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Story:Harry Potter and the Stargate Chapter: P3R-781

Just saw that this had no reviews yet and figured I should drop by with a review even though you already know what I think of the story. This way I'm just making it official.




WHAT IS BELLATRIX UP TO? Is that her or someone influenced by a long exposure to a horcrux at the end? I know you can't tell me here but I'm still really curious. So this is a really effective first chapter.


Poor SG-2.


I am so excited for this crossover.


Also  Montague must have been indescribably furious at the Weasley twins after a detour to an alien planet and then ending up lost in the toilet haha. At least he got a good story out of it, even if half of it he doesn't understand what happened and the other half he's probably too embarrassed to tell anyone. :P


You are amazing and you are doing excellent work on this.

Author's Response:

I NEED TO WRITE A SECOND CHAPTER! It's on my list of things to do. I'm going to do the DW one first and THEN this one and THEN the TMWYA sequel and THEN the challenge I signed up for... I have a list. And you know if you ever have any questions of my plans, you can just ask in a PM! Or I will be asking you, "DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?!" I can't believe I finally have a viable crossover. I'M SO EXCITED! Thank you for ALL your help in the plotting stages! <3


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