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Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 07:29 AM · Chapter: Beginnings

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Hi, I came to find you from HPFT review tag, but at the end I'm glad I did :)

I liked how your start the story with describing someone's feelings, we know we are after the war, we know he is twenty-two, and just at the right time when we start guessing, you reveal that it's Draco Malfoy.

In general I like stories that cover the tima after the war, we know so little about it, as after book 7 JKR just jumped to CC. So I'm glad you are covering it. Also as a general comment I like that you make romance sound realistic. The way you describe people, the way you put their thoughts, it all makes sense, it's just so normal that one can easily believe it's happening.

Name: sunshinedaisieswindmills (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 12:18 AM · Chapter: Beginnings

Oh my goodness, that was lovely! I'm not a huge fan of Draco, but I think you did a really great job of making him sympathetic and likable while still being true to his character. It's pretty hard to make me like Draco, so I think you've done a great job! 

I'm already so interested in this relationship and the future of Draco and Astoria. The summary makes it seem like they don't exactly have a happy ending, so I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this! 

Your writing here is just beautiful. I really liked the way it seemed a bit distant, as it matched the way Draco seemed to be feeling at the time. This chapter seemed to start off a bit hazy, and then come into focus when Draco met Astoria. I also loved that you focused so much on Astoria's flaws. So often you read stories that are like, SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL OMG I LOVE HER and that's not realistic or interesting. Here you've presented an absolutely normal woman, and Draco is captivated by her almost because of her normality. It's a really interesting beginning to this story. It's sweet to see Draco like that, and I'm a little disappointed that it seems the rest of the story will be so sad. 

Great story!


Hufflepuff CtF- transferred for final exams!

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 13 May 2017 05:30 PM · Chapter: Beginnings



Can I just say how difficult it is to choose something to read on your author's page?  You've got so many wonderful stories and I want to read everything, but unfortunately I don't have time to get to everything yet and since this is nominated for the awards, I thought I'd pick this first.


I know this is technically the prologue to the novel, but I love this story so much already, and I'm wondering why I've not read it before.  Your style is so easy to read and drew me in completely.  I wanted to know more about your Draco from the first lines of this chapter and now I want to read on and find out more about him and Astoria and their life together.


The opening of this was so intriguing!  I really liked the fact that you didn't absolve Draco of what he's done during the war and that he couldn't forget all of those things either, and even though his parents try and get him to start a new life and move on from what's happened, he doesn't find it quite as easy as they seem to.  It fits so well with his character and makes for a really interesting portrayal of him - one that I'm probably more sympathetic with than I might be in other circumstances.


There was a really intriguing sense of detachment here too.  Almost like Draco felt like he was on the outside looking into his life - the way that he's got this job that he enjoys but it's not enough, and there's still something missing from his life and he doesn't feel whole.  That slowly started to disappear as he got drawn into the date with Astoria and I loved the way that you managed to capture that sense.


I really loved the way that Astoria wasn't this incredible beauty who just blew Draco away from the first time he saw her.  It's so much more realistic to read a romance in which he finds her attractive because she's not entirely perfect.  It was so interesting to see the way that he was drawn to her and was surprised, in a way, to find himself wanting to see her again when he's felt empty and disconnected from people in recent years.  


Also it's only a little detail, but I love the way that you've made Blaise his best friend!  Crabbe and Goyle always seem more like henchmen to me rather than actual friends who Draco can talk to, and I'm glad that he's got Blaise in this story and someone he wants to share good news with!


Sian :)

Name: quill2parchment (Signed) · Date: 03 Feb 2017 07:46 PM · Chapter: Love, Part 1

I like where this is going! Very intriguing! 

Author's Response:

Glad you think so! Thanks so much for the review. I hope you stick around! 

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