Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 29 Nov 2017 04:56 PM · Chapter: Chapter II

And one more transfer!

You are pegging the founders phenomenally. Rowen always being right and Godric not being able to help himself by standing up for those he cares about of course are probably key value characteristics of the two, given the Houses that they will eventually establish.</P><p>I am very happy to see that you are developing these characters somewhat indirectly through interactions and actions. It makes for a much more interesting story. This obviously is the perfect set up for me to tell you that this is so beautifully written! If I were to be browsing a bookshop and ended up flipping through this as a book (given that I would have no idea about the Harry Potter series else it would have been snatched sans peaking) I would probably end up buying it. Your particular writing style appeals to me so much, I am pretty sure it's my favorite of all fan fiction writers so far (DON'T TELL THEM I SAID THAT!!).</p><p>I just want to add that the part where Godric was teaching the children about magic was so sweet! I think that he may have stolen my heart a little bit!</p><p>I am excited to read the next chapter very soon!</p><P>

Author's Response:

Eee! This might be my favourite review I've ever gotten, it totally made my day - although your praise of my writing is going to inflate my head so much that I might float away into space! :p

I'm so glad you like my portrayal of the founders and that you think their personalities match their houses well. And yes, I think characters' actions speak louder than my words about them (if that makes sense, haha) so it's great to hear that you like the way I've developed the characters indirectly.

I really enjoyed writing that scene :) Glad you liked it!

Thank you for reading, and for such a wonderful review! ♥♥♥

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 29 Nov 2017 04:55 PM · Chapter: Chapter I

x-fering a couple reviews :)

Review tagging :)


Your style of writing reminds me of Jane Austen's specifically in her novel "Pride and Prejudice." It has its own unique twist of course and I quite like it. It definitely has the air of classical writing.


This is the first Founder's story that I have read, honestly. It is interesting to see your take on what happened.


The social structure surrounding the time is fascinating! It's so much fun. I love how Rowena's class rank does not stop her sense of adventure as she escapes the party with Salazar. The interactions between the characters are lovely as well. I especially enjoy Salazar and Godric's relationship.


I am very excited to read more, this is so intriguing!



Author's Response:

Hi! Thank you so much :) Ooh. I've never been compared to Jane Austen before, I'm honoured! (I love Pride and Prejudice!) I'm really glad you think it has an air of classical writing - one of the hardest things for me is to make it sound old enough and not too modern, so that's really wonderful to hear.

I'm so glad you like the characters as well, and the friendships between them. So happy to hear that you liked it, and I hope you enjoy the rest! :)

Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 10:00 PM · Chapter: Chapter IV

Hiya! Another chapter down!


Salazar! I've been waiting for the final of the four! I feel like he's been the one I've been most interested in getting to know, in getting to see the world through. He's so different from the rest of them, and I think it mainly is a thing in my head, due to the fact that he does end up leaving the school, leaving the other because of the riff that's only chapters away, I'm sure. But. I am happy to have finally gotten his view, though some part of me wishes it was before the point of him turning and not trusting muggles as much again...


But. Things I loved. He taught his students everything he knew. He didn't control what they were and weren't learning, finding the Dark Arts just as important as the Defence against them. It's not surprising, as least to me, that he did this because it was the agreement to teach them everything they knew. I am surprised that none of the founders were concerned during that first year that all the students weren't getting the same education on all of the topics. I mean, in part it's probably because they mostly only saw the students in their house, but it's interesting. I am happy to see it didn't take long for them to split things up.


Another thing I loved was seeing Salazar in love, to see him have feelings for this muggle and to really, truly give those feelings a chance. He was destined to be this ‘evil' wizard who hated muggles and imprinted this upon his students. It was never meant to be like that, but due to the series of events, it did. He actually probably really could have continued on, being more open and accepting, if he hadn't taken Maeve's departure so hard. I mean, I can get his view point (sort of), because she was really important, but the fact that he built his trust in muggles in this one relationship (in addition to his past experience)...probably not the best.


I think those are all the big things I wanted to chat about from this chapter. I have really quite enjoyed it so far and cannot wait to get into the next chapter!


-Mikaela xx

Author's Response:

Welcome back!

Yeah, I think it would have been interesting to see Salazar before this point too, but I felt that the previous chapters needed to be told by their respective narrators, and this one was a good one for Salazar to tell, so he got this one.


In a way, I can sort of see where Salazar is coming from. But yeah, in the end I do agree with the others that it's probably not best to be teaching 12 year olds the Dark Arts. And I think this year as they realise they're teaching different things kind of surprised them too, like they hadn't really considered that not everyone would have the *same* education when all four of the founders know each of the topics. But yeah, there was a learning curve in establishing the school and not everything went smoothly from the beginning... because it never does in real life! :P


I'm so glad you liked seeing Salazar in love. I thought that was pretty important too because as you said, most of the legends about him are about the darker side of him, or about him leaving, and he may have been a layered and complicated person who is later known more for his darker side, but that doesn't mean he can't be in love too.


Thanks so much for reading!! I appreciate the review so much, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! ♥

Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:47 PM · Chapter: Chapter IV


Hello again! I’m back for another review!

The summer holiday coinciding with harvest time seems like a fair arrangement for the students, plus it’s good for them to have regular breaks away from learning. I wonder if Salazar would have kept their noses to the grindstone had Helga not suggested the break? Although, I suspect the break is just as welcome to the teachers!

