves. Which is the reason his reaction confounded them more than worrying them... and I can tell you, this won't lead anywhere good... :(

Lark at day, Nightingale at night. That's pretty much the meaning of the title, yes! That, and the fact that I've always loved that exchange about the lark and the nightingale in Romeo and Juliet. James just had a good idea. It still is a long way before they figure it out...

Yep, feathery little problem! I'm happy that made you laugh! :D

Aww... thank you... glad the idea worked for you.

Maybe he will? Or maybe someone else?

Thank you so much again, little Betee!!! These reviews really helped me getting through this week and I can't tell you how much I love you enough! You are awesome and beautiful and I feel so lucky to know you!

Can't wait for more feedback from you! Many hugs and much, much love!


Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 03:22 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Show must go on

Sirius as a seer! LOL That image cracked me up! I love being inside Sirius' head - especially the way you write him!


Awww. Remus FINALLY confided in the Marauders. Took him long enough to come to his senses, did it. AHH All the four Marauders putting hteir heads together - that's got to bring out a solution!


Also, I noticed the little description about Peter - the quiet, observant one you always portray him as... and bringing our attention to the fact how integral he was to the group of Marauders. I love how you have made him so different from the dim-witted person people portray. 


Poor Remus, having to perform with Lily instead of Chiara. I loved seeing Remus get all emotional here. It's wonderful to see this side of him. And James, skipping out on the rehearsal to go to Remus almost gave me goosebumps. He's such a wonderful friend!


Oh no... what's going to happen tomorrow after sunset. I have to read!

Author's Response:

Ahahah! Yes, that's a fun image! I guess he would read all the girls' hands and predict how each one would desperately fall in love with him. ;)

When many people work on a problem, there's a higher possibility to find a solution, right? Yes, it was about time for Remus to confide in his friends!

Peter is very important in this story. I think this is the story where I finally got to know and appreciate him. I'm glad you're liking him for the moment.

I love emotional Remus as well... I think I've overdone it in a few passages (in later chapters too, I mean...) but I do love this side of him as well!

Ah, James is the greatest friend, isn't he? He would never abandon his friends. And I so love that about him!

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 03:20 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Feathers and moonlight

OMG CHIARA I think this has to be your best chapter yet!


NO KIDDING, but I LOVE THE DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS CHAPTER! The way you began with describing the horizon from the bird's perspective, and the transformation - AMAZING. 


OOOH I love that you have related her to the moon, and that her transformations as well as Remus' are related to the moon as well. 


I have a question though, why didn't Chiara approach anyone in her human form? Why didn't she reach out to anyone for the past one month?


I can't wait to read further!!!


Love you loads!


Author's Response:

Aww... thanks...

I'm so glad you liked the ddescriptios here, and the moon parallels and everything. There isn't much happening here, so I wanted to give this chapter a more poetic tone. I didn't really like it, so it's such a relief to know that people love it!!!

That's a good question, and I don't really have an answer except that it serves to the plot. There are two or three things in this story that don't make much sense, and this is definitely one... Anyway, I don't know... Embarassment? Confusion? Some twisted sense of pride and adolescent rebelliousness? I swear, I have no idea what she was thinking...

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 03:19 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: Huge furry problems

Hello again :D


So, I love how you played around with 'Furry Little Problem' and made it 'Huge Furry Problem' to set the scene. Really clever!


Ahh.. the qintessential Remus - always overthinking, and not willing to talk things out, and keeping his emotions close to his chest. But we still love him, don't we :D


The part where Sirius is perceptive is my favorite in this chapter. Most people write Sirius off as the insensitive brooding one, or in happier Jily fics the dumb best friend. But here, Sirius is observant, reflects about his best friend and makes acute observations - and those are all qualities we see in adult Sirius as well. 


And James being the blindly loyal one, almost to the point of not listening to reason points very much to Harry himself. So many times Remus has mentioned how very like James Harry was, and here I could understand why. I love the way you've written this :)


Also, I love how the names shifted from Remus, James, Sirius and Peter to Moony, Prongs, Padfoot and Wromtail once they had transformed. I felt it was a really nice touch (I might also adopt it in my fic :D )


The descriptions of their Animagus forms, and how Remus attacked them was so well done. Of course they would know healing spells, that's the only explaination as to how they managed to keep this a secret all along.


I think this is the most wonderful chapter I've read till now. I know I say that about every chapter, but I swear each one keeps getting better!


Loads of love


Author's Response:

Glad you liked the title choice! The Marauders might tend to minimize Remus' problem, but his condition is much harder and he his much more dangerous than any of them would like to admit.

Ahahah! Yes, that would be him! Of course we don't love him any less! We love him more, if anything! :P

Ah, yes, Sirius. Like everyone else, I think there are many different aspects of his character. He can be insensitive and he can be silly. But when it really matters he can also be very mature and attentive and caring. This applies to James as well, even if they have different approaches to things.

And talking about James... He's like that, isn't he? Would throw himself into flames for a friend. Aww... I love that you could see the resemblance with Harry here! I do think they were much alike!

Ah, the name shifting is something I involuntarily inherited from other people's writing, I believe. I do like it, though...

Ah, that makes me so happy too! Action scenes are always so difficult to write, so it's a relief to know that you liked the description!

And, yes... they needed to know some healing spells... ;)

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 03:18 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Lark and the Nightingale Chapter: So sorry, Sev

Hello my dearest!


I had the day off and I decided I'm going to continue this story where I left off. technically I had read this and a few more chapters during travel but couldn't leave a review. Anyway here I am. 


Snape's PoV... I can see why he got angry when Avery thought James saved his life. He must have been forbidden by Dumbledore to tell the truth, musn't he? Is that why he hated Dumbledore so much? I cant imagine someone hating Dumbledore... and funny to see his thoughts now, knowing how they end up later on. 


Ohh.. you almost make me feel sorry for poor Snape - having lost Lily, and now Chiara as well. I'd like to say serves him right, but not really... Snape's tone - sardonic, pitiful, dark with a hint of pride - all seemed so well done! And of course, the jealousy. 



Oh Chiara, what are you doing to me with that Always . I could just melt in a muddle right now.


And agreeing to go out with James after that is a perfect contrast - and a painful reminder as to what one unthinking word can do to a relationship.


Wonderful chapter Chiara! Over to the next one now :D


Love you loads my beta/betee/dearest friend and confidant!


Author's Response:

Hi, little Betee!!! *hug* *wub*

I'm finally here to answer your awesome reviews (checking out one thing from my long HPFF to-do list... :P And by the way, I love you!!!)

Snape is an interesting character to write. He's not a bad person, but he's just so full of resentment and anger... Yes, we know how much he hates feeling in debit with James...

As for Dumbledore, I think most of the future Death Eaters saw him as a crazy old man with dangerous Muggle-loving ideas. Or something of the sort. And I think at this point of his life, Severus shared that opinion. And yes, I suppose being forbidden to tell anyone about Remus might've a part in his opinion on Dumbledore as well.

Poor Sev... he did ask for it (at least for what concerns Lily) but that doesn't mean that he deserved all that hardship. I'm not his biggest fan, but I still feel sorry for him...

Erm... sorry about it... I just needed to put the word there...

Both Lily and Snape were struggling with the same feeling of loneliness, but she decided to move on, unlike him, and give James an occasion. That's what I was trying to show there.

Thank you so much again, honey! Off to answer the next review now!!! :D

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