Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 06:48 PM · Chapter: once more, with quiche.

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So this is what happens when someone is kissed by a Dementor? Ahahah! Algebra will save the world! I knew it!!!

Did I say A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers was the craziest thing I ever read? Might've changed my mind...

I loved this story so much!!! You have such a clever, captivating and irresistibly hilarious way of writing nonsense...

I'm still trying to imagine Voldemort's face if he was presented with a Dark-Mark-decorated pie...

And I'm still trying to process Barty working with nonprofit organizations, too...

I loved the conversation with Dumbledore on Time-Turners! Of course, what use would be there to go forward in time, when you can mess with your past and risk to never be born or something like that? It would indeed be boring (nearly as much as assisting to the second proof of the Triwizard Tournament... Eheheh)

To cut it short, Kristin... This was absolutely delightful!

I love your stories, your writing and you!

Thanks so much for lighten my mood with your amazing humour!

Hugs and kisses,


Author's Response:

Hooray for algebra! Can you imagine, Harry could have simply told Voldemort to find the area of a triangle, which would be impossible to a wizard who had never learned math - and it'd all be over without any spellwork and battles! :P


I'm glad you loved this story though! Hahaha, and it's lovely to hear that I write captivating nonsense XD I should put that on my author bio. :P


Who wouldn't be thrilled to be presented with an artistic pie? Of course, I suppose it could depend on the flavour.


Yes, a previously unknown redeeming quality of dear Barty Jr. He may have killed some people and deceived a lot of others, but at least he cared about water pollution! :P


Haha.. as much as I love the books, I have to admit that there are so many holes in the Potterverse, or things that don't make sense. Dumbledore, of course, would be the one to see that, with his twinkling eyes.


 Gahh, you are so wonderful, Chiara! Thank YOU for brightening my day with your review! ♥

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