Oh, Lady Maeve! I wonder if Salazar will pluck up the courage to tell her about the school, or whether he’ll chicken out, and how will she respond if he does tell her the truth? This could be risky business for Salazar. I did feel quite sorry for him when his friends had no useful advice to give him and all their opinions cancelling out. They responded in the ways I would have expected them to – Helga sitting on a fence, Godric advising openness, Rowena saying “call the marriage off”!

Both families displayed rather underhand behaviour towards the young couple, I thought. Trying to marry Maeve off to a Danish invader in preference to her marrying a wizard, when the Danes were supposed to be fighting against the British, right?! I thought Salazar picked his moment well to break the news about the school to Maeve, and actually, her response was quite calm! I was expecting shrieking, to be honest. It’s understandable that she’d be disappointed that Salazar couldn’t teach her magic, and she’d be worried about leaving her friends and family behind – I mean, it’s a long way from home, although if Salazar Apparates her there ad back, it’s not so bad.




That Salazar is actually teaching the Dark Arts and the others feel that it should be theory only? You’d have thought the Founders would have discussed this when bashing out the syllabus.




What an unfortunate occurrence to bring Maeve and Salazar’s relationship crashing down. I thought Maeve’s reaction, whilst understandable, was a bit over the top. Perhaps she’d secretly been looking for a way out of the engagement? I hope Salazar can get over his heartbreak, though I fear it will have other repercussions.

Another brilliant chapter!

Brax X

Author's Response:

Heya! Great to see you back and with another absolutely wonderful review!


I think the school year would definitely revolve around the harvest in that era. Haha, yeah, probably. Anything for Salazar's students to be the best :P but yes, quite like nowadays, I'm sure teachers appreciated their holidays too :D


Haha, I'm glad you appreciated the (predictable) ways that the other three would respond to Salazar's request for advice :P But yeah, not too helpful for him :(


Yeah, Maeve's family really doesn't like Salazar. I guess if they found a relatively nice invader? :P But yeah, it's quite a blow to the ego for Salazar to hear that Maeve's family prefers literally anyone else.


As for the Dark Arts, I think it was just something the others never considered and so they didn't bring it up - like, they can't foresee everything before it happens, and sometimes you find out about problems once you're halfway in. But yes, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.


I'm sure Salazar thought it was over the top too. Everything had gone just too well before, and they hadn't really fought - this was their first fight, and kind of exposed the underlying trust issues Maeve still has with wizards. She may have adjusted to the idea of magic and mostly accepted it in small doses, and (thought she) loved Salazar, but she could never reconcile that with her deep seated feelings about magic in the end. Sad day.


Thank youu!!! ♥♥ I really appreciate the review!

Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:39 PM · Chapter: Chapter III

Hiya! Back for yet another chapter!


I'm pretty sure I have to keep reading until I get one chapter in each of the character's perspectives. I really do love the way you have each character take a chapter and lead us through the creation of Hogwarts. It really opens the floor to getting to know characters and seeing things happen from a number of different angles.


Of course, that brings on my discussion of Helga this chapter. She is exactly what I imagined her to be. She tries to work out all the small details, thinks of all these things no one else does, and keeps track of most of it all on her own. She's organized, with her lists and memory, and really takes the time to think of all the flaws that could appear with the school and how to work through them. She really is a good mastermind behind this plan. I get this feeling as things develop further, she may be the one to redesign how the classes are taught...


I really loved the process of building Hogwarts as well. I love how it was all different groups of beings, from giants to house elves to witches and wizards...it was such a great collaboration of minds and powers and it lead to something really, really beautiful.  I also probably should say I love how the name of Hogwarts came about, and how Foxglove was another thought. Like, the list Helga created for names, and the fact that there was a good reason behind it, was really awesome as well.


The only other thing I want to comment on his Salazar, and how he has this thing with Maeve. I mean, it's good that he's got a think for her, even if she is a muggle, but it's so obvious that something has to go wrong there-or somewhere along the line. And I kind of dread it because he is a really good part of this school and the founder's do stand so strong together here...it will definitely be interesting to see.


And another comment, before I forget, is the appearance of all the secret passageways. I love that they were built by Godric because he kept getting lost. Like, totally part of his character, totally believable, and a really cool reason for them to exist!


This chapter, I also want to share my favourite quote, because it amused me.


"I am not sure I want you to be managing the floor plan anymore."


Lovely chapter!


-Mikaela xx

Author's Response:

Hi Mikaela! ♥


I'm so glad you liked this portrayal of Helga and that it fit in with what you'd imagined her to be. I mean, I know Hufflepuff sometimes gets kind of looked down on by the other houses later on (Harry seems to think they're not very smart) but Hogwarts would have gone *nowhere* without Helga and all her connections to so many groups of people and her intent organization and dedication. #puffsrepresent


Thank you, it's great to hear you liked the process of building Hogwarts. I figured that would be one of Helga's strengths, knowing people and magical creatures in all these different walks of life and encouraging collaboration that relies on everyone's different strengths. And I'm glad you liked the naming process as well! That one took some hard thought because Hogwarts really is such a weird name XD


As you've read by now, your suspicions about Salazar/Maeve are well founded. (Haha, founder puns :P )


So glad you liked the secret passageways as well! Hogwarts has so many quirks, it just seemed right that there would be a quirky reason for some of them!


Thanks so much for reading and for another amazing review!

Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 09:02 PM · Chapter: Chapter II

Hiya! Back for another chapter!


I knew the whole switching POV's thing was going to be a good thing to get to know the Founder's better. It just gives such different and  more complete views of them and I like the opportunity to see what each experiences and the ideas they bring to the table.


