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Name: poppunkpadfoot (Signed) · Date: 25 Jun 2017 07:24 AM · Chapter: Surprises

Aw this was really lovely! There's just so much good stuff going on here. I'm ready to gush :D


Roxanne was wonderful! I loved her personality, she was kind of the responsible one but in a very well-intentioned sort of way, rather than a snooty sort of way. And she was still down for some mischief and fun - even when she initially protested stuff, like making the cakes and adding potions, she was able to get into it and get really excited about it.


I really enjoyed the sibling antagonism between her and Fred, it read very realistically and it was clear that they didn't actually dislike each other, that they were just bickering as siblings are wont to due. Fred reminded me more of Fred I and George than Roxie did, I guess it comes with the name :)


The two of them clearly really loved and cared about their dad, even if they had some different ways of showing it. I really loved the explanation of the chocolate tradition between Roxie and George, the image of little Roxie worriedly asking her dad if her present was okay was just too adorable :D


It was great that even though the cakes didn't exactly work out the way they wanted them to, they did manage to cheer their dad up on a day that's so hard for him. And Fred would've loved Roxie's idea, so that's kind of a nice thought too!


This story was really touching and well-written, I enjoyed it a lot!



Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 16 Jun 2017 09:46 PM · Chapter: Surprises

Hi :) I thought I'd check out this challenge winning one-shot, and omg, I love it! It's such a perfect combination of serious content and humour! First I wa thinking, hm a Weasley cooking challenge should be more fun, but I really like everything you had in there

That you introduced the borthday as april foul day, so we know they are the twins. And I'm sure this birthday would indeed be sad. And also that the kid's would not understand it fully, like you said, you can't be honestly sad for the death if someone you did not know.


You have so many amazing details in here! You say it's a long piece for just cooking, but it's not just cooking. The idea, that Roxane has this tradition of always giving Muggle chocholate, that's so adorable.

I find it a little hard to believe that a mum would leave all sorts of potions for her kids to play with, but they are big kids so it might even happen. (haha, I loved the part that she makes potions when she has headache, instead of taking the anti-headache potion)


And the cooking scene is also perfect! I especially like how you have a slow transition from the serious and sad things to the fun part. The character of Fred II is great! A little prank, but he means well, and he has a great idea to cheer his father up. I'm glad the cupcakes turned out nice, and oh poor Fred, I hope they found the antidote, so that he could stop crying, but it might have been the greatest birthday surprise ever :)


(I'm sorry if there are typis, I'm typing from a tablet, but I so wanted to leave a review for this wonderful story!)

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 08 Mar 2017 03:01 PM · Chapter: Surprises

Hi! I just happened to know you have already posted the story for Deeds' story challenge, cooking theme and got curious to know what you wrote. It's quite an interesting POV from George's children. I could easily imagine how the Weasleys and the Potters had grieved Fred's death on every April 1st.


The cooking scene is super! I laughed again and again everytime they added potions into the cake. I imagined and wondered how the guests at the Burrow would react after they ate their cake. You must have been struggling how to end this story. You did a great job at the very last scene. A nice idea!


Now I have to come back to plan my own for Deeds... Thank you for sharing a brilliant piece of your works.  :)

Author's Response:

Hello! This was a nice surprise :D


Yes, I have already written my challenge entry. What I like to do is wait until I have a nice banner for it before posting in the thread. I'm glad you liked the cooking scene! I always had the ending in mind but I struggled with the cooking part because I never cook. Like, ever. I'm totally clueless. So happy you found it funny, though!


Thank you for such a kind, positive review! Good luck with writing your entry! ;)

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