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Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 17 Jun 2017 05:46 PM · Chapter: Even Stars Die

Hi!  Ooh, I love reading stories about Regulus because I'm always so fascinated about the way that people choose to characterise him, and I really loved this story and the way it followed Regulus on his path through from being named to the moment that he died.  It was so effectively written and I was really interested to read your characterisation of him.


The opening worked so well, using one of the few things we really know about Regulus as the starting point for the story.  I loved the idea that the fact that Regulus had been named for two exceptionally bright stars might have been to help him equal his brother (I bet his parents wished that they hadn't used the name on Sirius).  And I've never noticed the connection between Regulus's namesakes and lions before, but that made me smile - maybe his nature is more Gryffindor than he first realised?


I felt so, so sorry for Regulus throughout this story.  From a young age he's been taught to believe certain things, and when his brother ended up in the wrong house at Hogwarts and then rejected all of their parents beliefs about blood purity, it meant that the pressure was put on him - probably even more than it initially had been on Sirius - to be the perfect son.  He was left in such a difficult situation and it's easy to see, in this story, how all of that would have led to him becoming a Death Eater.


The scene in the cave was so brilliantly written - I had chills as I read the descriptions of what he saw when he drank the potion, and the way that the people he had killed during his time as a Death Eater were what haunted him most.  It even seems like his subconscious wants him to suffer until the end, when it says that sacrificing himself won't repair what he did to the woman's family.  It's true, but at least sacrificing himself might help stop the same happening to other families, which is why he's doing it.


And that moment when Regulus leans down to kiss Kreacher was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time!  I loved that you included that detail and showed how much Regulus actually cared for the elf, because that seems to really justify Kreacher's loyalty to him, as well.


I really enjoyed this story!  You did a wonderful job of writing Regulus!


Sian :)

Name: cambangst (Signed) · Date: 15 Dec 2016 07:12 PM · Chapter: Even Stars Die

Hello, again!


I like what you did with this. The narrative of Regulus’s earlier life and especially his trip to the horcrux cave were really well written. I love the way you wrote his experience with the potion Voldemort used to protect the locket. It was haunting and creepy and very atmospheric.


Kreacher! I have such a soft spot in my heart for the creepy, grumpy old elf. I love seeing the bond you’ve created between him and Regulus.


Awesome idea, awesome story!


Author's Response:

I have a soft spot for Kreacher too. Thanks for taking the time to read & review!

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