That said, Godric is thus far one of my favourites. When he's asked to fight, he wants nothing more than to fight fair. He doesn't want to use the advantage of magic just because he is capable of it. He wants to make sure he has no greater advantage than the person standing next to him, to make himself their equals, rather than better, bigger or stronger. He also wants to avoid confrontation as, the second magic came into things, everything went to chaos. I mean, as Rowena said, it's only a matter of time before the muggles turn against the wizards, and once it happens, there is no repairing that relationship.


I like how you showed the change after the battle, how the argument extended beyond the adults not wanting to associate with another. The fact that it spread down to the children, with them being more afraid to use magic, with the muggle children not being allowed out with the magical ones...it really put to light how bad the problems became, put to light why things in the wizarding world end up like they do so many years/decades/centuries down the way.


I also appreciate how Godric teaches the children just that little bit of magic, and how that sparks this idea of starting a school. I find that both Godric and Rowena have concerns as to what will happen with separating the children, with separating wizards from muggles, but I think they both realize that the concern won't make it stop happening. And they want something good to come of it as well.


This, again, was a really lovely chapter. A lot more character development and a lot of interesting points brought up.



-Mikaela xx

Author's Response:

Hi again and welcome back! ♥


Thanks, I'm glad you like the switching POV's! I figured a story like this would be best through all four perspectives, as it gives a more rounded view of Hogwarts as a whol, and I'm so happy you like the way it enhances the characters.


Godric is nothing if not honourable! (Plus I imagine he kind of likes using the sword, it's a lot more impressive than a wand. :P)


Thanks, I'm glad you liked how the effects of the battle were shown and how it extended all the way to the children.  And I'm happy to hear that it explains how Muggle/wizard relations could have ended up in a place centuries later where the Statute of Secrecy was needed.


Yes, you're totally right - they're both concerned but they're realizing they have to work with what they think will happen, not what they want to happen with wizard/muggle relations because they can't solve that massive of a problem.


Thanks so much! So glad you liked the chapter and how the story is shaping up!

Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 08:42 PM · Chapter: Chapter I

Hiya! Just stopping by for some random reviews this afternoon :)


I've slowly been widening my horizon, reading stories with different genres and eras than I would traditionally go for, and have found that I actually quite enjoy the Founder's Era. I'm not sure if it's because of how wide open it is, or because I know what comes after (with Hogwarts being what it is, and what happens between the founders and such), but I find that I quite enjoy stories written in this time, and this story is definitely high on the list of ones I've enjoyed


From the beginning, I was drawn into this story. It had a fairy tale like feel starting out and then Rowena is introduced. She's definitely the image of royalty, living in this castle and having this expectation that she's more than old enough to be getting married and has to find someone in these sort of set guidelines from society. She's exactly how I imaged her to be, doing things only because she has to but not agreeing with the idea of marrying one of these men whose only interest is her family name and wealth.


I also love how in this first chapter we're also introduced to Helga, Salazar and Godric. This first chapter gives me a good general feel for the characters and where they are significant in Rowena's life. I am look forward to future chapters in each of the other's perspective, and I think that's going to be a really neat reading experience as each character views the other differently and I think it's going to give a more complete view of all of the characters.


That said, I think those are the major things I wanted to mention from this chapter before moving onto the next. Love the foundation you've built here and can't wait to read more!



-Mikaela xx

Author's Response:

OMG HI MIKAELA THANK YOU ♥♥ This was the most amazing surprise!


Glad to hear you enjoy Founders Era! It really is so unlike all the others. There are only tiny snippets of canon available and I think the inaccessibility of just how long ago it was puts some people off, but I'm really glad you enjoy it and this story in particular!


I'm so happy the story drew you in from the beginning and that you like the tone. You're right, now that I think about it, it is a bit fairy tale-esque in the beginning as it's a fancy gatherinbg :P I'm glad you like the portrayal of Rowena and that she's how you imagined her to be!


The other chapters in a rotating POV I felt was essential to get a well rounded picture of what it was like, as you know already, the founders are quite different people and as such would view the world/each other in different ways.


Thanks soo much for stopping by with these wonderful reviews today! I really appreciate it!

Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 11:30 AM · Chapter: Chapter I

*Transferred from HPFF*

I've never read a Founders story before, and I think it's high time I broke that duck :) Immediately, I'm drawn into this story by its wonderful, almost fairytale-esque beginning; a castle, robed lords and ladies, and suitors laden with gifts of jewels and poultry (I'd love it if someone tried to woo me with a chicken although, tbh, a diamond would make less mess).

For the young lady concerned, it must be a daunting prospect to choose a suitor based on his gifts and background. I suppose at least no-one is going to force her hand. I really hope it's not Lord Redwald, though, as he presents himself awfully.

I love the inclusion of muggle history - Aethelred the Unready - although my historical source (cough - Wiki - cough) seems to be undecided whether he was crowned king at ten or twelve years of age. I think he was preceded by his elder brother (Edward the Martyr) and not his father, though. Not that it matters, really.

I love the introduction of the four founder characters in this chapter. The potential love-angle between Rowena - Salazar - Maeve is potentially a very interesting one, and I'm keen to find how that all pans out. How Helga met Rowena remains a mystery that I cannot fathom; I'm trying to imagine the circumstances which brought two people from such different background together, and I'm struggling with that, TBH.

I love the part alluding to the history of flying broomsticks, and also the inclusion of the founders' prized possessions. Godric carrying a sword for no good reason made me giggle, as did the witch who turned seventy muggles into toadstools (even though I probably shouldn't laugh at that).

