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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 28 Feb 2017 08:01 PM · Chapter: {Chapter the Second}

Another brilliant chapter! I love how Rose is so into Divination, given how both of her parents hated it so much! :P  And she's such a brilliant student besides. I want to know what Hermione thinks - clearly she's proud of her daughter for being so intelligent and doing well academically, but how does she react to Rose's long-held fascination with Divination? haha.


This whole chapter was hilarious, first with Rose's tactic to get Ellie to go to the Divination shop with her - though it's fair, after all, Rose did get her out of having to watch Quidditch so Ellie owed her that much :P. And then their arguing in the shop and Ellie glaring at the poor cashier as if it's his fault for overhearing their shouting, so he just pretends to be absorbed in browsing the inventory hahaha. Their interactions with the psychic were great as well in the completely opposite reactions they had, how Rose wanted to hear more and kept flattering Cassandra, and Ellie is so done with it and keeps trying to leave! Haha. I wonder how Cassandra knew it was Ellie's birthday? My theories:


1) the woman is a real psychic, or


2) Ellie had a smear of birthday cake icing on her face.


Anyway, Ellie is such a fun narrator and I'm in love with this story.

Author's Response:

Rose being into Divination is great fun to write. It's so often the case that even as rational, intelligent beings, we believe in things that others consider to be complete bonkers. For Rose, that's Divination. I imagine Divination is a topic that is avoided like the Plague in the Granger-Weasley household, simply to avoid conflict :P

Did Rose save Elllie for her own nefarious plans, though? Could she have been that scheming? Perhaps... Writing that psychic scene was also great fun. I got to play with three different voices and see what happens when they're all put in the same room.

I would agree with you that the psychic probably saw a smear of birthday cake icing on Ellie's face - except that Ellie had not consumed any birthday cake at this point. Spooky, indeed...

Thanks for the wonderful review!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 28 Feb 2017 07:18 PM · Chapter: {Chapter the First}

I'm so happy to see this story gracing the archives! It's so much fun :D


I was gonna copy and paste my review from HPFF but then I realised this chapter has been significantly edited and one of the things I'd orignally quoted in my review isn't even in this chapter. So it meant I got to read it all over again which is exciting because I'd forgotten the extent to which I love this story - it's been a while since I first read it. And I feel like now, it's even better than it was, which says a lot because it was always amazing.


You have such a great talent for balancing sombre topics with humour and not many people can do that well, so I applaud you for that - your ability to drift effortlessly from Ellie's musings on seeing dead people to the rather touching scene of her and her twin at the cemetery, and then her subsequent discussion with the ghost when she's trying to be sutble and not get noticed by the dead girl's brother. And hey, it worked! Four times now on this particular strategy.


This is an amazing chapter and I can't wait to see what else you've got in store for this story. Lovely start!

Author's Response:

Yay! I'm glad that you think the story is fun, because it is a lot of fun to write.


Yes, I've significantly changed a lot of this story, simply because I started writing it so long ago, and since then, I've changed a lot as a writer. Trying to fit back into that sort of writing was proving to be too difficult.


Balancing the dark and heavy with humour has been the real challenge with the story, and I'm very pleased to hear that you think it's succeeding. Death and grief are difficult topics, but I hope by writing about them in this way, I'm making them more accessible and less taboo than they normally are.


Thanks for dropping by, and taking the time to reread and re-review!

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