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Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 28 Jul 2017 03:58 PM · Chapter: Privet Drive Lights

Hello Liz,


So here, I am here to give some love to house of stone! so it's really interesting that you've done a AU because I've never really read one before but I love you've created this whole world, it's a great testament to your  imagination! 


I love that you've put another female into the mix along with hermione and luna. I think you've written Piper really well, I've been enjoying her humour and you've got her really strong thought process. I think something you do so well in your writing (which I'm jealous of!) is the way you manage to  inject humour.  a couple of my favourite lines from this are: "I see you weren't too busy being Chosen to come." and another line I laughed at " Dudley was beating them all out with sheer mass."


I like she is best friends with Luna too, I think that'll be interesting to explore that too so I look forward to them  having scenes together too. I want to get this lot into hogwarts. sooo, the star of the chapter is the lengthy description of that cake! which omg, I WANT IT xD


I thought Piper's embarrassment was very well highlighted by cheeky Morgan (shes a character!!) and I thought her inner monologue about her kiss with Terry as very realistic.


I'm really enjoying this depiction of Harry because harry is a character that is so difficult to get right I think because he is Jo's baby. I'm loving your sassy harry like the sarcastic remarks! he's just wonderful! I'm liking this dynamic between Terry and Harry. that's really interesting, I really enjoyed their whole exchange. Harry saying that he recognised Piper's dad? is that important somehow? hmmm!

 *clicks next*


- Abbi (of penpal awesomeness!) xo

Name: Margaret (Signed) · Date: 26 Jul 2017 08:16 PM · Chapter: Number 3

Intriguing chapter title.


And I love the idea that this is an alternate universe of your own creation.


Just out of interest, have you ever written Jacob's story? It would be really interesting to read about the experiences of a Squib, particularly in the run up to the war and the war itself as I doubt Squibs had a particularly easy time under Voldemort.


*grins* I'm guessing he attends a Muggle school as I don't think those equations are taught until after wizarding children stop attending school. Of course he would nearly HAVE to attend a Muggle school but given that a lot of wizarding children appear to be homeschooled for primary school, wizarding parents must have some fun trying to find a school for their Squib children. Not like they'd have any experience of enrolling them or anything.


And yeah, it actually is a good question as it's one no witch or wizard would be likely to know.


And yes, I'm pretty sure it mentioned in canon that self-defence is considered a valid reason to use underage magic. 


I really like the fact that her parents as Muggleborns almost rejected the wizarding world after what happened during the first war. I find it really weird in canon how everybody treats it like a great thing finding out you are a witch or wizard when it means entering a world at war. It must have been difficult for the parents to get Muggle typed jobs though with only a primary school education. I think an English friend once said that even McDonald's asks for G.C.S.E.s.


It would definitely make sorting out Jacob's future easier though. Hmm, now that I think of it, I wonder if Muggleborns are more likely to have Squib children. It would make sense.


It's a good thing Harry Potter isn't real, 'cause that bridge incident could well have created suspicions that might have derailed the Peace Process as it reached its conclusion. 


I like the fact that she and Harry get on because they share a love of Quidditch.


You've written "the Dursley's" when it should be "the Dursleys."


That is a slightly odd conversation she is having with Harry. I wonder if he knows something she doesn't.

Name: Margaret (Signed) · Date: 25 Jul 2017 05:57 PM · Chapter: Prologue

OK, the hints about this in "Bad Day" have intrigued me.


LOVE the opening. It is really atmospheric and mysterious. I love the way you describe him as a "tall, dark figure" before revealing who he is. It sort of gives him a sinister aura that is hard to get simply by saying "Voldemort" or "the Dark Lord". 


And I think you characterise him pretty well. His anger at Lucius and the other Death Eaters who let him down and the lead up to Draco being basically used to punish Lucius. You can really see the callousness of Voldemort.


Lucius is completely out for himself. My impression has always been that it is not loyalty to Voldemort that motivates him but his own self-interest. And Voldemort's recognition of that and anger at it makes perfect sense as does Draco's disappointment. He has been raised to see both Voldemort and his father as heroes so the idea that their agendas may not be exactly the same must bother him.


I suspect Lucius would be hurt at hearing disappointment from his son. Horrible as Lucius is as a person, he does seem to really love Draco.


And that is such a clever move, implying that Draco might not be able for the task as that is very likely to make a 16 year old boy determined to prove himself. Especially a boy like Draco who is very convinced of his own importance and abilities. I really doubt he would like to have it implied that he was too young to be much use.


I really like the way you show Voldemort's sheer cruelty.

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:41 AM · Chapter: To Market, To Market, and Home Again

Oh, no... Ron and Piper are avoiding each other... not that I didn't expect it, but it's still sad... hope they'll fix it soon...