I thought this was a wonderful opening chapter, and I can't wait to read more!

Brax X

Author's Response:

Hi there! How exciting to be reading your first founders story, and I'm honored that it's mine! I really love the era.

I'm so glad to hear the beginning draws you in. Hahaha, and yeah jewels are definitely much less of a mess than chickens XD

Yeah, I know arranged marriages were very common back then and really for the sake of beneficial alliances if the family was wealthy, but with so little canon about wizards in that time, I suppose I took some liberties. Doesn't make it any easier for Rowena though :p

I did want this fic to be as historically accurate as possible, though, so I did do a lot of research about the 10th century! I don't remember if I mentioned Edward by name in this anywhere, but yes, he was the king who died and whose half-brother took the throne after him (My source had said half-brother, but maybe you're right and he was just his brother. I imagine not all sources agree!)

I'm glad you like the introduction of the founders, as well! As for how Helga and Rowena became friends with such different backgrounds - all four of the founders are originally from such different places, but had to end up near enough to all meet one another. I imagine wizards were more mobile than Muggles just because of Apparition/other magical means, but at least here I figured that Helga moved into England from Wales when she got married, and settled near Rowena. What brought them together was magic and some shared interests, because probably not all of their social circles were wizards when they were all intermixed with Muggle society before the Statute of Secrecy. That's how I see it, anyway.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the bit about flying broomsticks as well! Apparently, according to Quidditch through the Ages, flying broomsticks were just taking off (lol pun totally intended) around that time so I had to include it!

Thanks so much for this wonderful review!

Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 11:28 AM · Chapter: Chapter II

*Transferred from HPFF*

This is an exciting start to the second chapter! It's a few weeks since the future founders last united, and Godric finds himself in the thick of a muggle battle on his doorstep between the English and the Danes, and it doesn't sound as though things are exactly going swimmingly for poor Baron Edwin (would he be in that mess if only he'd worn something more practical than an outfit made of feathers, I wonder?). Godric, being the courageous and chivalrous founder we now know him to be, steps up to aid his friends. It's very noble of him not to want to use magic against the enemy, buthis wife, Laudine is right; why not use it defensively?

But, oh dear :( How quickly things can become unsavoury. Are we witnessing the moment where things really turned sour between muggles and magical folk?

I'm not surprised, once the battle is over, that the muggles decline any magical forms of healing; when they see someone blow up a field with a wand, would they really want to be treated by one?

Ahh, and now we arrive at the moment where Godric gets the idea for a school of witchcraft and wizardry. I really liked the scene set between the children and how Godric taught them how to produce butterflies.

I'm excited for the next chapter when hopefully, the founders will discuss the school in depth!

Brax X

Author's Response:

Welcome back!

Yeah, things aren't going too well for him, in regards to the battle as well as his decision to wear a feathered tunic. :P I'm glad you pointed that out about Godric and Laudine - they are really quite different people but they respect one another's opposing views, which is kind of what I wanted to point out here with their disagreement about the ethics of wizard/muggle battles and whether or not it's fair to use magic. I can see the logic in both of their arguments, tbh!

There are probably many such moments :( I imagine it took a few hundred years of messy relations between magical and muggle, escalating until it finally drove the Statute of Secrecy into being at the height of witch burning.

exactly. Fear definitely is the basis of dislike in a lot of cases.

I'm so glad you liked that scene! Thank you!

Once again thanks so much for a lovely review! I appreciate it!

Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 11:26 AM · Chapter: Chapter III

*Transferred from HPFF*

Hurrah! As I expected (and hoped), this chapter focuses primarily on the planning and construction of Hogwarts school. I loved the opening paragraph of Helga deciding upon a school name and designing a curriculum, and Rowena wandering about in a diadem, muttering to herself!

I love how you came up with the name "Hogwarts" by extrapolating from plant names. It was a sound idea to use a familiar word so as not to put off those who were not from a noble or pureblood background (despite what Salazar may be thinking). I also love how Godric gets corrected by Rowena when he suggests "Hogwarts School Of Wizardry" as an appropriate name. I regard it is a sign of the times rather than a deliberate omission.

The planning of the building is written in such detail; I love knowing the background to the trick staircases and the location of the school in the Highlands. OMG, how cute was the exchange between Helga and Laurence when he showed her the perfect spot for Hogwarts, and she offered to teach his son for free as he couldn't afford the fees? She's so lovely!

I really like the idea of sending notes by falcon. Why shouldn't all birds of prey be able to carry messages?

The start of the school in 980AD with it's little teething problems and the arrival of a student via dragon made me smile.

It might have been a filler chapter, but it doesn't mean it's not a thoroughly enjoyable read :)

Brax X

Author's Response:

Hurrah, another Brax review! ♥ You leave such lovely reviews!

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter and all the in depth exploration of the construction and planning of Hogwarts, the really mundane aspect of everything. I never actually see that sort of thing in other Founders fics but it's something I've always wondered about, haha!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the origin of the name! Honestly, it is such a weird name haha, like, what were they thinking :P And yeah, the omission was a sign of the times, and Rowena is just progressive. In a way, I think the wizarding world was more progressive than the Muggle world in those days, since we know two of the founders of this great school were women, in a time when women didn't have a whole lot of say in politics or really much else. (Well, mostly. It is still called the /wizarding/ world... what about witches?)

Thank you! I'm thrilled that you like the background of all the little quirks of Hogwarts. Honestly, I think this is my favourite chapter of the story because of getting to come up with reasons for all the odd things we know about Hogwarts :D

Thanks so much for the review and I'm so glad you liked the chapter!

Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 27 Jun 2017 11:24 AM · Chapter: Chapter V

*Transferred from HPFF*

So, our four founders have had a year to iron out any teething problems and to troubleshoot after the first year. At least the class sizes are still small and manageable. It's nice that Godric and Helga are able to work with their spouses, otherwise I can imagine it would be a lonely married experience for each of them.

So, a relationship between Salazar and Maeve has been and gone, with what sounds like no hope of reconciliation if Maeve is speaking out about the dangers of sorcery.

I love the part detailing the foundation of the Sorting Hat as we know it in Harry's day. And my, did that Hat have sass back then?! Surprised that it Sorted Laudine into Slytherin (and it sounds like Godric was too).

Already, Salazar is showing signs that he's not really singing from the same hymn sheet as the other three founders, by wanting to be more selective of student intakes and showing his prejudice against muggle-borns. Rowena also shows some snobbery by suggesting only those with the greatest magical aptitude be admitted. I'm glad that she finally sees a bit of sense when she considers learning and unity at the school.

One year later - and I'm sad for Rowena that Salazar has married someone else (ah! The locket appears!), but I'm glad she's standing her ground regarding the stuffy Lord Redwald. Although it doesn't really sound as though her heart's in marrying Sir Palamon of Suffolk, either.

Awesome chapter, as usual!

Brax X

Author's Response:

It's taking me forever to respond to all these reviews but I'm getting there, I promise!

Yeah, there's no hope of reconciliation for them :( Unfortunately their relationship was always kind of tenuous, however much Salazar didn't see that as he was infatuated with her.

I'm glad you liked the introduction of the sorting hat! Hahaa, the hat wasn't originally intended to be that sassy, it just really had a mind of its own and wrote itself. I intended Laudine to be a Slytherin from the very beginning :P But yeah, I bet everyone was surprised!

Given that the sorting hat had to pick students based on what each of the Founders valued most, it seemed like it would make sense for each of them to be selective about what traits they look for in students (apart from Helga, who just wants everyone to be allowed). So while none of their choices ended up affecting the entire student body, it did set a precedent for who went into what house.

Poor Rowena, yes :( But yeah, at least she's not with Redwald :P You're right that her heart's not really in it, and honestly the fact that she sort of settled and didn't meet her equal in intelligence ends up being sort of a big deal.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the review and I'm so glad you're enjoying the story!

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 26 Jun 2017 09:13 PM · Chapter: Chapter I

So I've really enjoyed reading chapter! I think that founders is really unexplored so I'm really pleased that someone so talented like yourself as decided to take on a founders fic.

I thought your first chapter was amazing, you have such an talent for dialogue. you've already managed to create some really interesting relationships which will be fantastic to explore more in other chapters. I mentioned that I've really enjoyed your dialogue within this chapter so I think you used perfectly to highlight the relationships between all the main characters. I'm particularly interested in the development of  the dynamic between Ravenclaw/Slytherin. That's one to keep an eye on!

I love Rowena's characterisation here, she's young but she seems very feisty which I really adore! I thought her thought process/inner monologue through the whole party especially the scenes with Lord Redweld were really fun. I'm so proud of her for not wanting to be stuck with a bore like him! I'm kinda shipping Ravenclaw/Slytherin a bit already. come on Slytherin, ditch that lady maeve!

 I liked how you've set up some of the big themes within this story (or what may become themes anyway) like conflict with muggles which you've mentioned here in reference to Slytherin's family (nice to see his backstory fleshed out too!). I think all of this is really super promising! 

- Abbi xo         

Author's Response:

Abbi! Omg, that's so wonderful of you to say. ♥ Thank you!


Eeee, thank you, it's great to hear that you liked the dialogue! Honestly because of the historical setting of this one, I've always been kind of iffy on the dialogue and whether it's formal enough or just right, so thank you.  And I'm so glad you like the way it established the relationships between the characters. Rowena/Salazar is definitely one to keep an eye on, yep! ;)


So glad you like Rowena as well and enjoyed getting into her head. The other chapters rotate through the other characters' POV so you'll get to see their thought process as well later on. Haha, and I'm very much enjoying your reaction to the Rowena/Salazar/Maeve dynamic :P


Thanks so much! I'm thrilled that you like the setup of the story and the characters. And I really appreciate that you stopped by to review! Thank you ♥♥

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 26 Jun 2017 08:17 PM · Chapter: Chapter II

Hello again Kirstin!


Godric's PoV! Yayyy! I love how supportive his wife is. I love that she's quick to the fight too,of course Godric wouldn't be attracted to any less. And I can totally believe Godric wouldn't want to bring a wand to a swordfight (as the saying goes :-P )


Oh no! It isn't good if the muggles start turning on the wizards, and of course all wizards aren't as noble as Gryffindor. No wonder the air changed. It's sad that little children have to live in fear of being who they are, but of course there was nothing to be done then. I wish I could say 'it was a different time' but the world still works like that. On another note, I love how you have written that piece, it's so relatable to so many events that happen today showing us that human psychology can't change. And it's so horrible that despite knowledge of magic, the fear in the muggles made them isolate the wizarding world. I can't imagine this being very different from current events where a group of people or an ethnicity gets isolated because of irrational fear. 


I love how in the previous chapter Rowena's logic dominated her thoughts, and in this Gryffindor's experiences and emotions dominate his. I can't stop squeeing over how absolutely perfect all this seems. Godric turning to Rowena kind of reminds me of Harry turning to Hermione at times of need.  


