Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 10 Jun 2017 05:47 PM · Chapter: Fake Girlfriend

Hello Tammi,


So I'm here to appreciate you and all your amazingness! I'm really big fan of this story already so I thought it was time that I really reviewed it!


So I adore this trope so much but I love the twist that you've done with it. It's already so much more interesting that the love interest isn't Albus. I thought it was really a stroke of genius. I love gay albus too, it's got elements of my best friends wedding if you've seen that? anyway the concept is already so good and we've only met two characters.


my favourite thing about this chapter is that it's engaging that obviously this story needs a set up chapter when you lay the groundwork, these chapters can be a bit dry. This is so good though, you gave us the information we needed but still were still able to create this fun bubbly character. I love hayley so much, I thought she is so funny! I love how she is just so blunt! I love the introduced line between Albus and Hayley. 'I'm gay' 'I'm fat'. see how much I'm using the word love in this!? and I won't stop! lovelovelove.


I think your portrayal of how she's kinda mean is epic. I think the motivationfor helping Albus is so spot on, again you've twisted the concept around and done something a bit different with it. you've owed this trope and made everything about it your own! that's such an amazing skill as a writer you know?


you need to add the rest of this onto the archives because I need to re-read and review more. I just love hayley too much not to you know? 


ps. you're awesome and I can't wait to see you writing more again, thank you so much for all your hard work in our community! <3


Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2017 07:52 PM · Chapter: Fake Girlfriend



It has been way too long since I read anything by you, so when I saw that you've started posting this here I just HAD to read it!


Aaaaand I'm already hooked. Just like Hayley says: "This wedding is going to be the biggest train wreck I've ever seen." and I cannot WAIT.


I hope Rose isn't actually a jerk. I generally like Rose in most stories and jerk Rose will make me sad. I guess I'll have to wait and find out as you update this. (I'm trying to do most of my reading on HPFT these days.) I also look forward to meeting Scorpius. I know this doesn't make sense because he's next gen, so portrayals are all over the place, but Scorpius is basically my favorite character haha.


A problem: I kind of ship Hayley/Albus, but that's not gonna work out very well since Al is gay, Hmmm. Maybe I can switch to shipping James/Hayley once he shows up? You do write the world's best ever James Sirius Potter.


Hayley seems like a laugh, for sure. I love that she basically invited herself to this wedding. (I actually invited myself to a wedding last summer. Go team!) (Please don't judge me. ;) )


Please do keep updating this here when you can, because I'm already enjoying it. =D


xoxo Renee

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