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Name: LunaStellaCat (Signed) · Date: 24 Feb 2017 02:15 AM · Chapter: The First Victims



I'd like to leave you a review for the BvB Challenge.  This is interesting.  I always thought it was weird that the boys wouldn't return to school, yet they were taught to became Aurors with on the job experience.  It's nice to see them return here.  You don't often see things that are written in another POV, or maybe I'm reading the wrong stuff.  It's pulled off well here, though, and it's more than just another school day of this, that and the other.  It's nice to see Harry and Ginny picking on each other and that the gloves are coming off.  If you can't do self-depreciation or point out a flaw nicely, you're not really seeing each other in the relationship, right?  It's nice that they can pick up whereever they've left off and not have to start over after a year of being apart after Harry Potter being a Boy Wonder and saying the world.  


Okay, the only criticism, I have, and it's a personal one, is getting over the twin's death, and you set that up beautifully.  I’m a triplet, okay?  I grew up in the same bedroom, different places, but we shared the same bedroom for ages because we moved as a military family.  I can tell you from experience that a twin or a family member who knew the other side is not going to get over that in a few months.  That’s not just a comment. If either of my two-thirds died, I would be devastated for years.  (I’ve seen this happen to a set of identical twins - one accidentally killed the other in a car accident.) You don’t get over that as a sister, <i>the only sister</i>, in the family.  Although this is from Ginny’s POV, I would’ve liked have seen something from Fred on the sidelines.  Again, that’s just me speaking outta school or whatever thinking about my two-thirds. 


Fred would not have just been a body to put in the ground.  Fred … Fred would’ve been Fred.  



Luna’s cool in here, too.  I like how you drop subtle hints to bring back familiar characters.  


Well done.  




Author's Response:

*squeals excitedly at the mentioning of triplets because, honestly, THAT IS SO COOL*


Anyway...yeah, I think Ginny got over Fred's death a little too quickly. The point was that she would try to distract herself, hence all the setting up etc. But maybe it just wasn't clear enough :P I'll take on board your feedback in the future :)


I always assumed the Trio would go back to Hogwarts, I mean, how would they get a job without NEWTs?! Harry becomes Head of a department and Hermione becomes MINISTER OF MAGIC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Speaking of Hermione, she would totally freak if she had to leave Hogwarts with an uncompleted education ;) But I'm glad it was somewhat believable and still interesting :)


Sorry for the somewhat late reply (it wasn't because I lost my device...) but I really appreciated this review. Thanks! :D



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