AH YES! There's the Hogwarts idea *does a little dance* Now I'm super super curious as to how you're going to have them come up with the name Hogwarts! Who comes up with it? How does Salazar react? What happens next!


Author's Response:

Yay for Godric! And Laudine. I loved writing the dynamic between them, and I'm so glad you like them too! Haha, you're so right, of *course* Godric would be attracted to a fighter :P


Wowwww, I love what you point out in that second paragraph there, about how 'it was a different time' but in a way nothing has changed. That's such a great point. It was years ago that I wrote this story and looking back at this chapter now, yeah, that section is actually quite pertinent to current events. You're so right though, about how irrational fear is what ends up isolating people - it's happened so many times throughout history and is still happening. I love the connection you made there.


Ah, thank you! I'm so glad to hear that the most important attributes of the characters are showing through each of their chapters, Rowena's logic and Godric's emotions. I'm so happy that you like it! Aw, and I love that their friendship reminds you of Harry and Hermione! :D


The decision on the name Hogwarts is in the next chapter! :D


Thank you SO SOSOSOSO much for this review and for being amazing. ♥♥♥♥♥

Name: FlamingQuilltips (Signed) · Date: 26 Jun 2017 07:54 PM · Chapter: Chapter I

Hey Kristin!


Ooh a Founders era fic. How did you do this? I could never have the guts to try my hand at it. 978 AD. Gosh! I'm so intrigued. 


I can picture the whole setting so perfectly in my mind's eye. The backdrop, the dresses, the conversations... Rowena's attitude towards marriage is so understandable, a person of such high intellegence is hardly likely to be impressed by anyone so easily. Especially if Redwald wanted to impress her by his riches, boy is he barking up the wrong tree!


OOH Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw!!!! YES THAT DOES SEEM PERFECT! I love how you have brought out their characterizations, and their house identities along with it. Especially, description of Hufflepuff's house, and Rowena's escape. I think it is all done so subtly that I felt a little thrill whenever I recognized something innocent that actually translated to a house characteristic - like Helga's house elves, her cooking, Godric's appearance, his choice of conversation and Rowena's distrust in broomsticks!


Awww, I like Salazaars background tale, why he hated muggles so much makes so much sense now. I love that you've paired him with a muggle woman, and that too because of Gryffindor's aid. Rowena's feelings for Salazaar has been described so well, and how she strongly holds on to that despite knowing he loves another. Such determination!


I love that they are all so comfortable with each other, and you've written them so well!


In love with this story!! Over to the next chapter!


Loads of love


Author's Response:

YSHHHH ♥ Hi! So excited to see you'd reviewed this, thank you so much!


What can I say, I can never resist a plunny. Even if it means I have to spend weeks researching 10th century England because I knew nothing about it before. :P


Thank you, that's so wonderful to hear that you're able to visualise it so clearly, and that Rowena is an understandable character so far! And yeah, Redwald is like the medieval equivalent of a guy in a bar who tries to use a pickup line. Rowena is so not into him. :P


I'm so glad you like the idea of Salazar/Rowena. I feel like their personalities (or how I interpreted them) are really well matched and could potentially have worked together well and I'm excited about how excited you are about it :P And thanks so much, I'm glad you like the subtle characterisation of the others as well! There is so little to work with from this time period in canon, and everything I know about the founders' personalities is just based on what their house personalities are, in a way.


Salazar does have a lot of background story. I think he's the most complicated and dynamic of the four because of it. I'm glad you think the background alluded to here makes sense for his character.


Thank you so much! It really does mean a lot to me that you are enjoying the story and the characterisations, and I really appreciate the review! ♥

Name: lovegood27 (Signed) · Date: 14 Jun 2017 07:26 PM · Chapter: Chapter IV

*review transfer from HPFF for HPFT Final Exams Flying Lessons :) 


Hey! Here for Capture The Flag ;)

This has been an interesting story so far. I always enjoy reading about reasons why Salazar might have hated Muggles, since it's never explained in the books. I think you've built a nice strong case against Muggles here in this story. It was kind of heartless of Maeve to just run of like that, especially when Salazar was only trying to make sure she wasn't poisoned. If I were in his position, I wouldn't be feeling too great about Muggles either. 

No Muggleborns allowed in Hogwarts? That's still a bit harsh. Ooh, I wonder how the other founders would react. Though, obviously, we already know from the books what happens. I think you're doing a good job so far of slowly building up tension. I like how we're now beginning to see Slytherin as we know him, teaching Dark Arts etc. I was glad they didn't have too big an argument over it, but I feel like this isn't going to be the last disagreement Slytherin will be having with the founders. 

Founders era isn't exactly my favourite era to read about, but you kept me engaged all the way here. And because I'm always trash for some romance to liven things up ;)

Very enjoyable read- thank you! :D

Author's Response:

Hi there!

Thank you so much, I'm so thrilled you find this to be an interesting story - I had so much fun exploring all these concepts while writing it! And thanks, I'm glad my explanation of Salazar's hatred of Muggles made a lot of sense. For him to take such drastic measure later on, with a basilisk and all, I figured it had to be something really personal.

It means a lot to me that you think the tension is built up well, thanks! And I'm really glad to hear that you were interested in the story despite not usually liking Founders.

So glad you've enjoyed this! Thanks so much for the review!

Name: dirigibleplums (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 03:24 PM · Chapter: Chapter I

<< Transferred review: 12/06/17 >>



I'm here on jailbreaking duty but what a lovely story to be reviewing for that purpose! I rarely read Founders fics (which I honestly don't understand because I'm a sucker for all thinge history) but this was really good!

