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Story:To Whom It May Concern Chapter: To Whom The Question Is Asked

Saw this nominated for the story of the month and had to check it out and I'm so glad I did. I don't have time to leave a long review but just wanted to let you know that this is amazing and i'm in love with this story. I'm stoked to read about magizoologists, and Ivy is so relatable with her aspirations to be a magizoologist but how she keeps facing professional setbacks I get this soooo much. Eeee, Molly's question at the end kind of came out of nowhere but I totally ship it so I'm really glad, yay :D Anyway, this is a great story so far, keep up the good work :)

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Story:To Whom It May Concern Chapter: To Whom The Question Is Asked





Okay... It took... WAY too long to finish reading this chapter, but I get distracted! I'm sorry!

Anyway, had to reread/skim through most of the chapter to remind myself what happened and can I please just EMPHASIZE that I absolutely ADORE WESLEY. I love him to pieces. I want him in one of my fanfics so that I can play with him. I just... I'm such a sucker for sida characters. Can Wesley meet up with Picket from ect., ect., (and life goes on)? Because I think... That would be amazing... I'm going to stop day dreaming about fanfic-ing fanfics and random crossovers and get back to your (sort of) regularly scheduled review!

I love that she's a cat owner. I have three. And a dog. *ahem* those gossip magazines sure know how to run their mouths, don't they? Who cares where she goes?! But that is the way of living in the public eye. Everyone cares what you're doing, who you're doing, and well, you know...

MacAllister is a tool. What didn't add up, I wonder? Why isn't he concerned enough to do it himself? I already hate her boss.

BUT THAT ENDING, THOUGH! WHAT?! (Is the next chapter already up, cause I could probably read it tonight!!!)

Until we meet again

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Story:To Whom It May Concern Chapter: To Whom The Task Falls

Tag... BvB... *salute*... I just... WOW.


Okay, I normally save technicals for last, but here recently I have been forgetting them by the time I get to write the review, so let me do this a bit backwards. This is the only thing I found:


-And I found the nails on a the ground.-


Okay, onto review! I just... WOW. Ivy is just so REAL to me. Like, literally, I could be here. I'm not stuck behind a desk, but I'm stuck in a factory and all my friends went off to school and are doing their things and I just... I need Ivy to be real so we can bemoan our lives together! So, ahem, I obviously connect with Ivy... >.> But seriously, you put a lot of backstory into this first chapter- hinting at the unrequited romance, explaining how hopes and dreams became paying the bills while her friends lived their hopes and dreams? And the whys as well- family names go a long way! And I already love Wesley- he's my kind of beloved comic relief side character.


The interview was amazing- even as it was happening, the reverence with how they talked about the Nundu had me sitting here, imagining it, loving every second of it, big silly grin on my face. How do you WRITE so well? SERIOUSLY! You already have me hooked and there's only one chapter, that's not FAIR! I normally go for the one-shots so that I don't get trapped, but this looked so interesting and I wanted to read one with Molly and I found it interesting that Harriet was a Dursley and I got SUCKED IN! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.


Okay, in side note, I think I know how Rose felt now... Anyway...


In short, this is so freaking amazingly written, the characters are just- I can't even begin to tell you how much I love them and there's only been four so far and I barely know Harriet! I'm so looking forward to the rest of this, I can't wait to see what you do with it!



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