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Name: ImaRavenclaw (Signed) · Date: 24 Jul 2017 04:00 AM · [Report This]
Story:I Don't Remember Chapter: The First Christmas

Hey Liz, finally here with your review for the challenge (after like, 7 months). Okay, so I haven’t read The House of Stone or Tell Me Who You Are, but I figured it would be alright if I read this without having read your HOS stories (which I will hopefully get to eventually).

First of all I love your writing. I don’t know why I but I just love the way you write. 

I really like the parallels between Mark’s family and Dom’s. It’s fun to see because he’s a muggle(born) and she’s a wizard. But I liked how you touched on it without making a super huge deal out of it.

One thing that I’m confused about however… Did Dom obliviate Mark’s memories or the other way around?

Awwww I really like the idea of him recreating dates. And I especially love stories where couples ice skate.

AWWWWMIGOD that proposal was so cute.

Liz this was such a sweet and awesome story. Good luck (not that you need it!)

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Author's Response:

I did not think about the possibility that you have not read TMWYA before I decided to enter this, hahahaha! You don't really need to know HoS as all that's really happened is I've referenced family unique to my AU. I'm glad you liked the proposal, it was super fun to write and a great start to the rest of this little series as soon as I get around to working on it. *ahem*


You confusion is well deserved! Mark is a Muggle. Not a Wizard at all. Since Dom has known Mark, he has been Obliviated three times. XD He's better now, though! And Dom HAS been Obliviated as well, buuuut you have to read TMWYA for the whole story because #spoilers.


I'm glad you enjoyed it even if it confused you. It was a fun challenge! <3



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