Of course, it goes without saying that historical events would feature heavily in a Founders fic but I really liked that you had a focus on Muggle history since the International Statute of Secrecy doesn't exist at this point. Especially because you're talking about Vikings and I do have a bit of a soft spot for them (blame the show). So yes, it was really interesting to read about what is happening on the Muggle-side of things and how wizards might have influenced them, even unintentionally like how Lord Redwald's actions essentially had the King killed.

(Just out of curiosity, which kingdom is this set in? I'm not an expert in this area of history either so I don't have a clue.)

This chapter actually made me smile a little because I'm so used to thinking of the Founders as old and imposing figures whereas this reminded me that they were young once. Sneaking Rowena out of her house is such a teenage/young thing to do. It warmed my heart a little. Of course, knowing what I do know about the Founders broke it too. To think that Salazar and Gryffindor were best friends! To think that Rowena was in love with Salazar...

So yes, this was a lovely chapter to review for a jailbreak. I'm glad Brax chose it 😛

Plums xo

Author's Response:

Hi Plums! I'm glad to have drawn you into the world of Founders fics again, even if you don't read them that often :P

Thank you, I'm so glad you appreciated the actual historical events - as I saw it, without the Statute of Secrecy there'd be a lot more overlap between worlds, which is probably one of my favourite things about fic during this era. It's great to hear that you found it interesting and how each world influenced the other, thanks!

It begins in 978 AD, which is the year Edward was killed and Aethelred the Unready took the throne (I believe that's briefly alluded to in this chapter)... so, that kingdom, I guess? :P I'm not really sure what term historians use for it. The fic spans about 30 years though, so I'd just call it England pre-Norman conquest.

Haha, I know what you mean, that's kind of how I feel when I read stories about Dumbledore when he's young - like, it's easy to forget they were young once. I'm glad you appreciated that - makes these imposing figures a bit more relatable, maybe :P And I can't help including a bit of unrequited love :P

Thanks so much for the review! ♥

Name: dirigibleplums (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 03:21 PM · Chapter: Chapter II

<< Transferred review: 12/06/17 (since i need to get on top of this ish) >>


Hello again!

I'm here for another jailbreak ;)

It's really upsetting to see relations between Muggles and magical people crumble so quickly and easily. There's always a danger of friction between groups of two very different people when they're living in the same community and even more so when one of the groups yields more power than the other. There's always an undercurrent of fear of what the others are capable of. Which, yes, some of them can use their power to do bad things but isn't that true for anyone?

It's particularly heartbreaking to see the effects on the little children. These are the years in which their minds are still developing, their personalities shaped by what is around them. To grow up thinking that something about you is inherently wrongjust because you can do magic is an awful thought. Even more awful is that this parents don't realise the potential hatred they're cultivating in the next generation by separating their Muggle children from the magical ones out of fear. It's honestly so damaging.

I loved reading about Godric's sense of morality. He's truly an impressive man and a good one too it seems. Others clearly have no qualms about using magic against those who cannot respond in kind but he's too noble to do the same. Admirable, really.

One minor note, however. You mention a baron in here but I don't think that barons exist at this time. As far as I am aware, the title is brought by William the Conqueror and I think this predates it. I'm not sure what he could be however. Earls are brought by the Vikings, I think, so maybe an ealdorman? Idk.

Plums xo

Author's Response:

Hi! Welcome back!

Yeah, it is sad how the relations between muggles and magical people are so tenuous. You're definitely seeing it through much more rational eyes than the Muggles in the story haha - you are correct of course, but since fear and lack of understanding is such a strong instigator for dislike, when stuff like this happens it makes the relationships really rocky for a while, even if things are generally peaceful. I figured the much later Statute of Secrecy built on a long time of things like this.

Poor magical children :( It really is damaging, which is what Godric saw in that and realised that there had to be a separate school for magical children. What a great point you made about them growing up thinking something is wrong with them, and how the parents are contributing to this fear and hatred unintentionally - this is so relevant to a lot of issues in society nowadays as well, it's still so true. But yeah, definitely a really complicated issue about how the two societies mesh (or don't).

Ah, yeah, the Baron... You're correct, barons didn't exist at that time, and it was a Germanic title brought in the invasion about 90 years after this chapter. I guess that error is intentional then, just because JKR placed the Bloody Baron as existing at that time, so I just kind of went along with her pre-existing historical inaccuracy to coincide with HP canon more XD

Thanks so much for this wonderful review!! ♥

Name: dirigibleplums (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 03:18 PM · Chapter: Chapter IV

<< Transferred review: 12/06/17 >>



I'm here for (another) jailbreak. 

Well, this was certainly a tumultuous chapter, wasn't it? It started off on a hopeful note - Salazar finally had his lady love, Hogwarts was flourishing and would continue to do so - but it ends on much tenser tones. It was quite upsetting to see how heartbreak transformed Salazar into the infamous man known by Harry's time.

Speaking of which... Lady Maeve. I understand fully that people in those days were extremely superstitious and the serpent really was seen as an instrument of the Devil. To communicate with it would have been seen as demonic. But it was still startling how quickly she changed her tune. She was ready to marry Salazar, but the revelation that he is a Parselmouth had her so sure that he was possessed by the Devil and was truly evil in less than thirty seconds. He's right when he says that she didn't truly love or trust him. If she had, she wouldn't have hastened into a marriage. I understand that she is acting out of fear but still.