Ahahah! Harry's dream! I so loved "James should be the main character of this story", it was so hilarious! But you already know that... :D

I stay in my belief, she's Regulus' daughter, you wouldn't have focused on those particular words otherwise... (Need to know. Need to know. Need to know.)

Loved the hair conversation. It's nice that they tried to brighten Harry's birthday as much as possible, even with all the bad news of the war... but I really wish Ron and Piper would talk it through soon...

And so Piper is a Prefect. That should be... interesting. And she's going back home... that should be quite interesting as well, I'm curious to meet the "Stones" again...

Oh, come on! Stop acting awkwardly and annoying each other and just talk it through, please!

Oh, this is so hard to see, Diagon Alley so empty and dull... you described it so well, too!

Ah, yes! I love that she and Ginny are best friends now! That was such a sweet moment!

Loved, loved, loved everything about the twins' shop! And Piper's family, and Terry, and the Weasleys, and Fred and George, and... everything! To actually be house unity, you need to include a Hufflepuff, too, though... as for Terry... does Piper even realize that she isn't in love with him at all? Well, she'll figure it out soon, I'm quite sure...

And if that's not a giveaway... were those two Black cousins who just casually met at the end of the chapter? No? Maybe I'm mistaken...

Great job as always, my dear!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:40 AM · Chapter: Feathers and Mudpies

Salute, Liz!

I did tell you I would come back. Better late than never, right? ;)

I'll try to do a review-as-I-read sort of thing, hopefully it won't come out too disconnected...


"The Weasley's were the most inviting people I had ever had the pleasure of being unwillingly stuck in a house with." I bet they are! :D Also, was getting unwillingly stuck in a house with stranger a common occurrence for her, I wonder? Eheheh!


I think I already mentioned earlier, but I love the growing friendship between her and Ginny. I guess Ginny enjoyes the opportunity of doing girlish things with someone for once. Being the little sister with so many brothers must have been hard for her, right?


Ahahah! Yes, I bet Ginny was playing match maker. But maybe she was right...? :P


"Do you understand how long it takes to go through shades of red until Ginny Weasley is happy with it?" Ahahah! Poor Piper... :P Also, not so sure I would enjoy degnomization much...


Ahahah! Old, grumpy Ron! I love it! (I also love him) And the mud fight was wonderful, too! :D


Ahahah! The "Ron makes me mad club"! Glad they made up for now! :)


Aww, poor starved Harry... life at the Dursleys really must have been awful... I'm glad they are all having a good time together! :)


Oh, my Merlin! Loved the pillow fight! And Harry talking parseltongue in his sleep! That's so much fun! Ahahah!


They kissed!!! Yes, they did!!! But no, she said Terry's name... how awkward... but I guess things will change now, right? Okay, that's it, I'll move to the next chapter.


See you in a minute ;)

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:38 AM · Chapter: Not The 'Cute' One

Hi again.

Thought I'd read another chapter, and tagging you while I'm at it. ;)


Ahahah! That's what I was talking about! You can't get bored at the Burrow! :D


I like that Piper and Ginny are developing a friendship. I've always loved Ginny, she's so smart and funny. And honestly, I think house rivalry is the worst thing, everyone should just be friends with everyone (that's very Hufflepuff-y of me to say, isn't it?)


Ron... will he ever change? Ahahah! I think it's so cute that Piper has a crush on him, and I absolutely adored how annoyed she got at him about the "the cute one" comment! I also loved Molly's reply when she tried to apologize! Just about perfect!


Hermione's tension for the OWLs results was hilarious! And once again it was lovely to see everyone through Piper's eyes. Loved how unsufferable Fleur was! :D


I will be back again. But not immediately, I really should get out of bed and do something now (like reset all clocks in the house... I hate solar/legal hour changes... at least this time around we get to sleep an hour more... but I suppose this isn't relevant to the review, is it?)


See you soon!

With love,


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:35 AM · Chapter: Midnight Inquisition

Hi, Liz! Happy birthday!!! :D

I had to go on with this... I'm definitely addicted... Can't help myself...


Oh, poor Piper. That must've been so crazy and scary... sometimes I have trouble understanding Dumbledore... oh, well... she wasn't really in danger and that's what matters. Plus, Molly is always the best!


And poor Dora... :( you showed us exactly how broken she was and it broke my heart a little. I have to say that I gasped a bit at the werewolf comment... (slightly unrelated, Remus is the world's biggest idiot... I still love him to bits...)


I'm supporting my theory. Piper and Tonks seemed so similar, like they could be related. Maybe I'm seeing things that don't exist, or maybe it's a coincidence, but I don't think so. Plus, the dates match. Plus, Molly never heard the name Stone and that makes me believe that the name is fake. They are Blacks, I'm 99.9% sure. Okay... let's say 80%...


Aww... poor Piper... I really hope she'll be able to go back home soon, she must be so worried and missing her family so much. But one thing is certain, she won't get bored with the Weasleys.


