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Name: Rhaenyra (Signed) · Date: 19 Feb 2017 07:18 PM · For: Legilimency

Hello!  Stopping in for the BvB review tag.


First of all, I would like to say I love that you are pulling the Greengrass family into the story more.  They are a group we never hear much about in canon, but there is so much potential between them being purebloods who have obviously been around for a long time and the fact that one of the girls becomes Mrs. Malfoy.


The concept of Occlumency and Legimency being important parts of Auror training makes perfect sense.  It is important that police know how to read people and to be able to tell when there are lies and untruths and even omissions when solving crimes. Aurors should clearly be trained in similar tactics.  The fact that there are magic that allow you to [not] read minds could make this into an easy way out, but the fact that you show the difficulty whether it be due to technique, focus, or caring helps to alleviate that.  We know from Order of the Phoenix that it is difficult, so I appreciate that you made sure even the people who are talented enough to train as Aurors have struggles.  It also makes me wonder about how poor Harry felt about needing to master not one but BOTH of the skills while training as an Auror himself!


The fact that Legimens were targeted in the war makes sense.  (Or that they, at the very least, died in great numbers.)  It also helps to show why Johanna is being pushed so much, since she has promise.


One minor issue I noticed was that in the line where she comments on his electric blue hair, when Teddy begins to speak you are missing the opening quotation mark.  If there were any other issues like that, they didn't jump out at me while I was reading this.


I enjoyed your take on Auror training.  This was an easy-to-read, enjoyable one-shot.


- R =)

Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 18 Jan 2017 06:25 AM · For: Legilimency

Hello! Here with a BvB review :)


I love it when teachers tell students to 'concentrate harder' or to 'apply themselves more' to achieve a result that they're struggling with when, clearly, a different strategy is required! And arrggh, when you have an expectation of yourself and you cannot meet it. Lots of frustration. Poor Johanna. I can fully sympathise with her; it's a horrible place to be. I want to kick Susan Bones on her behalf.


I love love love Teddy! What a sweetheart - and he has biscuits. Though I think a month-long relationship is far too short to warrant a shrine dedicated to your girlfriend in your living room. Perhaps he can shrink it and/or move it to a spare bedroom or a cupboard?


This is such a cute fic with a lovely, snuggly, feel-good end :)

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