Onto the other tensions showing... the differences between the founders. They're finally beginning to show 😭 As of right now, it's all light and not very serious but Salazar's heartbreak is sure to create some waves. His anti-Muggle sentiment surely won't go over well with Godric (who laments the divisions between the two groups) or Helga (who freely interacts with everyone). It is sad knowing what is to come.

Plums xo

Author's Response:

Welcome back!

I felt that it needed to be something really personal to transform Salazar into what he was eventually known for. I mean, we know he did resort to some extreme measures eventually, and it seemed like the sort of thing that would have built up from something that deeply hurt him alone.

yeah, Maeve ended up being a pretty unfortunate person for Salazar to bestow his love on. She did change her tune pretty rapidly - despite how much she may have liked him, she never did end up accepting his ability to do magic, and it only took one bad instance of magic to break their relationship apart. :(

There are a lot of tensions building up, yeah. Now that the school is running relatively smoothly and effectively and they're facing a lot fewer issues with that side of things, the cracks are beginning to appear :-/ yeah, especially sad seeing this in the light of knowing what happens in the end!

Thanks for another amazing review!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 06:37 PM · Chapter: Chapter VIII

***Transferred from HPFF***

Oh my darling Kristin!

Thanks to you for this lovely story!!!

This ending was just so sad... But it's the way things were supposed to go, so...

I loved your including of Peeves in here :)

And I also think the choice of Helga's POV was perfect for the closing. Her empathy and her friendship give just the right perspective to the loss of Salazar first and Rowena next.

It's consoling to know that Hogwarts will, indeed, overlive them.

Thank you so much once again and all my love!


Author's Response:

Hi Chiara! Thank you so much for your kind comments, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! Gah, I know the end was sad, but that was what I had to work with from canon! Besides the fact that I can't seem to write a fic without killing off at least half of the characters :p


So glad you liked Peeves :D I thought this chapter needed something light and amusing to balance out the bleakness of all the other events that happened here.


Thank you, it means a lot that you liked the choice of POVs and that Helga's perspective worked well for a closing.


That's exactly what I was hoping for with that last line, that in spite of how sadly their story ends, their dream does come true as Hogwarts lasts at least a thousand years past them! :)


Thank you so much for all your support on this story! You are such an incredible reviewer. ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 06:36 PM · Chapter: Chapter VII

***Transferred from HPFF***

Hey, Kristin!

I'm so excited that you've resumed the writing of this! :)

This was so sad...

I obviously can't agree with Slytherin's ideas and decisions, but after everything that has occurred to him... Who could possibly really blame him?

Poor Elaine and Morgan... When they didn't come back I immediatly feared the worst... And I was right, even if not in the way I imagined... Their long agony was maybe worse that having them die straight away...

Can't wait for what's next! Update soon!

Lots of love, as always!


Author's Response:

Hi! Ahh, thank you so much for reviewing - this is the first feedback I've had on this chapter - and as it's the first chapter I've written on this story in SO long, I wasn't sure how it would be received or if people were still reading haha. So this is really good to hear. :)


I know, I really felt horrible for Salazar in this chapter as I made all these terrible things happen to him, but as he started out so normal in the beginning of the story, it had to be a succession of serious things for him to turn into the person who left a homicidal reptile in the school. And yes, what happened to his family was awful, but probably not too uncommon back then. Besides.. you've read enough of my work by now to know that I don't write happy endings :p


There is only one more chapter, which I'm hoping to have up by the end of the year! So with any luck it shouldn't be too long a wait. :) Thanks so much for your review and your continued support of this story, it means so much to me. ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2017 06:35 PM · Chapter: Chapter VI

***Transferred from HPFF***

Hi Kristin!

Me again!

This is the first time I read a Founders' story (don't really know why...)

I think you're doing a great work in describing their different characters and backgrounds.

I really love the alternations of POVs (I think my favourite might be Rowena, but the other three are great too).

I also loved the details about the building of the school (the part about Slytherin's headquarter missing the door made me laugh...) and the creation of the Sorting Hat!

Interesting how Slytherin developed his dislike towards Muggle and Muggleborns. I suspected his romance with Maeve might end bad and that might lead him to those beliefs, but I didn't imagine the cause would be him being a Parselmouth...

I loved how we get to know the Founders' children in this chapter. You did a great work with them all, especially Helena.

It was fun to see the kid version of the Bloody Baron too!

Brilliant job, as usual! Keep it up!



Author's Response:

Hi again Chiara! Wow, it's like you live on my author page. Not that I mind, of course! :p I'm really flattered that you keep coming back to read my stories! I hadn't thought about this particular fic for a long time, but your review is reminding me how much I want to finish up writing it!


I am so thrilled that you like the alternating POV's! This story was my first try at a rotating viewpoint - and with third person narration in general - so I am really glad that it works and that you like that feature of the story. I really love writing Rowena, because I think she notices a lot but kind of lives in her head, and she has this kind of tragic unrequited love going on which for some reason was one of my favourite things to write :p


The details of how the school came to be built was pretty fun to write too. There's so much quirkiness in Rowling's world and I just expanded on it for the building of the castle and how rooms got to be the way they were - glad you liked the Slytherin common room's lack of a door!


I'm glad you liked the development of Salazar's prejudices. There is more to come about that, the next chapter is from his POV (as soon as I get around to writing the rest of it!) And thanks, it's wonderful to hear that you liked Helena and the young Baron :) There's not a huge amount of canon info to work with for this time period, so I'm adding in whatever I can that fits!


Thanks so much for your review and for being amazing!

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