Another awesome chapter! Loving this story more and more! Happy birthday again!


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:30 AM · Chapter: Privet Drive Lights

Okay, I'll just spit it out because it just fits too well... please, don't laugh at me if I'm completely wrong. Is her father Regulus? Was Sirius their Secret Keeper?

And now onto the review! (by the way, I'm back again for HPFT Team Werewolf Review, putting it here so I don't forget... :P)


It was fun to see this scene again through Piper's eyes. I love to relive well known scenes through fresh POVs, and this particular moment is one that I really loved in the book. :D

Poor Piper... I would've felt so embarassed, sitting in the Dursley's parlour with the Hogwarts Headmaster while he explained things I could hardly understand and wondering why on earth he'd asked me to stay... By the way, I think I haven't properly commented earlier on her friendship with Luna and the effect it has on her. It's so much fun. When at the mention of Sirius she thought that he was a singer, I laughed out loud! Ahahah! Too funny! Didn't anyone explain her that the Quibbler isn't the most relatable source of information? (But I guess it is still better than the Prophet...)


Wait a second, she Side-Apparated? But where? Why isn't she with Dumbledore and Harry anymore? I thought Dumbledore would take her to Slughorn with them, but it seems that's not the case... what's happening? You might want to know, I don't like cliffhangers. Like, at all. I'm pretty annoyed at you at the moment...


Really, this story is so fascinating, and I'll totally be back for more again soon!

Goodbye for now!


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:28 AM · Chapter: Kiss, Kiss

Hi again, Liz!

What can I say? I couldn't resist, I had to read on...


Ahahah! Momo is so much a Slytherin! She definitely makes another interesting addiction to the family, I'm happy with that! :D

Harry's reaction to the sight of Piper's father was quite interesting, too... I might've a theory, but I'm keeping it to myself for now, it just seems too crazy and I might just be very much off track... but I am always more intrigued, that's for sure!


Mmmh... I think Harry might really have a little crush on Piper? Maybe? Surely, Terry does seem jealous. :P I'm wondering where this is going romance-wise... but I kind of have a feeling that the relationship with Terry will be short-lived. Then, I might be completely off track on this one, too.


What is it with Terry's father not wanting guests? How do you keep me wondering about everything? And what's going to happen now? That sentence left in suspension doesn't bode well, does it? Okay, you won, I'm going to click next chapter. *rolls eyes*


(HTPF Werewolf Team Review)

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:26 AM · Chapter: Number 3

Hi again, Liz! :D Here with another HPFT Werewolf Team Review


Okay, I'm in love with the Stone family already! Piper seems a fun character, and I love that she is a Metamorphmagus. Shall be interesting.

Her Brother was really interesting, too. I loved the security questions bit. Ahahah. Especially the maths bit (I'm a mathematician, so...) Anyway, this is such an interesting family, the fact that their parents are wizards, but prefer living as Muggles, Jake being a Squib, the twin girls... you just know the dynamics among them all are going to be interesting. Also, Morgan is a Slyherin? I'm curious to meet her and see what kind of person she is... ;)

I think it's interesting that they live right in front of the Dursleys. A coincidence? Or is there something more behind it? Are the Stones somehow related to that Lucius' failure you mentioned in the prologue (or is it just me building castles)? And what's up with the Fidelius Charm? Is their home actually hidden that way? Why? It seemed like Piper was Secret Keeper and didn't even know it, but that can't be possible, can it? So many questions once again... this story is so intriguing!


This was another great chapter! I loved the details from canon you included in here and your OCs and I'm so curious to learn more about Piper and her family and her friendship with Harry and just about everything! I'll be back (hopefully soon)!

Love and hugs,


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Jul 2017 10:22 AM · Chapter: Prologue

Hi, Liz! Here to transfer a few reviews from AO3


HPFT Werewolf Team Review!

Hey, there, Liz! How are you doing?
Well, I guess it was about time that I read something by you (aside your Marauder parody that you already know I adored).

Wow! This was so dark, so intense, so brilliant! Voldemort was just perfect, his thoughts, his words, his movences, everything. You just captured his essence and I'm in awe!
I felt so bad for Lucius. Honestly, I have little sympathy for his character, but here he's just so scared and helpless and I can't help but feel sorry for him. I'm wondering, though... which failure is Voldemort referring to? Who did Wilkes see on the bridge? I guess answers await me in the next chapters, right? And I might just jump to the next one the moment I finish typing this, because you really have me hooked already.
I have to say, I'm slightly surprised by Draco's attitude. I never imagined him to be so invested in Voldemort's project, to the point of despising his father for failing him. It was a bit of a shock to see him so eager to accept his mission and be marked as a full Death Eater. Well, he did have a moment of hesitancy, to be fair... And I'm really worried for him, too...

Okay, I have no idea where this is going, but I'm already in love. And I'm moving to chapter 2 right now! ;)
See you in a sec.

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