Reviews For Peonies on Tuesday

Name: grumpy cat (Signed) · Date: 22 Feb 2020 05:36 PM · For: Those damn spiders

i loved reading this even though it made me cry. you did an amazing job with the format you chose for the story and i'm seriously amazed at how much emotion and actual story you managed to pack into just ~700 words.


the way there are hints of friendship and (would be) romance was just the punch when we come to the end of the sstory. and everyhting is hinted at! the narrator is unreliable and then we come to the end and thins click into place and my review and frogs nomination end up being jumbled because of all the feelsTM.


the sadness of that last scene and the flowers and what they mean at the start and the end is uhhh i can't. it's beautiful in a 'you killed me' way. you're great at writing fluff in irrational but this is just something else, i really loved it.



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