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Name: Alexis Black (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2017 04:59 PM · For: Farewell

*transferred review*


Ah, how I love that song – so powerful and moving, just like this story. You claim not to write angsty stuff well! Well, I’m here to call bullcrap on that! 


You paint the scene perfectly, from the garden that will burst into life come spring/summer to the snowflakes landing and the sky darkening. Of course, he’d have to first mourn the place that was had become his home. I love how you touched on the memories he had, particularly Harry recalling the first time he’d seen the castle as a first-year on a little boat.


And Harry reading the names? Ugh! You’re killing me! Fred’s made my heart ached. Then Remus and Sirius. It’s hard to realize that Harry only knew Sirius for only two years. The way Harry thinks of each person as he reads their name just builds up the aching.


I have to admit I was surprised and so pleased that you touched on Severus. I’m so glad you didn’t have Harry skip that name because for all that Severus was mean to him or was a damaged person, he did try to protect Harry in his own way. 


Folks tell people to move on when they’ve lost someone. But I think that Harry stating he can’t leave all them behind and move on is more fitting. You don’t ever really leave behind those that you’ve lost. You carry the memory of them with you – their loss shapes a part of you and there is a painful beauty in that.


Such a wonderful, poignant tale! You did a wonderful job here!




Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 02 May 2017 10:13 AM · For: Farewell

From HPFF. Also re-read and now my heart hurts again.

*takes deep breath and whispers "why do I do this to myself?*


So I start reading and I think, "Hm, it's not so bad. He's just saying goodbye to Hogwarts."

And then I see the names. Oh no.

No no no no. 


Oh my heart. Oh it hurts. 

But such beautiful writing Lizzie (as always). Truly. It was really really touching. ♥    

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 21 Jan 2017 02:40 AM · For: Farewell

OWWW. MY HEART. Also, yes, you did this right - there are tears in my eyes. Did you have to bring up every single person whose death in the series ripped my heart out? Asdfjaksdwjh

It was really, REALLY good, though. You did a wonderful job setting the scene up in the cold, silent, empty graveyard, which really paves the way for really hard-hitting emotional second half. And it's the things that Harry says about all these people that have left that is the most powerful - things that he never told those people, but he thought so highly of all of them and can't stand the idea that they are no longer in the world. And the worst part is that he feels guilty about it - because none of it is his fault. (But of course, that's a very unsurprising reaction for him to have, given his role in the prophecy and just the way people grieve.)

And that end is so sad too, how he's still not able to forgive himself. Maybe, once some time has passed, he can - maybe it will get easier for him. But this piece shows just how much Harry carried on his shoulders even after the war. The epilogue of DH makes it sound like everything was all rainbows and sunshine after Voldemort was finally gone, but I bet there was a lot of lingering sadness and guilt and PTSD and I thought you addressed that really well here with HArry's inability to move on, even when he tries.

This was really lovely. And for not writing angst often, I have to say you did a wonderful job. Great writing as always, Lizzie!

Name: Rhaenyra (Signed) · Date: 20 Dec 2016 09:47 AM · For: Farewell

This was so well written and so sad. This may be in part because of a rough few days, but I could feel the burning that comes with tears at the back of my eyes during this.


First of all I want to say that the descriptions during the beginning of this were beautiful. You managed to convey complex emotions in an easy to read but descriptive way. We can tell details, but they don't drag down the story or the message. The parts about the different areas of the castle's grounds and the memorizes Harry associates with them was very touching. Then you had to say that after the Battle of Hogwarts this didn't feel so safe or as much like home and twist the knife in.  Poor Harry.


Seeing all of those names in a list was very sad. Some of them you hear about all the time but others (Hedwig! Dobby!) I am usual pretty successful at repressing. They were both so pure and had such pure intentions that it's still rough.  And some of my favourites are on that list too, but at least if they were there they got nice memorials from Harry.


A very touching story. Happy holidays!


- R

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