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Story:Shades of Anger Chapter: Malice

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His family and his old friends from Durmstrang would be able to help him.

You know what I always find funny? That thieves, murderers, etc. truly believe that their friends and family will help them. Killed a guy? Ah! Let’s hide out with Cousin Earl because surely he’ll be on my side or Grandma Fran won’t say anything. Family first! Friends first! We’re practically blood. I get that yes, some people think the ties that bind us are worth it. You’re supposed to have their back but I couldn’t. If Kaspar came knocking on my door I would call the cops. I get it’s hard because if I was say his mother and that was my son and I loved him I would be devastated and want to help him but the law and punishment is there for a reason. 

“Hello. My name is Mary Goldsmith and I’m conducting a survey on behalf-”

Uh. Can’t stand when people come wanting to sell something or conduct a survey. Poor girl, wrong place, wrong time. 

There was no reason not to celebrate his imminent escape with a bit of entertainment.

Disgusting. Deplorable. He makes my skin crawl. Uh, Dan. 

The girl had been a ruse, a distraction to allow the Aurors to set anti-apparition jinxes.

Yes! Thank god. I didn’t like where this was going. I was about to skip some paragraphs. This is what the scum gets. I hope they get him by the end but with more chapters to go I don’t see that happening. Ooo! Maybe he’ll splinch himself.


Mary Goldsmith was on top of him and Kaspar felt her fist strike the side of his aching head.

YES! Totally appropriate to say: you go girl! That was a nice surprise. I knew he wasn’t going to get out of there but Mary really showed him who’s boss in the last moment. He deserved it to no end. Disgusting pig. 


My favorite part was him trying to negotiate. If they knew about the portkey even if it took him to where he wanted to go he would have been arrested. Heck, it could’ve just sent him straight to Azkaban or at least right outside it. Like they’re going to send you to Somalia, come on man. When a person starts negotiating you know they’re desperate. That’s when they start to make mistakes and that’s exactly what he did. 

I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. Tell your muse and the weather to start cooperating with you so I can get some more stories from that brain of yours.

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Story:Shades of Anger Chapter: Wrath

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Ron tried his best to hold it together. He probably would have succeeded if he hadn’t accidentally made eye contact with Terry Boot. Within a few seconds, the two male Aurors crumbled into snorts of laughter.

Uh. Men. Leave it to Ron to focus on that aspect of the story. Poor Susan, completely violated by a disgusting pig. 

“Harry’s the boss,” Neville replied after sealing the evidence bag with a tamper resistant spell. “If he says he can’t tell us, he can’t tell us.”

Harry’s the boss. Ha! In a way hasn’t Harry always been the boss? Everyone has always followed him because even at the age of eleven, heck one, he could defeated Voldemort. Yes, he couldn’t do it solely by himself but he’s the leader. Always has been. Always will be. 

Someday soon I hope the whole world will know what a hero she is.”

The informant is a woman. I wonder who it is. Wait! To know about death eaters and the like, is it Narcissa? Or is that too obvious? Hm. Is it someone we know? 

Just as the first of the Mediwizards rushed into the room, Bizzy the elf found her freedom.

That end scene was all too familiar. Really tugged at the heart strings here. 

Wow. I have to say as usual I am impressed by your fight scenes. I was completely captivated and torn between reviewing properly and wanting to read on. You can see what I chose in the end. :P Whoops!

I knew they weren’t going to get him but what carnage they walked in on was horrible. That poor dog. That killed me first. I felt absolute rage because I can’t stand when I hear stories about people abusing animals and slaughtering them like nothing. Then again I feel absolute rage when people kill other people for no reason at all. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this chapter. The moment really picked up and I honestly don’t know what to expect next. I’m trying to read carefully for clues for who the informant could be. He promised her something? Hm. They have no blood on their hands. They’re completely innocent. I can’t shake the feeling it’s someone we know. I guess I’ll have to read on to find out…unless you tell me now. Haha.

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Story:Shades of Anger Chapter: Outrage

Justin watched in disbelief as Harry pushed the sheets away from him. A loud grunt of pain escaped his lips as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

Why are we in disbelief? Harry Potter has never been a good patient. He’s actually the worse patient to have. He’s like an old person who is convinced they’re going to be left for dead in the hospital so they cause a big commotion because they want to leave. 

Madam Pomfrey hadn’t been taking the -- when she declared Harry the worst patient in the history of magical medicine.

Ha! What did I say?

Yes, I know your sort very well, Mr. Weasley. You strut in here with your chests puffed out, demanding to interview victims because it helps your case, your investigation, your career.

You know I understand what she’s saying completely. I get he needs to speak to her and time is of the essence but it’s the same thing with cops. They come in after a horrible accident. They ask all these questions because they need answers to what happened but sometimes it does more harm than good. For the witness at least. At least wait until they’re in stable condition to come banging on doors. 

“She was the informant, wasn’t she? The elf, Bizzy.”

Wait, really? Because I thought that was too obvious too. I get why she was there but I thought she at least was working with someone else even though that was his elf and took his orders. I guess I just figured there was more to it, you know? 

Man, Harry really has a way with the elves. 
Master turned him into a dog when I was too slow refilling his drink.

Oh Dan…oh…

I don’t even know what to say. I wasn’t expecting that at all. This story has really revealed a dark side of you. We’re only in chapter three and I’ve already been shocked enough times to want to take a break from this for awhile. 

I think what I liked most about this chapter though was Justin. I like that you let him shine through in this chapter. You’re really good at giving all of your characters weight since there’s so many of them. You let them shine along with Harry instead of behind him. I thought his story was compelling, the way he spoke to the nurse and realized that he could convince her otherwise and then the compassion he had in the end. I think he’s a wonderful character. I’m a really big fan of him so far and hope he’s prominent in future chapters.

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Story:Shades of Anger Chapter: Fury

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Vengeance, he would have argued, can blind a person.

One of them is going to be killed, aren’t they? They’re going to slip up. Make a mistake and you’re going to kill one of my beloved characters. I can’t even consider which one because it would be too hard to bear. Seriously though, let’s not kill Neville this time? Oh but not Susan and I love…you know it’s completely plausible that Harry could die. 

One more death, one more funeral, one more person who lost their life because they were stupid enough to believe in Harry Potter.

Really Dan, Neville? Come on. 

What a captivating chapter! I found myself speed reading through it because I needed to know what was going to happen next. I feared for them all and was afraid a few of them wouldn’t come out alive but I suppose you can’t kill all your characters at once, right? 

Or at all…come on. Why do we need to have casualties?

The scene with Harry and Jugson was powerful though. I knew Harry was going to lose his control from the beginning of the chapter. It was too personal to him and he was fighting with past demons in his mind and then losing focus on the present. He should have never brought them there in the first place with such clouded vision. Harry has always been a doer and sometimes doing clashes with thinking. I think that’s one of his major character flaws but it also makes him human. His emotions get the best of him and then tragedy happens. It’s when Harry is thinking. When he takes a pause that’s when he’s at his best. 

I really can’t wait to find out what happens next. Update soon buddy!

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