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Story:Graduating Interest Chapter: Graduating Interest

The transfer of a review! :D 


Tag <33

Okay, this is super adorable. You already know my thoughts about this, but I'm going to tell you anyway in a proper review.

I loved what you did with this. I loved Teddy's personality, and that you put him in Hufflepuff (and I'm not biased or anything<3) because it seemed like the perfect house for him. What I love most about your portrayal of Teddy in this is that he didn't let the deaths of his parents get him down. Even in his speech, he recognizes that they were young and that their lives should be celebrated because they didn't die in vein, and I think Remus and Tonks would be very proud of their son for that.

And Freddy. I love that a Weasley is trying to be serious. It's just the perfect spin on it, to make something like that less cliche. You did a nice mix of making people see that Freddy might be into him, but by having it be their usual thing that they bickered, it wasn't a sure thing. But Teddy realized it, and I'm glad he realized it on his own, in his own way, and felt bad about flirting in front of him. That just made him all the more human, and I just really love what you did with his character here. Super outgoing, but knows when to get real and to take things seriously.

This was seriously adorable. I loved this (how many times can I say "I love" in a review?), and good luck with the challenge! Not that I think you'll need it :D

Author's Response:

JILL! <3


I am so super glad you liked this so much! I had so much fun writing Teddy and I'm super looking forward to including him in future fics. I look at his parents and I just can't see him being such a sad sap all the time. And of course he's in Hufflepuff. Not only is it canon, but he takes after his Mum. ^_^


FreddIE may have been raised my George, but I think he takes after his Mum, too. I imagine Angelina to be rather no-nonsense when it needs to be done- part of what keeps George grounded.


Are you kidding? I need all the luck you can give! Do you know who I'm up against? You and Rose, for starters! X.x


Thanks for stopping by, darling. I'll try to get an update in soon!

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Story:Graduating Interest Chapter: Graduating Interest

Greetings, I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack! I have momentarily left my hibernation in the boreal forest of Sweden and came upon this fantastic fanfiction!

And what a sweet story. I particularly liked all Teddy said about his parents, and why he lives so in the moment because his parents didn't get to live that long, and how what he loves the most is making people happy. That's such a wonderful philosophy. And it seems like the other students of Hogwarts really love him as a result of his noticing and including everyone. He seems like he's good at noticing. A noticer. In fact, it makes me wonder if he would notice the population of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks if he ever went to Sweden. I'll have to improve my stealth and hiding skills if there are any noticers like him around, because otherwise he might come back with photographic evidence of us.

Funny thing, then, that it took him that long to notice his own feelings for Freddie(/Freddy/Fred), and to notice that Freddie had feelings for him as well! It's wonderful that he figured it out. But it's so realistic of humans, that he would be so good at noticing the whole of the Hogwarts population and make them feel important, only to unintentionally miss that a person very important to him didn't feel noticed.

I liked that the 'never just hello' theme repeated back at the end - a great way to bring it back full circle, and such a sweet end to the story. It's lovely to know that these two adorable humans found each other and that everything turned out all right for them.

This was a lovely read, but now I'm off to meet the Yeti for our customary Thursday brunch. Cheerio!

Author's Response:

I am honestly not sure how to respond to a review like this. I feel like I should be reviewing you. Wonderfully put together and rather entertaining and I would like to go to Sweden to see if I might notice you. But, I shall give you fair warning if Teddy happens to venture out that way. Mayhap I'll write a fic about it.

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Come back for something else if you should fancy to do so! I hope you had a lovely brunch.

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